How I Got To The Train Station

The day we left Suzhou was an extreme busy day. The Olympic torch was in town and making its way through the city. As a result of everyone trying to get a glimpse of the flame, we couldn’t find a taxi to take us to the train station. There was simply no taxis available!

Things started to get desperate as the deadline for our train ride approached. We thought about taking a bus but that wouldn’t work because it was too crowded and we had luggage. The buses were also way too crowded because everyone was using it to get to the torch relay. I cursed myself for not arranging a driver and private car.

In the end, Sarah came up with a solution that got us to the train station in time. It wasn’t the most elegant way to go catch a train but it worked. All I have to say is those rides at Magic Mountain have nothing on a human powered tuk-tuk!

I have to give major props to our tuk-tuk driver. He peddled Sarah and I, plus our big suitcase, through city traffic and into the station in only 20 minutes. The ride cost only 30RMB but I gave him 50 because I couldn’t wrap my head around receiving what amounts to $4.28 for that kind of effort.

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  1. Ronald Su says:

    That’s very nice of you. I would do the same thing. When I was young I liked to ride on those cars. It was touch being a driver because it takes extreme effort to try to pull 2 people and imagine it being a hot summer day. Making money is touch! ❗

    1. Ronald Su says:

      Sorry I meant tough…

  2. Hahaha NICE. When are the Olympics anyway?

    1. Terry Tay says:

      The Olympics start 08-08-08 (August 8, 2008)

      1. Terry Tay says:

        Just to add to that…They officially start on 08-08-08 with the opening ceremonies, but some of the preliminary soccer (football) games will actually take place before the official opening of the games – those matches will be played on the 6th and 7th.

        1. Flimjo says:

          I’ve never heard of that before. Is that something new, or is it always like that?

      2. Sweet, that’s the day after I finish school 😀

  3. Terry Tay says:

    A few close calls there. That bus came close. You had a driver with quick reflexes though as he somehow avoided hitting those people. Very good of you to give a nice tip.

  4. Noobpreneur says:


    Mass transit is a big problem in most Asia countries 🙂

    Hail to the tuk tuk driver!

  5. vince says:

    man john.. i love your posts.. i am glad you share it with us.. and your experiances around the world.. you rock man.

  6. Thiago Prado says:

    that’s so nice to be in a tuk tuk driver, but it’s so cruel as well. I can’t imagine myself riding a bike for 20 minutes carrying a lot of weight for this price 😥

  7. John, you’re leaving your mark in China as the big tipper.

  8. joshuaun says:

    suzhou????oh…so many beauty there=p

  9. Exercise for the day, huh? True blogger. lol

  10. Wow, your tuk-tuk driver cold give Lance Armstrong a ride for his money. That dude was crankin’.

  11. haha…that guy was awesome! What about Sally?

    1. Stephen says:

      Where else? On the basket on the handlebars where all spawn of EVIL ride! 😆

  12. AJ says:

    oh wow so you guys call that tuk-tuk, we have those in Bangladesh we called them “rickshaws”

  13. Sha says:

    I’ve always wondered what it’s like riding in those, like if they’re real life Cinderella carriages, minus the horsemen and…well, horses.

  14. Felex Tan says:

    Just wondering that whether John Chow can speak Mandarin?Just out of my curiosity.

    1. John Chow says:

      No, I speak Cantonese. My wife can speak Mandarin, and Japanese as well.

      1. Thiago Prado says:

        what other languages can you speak?

        1. Sha says:

          Yeah, I was going to ask what other languages you can speak. Have you tried Spanish? I took it in school, but I’m not that great. I also took Latin, which I’m better at.

  15. Jay says:

    Wow that tuk tuk driver must be in awesome shape!

    1. Yeah, imaging driving through the city every day like that. The guy must have some descent leg muscles!
      And good to see John getting a little exercise as well! 😆

  16. 888 on the Olympics? Wow really, I think one of my friends told me 8’s are good luck in Chinese culture-we were crazy drunk hanging out in NYC’s Chinatown though in my 20’s so I might have that exactly backwards.

    And I was wondering what would happen if you hit a hill and then it happened-so now I know!

  17. I remember taking a tuk tuk in Shanghai. We had a selection of 3 drivers as the first one had one bad eye, the second one had one arm and the last one had one leg. I think we went back to the guy with the one bad eye.
    In China you have to look 6 ways – N, S, E, W, up (for loose wires/cables), down (potholes on sidewalk). At least, that was the case 10 years ago.

  18. Bob says:

    Very nice john you kept us in touch with everything you did & are doing in China?

    1. Zak Show says:

      yes that’s what i love about this blog.

  19. John..
    First of all its not called “Tuk Tuk”–
    Its called a Rickshaw..
    Most Asian countries have them…

    Engine powered is called an Auto Rickshaw or a tuk tuk. The way you are pronounce Tuk Tuk is also different. try this “took took” this is how you are supposed to say it.


    1. why you correcting the man says:

      wanna make fun of him running next to it too, who cares what its called you nit pick about everything, if you did I would expect you to make more then 150 a day.

      1. make150aday says:

        whats your problem–nameless..You call that making fun of him…
        are you his butler? kissing his ass…
        Besides–what did i say wrong? People like you can not even digest the truth/real fact.
        –Oh yes–I make more than 150 a day–i do not rely only my online properties.

  20. Apoorv says:

    Are you Chinese John ?

  21. That ‘tuk-tuk’, in Malaysia we called it ‘Beca’. :mrgreen:

  22. Pradeep says:

    We have lots of auto rickshaws in Mumbai but the drivers are such a character u cant stand them more then a minute the speak less word and more bad words 😳

  23. Imagine doing that for a living, riding your bike all day carrying tourists around the city. You better be in pretty good shape.

    1. Terry Tay says:

      If you weren’t, it would definitely get you in shape fast. You would be getting paid to workout 😆

  24. Bash Bosh says:

    LoL… very interesting video indeed.
    Also, very nice and professional recording 🙂

  25. My uncle overpaid when he had a tuk-tuk ride when he was over there. He paid significantly more to the grateful driver because he thought that he was being very underpaid.

  26. i like the word tuk tuk :), does it get it name from the sound of horse foot when running…?

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