How To Be The Most Connected Person On The Internet

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know!

You can be the smartest person in the world with the best money making idea ever but if you’re not connected to the right people who can bring those ideas to reality, then it doesn’t really matter. The big winners of this world are always the ones who are the most connected – it really is who you know and not what you know.

I owe much of my success to people who are connected to other people. For example, it was my connection with Neil Petal that allowed me to connect with the head of Google’s webspam team, Matt Cutts, which got my blog back into the Google search index. Being connected with the right people will make success a whole lot easier. The question is, how do you get connected?

Dr. David Klein – The Most Connected Person On The Internet

Of all the people I have met in the Internet marketing industry, the most connected by far is Dr. David Klein. From the top Internet marketers in the world to the big wigs at Google and Facebook, DK knows EVERYBODY! He was a featured speaker at the Affiliate Summit West Facebook panel (the most attended panel of ASW), he organized the biggest affiliate poker tournament in the world that was attended by the biggest affiliate marketers in the world. His ThinkTank events are attended by the who’s who of the Internet marketing world.

This wasn’t always the case. DK started with no connections just like you and me. How did Dr. Klein go from a nobody to the most connected person the Internet? It’s a questions I wanted to know and I think you’ll want to know as well. I asked him to tell us and he made this awesome video that shows you a step by step system on how to get ultra connected. I think you’ll agree with me that if you’re connected to the right people, you can do just about anything. Imagine how much easier it would be to launch a new product if you’re connected to all the big marketers or how much easier it’ll be to get funding for a new business venture if you’re connected to all the big VCs in the Valley.

Success is a team sport. No one who has achieved any level of success has done it alone. Sure, it may look like it sometimes, but I can guarantee you that every successful person has a well connected team behind them and I can’t think of a better person to help you get connected than Dr. David Klein. Best of all, it won’t cost you anything. Enjoy the video!

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108 thoughts on “How To Be The Most Connected Person On The Internet”

  1. It’s definitely about WHO you know moreso than WHAT you know.

    Great post.

    1. Jason says:

      You are correct! By using the skills of building rapport with the right people, we can make connections and network, so that what we offer of value can be brought in front of the right audience.

      1. Looks like we need to get more connected. And this commenting system is a great place to start that!


        1. Amazing some of the people I have met in comments sections on blogs. Bryn of, I believe the first place I met him was on shoemoney’s comment section.

          1. Ryan McLean says:

            Commenting is definately a great place to connect. So are forums. Networking with already successful people is a MUST if you want to be successful

          2. Yes these are the best places because here you will get those people who have same business and some how same interest as well.

          3. DK certainly know how to get connect.

            His thinktank event is the most respected and relaxed event in internet marketing world.

          4. Have you been there? I only heard about it from John and it sounds great.

            Not cheap though.

            The person that repeatedly objected here to giving an email in exchange for great value would have a heart attack if they were asked to pay for the Think Tank.

          5. LOL, yes. By the way, I really like your humor!

          6. Only problem is, you don’t get the face time with people as you would if you meet them off line.

          7. Absolutely.

            Meeting people face to face, shaking hands and feeling their presence cannot be compared with anything virtual.

            Just try it once when an event is close enough or when you can make it to Vegas.

      2. d3so says:

        That’s why attending events is crucial if you want to build your brand. You expose yourself and are able to connect with like-minded people.

        1. Jenny says:

          I can not agree with you more.

          When Dk and I went to Pubcon last year the sponsorships and deals that I witnessed was unbelievable.

          1. Yes, going to events is not only fun but indispensible because the networking that takes place live is way more effective than anything that can be done over the internet.

          2. Ryan McLean says:

            The only problem I have with going to internet marketing events (which are the ones I want to go to) is that most are in the US…

          3. Jenny says:

            Ryan, that actually creates a massive opportunity for you! What country are you in? The less events there are, the easier it is for you to be special and stand out.

