How to Become a Dot Com Superstar

Back in February, I did a podcast interview with Chris Ducker of Virtual Business Lifestyle. I’m happy to report that Chris has finally put the interview online and I’ve embedded it below.

Originally from the UK, Chris now lives in the Philippines, where he is the virtual CEO of the Live2Sell Group of Companies. Live2Sell helps entrepreneurs outsource all their work so they can live the Dot Com Pho lifestyle. In addition to running a company that is helping to destroy the American workforce, Chris runs the Virtual Business Lifestyle blog. One of the blog’s main feature is the VBL Podcast. Chris has interviewed some of the biggest names in the industry and I’m glad to say that my name is now among them. Enjoy the interview.

I first came across John when I fumbled over his ‘Dot Com Lifestyle‘ video on YouTube quite a while back and was then lucky enough to meet him personally last year. We kept in touch via Twitter and recently I was able to corner him for this freakin’ fantastic talk on the subject of internet marketing, getting started as an affiliate rockstar and basically everything and anything else ‘making money online’.

Source: VBL030 – How to Become a Dot Com Superstar, with John Chow!

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  1. Good interview, I like video interviews and will do them in the future for sure.

    1. Mathew Day says:

      Right, it was really good and learned quite a bit about JC. 😉

      1. Why he took almost 2 months to post it ?

        1. Probably he was busy to edit the video like Godaddy CEO,ha ha.Anyway video interview always left some lesson,though I would like to read similar discussion from John here as a new post.Hey john why not give us one more post with your great idea to be super star of dot com.

          1. Deepak yadav says:

            John Chow is really a star and interviewing a star like him is sure that he would edit the video at his best so this might have took time for him.

          2. Yes that will be a good idea, but I think John have provided many such ideas in his other blogposts.

          3. There are nothing limitations to post another.I just want above post in written format and with main points.

    2. Took him awhile to get the interview online.

  2. Alexis says:

    What a great interview. Thanks John.
    I’m actually looking to start outsourcing most of the tasks in my online business.
    welive2care may be the answer.I’ve left them a message.

    1. Dubai trucks says:

      Great Interview thanks john

  3. d3so says:

    The dot com pho lifestyle eh?
    Sounds great! Though, I have no need to outsource my work at the moment.

  4. Bob Roberto says:

    This is great vid John. i hope to meet Chris.

  5. Faust says:

    Cris works in Cebu City..

  6. Jeffrey Kang says:

    Outsourcing may not be an option for starters with shoestring budgets so it’s equally important that people have cash flow before they start to allocate it for hiring people. Writing articles to point to your sites isn’t as hard as it sounds – it’s like writing a short paper in high school.

    1. Outsourcing is the smartest thing a website owner can do.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Outsourcing has really propelled my Internet business from just a handful of websites to over 100! This just wouldn’t be possible without outsourcing.

    2. Kevin Kimes says:

      Outsourcing begins at $5 or less. $5 can get you quite a lot on Fiverr. There are writers on oDesk with excellent English who will work for $3 an hour.

      Of course you can’t hire a part-time or full-time assistant on a shoestring budget, but you certainly CAN get started by outsourcing certain individual tasks for very little money.

      Many people looking to build a portfolio will sell excellent services, worth a lot more money, for $5 on Fiverr. One great example is logos. Just be diligent when searching and you’ll find what you want!

  7. I have some virtual assistants that handle low level tasks for me. This gives me the time to earn A SIX FIGURE SALARY.

    1. Yes if you can get the right and trained assistant than this is more valuable than getting a nice and beautiful wife … lollzz

      1. It’s all about training them right.

      2. Kevin Kimes says:

        Haha! Yep. I know at least a couple marketers who have successfully gotten their wives involved in the business. Depending on their skill set and interest level, etc, they can either be your very-personal assistant 😉 , a true partner at the top level, or anything in between.

        And I’m sure there are many cases where the wife is the one who starts out with a side business working at home, and eventually enables the husband quit his job and work for her! 🙂

    2. Free Picks says:

      earning six fig through infolinks is impossible Justin

  8. Thanks John, I’m actually really interested in finding a professional company- people to outsource some projects.

  9. These two guys may not be working on a huge office (just look at their office background 🙂 ) but they are definitely making tons of money just staring at the computer and typing their thoughts. Awesome interview!!! 🙂

  10. Mathew Day says:

    Really insightful, got the whole low down on how you’ve built you’re brand from the ground up.

