How To Auto Update Your Blog Copyright Notice

It’s a new year and that mean it’s time to update your blog copyright notice to say 2010. If you haven’t done this yet, you need to do it now. If your blog doesn’t have a copyright notice, you should add one right away. Many bloggers may consider this a relatively minor issue but from a professionalism and branding standpoint, making sure your blog has a copyright notice with the correct year is very important.

For most bloggers, this is a simple task of logging into your WordPress admin panel and editing the footer.php file in the themes editor. Find the part that says copyright 2009 and change it to say copyright 2010. Because this is done only once a year, many bloggers will forget to update the copyright notice.

How To Update The Copyright Notice Automatically

Log into your WordPress themes editor and open the file that holds your copyright notice. For most WordPress themes, this will be the footer.php file. Keep in mind that you can only edit a file from the WordPress themes editor if the file permission is set to writable. If the file is not writable, you will have to FTP in to change the permission or update the file with FTP.

Find the part with the copyright notice and replace it with the following.

Copyright &copy; <?php echo date(‘Y’); ?> Blog Name

Instead of hard coding 2010 into the copyright notice, you replace it with <?php echo date(‘Y’); ?>, which will automatically pull in the year from your web server calendar. This only works if your server is set to the correct year. If it’s not, you’ll have to get your admin or web host provider to adjust the date. In my case, I like to do my copyright from the year the blog started. The code will look like this.

Copyright &copy; 2005 – <?php echo date(‘Y’); ?> John Chow, Inc.

Now, instead of trying to remember to update the copyright notice at the start of every year, the blog will do it automatically. That is, as long as the clock on the server is correct. 🙂

33 thoughts on “How To Auto Update Your Blog Copyright Notice”

  1. I just love this post, although I remember reading it last year over here, but I think this is one of the coolest “Yearly” reminders!

    Thanks John

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      I think so too… I forgot to change the year in my footer… I should do it right away… thanks for the reminder John! And Happy new Year!

    2. Hami says:

      oh you mean.. John repeated this post again ???

    3. Yup, this is post surely useful as reminder to blogger that must change it manually.

  2. True! You can also use some other php coding such as “Blog Title” (I don’t remember the code right now) which will change the blog’s title next to the copyright sign as you change your blog’s title from the general options menu. 🙂

    Great post.

  3. PaParazzi says:

    I agree…go here to work on it 😀

  4. Gabriel Lai says:

    Thanks for sharing John, this is cool!

  5. Thanks, John. I implemented this on all of my blogs after reading it here last year. Good tip.

  6. Hey thanks for this JC i just applied it to my blog. It feels so good when you just do small things like this to my blog and it makes me feel like I am being productive too with my blog. Thanks again happy new year hope to learn as much as possible from this blog.

  7. chester says:

    Ah, thanks for the reminder! Forgot about it till now.

  8. Will look into it, this is something I have been meaning to update.

  9. This is something I need to get around within the new year.

  10. Thanks for the reminder John. My blog does this automatically but it was a good thing for me to check and make sure.

  11. Nick Aviles says:

    Funny to say, I forgot about the footer year altogether. Thanks for the reminder John.

  12. I should have done this with all my sites. They all have 2009 on them.

  13. Peter says:

    I’ve changed the copyright notice on my blog a few days ago. My approach was slightly different though.
    The tip is appreciated.

  14. George says:

    Ours already says 2008 – 2010. Maybe it is implemented in our theme?

    Thanks for the info!

  15. That’s exactly how I do it at my site. Great tip.

  16. Tikin says:

    Hi John, this is a great tip.
    I have some useful tips, can I share them on your blog?

  17. Tikin says:

    I think the code must be like this: 2005 –

    Anyway, thanks for your tip.

  18. This is a great reminder. I have been to many blogs that either do not have a copyright notice or it is a few years behind. There are many themes out there that already have this coded, but good tip anyway.

  19. mmo says:

    Thanks John, just did manual update.

  20. Typhoon says:

    Thanks. You just pinged my brain that I have to change my copyright year in my blog footer. Brilliant trick to do it :0

  21. such a miniscule edit but yet so important to do , I can understand why you posted this , because I certainly forgot to fix my footer. Thanks for the info John

  22. Bidet says:

    Thanks for the reminder, its always important to update your copyright notice.

  23. Lucky me, my copyright seems automatically update. 😀

  24. sohbet says:

    thanks for your tip.

  25. Custom Essay says:

    I have placed copyright notice at the end of my blog. But, if anyone copy past my content, what can i do against him or how i will protect my content. I think, there is no way on internet to protect our content.

  26. My theme does this automatically, and even better, it is a free theme! SY

  27. Great advice- I’ve been doing this for years.

    Does anyone know if you don’t update it, does it have any effect on your copyright? I would assume not, as I’ve seen major websites not update it before.

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