How To Be An Uber Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is this blog’s second biggest money maker after private ad sales. Personally, I like affiliate marketing a lot more than private sales because it’s a lot less work. There are many sites and blogs that teach affiliate marketing. One of the newer ones on the scene is UberAffiliate. They ordered up this ReviewMe review to get their name out and generate some buzz.

Who Is UberAffiliate?

UberAffiliate is run by Paul, a 19 year old full-time affiliate marketer who goes by the Internet alias SUP3RNOVA.

I took a year off college as a business major last year, and after my success so far in the affiliate field, I’ve decided to take a year off to work all the time. I love what I do and I can see myself doing it for the rest of my life. It’s more fun to me than anything, I get to travel all around to events, meet all sorts of cool people, while still being able to wake up whenever I want.

I take a more sarcastic approach to the internet world and it may reflect in some of my posts. I’m blogging for fun, as well as affiliate marketing for fun, so my concern isn’t really what other people think of me. Don’t get me wrong, my goal isn’t to have everybody think I’m an ass, but I’ll voice my opinion if needed be.


Blog Navigation Needs Work

The domain was registered by back in June 2007. However, the blog and first post didn’t appeared until September 11, when Paul made his Who Am I post.

It took a little digging to find that first post because the navigation on UberAffiliate is not very good. There are no links to the archives and the front page of the blog has no links to previous posts at the bottom. I had almost assumed that the blog started on October 18 because that was the last post on the front page. I highly recommend UberAffiliate add an older post link at the bottom of the blog. Because UberAffiliate lacked the link, I had a major problem finding the older posts (until I loaded their RSS feed into my feed reader). The posts that I did found were quality stuff. They include:

Aside from the navigation problems, the layout of the blog is very clean and easy to read. Advertising is limited to a single 468 banner at the top and five 125 buttons running down the right side. Of course, being an affiliate marketing blog, many of the posts have affiliates links in them. This is normal and expected. I would like to see Paul link the UberAffiliate header logo to the home page. I tried to click the non-clickable logo a few times because I’m so used to headers linking the home page.

Does UberAffiliate Really Have 87,864 RSS Subscribers?


It’s hard to miss the Subscribe to UberAffiliate link under the 468 banner. The FeedBurner display showing 87,864 readers also raises a few eyebrows. I can only assume Paul is getting even with Google for failing to report their feedfetcher data and that he will display the correct RSS counter tomorrow.

Overall, UberAffiliate is good blog for anyone wanting to learn affiliate marketing. I would like to see Paul update the blog on a more consistent basis and look forward to meeting him at a future affiliate event. In the meantime, I have added UberAffiliate to my RSS reader.