How I Added 5,000+ Targeted Twitter Followers In 6 days

six days ago, on April 10, my twitter follow count was at 15,633. At the time of this post going live, my follow count stood at 21,234. You can see what my current count is at my Twitter home page. All these new followers are targeted and interested in blogging and making money online. How did I add over 5K new targeted followers in less than a week? I’m going to show you two methods to add a ton of targeted followers to your Twitter account. The first method is slow and painful but completely free. The second method cost money but is fully automated. Which one you use is entirely up to you.

The Slow & Painful Method

If You Want Someone To Follow You, Follow Them First

Have you ever heard the old saying, “If you want someone to smile at you, smile at them first”? Well, the same concept holds true for Twitter. If you want people to follow you, follow them first. If your interest is inline with their interest, then the chance of them following you back is quite high.

You shouldn’t following just everyone. You want followers who are interested in what you’re interested in. So the key is to find those people and follow them. Then engage them to build the relationship. How do you find targeted followers?

The Twitter Search

The best way to find targeted Twitter users is with the Twitter Search. Enter the keywords for the type of followers you’re after and the search will find users talking about that topic in real time. Follow everyone that shows up in the search results.

Twitter Search Result

When those users see you following them, they will check out your Twitter profile to see some of your tweets. If the tweets are targeted with their interests, which is should be, the chances are high that they will follow you back. To increase your chance of a follow back, you can engage the users in conversation or maybe retweet a few of their tweets.

While we would like everyone we follow to follow us back, that won’t happen. However, because of the highly targeted nature of this method, you should be able to get a 50% conversion rate.

The Ideal Result

A Twitter user is interested in making money by blogging and just made a tweet about it. Suddenly, I followed that user because her tweet showed up in my Twitter search. The user noticed I am now following her, goes to check my Twitter profile and read my bio that states I make $40,000 per month by blogging. That made her click the link to my blog. She read a few posts, fall in love with my blog and leave the following comment.

Twitter Testimonail

You see how this works now? Now imagine getting 5,000 of these.

Unfollow The Users Who Don’t Follow Back

After 48 hours (or whatever time limit you set), you need to unfollow everyone who didn’t follow you back. The reason you need to do this is because Twitter places limits on how many people you can follow. Once you hit that limit, you can’t follow any more until you have more followers or remove people you are following.

To find out who is not following you, use a service like Friend or Follow. This will produce a list of all the users you are following but are not following you. Unfollow all of them. This will clear up follow room so you can repeat the above steps.

The above is basically how I added over 5,000 new targeted follows in less than a week. As you can imagine, doing this all manually is extremely time consuming. But if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to pay for anything, then that is how it’s done.

The Fully Automated Method

Twitter Snipe – Keyword Targeted Followers

Twitter Snipe

Twitter Snipe is a piece of software invented by my buddies, Ian Fernando and Sam Robilotta. The software automates the free method I mentioned in the first part of this post.

The problem with most auto follow programs is they randomly follow people or just follow all the followers of a big Twitter user. Yes, you maybe able to build a big list this way, but how targeted is it? Twitter Snipe allows to enter keywords to find users who are talking about that very topic right now. A list is only as good as its targeting. Having 5,000 followers is worthless if they’re not interested in what you’re tweeting about.

To use Twitter Snipe, you enter the keywords you want to target, enter how many people you want to follow (make sure not to exceed your follow limit), hit go and let the program do its job. While it works in the background adding new followers, you can continue to tweet about your topic and engage your followers.

After Twitter Snipe adds the number of followers you’ve enter, it will wait for a preset time, which you can adjust, and then it will unfollow everyone who didn’t follow back. You can then start the process all over again.

Twitter Snipe sells for $77, which makes it one of the least expensive Twitter automation tools on the Internet. Twitter Snipe helped me build over 5,000 targeted Twitter followers in six days. That list is worth far more than a mere $77. I’m going to be making thousands from it.

If you’re only interested in adding 50 or so follower per day, then the free method maybe the way to go. However, if you want to dramatically increase your Twitter list with new targeted followers, then Twitter Snip is the way to do it.

Get Thousands of Followers with Twitter Snipe

194 thoughts on “How I Added 5,000+ Targeted Twitter Followers In 6 days”

  1. Pallab says:

    Wow! I had no idea that such a software existed.

    Pallab’s last blog post: Carbonite Backup – Review and License Giveaway

    1. Moe Greene says:

      thats is an aweome tool – thanks for the Tip! I hope to soon implement this

    2. TheSewerrat says:

      I would do it the old fashioned way/slow way personally, but for you with high traffic i can see how you would do well having a machine do it for you.

      I havnt tried to use this twitter yet, but i will give it a try, the “slow” way for me though as i probably aint as technically savvy as alot of you guys.

      TheSewerrat’s last blog post: The Sewerrat

  2. Meds says:

    Be careful, I used an awesome tool like Twitter Snipe before and they canceled my account. I would suggest using it with good judgment—not to over do it.

    Meds’s last blog post: Review: SOS – Adult Situations [2008]

  3. Pheak Tol says:

    Twitter Snipe seems cool i might have a go at that to see what it could do for me…like you said $77 is worth the amount after it converts over

    I’ve started with Twitter – doing it the slow painful way, but later on i was being followed by others as well and stopped doing that method. instead i just wait for someone to follow me and i’ll follow them back

    but now, a more experienced Twitterer, i see the potential of all things and is trying to increase my followers- twitter snipe seems the way to go.

  4. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Seems that more and more Twitter tools are coming out recently. Btw, I don’t find Twitter useful in my blog yet, I’m still trying to see how can I do with Twitter to improve my blog. lol…


    Lee Ka Hoong’s last blog post: 6 Web Design Jobs That Make Money Online

  5. Justin says:

    Hmmm… already sold out of the promos….?

    1. Ian Fernando says:

      there should have been a popup coupon that shows u the promos and prices – what browser u using?

      1. Justin says:

        Safari 4 on a Macbook… Not blocking popups.