  11. Hasan says:

    Nice interview john.. Very thoughtful!

  12. Hoang Lx says:

    I like video interviews

  13. fas says:

    Very interesting video. It aint that easy though.

  14. Good stuff, John. Thanks for sharing the interview.

  15. Brian D. says:

    Great interview John. Informative, but more importantly, it is very inspirational. It shows how much time and dedication is needed to make a blog successful and to never give up.

  16. The dot com superstar after the dot com mogul

  17. Chris Ducker says:

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks for all the positive comments on my chat with JC…! It’s a great conversation, and watching it back yesterday after posting it on my blog, I remembered how many golden nuggets were thrown in there.

    I see a few questions on outsourcing / VA’s here, too. This is predominantly what I am known for online – so, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out on Twitter @chriscducker or via the VBL Blog (link in the article – thanks, John!), and you can also grab my free eBook and AudioBook at, too.

    Thanks again John for making the time to shoot this with me. Apologies it took a while to post it, but I’ve been traveling for the last 6 weeks!!!

    Cheers, everyone.


  18. ary says:

    John Chow is the best of his niche Industry, very educating and not bragging how easy making money online like Quick Rich Programme.Bravo!!Keep it up.

    1. i completely agree with these words, because he we can learn so many new things,

      1. PPC Ian says:

        I agree too! John is great because he is very realistic about making money online. It’s not easy, it takes real work just like anything in life. But, the rewards are there for those who are smart and work hard!

  19. Awesome interview!! Told myself I was going to skim through it, but watched it all and then even watched parts again. Chris asked some fantastic questions. Love the format of the podcast as well.

    John your honesty and transparency is always appreciated. That’s what makes you the best at what you do. One thing I noticed is that you seem a little hesitant about talking about guest bloggers. This is where the biggest blogs are going to come from, which is by guest posting.

  20. Padma says:

    well thanks Jhon Chow ,very interesting to listen to an interview about blogging from a successful blogger like you. In your helpful interview you have said one of the secret of your success was 2 posts in a day on an average in your 5 years of blogging career.

  21. Good Video. John, Thanks for explaining how to become a dot come superstar. It is very interesting to listen to interview about an blogging.

  22. Hi John this is really great interview!! like always!!

  23. a5v19 says:

    Great video!The message is clear and very useful for all bloggers.

  24. I want to be a superstar.

  25. hi John,

    Starting today, I’m gonna follow you 🙂
    You’re an affiliate monster.

  26. I want to learn seo from the superstar

  27. Free Picks says:

    WOW great interview.. i wish i could become star like you

  28. PPC Ian says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, John! I will definitely be watching this great interview.

  29. Work online says:

    That is really good interview,i like Superstar,thanks for this post john,i really appreciate to you.

  30. Wasim says:

    Thanks for this interview. I relate to alot of things in this interview. I feel that I have not made the most from my blog at the moment and not sure whether my niche is financially viable.

  31. Thanks for this video was nice to learn more about you and your story 🙂 , i think you rock man .

    And honestly your blog is simply the best i ever come accross .

  32. exsuit says:

    Awesome interview Chris…..will definately be looking your way to get some outsourcers working for me as I evolve my business over the coming months! cheers

  33. fas says:

    An audio transcript would be awesome.

  34. Congrats John 🙂

  35. David Hill says:

    Not to be cynical, but if John Chow really makes 30,000-40,000 a month why does he still have an SDTV? A crappy webcam and mic?

    I’m starting to piece some things together here…

    I wonder what his expenditures are to keep things running? It’s like running a small business I’m assuming…

  36. Angela says:

    Wow.. great interview, John. It is very inspiring. I hope some day i can meet Chris Ducker and learn how to be blog superstar from him.

  37. Hey John, just purchased your book on Amazon and have been reading a bunch of articles on the blog lately. I must say, you have been most helpful and interviews like this are really inspirational. Thanks again.

    – Jenny

  38. Gwen Gantt says:

    U R Kool, John Chow, and I liked how you said to develop TRUST among your readers is important to you! Great interview. Thanks.

  39. Kavya Hari says:

    Great videos in it 🙂 It’s really very difficult to become a super star in it 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  40. Nice videos thanks for sharing it

  41. I was surprised to learn that he is currently in the Philippines. Im from the philippines and I really haven’t heard of the live2sell stuff.. Poor me

  42. ImaKalya says:

    Interesting interview, very inspiring!

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