How Long Does It Take You To Write a Blog Post?

This is a question that I often ask myself and other bloggers. How long does it take you to write an average blog post? For me, it varies greatly. My last post about the Facebook Garage took just 10 minutes. However, I have spent as much as 3 hours on a post.

Generally, the most time consuming posts are the ReviewMe reviews because they require that I do some research. For other posts, the actually writing time isn’t that long, it’s all the research that goes into it that takes up the most time.

Sometime, It Takes Longer To Think What To Write

I’m sure you’ve been in this situation before – you need to update your blog but you got nothing to write about. You can spend more time thinking about what to write than actually writing. Have that ever happen to you? This is why I love the WordPress Timestamp so much. I often get multiple post ideas at once. When that happens, I try to write them all down and Timestamp them before I forget about them.

If you ever get into a situation where you have nothing to blog about, then check out my Five Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Blog About. It rarely happens to me, but when it does happen, that is the list I go through.

And this blog post took five minutes. How long does your post take?

99 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take You To Write a Blog Post?”

  1. A lot depends on how well you type. If you don’t type well, it’s worth taking an online class to improve this skill. The better you get at typing, the less time you have to spend on actually writing the post and can spend more time on the content. One of the best investments you can make as a blogger.

    1. I learnt how to type quickly by opening 5 conversation windows on MSN. … 😎 It works.

      1. TJ says:

        4 conversations on MSN +4 conversations on yahoo and all of them are girls :mrgreen:
        If you type slow, you loose the girls 😯
        So you know you don’t have any reason not to type fast πŸ˜‰

    2. Typing is quick for me. If the post requires research, like a typical personal finance topic, it may take me 2-3 solid hours to complete one. If it’s one about my own experience and I am able to write from memory, then it usually only takes me less than 1 hour.

      1. Scott says:

        I agree. It’s the research that takes the time.

    3. You are bang on. Those that can touch type due to earlier familiarity with a typewriter can do this faster.

    4. Not only typing, sometimes many things are the cause of a blog post that we need to think a hour or something.

      It happens so that I have the idea i start writing it and at a certain point I halt because I have to think if thats the right term or not, if it should be used in plural or not…and feck, half idea I have already forget, so I have to log off and finish the post once my idea comes back to me.

    5. Matt Jones says:

      I don’t think typing really has that much to do with it. I’m sure most bloggers type very fast. It’s more about the brain effort.

      Writing a post takes me anywhere from 10 mins (if its posting a video) up to 8+ hours if its a massive post that needs lots of research. My average is probably about 1-2 hours.

  2. It usually takes me between 10-15 minutes. I like to format my posts with images, so that takes a bit more time. If I have to research a topic first, of course it takes longer.

  3. JCYL says:

    I spend 20 mins on average on each post.

    1. Nomar says:

      Same here ! Its more headed to 30 mins than 20 though

  4. Normally I jot down all my idea on my PDA (only the subject and rough idea). Using my PDA later on, I will write a simple (below than 50 word) decription about my idea.

    The when the time come I will write the longer version of it on my blogs. It give me unlimited blog issue to bring on to.

  5. Post development times do greatly vary. My posts can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to develop. It’s not so much the typing that takes up time time but rather the elaboration of ideas.

  6. Domtan says:

    It depends. Sometimes it’s so enjoyable you just get carried away with the time. Other times you just want to finish a post as quick as possible. But mostly, we take our time, no rush.

    1. Wayne Liew says:

      It is the carried away with the time that I don’t like, I called it procrastination and that is really not good for me. I know blogging must be enjoyable but at the same time we must have self-discipline. πŸ˜‰

  7. Dandruff says:

    I take around 20-25 mins to write one post. But as you said even I have spent hours and hours on some posts.

  8. NKMedia says:

    When I have chatted to our bloggers about this I always get a varied response. It seems to relate a bit to personality. Some people are more perfectionist than others. It is like throwing a baseball. At some point you gotta let go of the ball. And some people just dont want to let it go until they have counted every stitch, where others throw it like its a hot potato.
    Some people can read 100 feeds in no time, where for others it takes ages. Writing and research. The two sides of great blog posting. Some are strong on one side more than another. Personally, I would rather out source both!