        Justin’s last blog post: Five New Recipes in Webkinz World!

        1. Ian Fernando says:

          justin – hmmmm its a js script that popups – can you use FF?

  6. Think I will try it the old fashion way but not many tweeter friends in my niche. Not yet anyway!

    GirlieGeek3152’s last blog post: Frisby 1GB MP3 Player Wirelesss Sport Headphone Headset

    1. Richard M says:

      I was going to shoot you a follow but your button leads to a dead page?

      Twitter snipe – sounds interesting. I’ve used Twollo a few times. Its a web based tool that runs on the same principle but probably a little more limited.

      Richard M’s last blog post: Zer01 Mobile Takes Laptop Magazine Top Honors At CITA, Prepares For July 1st Launch

  7. Chef Patrick says:

    I went to buy a copy but there was an error in the checkout process. It took me to paypal and then back to paypal again but without a checkout screen.

    Honestly I’m glad though, I looked at it again and the creator of the software only has 1,200 or so followers. Why wouldn’t he use himself as an example and grow his list?

    1. Ian Fernando says:

      it should have worked fine. I use it on my other twitter accounts that are meant for marketing. the other accounts I have are more targeted to affiliate offers and local businesses

      1. ProTwit says:

        But if you really believed that your software wouldn’t get you banned, why wouldn’t you be using it for your main account??

        1200 followers? weak

    2. diggalive says:

      Hello John & Chef,

      Thank you for that great post. Chef, I sent you an email, looking forward to your reply.

  8. some great tips John. You can also go to search(dot)twitter(dot)com and find users in your niche…and its FREE.

    I was able to find real estate agents in Toronto and also others based on location or keywords.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: Free 60 Day BJ Wholesale Membership!!

    1. John Chow says:

      I mention in my slow and painful method. 🙂

  9. Noah says:

    John, your blog is great. I really enjoy it. But this product is not impressive. C’mon, they don’t put their personal Twitter IDs on the product page, and their company Twitter has 200 followers and more followed. There are lots of 3rd party Twitter apps and scripts already out there. I won’t be buying it.

    But John, I will continue to follow you!

    Noah’s last blog post: I’m a surprisingly cute Microsoft ad

  10. Luke says:

    I purchased the script and when I go to the /install.php it just says “Twitter Snipe Installation” any doesn’t actually show the form. I have tried it several times.

    Luke’s last blog post: The Return

    1. Ian Fernando says:


      interesting – checking into it! – thanks

      1. Luke says:

        Great, thanks. I made a post on the forum about it as well. I would appreciate it if you would hit me up on IM when you get a chance.

        AIM: xy7luke
        MSN: [email protected]
        YIM: xy7luke

        Luke’s last blog post: The Return

        1. diggalive says:

          Hi Luke!,
          We should have all issues taken care of today, please let me know if you have any more problems! You’ll be sniping today!

          diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  11. Nishadha says:

    Lets say you build up around 5000 users following back and forth but can you realistically follow them ? I know you can use a tool like TweetDeck to group the people you follow but whats the point of following lots of people if you are never going to read there updates 🙁

    Nishadha’s last blog post: TwitPub – get paid for your tweets

    1. Jon says:

      Hence why Twitter loses more and more value everyday, it’s a numbers game with just a hint of interest by others playing the same game.

      Jon – Create Unique Memories

  12. Trace says:

    They required you to enter in your twitter info AND send a tweet to your followers… great way to create distrust with your organic followers and there’s no way I’m giving out my login details ….

    1. John Chow says:

      What you’re talking about was a promotion Ian ran to win some free copies. You don’t have to tweet anything to your followers or give your login information. If you want the program, just buy it.

  13. Titan says:

    I haven’t had any visitors from Twitter to my blog yet, but I know that I will. Gonna try the fully automated method ASAP Sad but I couldn’t scape together $77 right now. Been our of work for a long time and totally enjoy seeing any adsense clicks on my blog. Thanks for all the info, you are truly inspiring.

    Titan’s last blog post: Asset Backed Loans

  14. Titan says:

    I haven’t had any visitors from Twitter to my blog yet, but I know that I will. Gonna try the fully automated method ASAP Sad but I couldn’t scape together $77 right now. Been out of work for a long time and totally enjoy seeing any adsense clicks on my blog. Thanks for all the info, you are truly inspiring.

    Titan’s last blog post: Asset Backed Loans

  15. Can this unfollow as well? completely automated?

    I use to unfollow but right know they dont ven have the check box to to a mass unfollow and it really takes a lot of time to do it manually.

    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post: Working From Home Business That Pays You In Your First 24 Hours

  16. Titan says:

    Your Message

  17. Titan says:


    Are you going to talk about ideas on how to promote Market Leverage? Their promotions and offers look great. I put one of their offers on my Blog.

    Titan’s last blog post: Asset Backed Loans

  18. SeanMalarkey says:

    Hey John,

    Check out how I use Twitter to drive over 800 visitors daily (this number goes up all the time) to my blog. And the best part is my Twitter account and Blog are just over 60 days old.

    I just wrote an article called “What can Twitter do for your website traffic?”

    Any Suggestions or ideas to monetize it, are greatly appreciated. – You’re the expert!

    And for the record – Ive added over 50k followers in the last 60 days and Im pretty much a nobody

    Peace in the Middle East,


    SeanMalarkey’s last blog post: What can Twitter do for your website traffic?

  19. Melody says:

    I don’t like the idea of making the reciprocation of following others mandatory–if they wanna follow you…then they’ll do it.

    A lot of popular/celebrity twitters get away with not reciprocating others follows–but there’s no way that they will lose followers because they already have the reach…

    Melody’s last blog post: My Progression as an Artist. From 5 Years Old to 20.

    1. Yeah, celebrities are a different story. In a way, you could say that their current status is the equivalent of this Twitter Snipe, except that they don’t have to do any of the work.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  20. Twitter is going crazy nowadays.