            On the free course I go over how you can create events for literally nothing.

            So curious where you are?

          4. d3so says:

            That’s true. You can start your own events which is even better!

          5. This is true, but it still might be worth the plain ticket for the people you will meet and the ideas you will get.

          6. It is most definitely worth the plane ticket, the hotel expense etc.

            In many cases it’s much better than buying a course that costs as much.

        2. yup, speaking of which…there should be a cali meet up soon…when is that happening??

      3. I like that building rapport with the right people. =) It is true, we can not be recognized or become very much successful by ourselves alone. By the way, Jenny is gorgeous! =)

        1. Do you think it was an accident that she was in the video πŸ˜‰

          1. She is the genius behind the video. I am just the paid model. I actually am Jenny’s employee. πŸ™‚

      4. A lot of people don’t realize that it’s not about meeting someone, its about building a positive impression and relationship.

        At meetups or conferences, people tend to drink and act dumb, I’d be aware of your surroundings and create that best impression….

    2. d3so says:

      I agree but to establish connections with people you have to be pretty knowlegeable and have something to offer.

      1. d3so, I may disagree with you on this one. Or maybe agree in a different way. Just getting a busy guy a drink when there is a crowd around them, or a ride to the airport can be very valuable. The stuff I did to help Shoe when I first met him, was often very menial. I think you will dig the stuff I am going over on the free course. You yourself provide a very valuable service by commenting so frequently on the important blogs. πŸ™‚

        1. d3so says:

          I see, I’m all ears.
          Thanks for the reply.

          1. Knowing you from online (the comments πŸ™‚ I bet you signed up for the course. Honestly, the guys I have networked with, Shoemoney, John Chow, the execs at facebook, etc. are more successful than I am. When I started, I honestly took a year to learn how to set up an e-mail! (no joke). I guarantee you have something to ad. I always want more comments on my blog. You don’t regularly comment there πŸ˜‰ If you did, I would owe you. Comments are very valuable to all of us bloggers, even John. Without us, the blogs seem very boring.

    3. PPC Ian says:

      Every job I have gotten since my first has been due to LinkedIn and my awesome network. I couldn’t agree more regarding the power of networking!

    4. I just finished writing an eBook , Make Money Online. Now i think how easy it was for me to promote my eBook Opt in Landing page if i have had worked on building connection with big guys of industry. Wasted the time. Opps

  2. Jason says:

    Anthony Robbins stated, “People are our greatest resource”, and it is through working with others that we make the greatest gains in our lives.

    Family and Community are what life is about. Without these, life would be purposeless.

    1. Amen, family and community ARE what life is about. Without them, we would be purpose-INC-less. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for ThinkTank this year!!!!!!

    2. d3so says:

      Awesome quote! It sums up this whole post.

      1. I don’t think that it sums up the whole post. Only a part of it is what John says.

        John is giving concrete examples which is way better than any quotation which deasls with generalities.

    3. PPC Ian says:

      Well said, Jason! I’m a huge fan of Tony Robbins.

    4. Lisa K says:

      What a beautiful quote, Jason! It’s so true. Human connection really makes life what it is.

  3. Nice,, now I need to get connected so I can go surfing in Hawaii with

    1. d3so says:

      Wouldn’t that be a nice vacation πŸ˜‰

      1. PPC Ian says:

        A very nice vacation indeed! I’m a huge fan of Hawaii.

    2. Jenny says:

      Hawaii not a bad place to go surfing…you pick the date and I am there hahahah

      1. SnowBall says:

        Has anyone ever gone surfing in Kauaii? That place is the best island hands down. I’ve never surfed such long lines and glossy waves.

  4. Baker says:

    Excellent post making the right connections is what builds that great relationship that is fun and enjoyable. Good insight here.

  5. Jason says:

    I just finished watching the video on his squeezepage and I sent David an email detailing what I want to accomplish.

