How To Achieve Wealth and Success in Business

Achieving wealth in business is a formula and many successful people will tell you it took them years to figure out the important elements of success. For many, it was motivation and for some, it was a complete transformation, but the goal of being successful was achieved nonetheless. If you’ve started a business, then it’s important you know what it takes to achieve wealth and success in business. Remember, a business can be online or an actual physical location, but the factors remain the same. In a previous post, I had mentioned how people often get lazy working from home because they fail to understand they’re operating a business and take certain elements for granted. I have to admit, when I first started blogging, I had the luxury of time and was very lazy. It was only when I made a few adjustments that I started to gain popularity and blog growth.

Personally, I’ve taken many leadership courses and the one element stressed several times is the importance of attitude in business. It’s important to achieving success that you have the right mind frame, where you’re willing to put everything on the line to achieve ultimate success. I gathered some cool facts about wealth and success that I’ve listed below.

Let’s get started…

Self Improvement

Very important in achieving success and wealth because there’ll be times you won’t achieve a desired outcome so will have to tweak before trying again. Self improvement is a great way to gain those characteristics you feel you lack and need to achieve a desired outcome. I was recently reading a coaching book by Anthony Robbins, where he stressed the importance of self improvement. He focused on the following point…

Time is too valuable to waste so you should always find ways to be productive. This means work toward improving some aspect of your life like business, characteristics, etc. You’ll also notice by doing this, you’ll have unlimited strength in your character when road blocks appear.

Goal Setting

In my previous posts, I’ve mentioned how setting goals for yourself is very important to achieve success. Always start with small goals that lead to a bigger objective so each smaller goal will be enormous motivation along the line. Many bloggers have big goals with small time frames and when they fail to achieve them, they become demotivated to continue forward. Set goals about every aspect of your life from business, life, family, etc., so you are constantly pushing forward. Here’s something else…

When you have goals, you are always coming up with ways to achieve them so you are NOT limiting your abilities. To accomplish your goals, you’re pushing beyond your natural limits.

Find a Mentor

No matter what people tell you, it’s impossible to build a successful business on your own. Just like in blogging, I have mentors who have taught me a lot about the business, and you should have one in your niche as well. These people have been in the business longer and can teach you the ins and outs of the industry. However, a mentor is someone you should elevate your mind through by asking questions related to your niche. You should let them know your ultimate goal and ask them to guide you through. Next,

It’s important to show your appreciation at the same time and stay humble. Going forward, you should mentor others starting out in the industry to give back to the community. Ask any successful businessman what they’ve done to give back and they’ll have a list that includes…

  • Mentoring
  • Charities
  • Scholarships
  • FREE Coaching
  • Workshops

Never Give Up – Important

This is the most important factor in achieving wealth and success. To put this simply: If you give up, you’re NOT going to achieve your desired outcome and only those who continue to push forward will progress closer to their objective. One of my mentors told me that giving up is so easy but succeeding is the hard part. This is why so many people give up because of how easy it is to stop doing what you need to do. To keep this simple, here’s what’s important…

Never give up and to ensure you don’t, you should be passionate about what you’re doing online. If you are not passionate about your business, then you won’t keep pushing forward when things get tough. You should be able to push forward in your niche without making any money. Those who still work without any monetary value in exchange are truly passionate about their business.

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5 thoughts on “How To Achieve Wealth and Success in Business”

  1. if you want to achive success then you must keep in mind to never ever give up

  2. Hi Rizvan,

    Self-improvement is SO important in this journey. Going within changes the without.

    I thought for years that a system or strategy or technique yields success. I learned – the hard way 😉 – that the person working the system or strategy or technique yields success. The tool user, not the tool, yields success and you betcha that working on your mindset is the difference maker.

    I spent 30 minutes daily meditating, or praying, and doing other stuff to raise my vibe. You literally see through or around roadblocks by following this simple daily strategy. Just study any successful person. Especially the top folks in their niches. All have some morning ritual to get the day off on the right foot.

    Listen to any of Tim Ferriss’ podcasts. The successful folks he interviews almost always have a daily regimen for raising their vibe through self improvement. Meditation. Prayer. Icy cold shower. Whatever. Just do as these successes do. Clear your inner world. Reframe your perspective. Vibe higher. Remain inspired when most folks look at you and try to figure out where you get that boundless, overpowering energy.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Anna says:

    Hi Rizvan,
    I have followed John blog for a year and I just started my first blog yesterday.
    You guide about headlines really help me.
    Hope I can grow my site.
    Thank so much !

  4. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Rizvan,

    Great tips for anyone who wants to achieve success and wealth in business. I am a huge goal setter.

    I used to do it incorrectly and only set large goals. You know the ones that you strive for but don’t reach. Then it leaves you feeling deflated and wondering “what’s wrong with yourself?”

    Now I set those smaller goals, and am doing a good job on reaching them. I still have my long-term goals, but have smaller goals in between. It’s a lot easier to keep working when I see my blog having some success.

    Personal development is huge for any entrepreneur or anyone who wants to accomplish anything in their life. I love Tony Robbins!

    I always spend time on myself because it has definitely helped me with my mindset and beliefs. We all run into those days when we don’t feel like we’re reaching our goals. If you don’t work on your mindset, it would be extremely easy to quit.

    We have to believe and know that we will achieve our goals. The only way that you get that belief is to continually work on personal development.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, I know that they will help anyone who is working hards to achieve success and wealth.

    Have a great day 🙂


  5. فلزیاب says:

    Great tips for success .
    Thank you Rizvan

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