How to Attract Readers To Your blog And Keep Them

For bloggers, it is imperative that they have a considerable number of people following them to determine the quality and success of their blog. Most bloggers feel that there is a secret technique that leads to the blog being followed by hundreds and thousands of viewers. This is a false notion and one must know that by knowing a few simple “tricks of the trade” along with some reliable techniques and tools, anybody can easily create a mark in blogging world.

Below are a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned to take my personal blog from nothing to over 100K uniques a month in less than a year.

Making it interactive

One of the basic ways by which you can get more followers on your blog is to make it more interactive. Following are a few steps that will help you in making your blog just that.

Try to indulge your friends, coworkers and family members. Let them comment on the posts that you make on your blog and ask them to share your blog. This is a basic marketing method called word of mouth. Even though this may sound tedious, all great and creative blogs that have millions of followers started off similarly with a few followers who told others about it.

One of the basic ways by which you can create more following on your blogs is to allow the comment section on your blog. Many blog services like WordPress allow their users to create a comment function for their readers to express their opinions and also their own perceptions over the matter. Feedback like this will prove to be very useful as it allows you to fix what you are doing wrong.  This will also help in letting you know what you did right in your blog posts as well. When you respond to comments, make the follower feel special and unique as they are heard and believe that they have some value in the creation of the blog.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make resulting in their blogs failing is that they create content that is either not relevant anymore or happens to be outdated. To succeed in creating blogs that manage to get you following and prominence in the cyber community, try writing about things you have experienced and felt from your own perception. This will help you get a following.  You can discuss politics, sports, arts, even your own life. Readers are always looking for genuine articles and content among the clutter of information on the internet. Your content can be simple and subtle yet something that your readers can easily relate to.

Use Social Networks

Apart from making your blogs interactive you can also use the social networking websites to promote your website.

One thing is for certain, your potential followers will be on Facebook and Twitter. These networks have gained considerable prominence on the internet and are growing daily. You can create your own page on these websites and start with your own posts and statuses regarding the updates and posts of your blogs. You may get people to like you on this page and increase the following of your blog through this medium. Also create yourself a twitter account on which you will let your followers know about what you are doing and what the next post on the blog is going to be about. The best part about these social networks is that you are able to get followers more rapidly than you can by using the traditional methods.

Get started using social bookmarking tools. There are now around 25 to 30 social network websites out there.  This means that there are potentially a large number of followers waiting for you to join these pages. But by using tools that allow you to install the social network bookmarking tools on your blog you can allow your readers to reach you easily through the social networks. You don’t even have to be apart of them and people will be talking about you.  Many services like WordPress and Blogger are aware of the importance these websites have for their users,  for that reason they provide widgets that allow you to have numerous options to share your content online.

Using Search Engine Optimization

You can start applying SEO techniques like link building and keyword usage to increase the chances of your website to have a better ranking on the internet.  When your potential readers for keywords on your site, with more SEO help your site will show up as the top results. There are now many SEO firms that allow you to hire their services and help you with various options like keyword usage, creating inbound links and using other techniques. You can easily hire their services and use them to be more interactive online. Choose who you work with wisely or do it yourself by guest posting on sites like

By using these tips you will be able to start to get more readers to your blog.  These aren’t all the tips but a few good tips to attracting tons of readers to your blog.

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11 thoughts on “How to Attract Readers To Your blog And Keep Them”

  1. Warren says:

    Thanks John for these wonderful tips. Word of mouth (WOM) is one of the best way i love to use most. I always wonder if it is good if we focus on FACEBOOK as the social networking tool on our site. I wish to learn more on the methods in “gaining tons of traffic to our site”. Hope to listen more from you John, best regards 🙂

  2. Glynne says:

    Thanks for an interesting post John.
    We’re actually doing all those things you’ve mentioned and find that people are following what we’re doing.
    Ours is a humanitaran site and it’s been my experience that one needs to work a little harder when all you’re doing is simply trying to help others. These days most people want info telling them how to put money in their own pockets.

  3. Robert Sake says:

    A simple word of mouth will bring enormous traffic in the long run although at first it is one of the most difficult task in promoting your blog depending upon your connections.

    With the advent of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook it is now easier to share our blogs and market our ideas but the difficult part is on how to build our credibility but with proper tools and knowledge we can leverage this social networking sites.

  4. Jeanza says:

    Social Networks (Twitter particularly ), WOM, and SEO are three whales of blogging. One more thing (actually 3) is posting, posting, and posting… be on the edge

  5. faisal says:

    The focus is decreasing on SEO, better to focus on quality content.

  6. Nathan Vu says:

    I think the best way to keep readers is to provide accurate information, but please make the article short. Some bloggers try to make their article long, but they are just dragging on and on.

  7. ExpertpenBlogger says:

    I agree that guest posting on relevant sites are an excellent way to get targeted visitors to your site.

    1. ExpertpenBlogger says:

      Just to add to this, John’s recent guest post on PerformInsider about Media Buying, was a case in point. The post title was crafted to attract visitors, so it was something like: “Why John Chow Thinks Media Buying Is A Waste of Time”. John basically said that building a list is important. While this may be Ok for newbies, but for a seasoned marketer, this type of post will be a complete waste of time (and annoying) as they already know this.

  8. Whitney says:

    Very good tips. I feel like it’s a combination of all these, plus more. My main traffic comes from SEO, but I also promote to my Twitter following. ONce you get a few hundred readers it seems like they start to tell others and so on 🙂

  9. John Wade says:

    Social media is so important these days. As you mentioned Facebook and Twitter are easy ways to get readers to your blog.

    Another popular social network is Google Plus. It’s a great way to share all types of content including articles, photos, videos, e-books and even podcasts. You can also increase website traffic using Google Plus.

  10. Randy Bolton says:

    Hey John,

    Loved the article about keeping readers to a blog I will definitely keep myself posted towards your newest article submission. Keep up the great work! This makes a perfect read during breakfast before work 🙂


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