How to add Google CSE and Facebook Connect

Those with a sharp eye may have noticed a few changes on John Chow dot Com. The changes were made so the blog can perform better and provider a better user experience. One thing I have learn over the years is to never settle. You should always be tweaking and refining. With that in mind, I present two additions that I’m sure you’ll be seeing on many other blogs in the next little while.

Google Custom Search

I removed the Lijit search that powered the blog’s search feature and replaced it with the Google Custom Search Engine. I found Lijit to be very slow at times and some users complained about browser incompatibility.

Google CSE is just that, a customized search engine for your blog. It works much like the normal WordPress search feature but it’s faster and more relevant. If you’re an AdSense publisher, Google gives you the option to add Google Ads to the search results and share in the revenue. If you have decent search volume, Google Custom Search can be a nice money maker as well allowing your readers to search your blog posts. Search results can be displayed at or within your own blog for better branding. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Connect To This Blog with Facebook Connect

You’ll be seeing more and more blogs adding Facebook Connect in the future. Some of the newer blog themes, like the UBD Money Theme, have Facebook Connect built in.

Facebook Connect lets your readers log in and comment on your WordPress blog with their Facebook profile. If they are already logged into Facebook when they visit, then they don’t even have to enter their information on your blog to comment.

The advantage of Facebook Connect is the comments can show up in the users Facebook newsfeed so all their friends will see it. Depending on how many friends the user have, this can result in quite a bit of traffic. Those new Facebook users visiting your blog can connect with Facebook Connect as well. Facebook Connect is a good way to expose your blog to more Facebook users.


Setting up Facebook Connect maybe beyond the skills of the average blogger. Fortunately, there is a free WordPress Plugin for this. I didn’t use the Plugin. Instead, I had Nate Whitehill from Unique Blog Design coded up both Facebook Connect and the Google Custom Search Engine to the blog.

Your feedback on the new additions are welcome. I’ll be interested to know how many readers planned to add Facebook Connect and/or Google CSE to their blogs.

40 thoughts on “How to add Google CSE and Facebook Connect”

  1. bnpositive says:

    I’m looking for a way to pull comments left on my blog posts fed into Facebook, back out to the normal comment feed on the blog itself. Are you aware of a way that can be accomplished?

    bnpositive’s last blog post: Shady Social Media Promotions – Do Celebrities and Athletes Care

    1. So Facebook Connect and blogs are like Twitter and Facebook that shows Twitter updates in Facebook.

      Marketing Business Review’s last blog post: 3 Tips To Create Awesome Headlines That Sell

  2. Subi says:

    It was a brilliant idea to remove Lijit and add Google CSE. The former caused my blog to not open in some browsers.
    I will try to see how I can add FB connect in blogger/blogspot.
    Thx for sharing the tips.

  3. Melody says:

    I was wondering about that whole Facebook connect thing, glad to know its fairly new here and I’m not completely lost..

    sheesh..I need to do a hip green screen video already lol..

    I think I’m favoring Facebook nowadays more so then Twitter, what about you John?

    Melody’s last blog post: Official T-shirt Design Line Launches Today!

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      I was lost too, when I first saw “Connect with Facebook” button in the comment. There’s always new stuff we can find on this blog to keep us up-to-date! That’s great. By the way, I like your new avatar Melody 🙂

      Benjamin Cip’s last blog post: Change Your Mindset About Making Money Online

      1. I still dont know how it works.

        Marketing Business Review’s last blog post: 3 Tips To Create Awesome Headlines That Sell

  4. Well I will surely be adding the facebook connect to my blog asap via the free wordpress plugin. As for google search, I will take a crack at it. If I can’t do it I will have my coder do it asap as well.

    John I think you are always finding ways to better your blog and in doing so you help others like myself better our blogs. Man, you just got to love this business.

    Deneil Merritt’s last blog post: Am I Really A B-list Blogger?

    1. Cam Birch says:

      I love business where being state of the art isn’t just the recommendation it is a requirement :). I love playing with new tech toys and thanks to the internet it is now an everyday thing!!!

    2. Hi Deneil, If it works you can write a post and inform us how to do it.

      Marketing Business Review’s last blog post: 3 Tips To Create Awesome Headlines That Sell

  5. Mathieu says:

    Another interesting alternative is the socialize wordpress plug-in from Gigya, which allows Myspace, gmail, yahoo, aol, Facebook users and more to connect to your blog.

  6. Good to see that you are using adsense on your blog again.

    Ridiculous blogger’s last blog post: Be happy with a drop domain

  7. Vincent Woon says:

    Thanks for sharing . this will be good help for beginners like me

  8. Asswass says:

    Well maybe its easier for my readers with Facebook to comment on my blog but the google search doesn’t interest me at all. How much could you make?

    Asswass’s last blog post: Hosting 2.0: Web 2.0 Business Model (Post 2)

  9. Gary says:

    I installed the DISQUS comment plugin and that takes commenting to another level. It also enables people to sign in with FB Connect and Twitter too!