    1. You are right. The bloggers with clear thoughts and communications skills blog faster and those that need to refer to other material slower. The fastidious also are slower. This is just as you have pointed out, like those who can speed read and those who can not.

  9. Nick says:

    Hours, days, years, endless amounts of valuable time wasted with a blank mind on an empty journey… Well like you said depends…

  10. It takes me about 10-15 minutes for a 500 word post.
    John, there’s all sorts of ‘101 post idea’ posts around the place. If I ever got stuck I would use those.

    Rather than timestamp, I write all my posts in Google Notebook. Then when I feel like posting it, I copy it in to wp-admin and have a scan to make sure there’s no mistakes before posting.

    I used to have difficulty writing posts but then completely wh0red one of my blogs out to Paid Posting. This has done SO much for my writing skills as it has forced me to be creative in the way I write, and the way I approach a task, in order to put out something of decent length and content. If you can routinely write about something you’re not interested in at all, it will make it much easier to write about something you are passionate about.

    1. Matt Jones says:

      That is very fast… how can you write good content so fast!

  11. Ryan Shamus says:

    It usually takes me a few cigarettes to finish a post. The smoking is more of a distraction slacker technique though.

    1. I tried this till I found that my keyboard was getting a lot of ash inside and vacuuming was not worth the effort. I blog slower but cleaner now!

  12. starboykb says:

    πŸ˜• hmmm…I think less than three hours. but the worst it might take me few days to finished the topic i started or maybe saved into draft and look for a correct time to post back.

  13. Thinking about what to write usually takes up a whole lot of my time. If I can finally find out the perfect thing to write about the actual composition of it usually does not take that long.

    I have spent many hours at a time (4-8 hours) focusing only on finding a topic to write about. Writer’s block and procrastination seem to be a couple of friends of mine which I hate.

  14. On average, it takes me about 20 minutes to an hour to write a post. Kinda long, but they’re high-quality. πŸ™‚

    1. Wayne Liew says:

      20 minutes is not long. If you read through other comments, there are some who took longer than you. Apparently, 20 minutes is considered as fast for me.

      1. Yes, 20 minutes is fast. That’s why I said it takes me an average of 20 minutes to over an hour. The 20 minutes is usually just for my simple and short News articles, not pillar articles. You don’t even want to ask me how long it takes me to write pillar articles. The time it takes me to write them, search for an image for a visual, and proofreading takes more than an hour and lots of work.

  15. Ritu says:

    to me it depends on what I am writing about. If its something I read and write my views, it wont take that long. But if its something that i just thought about it might take a while to put it in writing and make my thoughts readable and understandable

  16. Mike Folan says:

    It all depends on what I’m writing about. I spent 2 and a 1/2 hrs in a cafe one day typing for my blog!!! Another day I could be finished in 10 or 15 mins.


  17. James says:

    At least an hour usually more. Typlexia. Consistantly the right key, right finger, wrong hand. 😯
    I have even managed to teach Dragon Naturally Speaking to misspel words. Still, I blog.

  18. sfhousewife says:

    I have two blogs. One in English. One in Chinese. Usually I would spend more time on the English blog, it is because I speak English as a second language. It is a little challenging to me.

  19. drt says:

    If the numbers are right, you have surpassed Shoemoney now. I just got the screeshots in my site. Congratulations! 😈

  20. Mike says:

    It all depends on What i’m blogging about. If I have a decent post to try and write I will find some where nice to relax and get stuck into it, I spent 2 and a 1/2 hrs one day in a cafe with a cup of tea and got stuck into it. And I think I might do that again today as I enjoyed it so much the last time.


  21. It usually takes me about 30 mins to an hour to write an article… I do my best to write authority articles. Once in awhile I write quick and helpful tips as well.