    I think it will be a very part of Internet marketing in the future.

    Thanks for sharing your tips on getting followers.

    Make Money Online 4 Idiots’s last blog post: Clickbank Journals – The Road To Success

  21. this seems to be a promising tool. You can get many followerstoo, just by following the A list Hollywood stars,

    Laura-Whateverebay’s last blog post: Welcome to FeedBurner

  22. daniel says:

    I’ve tried the slow method and didn’t get anywhere near a 50% conversion rate. Do you think your conversion rate has something to do with your niche? I’ve only been getting a 10-15% conversion rate.

    1. diggalive says:

      10%-15% Nice, can’t beat, free traffic. Get some higher payout deals , up your profits! Keep same conversion rate, higher your paycheck! Niche Deffinetly has something to do with it, test more. This offers account management aswell.

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

    2. I think that’s better than nothing. Some people get 0%.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  23. I used tweetergetter which is free and see more followers but it requires some work to check to make sure they are relevant. But I think this twitter snipe looks very good since it’s automated.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Blog’s last blog post: Case Study: How Work At Home Homepage Got High Page Rank PR4

    1. Ian Fernando says:

      tweeter getter is just a viral auto follow form, which isnt at all targeted and you are forcing someone to get followed. it is better to reciprocate follows and if they find you interesting you have a better chance of getting followed

  24. wow, new products, im gonna try it next month maybe 🙂

    HDTV Plasma Televisions’s last blog post: The Dark Side of HDTV

  25. As I’m reading this post and the comments, I’m just thinking about how much a lot of you guys would benefit from learning some basic programming skills. I’m not talking anything fancy, just the ability to do basic scripting and web automation in something like perl, python, PHP, whatever.

    It’s trivial to replicate the functionality of Twitter Snipe/tweetgetter/friendorfollow for FREE if you have even a nodding acquaintance with any of the above languages.

    Seriously, take a few weeks to learn the basics of one of the above. You’ll be able to save yourself crazy money on tools, you’ll be able to customize things that are written in the same language/s you learn, and you’ll be able to automate a ton of stuff you’re probably doing manually right now.’s last blog post: Traffic: Search Engine Optimization – SEO

    1. Melody says:

      I’ve always known and web-designed previously with HTML..but php, php is a WHOLE-other level.

      The amount of detail required to pull something off even remotely close to Twitter–is at least beyond me.

      Heck, if php was as simple as “learning it in a couple of weeks..” I would’ve been designing wordpress templates centuries ago..

      Melody’s last blog post: My Progression as an Artist. From 5 Years Old to 20.

    2. diggalive says:

      You can definetly create similar apps, since the API is available. What your paying for is the developement, and research time put into the project, to bring the best tool to manage,and automate the process of getting targeted followers, while keeping up with twitter limits.

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  26. Kikolani says:

    I had a limit placed on my account at one point because my followers vs. following was unbalanced. It’s definitely a good idea to go through your list periodically and make sure people aren’t following and then immediately unfollowing you, which seems to be happening more and more these days.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani’s last blog post: Twitter Lingo & Tips For New Twitter & Facebook Users

  27. Sounds interesting!! But can you be specific as to how I am going to target my exclusive customers who are interested in writing services? We deal with web content writing, articles, blog posts and ghost writing of e books. First thing that I want is to divert the target traffic, i.e. bloggers – and we can serve them by writin quality posts on their behalf.

    Soumitra Chakraborty’s last blog post: Welcome to Designer India

  28. Richard says:

    A very good Idea , thanks very much .

    Richard’s last blog post: Help Me ! The dinosaur want to eat Me !!!

  29. I’ve been reading your blog and would like to use the twitter search for bloggers in my niche, but I’m new to twitter and must tell you that each time I try to find such Im being directed to finding people search. Obviously I dont know where to look for the general twitter search. How do I find it?

    ladymystery38’s last blog post: Monetizing and Professional Blogging

  30. I must thank you for the use of your free ebook which I find very useful. I learning lots of ways to be a better blogger. Again thanks.

    ladymystery38’s last blog post: Monetizing and Professional Blogging

  31. I’m a bit nervous to use anything that automates a social network. We’ve all seen what happens when similar software was used on MySpace and Facebook… your account gets terminated.

    But props to Ian though for his hard work on this. I’m sure it’s an awesome piece of software, but just not for everybody.

    Chris Jacobson’s last blog post: What Defines a ‘Top Affiliate Network’?

    1. diggalive says:

      Hey Chris!

      Any automation tool can be taken over board. Automation saves time and money. Some say no matter what you do, if you have to do it more than 3 times, there should be an automated process. Why waste that time doing it yourself? If your concerned about rates, you set them yourself, so you can follow 10 targetted followers a day if you choose. Twitter offers the API and will not be banning the follow request anytime soon.

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  32. Tyler Ford says:

    Is there an automated way to unfollow people? I know you can see who is not following you but can you unfollow all of them with one click?

    1. diggalive says:

      Heya Tyler,

      If I recall, I may have some insight that JC has a tool coming out just for this! We will also implement this in the future.

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

    2. A tool like that would be godsend.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  33. MLDina says:

    Having twitter followers is great, but of course, it’s targeted followers that will provide the most beneficial relationships. The wefollow directory is a good first step to seeking relevant followees, and it looks like TwitterSnipe could be the next big Twitter tool for this purpose. I’d like to see a tracker that measures the value of tweets and what type of information twitter users prefer to see.

    1. Rick Kats says:

      I definitely have to agree with MLDina’s point, its all about target followers. Having target followers will create a long lasting relationship.

      Rick Kats’s last blog post: Time Management Made Easy

  34. adri says:

    Of course I also will follow you

    adri’s last blog post: Jobs

  35. I will try your method, hope it work for me. thanks

  36. Alvin says:

    I will try the painful way first!

  37. BillyWarhol says:

    Super post John! I’m going to Race Ashton Kutcher + Britney Spears + CNN to 1 BILLION Followers!! ;))

    Actually I’m Limited by Twitter to Following 2000 Peeps + so are a lot of others?? Whazzup wif dat??

