How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

Valuing a blog, or any Internet property, is not an easy thing to do. There are so many factors to take into consideration that a simple number times earning cannot reflect. However, I’ve found a new site that will give you the value of your blog down to the dollar.

My Blog Value is made by the same people who created How Rich Will I Be. By answering 19 simple questions about your blog, My Blog Value will be able to tell you how much your blog is worth. Whether you can sell it for that price is another story.

The valuation takes into account things that other tools doesn’t, like how much does the blog make indirectly, how often you update and how many comments you get per post. Completing the questions shouldn’t take more than a minute and the results are instant.

How Much Is My Blog Worth?


How much money is your blog worth?

After punching in my data, My Blog Value came up with a value of $2,333,778 for John Chow dot Com. If anyone wants to offer me that price, I’ll sell. 😈

While I doubt any venture capitalist will be using My Blog Value as a serious price estimating tool, the page is good for entertainment and bragging rights.

How much is your blog worth? Please post the number in the comments.

107 thoughts on “How Much Is Your Blog Worth?”

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    mines $1,010,520? really? if anyone wants to buy my blog i’ll give you a deal $10000. any takers?

      1. Abdul says:

        Hell yeah mines worth $623,112. Gimme cash!

        1. Jacky Supit says:

          wow that’s small.
          mine is even more expensive then JohnChow.Com 😈

        2. Abdul says:

          @ Jacky, If your Blog is really worth that much then hy dont you give the exact figures?

      2. Shaun Carter says:

        My blog is worth $6,798… but I don’t think I’ll be selling at that price 😯

      3. Thiago Prado says:

        Congratulations! Your blog is worth $875,679

  2. Terry Tay says:

    Congratulations! Your blog is worth $59,080

    Geee…thanks πŸ˜†


  3. Debby says:

    Well mine isn’t worth anything YET! I like to blog, I have signed up on WordPress based on you e-zine. Lets see what happens! :mrgreen:

  4. David Cheong says:

    wow.. mine is $180,790 πŸ™‚ Any one want to take, at $180,000 also can hehe.

    David Cheong.

    1. Abdul says:

      Too bad, mines worth $623,112 I can’t believe its actually worth that much!

  5. Debby says:

    Hmmm, what is up I can’t be that clueless can I?

  6. Debby says:

    Hey Chow Baby, I need some help here! In your ezine you should probably talk a little more about vs I started on .com but I really need .org for the plugins. I know how to blog but the rest of this tech stuff is crazy!!! So here I go again. (to .org) I sure hope it isn’t all OE like my hubby says, I HATE it when he is right!

    1. If you run into any troubles, feel free to stop on by my site and drop me a line. I’d be happy to help and maybe setup a walkthrough for others based on my experience with helping you get set up.

  7. OCGolfCourse says:

    Not bad.. My main site got $158,238 πŸ™‚

    I have to work on this golf one though since it’s only one week old! At least I got indexed today 😈

  8. Binary Ant says:

    $29,120 but my blog is quite new, give me some months πŸ™‚

  9. Ryan Ray says:

    My tiny, tiny blog was valued about at 2 mil, how can that be when the big JC is just over 2 mil?! Thanks for the fun post

    1. OCGolfCourse says:

      I thought the questions were pretty good to value a blog (better than the how much can you make questions)

      Maybe there’s one aspect of your blog that is really good and it was just blown out of proportions.

  10. Anil Gupta says:

    My blog got $377,892 which is not a bad amount

  11. Photocars says:

    569,630$ not bad. I’ll sell it right now for that and maybe for the half πŸ™‚


  12. Panzer says:

    My blog is worth: $17,418.

    Personally, I think that sounds about right based on the AdSense cheques that are coming in as well as other sources.

    Interesting. πŸ™‚

  13. Not JohnChow says:

    $17,000 for mine. I think maybe the numbers are just a little on the high side?

  14. $131,820 is mine… LOL, I doubt that because I just started it only two months back. And it’s not even pageranked yet in the last PR update.

    But definitely, these numbers motivate people to blog more frequently and monetize better.

    PS:- Forget 131,820? I will sell it any takers for $25,000 πŸ™‚

  15. Chessmaster says:

    Congratulations! Your blog is worth $9,630 this sucks!!!

    1. OCGolfCourse says:

      It will grow… have faith!

  16. PaulB says:

    I reckon mine is worth about $4.32 at the moment.

  17. Tyler Cruz says:

    Congratulations! Your blog is worth $496,698

    1. David Cheong says:

      Tyler you have a great blog there, i’m sure it worth more πŸ™‚

  18. Thiago Prado says:

    I think I already read here an article about that before! πŸ˜†

  19. This is just useless tool…i don’t believe in it.

    1. team ray says:

      i agree

    2. Binary Ant says:

      Yes, this is not real, but it is funny, isn it? it is like a game πŸ˜€

    3. Thiago Prado says:

      The point of the tool isn’t the usefulness. John Chow just showed us how much the blog is worth based on that site.