    Carlo Selorio

  22. It usually takes me about 5 minutes for a post since I like to micro-blog, meaning I don’t spend whole lotta time thinking. BUT sometimes I spent couple days for DIYs or anything that gets to be very very long…

  23. Neil Duckett says:

    Often upwards of 20 minutes to write a post ….. i tend to rewrite portions and jig it about a bit.

  24. Zac Johnson says:

    Definitely varies a lot. When I write parts of my “Super Affiliate Guide”, it takes 2-3 hours. Then I write simple follow up posts or announcements that only take 10 mins or so.

  25. Usually 30 mins-1 hour. The record so far is 2 days though.

  26. It depends on the type of post. Some will take 5-10 minutes, others up to 2-3hours…

  27. Raymond says:

    I give myself an hour to write, edit and post it to my blog.

    It takes my around 30 minutes to craft an article or a blog post. And I use the timestamp feature everyday. Like you, I love it very much especially when I go outstation. πŸ™‚

    Ideas could come anytime. This is where my handphone and mp3 player come handy when I do not have pens and papers or laptop with me.

    I just have to say and record it. 😎

  28. shy man says:

    Something idea do not come and we can’t write anything else..
    And I just sleep only..

  29. Debbie says:

    I can type quickly so writing doesn’t take long. But the research can take hours.

  30. Jay Shaun says:

    It simply doesn’t matter.

    Remember your last post John where you said as long as your having fun. πŸ˜‰

    1. Absolutely, it is not about the quantity, it is all about the quality and how close to your heart the subject matter is.

  31. lyricsreg says:

    one or two days. In the end it turns out to be something completely different that what I started with πŸ™‚

  32. Most take less than 5 minutes πŸ˜€

  33. Kacper says:

    My fastest post was about ten minutes. But my average time is above 1h. But I’m rookie blogger.

    The most important thing is that I see the progress πŸ™‚

  34. 15-25 minutes to type the initial draft and then anywhere up to a couple of hours of just looking at it until it sounds right.

  35. Paul says:

    research takes the most time, 20 minutes generally

  36. Update – John Chow has just pass Shoemoney in the RSS Feed counter by around 1000 readers!

  37. This is totally dependant on the blogger as you mention. To those who enjoy its fast and to those do not, its slow.

  38. David says:

    It doesn’t take me about 30 mins to complete a post, but picking the topic usually takes me a solid hour πŸ˜•

  39. umar says:

    It really depends on the topic. If its a spontaneous thing then it takes 5-10 minutes. But if it is a research based thought oriented post then it takes from few hours to few days.

  40. off topic i know, but did anyone else notice the pr drop here again?
    now down to 4.

    1. Same as ProBlogger, looks like Google has started to hit Bloggers hard.

    2. Wayne Liew says:

      I really don’t know what Google is doing, keep aiming the big boys and forgot about the new sites… πŸ‘Ώ

  41. missy says:

    propertyireland: google sucks, so don’t worry about it. im sure john doesn’t.

    back 2 topic: i write fast and furious, just like i do everything else. πŸ˜‰

  42. AhmadAmir says:

    hai john..i’m also take about 3 hours to write some articles..if i’ve got the idea what to write for sure it take a little shorter time..

  43. Tibi Puiu says:

    Well john, I also sometimes put 2-3-4 hours in posts, especially in reviews, product reviews in my case. But on average I spend about 20-30 minutes a post. If I do a more research post like lists and such then it can go past 1 hour.

  44. Tim says:

    In other words… john had nothing to write about so he wrote about that 😈

  45. lol!tim tim..I think john asked us for a reason.perhaps he wants to help us to blog faster?And john really hits the spot.sometimes.i literally ran out of ideas on what to blog also.but once i sit down,the idea just pops out and i just bang my keyboard all the way! :mrgreen:

  46. I can usually write an article within about 1/2 hour. However I have taken longer when doing research on a topic or just having some brain block.