    BillyWarhol’s last blog post: Have you done Anything with your New Years Resolutions??

  38. Good tips.
    I guess if you want many followers, you can’t just pick your favorites; give and take rule applies..

  39. Glen Woodfin says:


    About how long did it take you to add those 6,000 followers the s-l-o-w painful way.

    On Your Side, Glen

    Glen Woodfin’s last blog post: Heartwarming Mini Film that Will Make You Smile, Laugh & Cry

  40. Joe Gelb says:

    The twitter snipe is mad legendary, at least it sounds that way. Why is it that the twitter follower numbers shift so much?

    Joe Gelb’s last blog post: What IS The Best Way To Stay Up To Date With The Latest Technology?

  41. Chris Miller says:

    I don’t login to paypal through framed pages, and I wouldn’t suggest anyone else do it either. You almost had a sale 😉

    Chris Miller’s last blog post: The most expensive shoes I have owned…

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s not a frame page Chris. That’s my WordPress Ninja plugin keeping the URL to display If you check the page source, you’ll see you’re at paypal. There are no frames.

      If you want to see how the page is without the URL cloak. Go here:

      1. Chris Miller says:

        John – thanks for the reply. I actually went direct to their site after accessing your affiliate url and they are using a frame at the time of checkout. I am not overly concerned about online transactions, but I do take my paypal account seriously. Maybe they can have the checkout redirect to paypal like everyone else? I am ready to try it……

        Chris Miller’s last blog post: The most expensive shoes I have owned…

        1. diggalive says:

          Hello Chris,

          I can gurentee no funny business is going on. The frame maybe to get the appropriate sum to the appropriate affiliate account. I can check with Ian if we can use a different method, thanks for the feedback. I also saw you were having some problems installing, if you are still having problems, please contact me personaly, I will DM you on twiter. Regards

          diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  42. blinkky says:

    Great tips you have here. Maybe next time you can share how to increase feed subscribers. I have problem with that =)

  43. Mnx says:

    Hi..Im adiet from indonesia..
    Nice to meet you..

  44. Awesome tips. I think the slow method is more reliable

    1. diggalive says:

      ouch, how are you going to manange all those accounts, sounds like time you dont need to be wasting on following and no management and, more on testing your accounts and campaigns!

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  45. Flyssy says:

    I prefer the “slow and painful” way as it gives me more control.

    I have built 1000+ followers now, and I think it is worth pointing out that it does start to build its own momentum as you become more well known in your niche. What I have done (my niche is guitars) is check out the followers of anyone following me who is guitar related, and then follow them. Most follow me back, and I have built a nice guitar related community who mostly follow my blog, interact with me, and now I’m even doing business with a local music shop, setting up a joint competition which will be marketed in all media.

    Don’t feel you need to build thousands of followers at once..let it grow naturally, (with a little help every now and then) and you will build a more valuable source of potential customers in your niche.

    Flyssy’s last blog post: New Guitar Collecting Facebook Group!

  46. Great tips John,

    I will take this on board.

  47. Wayne Sharer says:

    Thanks John for this great tool. I have been looking for something like this, and I should have come here first. Really awesome.

    Wayne Sharer’s last blog post: Can Your Website Promotion Improve With Social Network Traffic?

  48. Jason Lueng says:

    Thanks John,nice article

    Jason Lueng’s last blog post: The most popular China clone phone: TV phone

  49. andy says:

    Tried this product and immediately hate the service. Can’t even get it to install as its so buggy and has the worst installation instructions for a paid product I have ever seen.

    John Chow – where’s the honest review? You don’t mention the difficulty in installing this – even if it works you still have to go through the process of making MySQL databases which is a bit much for many users.

    Its supposed to be similar to installing wordpress, I’ve installed wordpress plenty of times and can do it fine. This product however just won’t install.

    1. diggalive says:

      Hello ! If you are having issues installing contact me, we do not have a lot of support tickets open for this, so I’m not sure what problems you may have. WordPress has the same install, and we wanted to get it out to you guys. This will all be fixed in next version, and in manditory update, but the installation works fine, and if you have any issues please contact me personally.

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

      1. Flyssy says:

        so why not fix it and make it usable for all customers, not just the ones with tech ability before you start taking money for it? I had the same issue with the last twitter product offered from the same source..It seemed (to me) rushed, sloppy and a bit of a cheap cash in and I eventually got a refund..sorry but I’m very wary these days of products punted through these “recommendations”

        Flyssy’s last blog post: New Guitar Collecting Facebook Group!

        1. diggalive says:

          Hey Flyssy,

          We are taking the time to fix it, the demand was to high for us to hold out any longer. I feel your pain on other apps, and reccommendations sometimes are not legit, but I stand behind twittersnipe, and if it doesnt install for you, or you are not satisfied, we will refund you asap. This app is compared to thunderbird, and that is 3 times the cost. Good luck !

          diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

      2. Chris Miller says:

        And what support ticket system might that be? I see no sign of a support system, or any way to get this to work. I hate to be a pain, but i’d rather just have the cash back if it’s not going to work and isn’t supported.

        Chris Miller’s last blog post: The most expensive shoes I have owned…

        1. diggalive says:

          Hey again Chris,

          I believe we got everything resolved from our last email, and hopefully your on the road to more followers! 🙂 … I did want to mention for anyone elseo tho that is having install issues we are sending out an update tonight , and also we don’t have support tickets, but we have a support forum set up, that you should have gotten the link with your copy, but if not let me know, and I’ll shoot that over to you… Happy Tweeting!! 🙂

          diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

    2. Honest review? I’d like to think that most of the people reading John’s blog already know how to handle MYSQL databases. If not, there are plenty of articles online about how to set one up. Try Googling sometime.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  50. Mitja says:

    Looks like a nice program, thanks for sharing.