    4. PaulB says:

      It’s link bait, every few months another one of these tools comes out. It works great at stirring up some conversation amongst bloggers and getting links.

      Only YOU really know how much your blog is worth.

      1. I agree. I can’t believe some people are actually taking this seriously.

  20. Mine worth can of beer πŸ™‚
    Just kidding, but i don’t like to answer this kind of stuff, it’s boring to me πŸ™‚

  21. javi says:

    wow , $18,792 , so much more than what I expected!!, I’ll sell it! 😯

  22. 198 says:

    $649,320! And that is with no ads!

    I don’t think it is accurate at all. It is fun to mess around with though. The formula seems to weigh really heavy on niche markets that you are a considered an authority in. JC…in your case, it is going to add that with your monetization to come up with your really high number. I wonder how much of a market there really is for selling blogs? Once the blog is sold, they have to keep it going…and most of us here know exactly how much work that really is. Blogging looks easy and “part time” on the outside, but truly successful blogs are not that way at all. Even if you are blogging part of the day, it is on your mind 24/7.

    Thanks for hooking us up with the link! It gave me something fun to do for the morning.


    1. OCGolfCourse says:

      No one can really buy a blog and keep all the efforts going because blogs are about written content and another writer will change the whole tone and voice of the blog.

  23. Barbara Ling says:

    Mine can’t be bought by mere money alone.



  24. My blog is worth 520K πŸ™‚ Ill sell in a heartbeat.

  25. Joe says:

    41,520, I’m Pleasantly surprised! πŸ™‚

  26. my blog is more than $20,000, good for me. πŸ™‚ .

  27. Brandon says:

    I wish would stop creating useless tools and buying paid reviews from you as bad link bait. It is obvious they’re over exaggerating the blog value given, this way people will post it on their site.

  28. Charlie Crowell says:

    Having bought and sold businesses in the past, I’d have to say that blogs named after people would probably be worth less and blogs with other names. The problem is, for example, if you bought, John Chow wouldn’t come with the deal and it’s his very uniqueness that makes his blog so popular. That would be difficult or impossible to duplicate.

  29. says:

    John, are you included in that price? Continuous updates for life… πŸ™‚ Would be nice πŸ˜€

  30. Asswass says:

    My blog is under construction and I wouldn’t sell it for anything in the world yet. Are you all looking for easy cash? Buy a lottery ticket!! Are you looking for a long time investment? Concentrate in how to make your blog better and not in how much money are you going to make today!!!

  31. Tyler Ingram says:

    $231,430 for me! Just a little behind John, but I’ll catch up!

  32. $122,020 {gasp} and my site is fairly new.

  33. Your blog is worth US $ 36,060 , but still I am aware it`s not that much worth. It`s only two months old but still has some potential. I`ll be speaking more of it`s value in one year`s time. Well John I would offer you 300,000 for Selling it ? 😈

  34. xorsyst says:

    $127,895 for me.
    Nice find. This is one of the most in depth estimation tools I have seen yet.

  35. Mine’s worth $146,298! πŸ˜€

  36. Zak Show says:

    Hahah, Funny tool
    Mine 1,443,420$ 😯
    Cool 😎

  37. WannaSmile says:

    This just put a smile on my face! My blog is worth $325,420!

  38. WannaSmile says:

    I stand corrected, just did it a second time and got a different number of $221,420…still pretty good though;)

  39. Mr Daz says:

    Mine’s worth $81,630 apparently, I somehow doubt that though.

  40. 101 stuffs says:

    Get real, people.
    Mine, got no value, got no visitors. Peace!

  41. Dave says:

    $271,830 for Mine has only been up and running for less than a year now. Is a 1/4 million good for such a young site?

  42. My “blog” is worth $43, 320.. Woot!

  43. Julian says:

    Yea… My 1 month old blog is worth almost 30k… Woo hoo lol
    If only it were true… then I’d be making almost as much as Chow πŸ˜‰

  44. Travis says:

    You can find out how much a single post on your blog is worth at Snapbomb. Read this for more:

  45. hello john…
    i’m sorry i don’t know where the right place for my question below :
    As your describe in your post Make Money which program that i can mix in the same blog? If i place all programs aren’t avoid their TOS?
    thank you for your attention.

  46. TheBoredIT says:

    527,420How much money is your blog worth?

    Any takers?

  47. Pete says: got an estimated ~$50k with this application.

    That is higher than what dnScoop says, which is $24k today (though I’ve seen dnScoop say as high as $100k).

  48. Peter Morow says:

    BIG MONEY!!!

    Kidding. It told me it was worth 4.5k.

