How to be Mentally Tough in Blogging – Part 1

Blogging is a very tough industry and it’s important that you have a strong mentality to handle all the elements. I believe a successful business starts with a strong mentality and the ability to tough it out when you think things are NOT heading in the right direction. If you are just starting out in the business, then you have to be mentally tough to handle competition, networking, research, etc. Ask anyone who is experienced and they’ll tell you much of their business has to do with tweaking their mentality. Today, I’d like to go over some elements of being a tough and what you can do going forward to ensure you get the most out of your business.

Let’s get started.

Emotionally Intelligent

Sometimes the hardest thing when dealing with emotions is understanding what you’re going through. I believe you have to know what you are going through for you to find a solution to your problem and this is where you have to be very tough. For example, many times within your business, you’ll deal with negative emotions and/or stress so it’s important you have a clear cut plan to be able to handle these. Before you can, you have to know what emotions you are facing and why so you can take the right course of action.

Being emotionally intelligent doesn’t have to be tough because it’s all about understanding and accepting your feelings so you can make adjustments. By making adjustments, you’ll be able to take the right course of action to ensure you stay positive and on the right track.


Bloggers have a strong mentality and are very confident, knowing they’ll do well in the long run. They have no room for error and know they’ll come out on top. Where does this confidence come from? I believe it’s from achieving small goals along the way, which is why I encourage everyone to write down and complete small goals. This way, each one adds value to their confidence as they complete them. However, confidence also comes from knowledge and I’ll explain this below.

As you become more experienced and know your niche inside out, you’ll become more confident. You know you are talking sense and will want to share it with others within your niche. This is why I recommend always staying up to date with changing trends and know what topics provide value compared to others.

Embracing Change

If you’re in blogging, then you’re going to encounter enormous competition and change. First, you’re going to have competition from others within your niche who are competing for the same audience, conversions, and leads. Secondly, if you’re in a niche that changes rapidly, it’s important to mentally be strong, knowing you’re going to have to make changes along the way, too. However, the good news is, by having a strong mentality that accepts change, you’re essentially staying ahead of the curve and providing your readers with content they find attractive. This is important if you want to keep building your brand and want to increase traffic.

No matter what niche you’re involved in, and I’ve dealt with several different ones, you’re going to be faced with change. It’s important you embrace it so you can make adjustments and tweaks along the way to keep building momentum.

Over the years, I’ve learned how your mentality can play a vital role in your success. If you can keep moving forward when everything else fails, you will find light at the end of the tunnel. There are many other elements I’ll be discussing in Part 2, but it’s important you understand the importance of these “3” mentioned above.

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3 thoughts on “How to be Mentally Tough in Blogging – Part 1”

  1. Consistently is a chance to create mental muscle. Basic, short activities performed reliably after some time will enable you to construct mental quality.

  2. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Rizvan,

    You’re definitely correct. Anyone can start a blog, but if you’re not willing to work on your mindset it can be tough to keep going.

    Especially, when you’re not seeing results as quickly as you thought you would.

    So many people who start a blog think that they can make money in a month or two. Then when they realize how much work goes into growing a blog, they end up throwing a towel.

    I think that mindset is vital in anything that you do whether it’s starting a blog or trying to lose weight.

    Great tips and thanks for taking the time to share them.

    Have a great day 🙂


  3. drake says:

    you are right here, because if you look, some people get tired or scared on the way of blogging, this is as a result of lack of view or strong knowledge about his/her niche or blogging as a whole. but i tell you, blogging is a sweeet investment and as well a bad one depending on how focused you are

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