    Mitja’s last blog post: Majesco Go Play Series Wii Trailer

  51. Naomi says:

    I have a very similar software that I use for Twitter that is $40 from the warrior forum. It’s great to hear about other tools.

  52. Just getting into Twitter and cannot believe the amount of apps already available for this service.

    Another social network to take up my marketing time.

    netbusinessblog’s last blog post: Review: Active Campaign’s email marketing software

    1. Naomi says:

      I make it a point to get on Twitter for 15 min in the morning, afternoon and evening so it doesn’t suck up all my time. 🙂

      Naomi’s last blog post: Day 10 Problogger Challenge

  53. Never used Twitter, would it be something to use to get the word out on our summer get together,
    The First Annual Upper Midwest Institute of
    Buddhist Studies

  54. Jay says:

    Tweetersnipe is a brilliant marketing concept. I can see myself using this tool in the future. is once again an excellent resource.

    Jay’s last blog post: Top American Cell Phones that work in Japan

    1. Ian Fernando says:

      thanks! this is a very niche targeted tool, finding nice leads via twitter and easily banking off it as well.

      Ian Fernando’s last blog post: Interesting Sunday Morning eMail…

  55. BlogAngry says:

    Great tip, very interesting and helpful, thanx

    BlogAngry’s last blog post: UPDATE ON $100 CONTEST WITH A TWIST!!!

  56. fas says:

    Well the software seems good. But you can follow 200 manually a day, if you follow the 10% rule 🙂

    fas’s last blog post: How To Use Viral Marketing

  57. J.D. Meier says:

    Oh great … now I’ll never catch up 😉

    I haven’t started Twitter yet, but your lessons learned will come in handy. Thanks for sharing.

    J.D. Meier’s last blog post: Living Your Process

    1. diggalive says:

      Never too late to start! 🙂

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  58. I am sure Ashton Kutcher doesn’t need this. Did you guys read about that. Ashton has beaten CNN. Ashton is the first member of Twitter to have over 1 million followers. He even had promised to buy 10,000 mosquito nets if he had achieved this.

    Internetsalsa’s last blog post: Over 1 million is after Ashton Kutcher on Twitter…

  59. OhBoy says:

    OMG you marketing dbags are going to flood twitter now.

    i dont want to follow 20,000 people, i’ll never get to read the damn tweets. now every marketing junking and make money fast douche bag is writing books or reports on how to “leverage the power of twitter” like y’all leveraged myspace into douchebaggery. all i get now in responses are people pimping there shit to me. at first it was just in comments, now since most people block them shits and have to approve them they are sending them shits as messages.

    soon there’s going to be an automated program that searches twitter for certain terms in tweets and then @reply you with a bullshit solicitation. i’ve had one already.

    i mentioned something about being at the airport and then got a damn @ reply of some airport service
    when that happens on a larger scale, people will have to lock their feeds

    Go Away!

    1. Sad But True–But thats the reality “Ohboy.” Its an evil side….Thats why you are on this blog commenting.. 🙂

      internetsalsa’s last blog post: Over 1 million is after Ashton Kutcher on Twitter…

    2. Who is this person that didn’t have the balls to leave their name?

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  60. Chris Miller says:

    Hey Sam – I am following you on twitter. If you want to follow back I can DM you the details of the problem we’re having. Thanks

    Chris Miller’s last blog post: The most expensive shoes I have owned…

    1. diggalive says:

      Hey Chris, just saw your comment, DMing now.

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  61. I lean more towards the slow and steady method. I prefer to pick and choose one by one.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: What Should I Blog About? – Choosing A Blog Niche

  62. Donnie says:

    John – Honestly we think this script was released prematurely, and we have requested for a refund as there are too many problems with this script.

    We have not been able to successfully install the script at all, and it has consumed a lot of our time. We have requested for a refund from Ian, and hopefully he will be nice enough to not put us through any hoops and honor our request as he has sold us a product that is broken and we can not use.

    John Maybe you should read the forum at in regards to the issues that many of us are having, as we have purchased the script through your website.

    Affiliate Marketing is great to make money off of, but please stop promoting a broken product.

    You Buddy


    Donnie’s last blog post: SupAffiliatesTV: Ethical Issues in Affiliate Marketing

    1. Ian, can we get an update with this?

      1. diggalive says:

        There are always issues when dealing with supplying a high amount of users with different hosting environments. There were a few hosting that had hosting restrictions, and were causing different problems. One was the cURL restriction, and another is file URL access. We tested a lot before launch, and were prepaired with updates, and fixes when these issues arrised. We were happy to issue the refund to those who did not want to wait for the update, and thank you for those who had the patience to stick through, and who is now enjoying there product. You have to realize, there are a lot of variables that will cause things not to function correctly, and almost impossible to foresee. For example, Twitter also has been sending 400 requests back after a follow for some hosting, however, we found the issue, and a update was issues immediately. We are confident we have all the major hosting providers restrictions covered and fixed, and will continue to be making improvements, and mandatory updates. Thank you for your comment.

        diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  63. Jesse says:

    I agree with the previous comment, the API is there and to be quite honest its not rocket science… Innovation is needed, be different, do something unique.. There are hundreds of these “get a boat load of followers in xx number of days” things floating around already.

    Its time for people to start leading instead of just following, as an example, in a very short time there will be an application that is unique, provides value and isn’t simply a “re-branded” version of something free that’s been done a thousand times already..

    I’m excited about this because I have seen it, used it and know the effort that went into developing it.. I imagine many others will love it too.. Wish I could say more, but I’d have to move to the South Pole if I did 😉

    Jesse’s last blog post: Win cold hard cash by commenting on my blog

    1. diggalive says:

      Thanks for the comments on the program Jesse! There cirtainly was a lot of time and effort that went into this project, and will continue to do so, and supply the best service we can for you guys!

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  64. mrs. right says:

    I enjoyed the information you shared John. I don’t know that buying the automated method is for me. I am relatively new to the scene, and first and foremost I don’t want to lay out the money for something that is going to give me a diverse following vs. my targeted audience. I guess for now, I will go the slow and steady way and see what happens. Thanks again, Cheers

    mrs. right’s last blog post: Can I resell ebooks ?