  49. Debbie says:

    My blog is worth $154,678 not bad πŸ˜›

  50. Debbie says:

    My blog is worth $154,678 not bad

  51. Dena says:

    I tried to be very conservative with my numbers but it says my blog is worth $29,568.00. The estimates that the site gives out are way out of proportion though.

  52. Mike Huang says:

    I think the site should insert a few easy links for people to check their incoming links. I already got stopped on Question #2 because of this…

    Anyways, I got $103,920 πŸ˜€


  53. fucc says:

    lool, mine 1,010,000$ it’s just a game I fear! 😈
    tell me…are you ready to giv me that money for my blog???

  54. That site is stupid and the estimations are terrible.

  55. Jonathan says:

    Well, let’s just say if this little test is accurate then I need to create about fifty other blogs and then sell them right away! What am I wasting all this time writing articles and building readership for!

  56. matt says:

    this is a link bait ploy. look at the link it makes you drop at the bottom of the widget. “money” links out to another site that has auto loans and such. you just got TOOK.

  57. David Beroff says:

    If anyone wants to offer me that price, I’ll sell.

    I don’t think you would or should, John. Add up what you make from this in a year, then divide by a reasonable interest rate. (i.e., If you sold today, and put that money in the bank, what would it take to duplicate the income?) I’m sure you’ll arrive at a much higher figure.

  58. Rob L says:

    I think this thing is messed up. It says my blog is worth $63,123. There is no way. I just started the blog 2 weeks ago. While it is a unique blog it can’t be worth this much. My site is in case you want to check it out. We do reviews and ratings of online videos. Watch out John, we are looking to review and rate some of you videos soon… Stay tuned.

  59. OneBrownGuy says:

    $85,032! Apparently that is what my blog is worth. I guess my massive $27 cheque from Text Link Ads must have impressed them. Or, maybe it was the 99 cents I made in the Forex market this morning. Look for my blog for sale on eBay….$85,000 Buy It Now price!!!

  60. is worth $153,000. Any takers?

  61. TRBdigital says:


    Congratulations! Your blog is worth $162,430

    I’m with you John, if anyone wants to buy my blog, it’s for sale as well.

  62. woohome says:

    My blog is worth $254,678, it is a new blog about home gadgets, cool furniture and best interior design. I think that every day growing about this blog makes it have this not bad result.

  63. According to My Blog Value my blog is worth $214,038! Ka-Ching!

  64. Whatever be your Blogs value, but who’s gonna buy it for that amount, anyhow if you wnat to buy my blog it costs only $149,620 … :mrgreen:

  65. make150aday says:

    wow–this is a really cool idea. Housing market is down and I guess we now should price the blogs…

  66. Christian says:

    What a fun little tool – thanks for sharing!

  67. lol thats crazy and viral :d it told me

    “You are going to be rich beyond your dreams, earning $5,250,217 in the next 10 years…”

    haha, who know may be in 1 year ? yeah, depends.

  68. According to that website, my blog is worth $310,020, but I highly doubt that.

  69. tyna says:

    It is not accurate if not tell me how my blog which is less than 2months will worth 2,034,720. I guess the result was based on how many visitors you got in 1 month (which was on a high side )plus how many readers and money you expect to make in the next 12 months.

  70. These automated valuation sites are never really accurate. I think the general rule of thumb is that a website is worth about what it made over the last year times two, unless there have been some MAJOR traffic/revenue increases that appear to be lasting.

    They’re interesting to look at, but other than that…meh.

    1. Rob L says:

      Things are only worth what people are willing to pay for them. It’s the law of supply and demand. Formulas and calculation wizards are meaningless.

  71. Xof says:

    1,018,330How much money is your blog worth?

  72. Noobpreneur says:


    Good, fun tool πŸ™‚

    Mine worth a bit above 50 grand πŸ˜›

  73. its just a tool for fun .. dont think any one is going to pay you those big amounts πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  74. I tried to use very conservative data and forecast as well as the real numbers regarding PR, Alexa, RSS, comments etc.

    The result is 296 060 USD. Not bad at all. πŸ™‚

  75. I think if we all use this tool we can compare blogs, because the algorithm used it’s the same. However I dont think the site gives you the correct numbers for your blog…

  76. Tyler Ford says:

    Says $260,000. I will take it. πŸ˜†

  77. Tyler Ford says:

    Says $260,000. I will take it.

  78. SEO Genius says:

    $2.3 million not too bad πŸ˜€ you going to sell, tools like this are only good for one thing and thats a bit of fun, i hope no one takes the results seriously πŸ˜€

  79. This says my blog is worth about $8000 whereas the technorati rating is about $27,000 – I think I’ll go with the technorato one!!

  80. Geiger says:

    I would never buy personal blog like You lose so much after ownership change. A technical blog like Engadget (obviously smaller though) would be a good one to buy though.

  81. Austin says:

    As much as your blog is making each month would you really sell out?

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