    I recommend that everyone that sees this post today, sign up and listen to his other video. Really good content and does not cost a cent.

    Thanks John for posting this!

    1. Thanks for checking it out for everybody.

      I’ll check it out for myself now.

      John shares good stuff and he helps his friends like DK build their email list even if they have a huge one already.

    2. SnowBall says:

      Gotta love free stuff!

  6. Zach says:

    Couldn’t agree more to what prodit addiction said!

    ….It’s ALL about who you know in this crazy industry.

    1. It’s about who you know in any industry, in politics, in the entertainment world, everywhere. Why should it be any different in the online world?

      It helps to be reminded though and this post also demonstrates and points the way to getting connections.

  7. I love DK – he’s a great guy. Truly does know everyone.

    1. Ahhhhh shucks. Who are you Mr. SEO Top Are we buds allready?

  8. It is not who you are, it is who you know! True in the online as well as in the offline world, SY

    1. d3so says:

      Who you know is based on who you are. Don’t you agree?

      1. Not necessarily, you might know a lot of people being nobody yourself, SY

  9. SnowBall says:

    I totally agree. I work with dk and am currently writing bios on all the guys going to ThinkTank. I have to say that ThinkTank BY FAR is the place to go if you want to connect. Number one: dk is running it, and afterall he is the most connected guy on the Internet. Number two: the attendees happen to be the biggest names in the industry, John Chow included. Seriously, if you want to get connected to all the most important guys I HIGHLY recommend ThinkTank. Come, and then I can write a cool bio on you too! If you want to see all the bios on the attendees of ThinkTank this year head on over to dk’s website,

    1. Did anybody else opt in and was sent a link that goes back to the squeeze page?

      It’s like a never ending loop.

      It would be nice to actually get to the other videos.

      DK, Jenny, abybody help, please.

      1. Sorry bout that buddy! Even though all the content is free, I am still keeping track of which of my friends sent the traffic over. It is set up with cookies. If you are set up to accept cookies, it should send you an e-mail, and then that e-mail takes you to the second video. I am about to send a e-mail, to a new video, which takes you to a survey. We have had thousands of opt ins so far.
        Plus over 50 comments, and gotten about 100 emails or so.

        I want to find out from the group as to exactly what they want to accomplish in regards to networking, plus I am getting all kinds of questions. Once I pin down exactly what they want, I am going to customize each training piece to try to help answer the most common questions, while also helping the super experienced group, that have more advanced questions. Fascinating process.

        1. Thanks DK,

          I’ll look for the email to the new video.

          Thousands of opt ins sounds good, like a dream come true.

          Asking questions and creating training to answer them is going to guaranee a demand for it.

          Fascinating process indeed for those who can do it. Since you have the answers you can.

          I look forward to learning more from you.


          1. We redid the tracking of who submitted their e-mails and who did not. Everyone should be able to submit just their e-mail, pay nothing and get in, (while the content is up for a short time). If you switch computers, you will have to resubmit your email.

  10. Ryan Yu says:

    Wow it looks quite interesting!

    Maybe one of the most effective ways to connect with others would be on Facebook?

    Besides the privacy issue πŸ˜‰

    1. SnowBall says:

      I think Facebook is a great way to connect, but to make a stronger connection, and really understand a person’s character, I think in-person get-togethers like dk’s Poker Tournament or, like I said, ThinkTank would be the best way to really network. And yes, there is the privacy issue on Facebook too.

    2. facebook is a phenomenal way to start. A lot of very important people I know, started as a friend on facebook.

  11. Earl says:

    I dunno… I think it’s not so much who you know… but who knows you. And I believe that for people to know you – you must serve your community with integrity and quality.

    1. John Chow says:

      If you don’t know them then chances are they won’t know you. It’s up to your to take the first step to get connected.

      1. Earl says:

        That’s true – hey, I came looking for you didn’t I? πŸ™‚ I’ll touch base once your launch stuff is over, and when I’ve got something worthy to bring to the table. It’s coming soon!