  65. Felix Makmur says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips and tools John. I also have used Twitter Karma in the past to bulk unfollow all the people who don’t follow me. Anyway, awesome advices and thanks again for sharing.

    Felix Makmur’s last blog post: 4 Free and Easy Internet Marketing Strategies

  66. TradeProfits says:

    Another way of doing this for free is by going to and search for your niche. Then go to and start mass following..

    TradeProfits’s last blog post: 100 % Accurate signals – 100% Bullshit

    1. FlashTweet seems interesting. I’m going to check it out.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  67. ExiOST says:

    WOW…. great…
    are you kidding?? 5k follower in 1 week??

    The Slow & Painful Method…

    Let’s check itu out. I want to try this….
    Thank you

  68. jose says:

    A very good information indeed..!

  69. John, I enjoyed this post. However I haven’t found much use in Twitter. Maybe if you have 25K twitter subscribers you might be getting some traffic from it however.

    Best CD Rates’s last blog post: Best CD Rates

  70. Thanks for sharing this great TIP

  71. Timon Weller says:

    Awesome tips on getting Twitter followers again John, however I am wondering could using automation programs to get followers get an account banned?

    1. diggalive says:

      Heya Timon,

      Twitter wants you to keep a ratio from number of followers, to following. Twitternsip will calculate howmany followers you *should* try to follow based on howmany you are following already. We are impoving this system as time goes on, and adding warnings, but this gives a good idea of howmany you should follow vs. follows. Other than that, and keeping your intervals between each follow to about 20-30 sec., and you’ll be fine. Just can’t go overboard, and watch your ratio.

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  72. John, your post rejuvenated my interest in Twitter, thanks!

    Following people and building a relationship with them for synergy in our niches seems like a great approach to take.

    Webmaster Juice’s last blog post: Dynamic Pricing

  73. okey nwoke says:

    Hi John,

    I am fairly new to blogging but your article was such that i feel so motivated to channel more energy to what i am already doing. Thanks a lot Man.


    1. Furthermore the fact that he is making over 40K/month in blogging income is really what motivates other bloggers to reach the highest peaks of their potential!

  74. Technolik says:

    Wow a great tool for Twitters and is incredible how fast it works…I will try this on my profile.Great post thanks John!

    Technolik’s last blog post: Deezer vs Last FM – Web Music Giants

  75. valentina says:

    Hey John!

    For the time being going the old fashioned way … all this social media is sooooo new to me and I have to say that much of it escapes me, or has … the more I read about social media in general, and Twitter specifically, I am beginning to understand. Today, you added another valuable piece to the puzzle … how to find our target market, or your tribe so to speak, on Twitter. Thank you.

    valentina’s last blog post: Social Media Marketing & CRM – There’s A Whole Lotta Tweetin’ Goin’ On

  76. Targeted Twitter followers are so much more important than just grabbing whatever you can get. So many people think that just getting a high amount of followers is all it takes to use Twitter effectively. People who have no interest about what you have to say don’t care about what you market on Twitter.

    Number One On Google’s last blog post: How To Rank Number One On Google

    1. I agree. I don’t think it matters if those that are just using Twitter to update people on useless stuff just want to get anyone to follow them, but if you’re using it for business, than getting people this way is a huge mistake.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  77. Twitter is basically a GIANT GIANT link dump that celebrities including the PRESIDENT uses, lol.


  78. Chris Miller says:


    Would you mind telling the readership how you really got the 5k followers? It’s pretty clear that this thing was nowhere ready for release. No one else seems to have it working, so how did you get it to work so well?

    You have a loyal following, but with that comes an understanding. An understanding that what you are pushing is truly backed / tested by you.

    Was this script really tested by you, John? Is this really something you used?

    I should note that Sam has been very responsive, and I appreciate that but it’s clear we are all guinea pigs here for a product that does not yet work.

    As for the other posters – it helps to try something before talking about how great it is. Sure its a great idea, but you aren’t out nearly $100 for it are you?

    Chris Miller’s last blog post: Playing for Change – Songs around the world – Stand By Me

    1. Ian Fernando says:


      upon released we had it working with 5 other testers JC being one of them. we ran into issues with others that have issues with either different hostings than the 5 had.

      so there are going to be sme issues as more and more users are using this system since now it is going to the masses.

      appreciate the comments

      Ian Fernando’s last blog post: Interesting Sunday Morning eMail…

  79. Great advice! I never thought I could view what people are talking about that moment at twitter. And the software that automatically helps you find friends there would be a great help indeed!

    Jocelyn at I TAKE OFF THE MASK’s last blog post: On Good Deeds – Inspirational Quote

  80. R Kumar says:

    Twitter can be a monster when it comes to building a list. But as mentioned by you, the point in question is “how targeted would the list be”. Though I personally do not think that twitter can be the sole source for building lists. Neither do I think that twitter is such a great tool as it is projected. But I could be wrong in my own ways. Having said that just wanted to inform all who are interested in Twitter tools – Hummingbird is the best such tool available right now. You can check it out. Click here to view more details

    R Kumar’s last blog post: Learning to walk in the blogosphere – BlogMastermind

  81. valentina says:

    Hi John,

    following your advice I went and removed my “follow” from some that I was following but did not have a reciprocal.

    Question: what about those that have mega followers, say 11,000 or more and they are only following say 112? I guess they tend to be “name” types, or already have a following from something else .

    In your view, is it better to be following and have them follow, even if they have a smaller following but seem to be more interactive?


    valentina’s last blog post: Social Media Marketing & CRM – There’s A Whole Lotta Tweetin’ Goin’ On

  82. adamxcl says:

    This thing isn’t ready for prime time. It’s being tested and improved yes, but it shouldn’t be on a John Chow promotional post at this point. The average person won’t be able to install this. Documentation is poor even if someone were knowledgeable. Two things contradict one another. I do web work and everything looks good but it just gives an error. I hope it eventually works.