    Check out IntenseDebate for another solution.

    1. Philip Nowak says:

      I completely agree with you Gary. Disqus has been amazing on my blog. It has created a viral environment because people automatically have the option to tweet their comment. A link back to the blog post and comment appears in their tweet which attracts curiosity from their followers. I also make it a point to respond to each comment and tweet some of my responses.

      The great thing about Disqus is that since it is hosted outside of your blog and other sites such as Mashable use it, many visitors to your blog are already logged into the comment section.

      Philip Nowak’s last blog post: How to Market Your Blog Without the Use of Technology

  10. Robert Garza says:

    Thanks for the tip.

  11. James Hartje says:

    Thanks for sharing John

    James Hartje’s last blog post: Despite recent Slowdown, I Remain Bullish on Oil

  12. Christian says:

    I love how you’re constantly working on and improving your properties…it never stops. Innovation rocks!

    Christian’s last blog post: Tim Ferriss Talks About How to Blog Without Killing Yourself

  13. Search is interesting, would like to see a WP plugin for it too, though.’s last blog post: Email autoresponders

  14. Ghostwriter says:

    Using Google’s CSE is better for search engine rankings too. So it’s a smart move from John.

    I just started using the UBD Money theme for one of my blogs and it’s really good. Don’t see the Facebook Connect feature though. I’ll take a further look.

  15. Mark Guim says:

    Just install Disqus and ur commenters will be able to log in with facebook, TWITTER, google, or other openID sites.

    Mark Guim’s last blog post: Nokia N97 Photos and Video from Jones Beach

  16. game-girl says:

    I also like the innovative process,it makes the life better and more pleasant.

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  17. Just testing your facebook connect 🙂

  18. James Hartje says:

    Adsense search can be quite profitable as well if implemented properly

    James Hartje’s last blog post: Despite recent Slowdown, I Remain Bullish on Oil

  19. Gee John Chow dot Com I thought you would have caught on to those two a long time ago.You must be getting slow.I should not be following your lead so much.-Daryl

    Daryl Lorette’s last blog post: Of Good Advice

  20. Ghostwriter says:

    I like the UBD money theme but I want to make it different to the ones out there.

    John, who do you use to customize your theme?

  21. I wanted to add this plugin to one of my blogs but forgot to. Thanks for reminding about it 🙂

  22. gendut says:

    Facebook is very popular in my country, thank you, your article is very interesting

  23. Dean Saliba says:

    Very good, I was never a fan of the Lijit search.

    I’ve been using the Facebook Connect on my blogs for about a month now, nobody uses it but it is a nice option to have just in case.

    Dean Saliba’s last blog post: Would You Like To Win A FlipHD Camera? Contest Has 10 To Give Away!

  24. Mr.Jone says:

    Excellent site,Thanks for this great post – I will be sure to check out your blog more often.Just subscriped to your RSS feed….

  25. EarningStep says:

    i think i will install this great plugin later ( after i read feed back from people )

    EarningStep’s last blog post: How to make traffic and money at the same time with shvoong

  26. I already see other blogs using the Google Custom Search but have only taken it as a normal feature on a blog. But when I see JC using this, I think this is a must for everyone. Innovation keeps us in great position… always.

    Vic – BusinessAccent’s last blog post: The beginning of business wisdom

  27. I Was using Google Search From A some time and Its Good i feel So,
    I Got The UBD money theme So i would like to Try facebook connect Sooner

  28. Hey John,

    to be honest, I am reading your blog mostly for the VALUE, but about 10% of my commenting is for my blog’s link building campaign.

    I respect you and your work, and that is why I am asking this question: what about SEO?
    How facebook connect will affect the seo part of commenting on your blog? will it link to a person’s facebook profile or to a website of his choosing?


    Mastermind Marketing Strategies’s last blog post: How To Monetize Social Media Without Pissing People Off

  29. fas says:

    Now i see why Facebook Connect is such a important feature, thanks John!

    fas’s last blog post: 3 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks

  30. Joenel Umal says:

    facebook connect with wordpress plugin is easy… thanks John.. however I’m having a hard time customizing google result page..

    Joenel Umal’s last blog post: ‘Highly Critical’ Security Issue in Firefox 3.5

  31. game-girl says:

    the feature is of actual importance.Thank you for drawing attention to it.

    game-girl’s last blog post: В фильме Бюро снимутся Мэтт Дэймон и Эмили Блант

  32. Debo Hobo says:

    Hi John,

    I do like the newer Google search much better, you’ve made a lot of ducks off of me this week as I search for much needed info since my recent blog crash.

    Anyhoo! My question is how did you create the page where the results will be shown? I realize it is a simple question, but I’m not quite sure what I need to do.

    In other words do I just create a new page? If I do that then it will be seen in my header. Please assist?

    Debo Hobo

    1. Debo Hobo says:

      Never mind I figured it out…DOH!!!1 🙂

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