        1. Jenny says:

          Earl, One suggestion to get Johns attention, if you want to hear it. The suggestion is to find things you can do to help John. John is always looking for great content for his blog, and of course letting people know about his cool blog profit camp!

          I always try to help others as much as possible before asking anything. Every once in a while you meet a guy like Amish Shaw, who I have done nothing for yet, but has helped me a ton.

  12. Jenny says:

    Wonderful post John…and thank you!

    I love the part that success is a team sport.

    The larger the support group the easier it becomes to accomplish your goals.

  13. Dotcom Note says:

    I’m confused. If it is totally free, why he is asking for email address. What he is going to do with email addresses? He is well connected and why he needs thousands of email addresses. These are all puzzling questions we need to find the answers for before we want to listen to his saga. I think he should be thanking us thousands of times for wasting our time. I think he is laughing all the way to the bank

    1. He wants to be even more connected. I think that you have some blockage and perhaps should refrain from commenting until it gets unblocked.

      You keep asking the same question and putting down the very people off whom you feed.

    2. John Chow says:

      If you don’t know why he is asking for an email address, then you don’t understand how Internet marketing works. I find it pretty funny that you have a blog on the subject. πŸ™‚

      1. I am just waiting for John to give me his e-mail address so i can get invited to dot com pho! God I love John Chow!

        1. That’s funny DK,

          Everybody can come as you know just follow John on twitter so you get the details of time and place.

          Sorry that my long comment got in between.

          1. When is the next dot com pho? There hasn’t been one up in awhile. How are we going to know what the gadget of the week is? πŸ™‚

      2. Hey John,

        He or she is confused and most of all resents that you make money.

        It is remarkable how many people besides this one are so obviously trying to make money on the internet, the proof they want to make money is the AdSense and ads on their site, and yet they resent others who are actually making money and especially those who make significant money like you.

        They say that by giving an email address to you, DK or anybody who would actually teach them most valuable things which would enable them to make money, that they are being taken advantage of.

        What did this person full of venom help anybody with?

        By having ads on their site they admit to wanting to make money and they don’t mind sending people anywhere just to make a few cents. And I mean anywhere.

        Them posing here as caring for others and besmirching you in order to attract your readers to useless site is the height of hypocrisy.

        I did visit the site of this trouble maker just to confirm what kind of person they are. That was the first and last time I’ll have ever visited.

      3. IamDavid says:

        πŸ™‚ Ironic….well good thing you have that training program coming up!

    3. My funny comment is below. To answer this more seriously (which is hard for me), yes, this is a way to gather e-mail addresses, and connect to more people. In the end, if you are connected to many people, then when you do have a product, people will know about it. I have been on John Chows mailing list for years, and greatly appreciate all of the opportunities he has given me by being on the list. And yes, thank you X 1000. πŸ™‚

    4. SnowBall says:

      Since when did an email address become a means of payment? Last time I checked giving away an email address IS totally free. And usually when one wishes to connect, they oftentimes will give out something along the lines of, oh I don’t know, an email address.

      1. Jenny says:

        SnowBall rolling a little hard there
        ..don’t start an avalanche πŸ™‚

        1. SnowBall says:

          Haha sorry! I’m harmless.

          1. You just look awfully tough in that pic! I think your comments carry much more weight! Watch out!

          2. Hey DK you are more connected to beautiful Girls.

            Saw your blog and photos.

            You were rocking in Playboy parties.

    5. d3so says:

      Wow, what an amateur.
      If you don’t know the purpose of email marketing gtfo.

    6. This question kept sticking with me. One simple concept that you may not have come across is how important YOU are. Without each and every “fan” or “follower” or “user” each one of us would be nothing in the business world. I am John Chows fan, I am Shoemoney’s fan, that makes them more important. The fact that you will listen to me, or even comment on Johns post about me, makes you very, very important to me. If I could I would return every one of those thousands of e-mail addresses i have gotten with a personal thank you. I am truly grateful.