    1. Ian Fernando says:

      we have improved on teh documentation and testing have been done prior to release, we did not expect to have major hosting issues. as we tested pror with several others during beta.

      we are and have been working with everyones host to resolve the issues

      appreciate the comments

      Ian Fernando’s last blog post: Interesting Sunday Morning eMail…

  83. this is a really great method. Similar to the same way of finding blogs online.

    Jermaine Love Poems’s last blog post:

  84. Pigi says:

    Nice to follow you on twitter… great way to increase twitter followers, tomorrow i’ll be test your method

    Good night from Italy.

    Pigi’s last blog post: Che vantaggi ha un’azienda che investe in un blog?

  85. Having automated tools like this is working smart not working hard so it does sound like a good software to have. Thanks for sharing.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Blog’s last blog post: Case Study: How Work At Home Homepage Got High Page Rank PR4

  86. Birdfan says:

    I never thought Twitter was something that I could build large lists from. I will certainly give it a try

  87. Mike says:

    Hi John, the timing of your news letter was perfect. I was looking for a way on how to utilize twitter to improve my blog. I’m glad that I subscribed to your mailing list. Thanks again.

  88. diabetic man says:

    thanks for sharing john….this is great job with good result

  89. Wow… Thanks for the tip… I am a new Tweeter and it really helped!

    Kimberly Luke’s last blog post: Never Fall In Love – Webisode 16

  90. Erica says:

    There is one more method which I found on my own. If you add all their suggested users when you sign up, people will find you and follow you in return. Then once things start slowing down, you can remove all the popular people you’re following and add them again.

    I don’t know if that makes sense, but it does work for me.

    1. yea people do the follow/unfollow method, its does take time but is free.

      [email protected]’s last blog post: Freebie Monday #20 – Free Fax Servies in USA and Canada

    2. That has also worked for me.

      TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  91. Smart Boy says:

    What an excellent tool. I’m excited to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    Smart Boy’s last blog post: Love Your Blog Topic Like Stephen Hawking Loves Science

    1. diggalive says:

      Hey Smart Boy!

      I’m glad you like it!

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  92. Chris Miller says:

    John Chow tells us: “After Twitter Snipe adds the number of followers you’ve enter, it will wait for a preset time, which you can adjust, and then it will unfollow everyone who didn’t follow back. ”

    Anyone else not seeing this feature in the software? It doesn’t have functionality to unfollow anyone….

    John has lost a few points of respect from me on this one. Not sure I can take his posts at face value anymore.

    Chris Miller’s last blog post: Playing for Change – Songs around the world – Stand By Me

    1. diggalive says:

      Hello Chris,

      I had mentioned this in your email as well. John was given a beta copy, which included the un follow option. This option will be included in a future update (which everyone gets access too), but was not ready for final version. I will come back to this post as soon as it is ready.

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  93. Looks like it needs some kind of salsa..Not that salsa but internetsalsa. 🙂
    May be Ian should have a video tutorial about this so that many who have doubts can be convinced….

    internetsalsa’s last blog post: Over 1 million is after Ashton Kutcher on Twitter…

    1. diggalive says:

      Hey Internetsalsa, great idea! I believe Ian in in the process of getting one together.

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  94. I have a twitter account
    and i have 212 followers till date so how can i increase our followers. You can see i am also following above 600 people .

    1. diggalive says:

      Hello data recovery!

      Following targeted users, and active twitter users will increase your ratio. This tool uses both methods.

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  95. Guru says:

    I want to try the manual method first. Let’s see how much it works for me. If I succeed to increase my Twitter (testing_guru) count…

    Guru’s last blog post: Supercomputer as a Service: It’s realty now!

  96. Jordan says:

    Are you serious, this tool is weak? Has anyone used Hummingbird? … HB is far better then this application and was built by a much more experienced team. Surprised this was the chosen twitter app to review. . . John Chow, have you tried that application?

    1. diggalive says:

      Hi Jordan,

      You obviously did not try this product.

      diggalive’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  97. It doesn’t look like FriendOrFollow is working anymore… but it was such a great service.

    Eric Martindale’s last blog post: Coding Contest: Shortest Full-featured CMS, BB, or Blog

    1. Flyssy says:

      Friend or follow still works fine for me..

  98. David says:

    Congrats, but I think that you are so popular to make that milestone but junior blogger like me could not make it, 200 a day is a big success with me

    David’s last blog post: onetheme_thumbnail_generator.jpg

  99. marhgil says:

    Friend or Follow is a painful way of unfollowing those who does not follow you. It consumes too much time.

    A little googling and I found Now, unfollowing is also automatic 😉

    marhgil’s last blog post: Challenge MyBrute!

  100. Dan says:

    Hi John,
    I bought Twitter Snipe a few days ago and tested it intesively for that time. I tried with multiple accounts, different times of the day, keywords and so on blah blah.. When the system runs it actually tries to add the same users over and over again based on your keywords.. The point of this app is so that you can ‘lazer target’ followers and so on. I spoke to the creater and developer yesterday and he gave me a tip that was to use single keywords to avoid duplicate submissions. So hold on a sec.. How can you target anyone that is relevant with search terms that involve one word? Ok, it may be ‘ok’, but not great.. I carried on trying to figure this useless app out for a little while longer, and eventually gave up. 3 days down the pan, and not a single new follower. John, please take note of this post and please alter your main post on your home page to say something like ‘Twitter snipe – 0/10’

    Take it sweasy,


    1. Hi Don,

      Thanks for your review, but I find it hard to believe you used it a lot in those past 3 days. We have nothing but positive reviews, and a little spectical on how you could not lazer target your users. It does not work on 1 keyword, but multiple keywords. You can add as many as you want. It is not our fault that no one is talking about the keywords you are adding. The reason it keeps trying to follow the same people is because you are not adding enough keywords. Try keyword tools, or something to generate more from what you have. Not a single follower? ha, now I really don’t believe you used the tool. Like I said, use more keywords, relevent to your profile, and you will gain followers. You also can’t just make an account, and start following, and expect followers. You need to at least have some credibility in your niche. My suggestion, is go back and add more keywords to each niche, and create relevent and eye popping profiles, and you WILL get followers. Please use the tool first as much as you explained, before coming back to the thread.’s last blog post: Affiliate Marketing is All About Testing

  101. almir says:

    very interesting i will check this out and that sure is a lot of twitter followers within less than a week thats great its not an easy feat to achieve

  102. Nice post, I’ve been fascinated with people and bloggers who have tons of twitter followers. So that’s their secrets.
    Thanks again for the post. Well I deserve a try.