  47. Domtan says:

    If it’s just text then it won’t take too long. But if it requires images, editing and resizing such as our last “Celebrity Bloggers” post then screen dumps can be time consuming, as we applied 20 images.

  48. John, you hit 13k! Congrats! A new blog post?

  49. Wayne Liew says:

    When quality is the word for articles nowadays, I tend to spend more time, if possible one whole day to prethink a few posts, not loading them all up into my WordPress editor in one shot of course.

    I try to outline the important points, brainstorm and type it out using a word editor. Very often, after we have outline the things, we tend to think about it all the time and this can being in more points and add quality to the article itself.

    An article will took me about one day if I sum up all the brainstorming and outlining but a breaking news will take about a few minutes to be posted. :mrgreen:

  50. zaki says:

    The time range from I guess 10 minutes to mmmm mmm….never completed a post….!!! because the post is kept and save because no motivation to continue the post…instead, i wrote other post. 😐

  51. phyzhoe says:

    more than 10 minutes..sometimes hours for longer post. i write about tutorial. So i need to really careful bout what i am writing.

  52. Does it really matter? There was an episode in Brainiac where they let a monkey type random letters for hours and guess what none of them turned out to be a Shakespeare quote.
    Check out my blog for real inspiration πŸ™‚

  53. Scott says:

    I don’t take that long to write it. It takes me much longer to research the item so that i know its good before I start writing about it. Thats what people care about.

  54. It takes at least three hours for me to write blogs. I don’t write as often but when I write I spend a lot of time to make sure my articles are good. I hear Search Engines like longer posts.


    I think you should have a contest with PROBLOGGER next and see if you can hit the 30,000 mark!

    1. drt says:

      Did I miss something here? πŸ˜€ I think not only he passed the 13,000 mark, but he is leading the contest now as I reported last night. I just checked again the scores few minutes ago and indeed his number is still higher.

      As for writing, it took me longer since “Engrish” is my third language. 😈 I need to read it repeatedly but there is no warranty that it would be error free like the writing of my kids. πŸ™‚

  56. I just posted a blog. For the first time ever, I timed it from start to finish. The subject was an idea that struck me earlier today when I had gone shopping. I guess that it took about fifteen minutes to mentally structure the blog and when I sat to type, it took me exactly twenty minutes.

  57. I saw 13008 subscribers on this blog compared to 12671 on Shoemoneys blog. Congratulations and Good luck.

  58. John’s leading by 337 subscriptions

  59. The Foo says:

    I see your google PR dropped to PR4 just like Probloggers. You are doing something Google doesn’t like… just curious to know what it is. most of the blogs say it is text links on the sidebar but Problogger then stumps me by saying that he doesn’t even have text links on his main blog.

  60. Allen Taylor says:

    I manage a blog ghostwriting service and we’ve created a system that anyone can follow that will create a blog post in just 10 minutes if they follow the system. Our ghostwriters routinely write great blog posts in 10 minutes or less about topics they’ve never encountered before using our system.

  61. I have spent anywhere from 10 minutes to 4 or 5 hours as well. Coincidentally, the posts that took the longest time to right have driven over 90% of my traffic. Quality and length probably helps my Google search results I guess.

  62. bcgoh says:

    Hardly spend less than 1 hour to write a post, most is 2 or 3 hours or days. Every sentence I will read twice and will copy paste in microsoft word to see if there’s any grammar mistake. More to learn.
    I saw your pagerank drop as well. Could it be fluke.

  63. I spend 20-50 minutes to think and write a post. But the best is to do a plan of the week.

    1. It can take me about 20 to 30 minutes to create a post. If I have to do a research it can take much longer depending on how detailed I want the post to be.

      Juliet Christie Murrat’s last blog post: Welcome To Jamaica

  64. James Wilcox says:

    I try not to spend an inordinate amount of time writing but only because I am usually pretty focused on my topic. I also think blog readers’ attention spans aren’t as long as we think. On average I spend about 10-15 minutes on MDP posts and then longer on The Proficient Investor posts because that blog is about stocks and trading which requires more research and pulling data.