  14. Yes great video, and me too I signup on him. GreaT one, thanks

  15. Wow, very interesting!! That is a great way! Even when your publish here on this blog!

  16. I agree that it is all about with whom you are associated. Without friends in high places, you can still succeed, but the road to success is a much longer one.

  17. Welcome to the 21st century! Everything trend to be connected! That guy know how to do it, no questions about that.

  18. If you want to be the most connected person on the Internet, then you better get to networking on all of those social networking sites

  19. Thanks for sharing this John. That’s the power of networking. Facebook and Twitter can really be a big help when it comes to connecting with people.

    Kind regards,


    1. Agreed. But Facebook mostly helps you connect with people you already know. That’s a starting point, but then you need to go out and meet more people. And then maybe friend them to stay in contact πŸ™‚

  20. Header of his website itself revealing that he connected with Neil and Shoe most.

    You can see him in every event organise by Shoe πŸ™‚

    1. Most importantly is that I know ZK. Maybe one day ZK will grace one of my events. I can only hope!

  21. YinYang says:

    Dr. K sure knows how to have fun. I wonder: would this be the cause or an effect of being so well connected?

    1. I think your avatar answers that question, no? πŸ™‚

      1. ibnujusup says:

        the lady was hot… its great to be well connected… πŸ™‚

  22. Harshad says:

    Signed up on DK’s website but got nothing but the same video… Seems like soemthings wrong.

    1. John Chow says:

      That would happen if you cookie didn’t get set. Try to register again.

      1. John a similar thing happened to me. When I got the link in the email after opting in when i click on it , it gets me back to the sqeeze page.

        I’ll try what you suggest but sometimes the autoresponder says you are already in and won’t let you in again.

        1. That should not be happening. Try again, and send me an e-mail at dk (at) yep, that is actually my main personal e-mail. πŸ™‚ Also from anyone else trying to get in but having trouble. This should be a really fun course that it is turning into, and it will only be online a short time, so I want everyone in, who wants to be in!

          1. I know it shouldn’t be happening, it’s a vicious loop but I’ll try to opt in again and see what happens. I’ll send you an email if it still doesn’t work.

            Thanks DK for wanting everybody in.

  23. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Commenting is really a great place to connect with other people.Enjoyed the video.

  24. Most of DK;s video once you submit your email was about who he knows…I only watched half of it expecting to get something meaty before 3 minutes, but didn’t really get it.

    I would agree…it’s who you know.

    1. That is just the welcome video. The real content will start after everyone has a chance to get in. A lot of people are still opening their e-mails and opting in. The next video and e-mail will be asking you to fill out a survey to let me know EXACTLY what you want to learn. I promise meaty, like thick lamb shanks, smoked and tender, falling off the bone! The kind that sticks to your ribs after eating LOL

  25. I’m noticing a trend for this upcoming think tank.
    a) They’re all dudes. Ladies need to represent!
    b) There are a high volume of bald men? You better watch out John πŸ˜‰

    Anyhow, thanks for the link. I’ll definitely be checking out dk’s advice!

  26. nextblogger says:

    You re right, John. You yourself are is your friend. I think so

  27. I guess the age old saying just about sums it up – “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”

  28. Bidet says:

    This is great info, its very true, having connections gets you far every where in life, not just the internet world. It helps alot knowing the right people and having connections. Ill be sure to sign up and get the info on how to be connected.

  29. kumo says:

    It is true that we can not do anything alone. I mean we need help to make things happen. Team work is always the key to get things done. Team work really save time, energy and money. But before that we have know people who are willing to help and participate. I think that’s the same as holding a job.

  30. Nice post but doesn’t exactly tell us how to be the most connected person on the internet.

  31. oh there was a video too. I totally overlooked it !

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