  103. shaun says:

    the twitter snipe is a useless peice of software and my account got banned using it SO BWARE!!

    1. Shaun,
      I am sorry to hear your account got banned. You must of went overboard, and followed way over your limit. If you stay in your limits , you will not get banned.

    2. I didn’t know you can get banned with Twitter. What did you do? Care to share?

      Exposing SEO Techniques’s last blog post: Listen to Howard Stern Exposing a Screeching Beyonce

    3. Oh sorry, my mistake in the previous reply. Didn’t read it properly. I didn’t see “twitter SNIPE”. 😛

      Exposing SEO Techniques’s last blog post: Listen to Howard Stern Exposing a Screeching Beyonce

  104. mmm i’m not sure if i would use such tool


    Jorge Delgado’s last blog post: 3 Things Affiliate Marketers must know To Survive Online

  105. Sanjeev says:

    OMG, Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing such a nice way to add people on twitter and make them a sincere follower.

    Sanjeev’s last blog post: Create 3-D Desktop To Change The Look and Experience

  106. Daniel says:

    Very cool info, thanks. I had been adding hundreds of people interested in the same topic every day manually. Will check out twittersnipe.

    Daniel’s last blog post: Win an iPod Touch!

  107. laskwatsera says:

    i think the best way for a new twitter user like me is to do it slowly and follow to be followed is a great idea, in fact i have heard about you from the number 2 blogger in the Philippines but I haven’t gotten time to check your blog yet but when i saw ur name following me on twitter, i immediately followed u and checked ur website and that’s why I am here now making a comment because i love it! ur my idol,

    laskwatsera’s last blog post: Top 10 Jobs Abroad for Filipinos

  108. John, I think that you can do the same with

    Phil Williams’s last blog post: How to get High Quality low cost Articles Written for You

  109. Thanks for sharing the info. Though I am sure there are free tools out there that can let you do the same thing without shelling out 77 bucks.

    Making Web make Sense’s last blog post: Does Google’s new CAPTCHA experiment fails at Accessibility testing?

  110. Great suggestions! I love the friend friend or follow ideas. I was just trying to figure out how to know who was not following me the other day, and then I read your blog and find out how. Thanks!’s last blog post: Zen Moment of the Day

  111. FlashTweet says:

    Hi John – We tried registering for your site but never got the confirmation email?

    How long does this usually take?

  112. Cliffordx says:

    Nice tip. I also have a growing followers using the Twitter Traffic Machine. This tool will add to my arsenal. Thanks John!

  113. information says:

    $77 is too much for me.. Any promos like 50 percent off and free through contest?

    information’s last blog post: Times Online uk | The Times and Sunday Times

  114. chris says:

    I have personally heard much better things about the Hummingbird application for Twitter? John Chow normally has great recommendations though, but on this one I think ill trust all the recommendations for HB. Sorry Guys!!

    1. diggalive says:

      Heya Chris,

      No one is putting down hummingbird. It just does not do it in an automated fasion. You have to physically follow the user, and it is much less targeted. It is also almost triple the price of Twitter Snipe. I am also not sure if they supply you with as many updates and improvements based on user experience than we have planned. We look at this more as a service than an application,

  115. Thank for the info John. You rock. Am applying slow method now and later i will come to spine.

    Hemanth Kumar’s last blog post: Swine Flu Map

  116. I never thought Twitter can get you that much following in just 6 days. Thanks John for sharing. Hope to apply what I’ve learned from you on my sites too.

    Internet Marketing Tips’s last blog post: Exit Splash: The Revolutionary Web Script in Review

  117. If you cannot put some money to buy automatic tools, Twitter Friend or Follow can help you to know who is following or not following you..

    Hemanth Kumar’s last blog post: How to Deal with Suspicious Links in Messenger IMs

  118. jona says:

    So Twitter is awesome for Taking traffic to you website . It is very
    simple to setup and its a fun positive way to keep in contact with
    people. To get more followers on twitter check out this amazing
    tool.Twitter Traffic Machine

  119. Kris says:

    hmmmmm, will try this technique to one of my new site.

  120. jessie says:

    great info you have here john. i will run over the e-books then. thanks

    jessie’s last blog post: Interview for Non TFC Subscriber

  121. Atul says:

    Nice tips tahnks
    and thanks for the software

    Atul’s last blog post: Useful Information on Swine Flu

  122. Dennis says:

    recently learned about twitter snipe, most likely going to purchase it, very useful article!

    Dennis’s last blog post: 3 Ways to Raise Your Twitter Followers by 500 in a Week

  123. Mario Chase says:

    That’s awesome. I’m doing some testing on Twitter currently. Let’s see how I can use it. I have a lot of good ideas for people to use Twitter.. it can be used in great ways.

  124. wmb says:

    Wow! this is a great revelation, I registered with twitter without fully utilizing it. What a waste, now I am going to utilize it.

    wmb’s last blog post: MELAYU BOLEH YANG DISALAHERTIKAN

  125. PPC Wizard says:

    Seems so impersonal to me, which defeats the purpose of Twitter (which I believe is to build personal relationships). But it is great for building an audience to broadcast to.

    PPC Wizard’s last blog post: Blogging like Chris Brogan (About the Death of MySpace)

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