  65. Jim says:

    What I love is when a subject falls in your lap – like my wife commenting on the harshness of the title of a recent series I wrote – thanks hun! 😎

  66. Emma says:

    It usually takes me 2-3 hours, but some of that is time spent researching, or making notes or going off on tangents looking for graphics or commenting on other blogs, or making notes of future drafts.

    I’ve yet to write some huge pillar articles, but I assume these will take several days of effort. I’m still learning a lot, so my efforts aren’t as streamlined as they could be.

    This was actually a great blog topic. Way to go John. πŸ˜›


  67. We have a list of topics we want to talk about on our blog. Some of the topics include notes about specific points we want to touch on in the post.

    Once we get down to writing the post, it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to maybe 30 minutes for the first draft. Then the editing starts. Of course, we have two sets of eyeballs, to catch any mistakes.

    We currently have several weeks worth of posts ready to go. We wanted to make sure we had plenty of material before we launched our blog.

    On top of the posts already in the can, we have our very long list of topics. There is no end in sight of good material to write about! :mrgreen:

  68. Kelly J says:

    Typing is not a problem. I could do it pretty fast. The illustration of the contents is taxing on me. When I did my first article, it took me 2 days to complete. Still very fresh in blogging. πŸ˜‰

  69. Nick says:

    Hmm, I’m a bit different. I have planned my next 3 months posts and am writing one each day. It usually takes me a good hour or so to write the post and then 10 minutes for an edit. I suppose though it does depend on how long you expect your posts will be and to what niche. I usually write between 700 and 1,000 words per post.

  70. Bujes says:

    Today I have written one post in my mother’s tongue. It takes me 12 min and 52s.

  71. I’m fairly slow at writing posts, it usually takes me 1 to 3 hours to finish a post. I often find myself getting sidetracked. There’s just too many interesting things out there in the world… :mrgreen: and my time management skills still need some work.

  72. Reed says:

    I have to write in bursts. Micro bursts to be exact. I’ll start writing a post and if it takes longer than 10 minutes I usually end up saving it as a draft and get back to it later on. Once I lose concentration I just take a break and go onto something else and often while I’m doing that I’ll work out whatever caused me to lose concentration and get right back to the article. Yes… I have J.P.S. (Jittery Post Syndrome), and the only prescription is more cow bell. 😯

  73. Reed says:

    If I can’t finish a post within 10 minutes I have to leave it and go onto something else. I think the condition is called J.P.S. (Jittery Post Syndrome), my hands get all anxious and I can’t focus on what I was writing anymore. The good thing is it goes away if I do something else for a couple of minutes. 😯

  74. John Kain says:

    Average time takes about 20-25 minutes.

  75. chipseo says:

    It depends on the content of course, but if I am doing a review type post it will take me several hours. I try not to do to many “quick posts” but they are very tempting since they can be done in just a few minutes, unless of course you include time “thought” about the post. Like you said, sometimes I spend more time thinking about the post then writing it. Scott

  76. Vishal says:

    JC – the fact that you took 10 minutes to write the post on Facebook and how there is no potential for developers to make money with it – goes to really show how little thought you put into it and how limited your knowledge of whats really happening over at Facebook is. Please read my comment follow up on your Facebook post that talks about how developers are actually making big money on F8 platform. Please please do your homework before you shut off a potentially huge and lucrative opportunity.

    1. I know there are some devs making big money, but 90% arent

  77. Shawn says:

    I’m happy to have guys like you online who can school Mr. little people like me. And, if you have a MySpace page Mr. Chow, please e-mail me with your link. I’d like to network with you sometime when you get a chance

  78. Nick says:

    The brainstorming definiately takes more effort than the actual writing, but timewise I’m not exactly sure. I would estimate that I spend somewhere between 30-45 minutes per post as an average with some being a quick as 10-15 and others taking well over an hour. But that also does not include the “pre-blogging” where I check my email and read the blogs I’m a regular visitor of.

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