How To Become A SNOB and Get Rich Online

Today I want to share with you a high level concept. One I learned from one of the best in the business, a guy named Perry Marshall. This high level concept can take you from a $10 per hour earner to a $10,000 per hour earner quite quickly.

Ever wanted to know how ‘One Hour’ can be more valuable than another persons 8? Well, not only will I tell you what that hour is, you’ll be able to implement it right away. The best way I know to tell you about this concept is to quote ole Perry:

‘You must be an elitist SNOB about your time.”

Sound harsh? He takes it a step further by saying this:

“Most of your friends time is worth LESS than yours.”

Now you can push this thought away or embrace it, either way, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s entirely true! Let me explain.


The two biggest killers of productivity are Computers and Cell-Phones. Two tools we need and use in our business. With that in mind, are you being an elitist snob with your time every time you hop online or use your phone? Or are you opening every email, responding to every distraction, and answering every unscheduled phone call that comes your way?

One way will kill your progress this year, the other will allow you to crush it.

Once you hop on Facebook or look at your last ten phone calls you’ve received, who’s time is worth more, yours or theirs?

Most people just want to chat. They want to kill time. They want to grab lunch. They want a distraction from their boring life.

They are NOT you!

They’re not trying to grow their businesses, to become better versions of themselves, to create a better future for their families. They have ‘settled’ with what the world has given them.

That’s fine and dandy, and you can either join them, or become a Boss at mastering your time and your schedule. Which brings me back to the one hour task that is worth more than most peoples entire workday. It’s called getting a Pad and a Pen (or an iPad), chunking down your to-do’s, and letting that list guide your day.

No joke.

That one hour of planning out your day will have you doing more that day than most get done in a week.

Chunk your tasks down. For instance, try to remember these numbers real quick. Just take a fast glance and look away and see how many
you remember:


Do good? OK. Let’s try it again.

1 489 548 2901

Likely this time, you remembered nearly every number. Why? Because that’s how the brain remembers stuff. Put things into congruent chunks, even your to-do’s, and you’ll get way more done.

Give it a try. What do you have to lose? That’s how the big money-makers do their business. They focus in on a few key activities each day. And they don’t let anything else distract them from getting those things done. They’re making big money as a result, while most others are not, let’s say, being snobish enough with their time, and so they’re making pennies thinking they’ve not been ‘let in’ on some secret.

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29 thoughts on “How To Become A SNOB and Get Rich Online”

  1. I. C. Daniel says:

    Yikes… getting rich online is what everyone looking nowadays! Dream on… and on… on…

    1. Daniel says:

      Maybe the less experienced people are the ones who are looking to get rich online. Many of them will have a rude awakening once they get in. It is work either way you look at it.

      1. Wess Stewart says:

        Daniel, the less experienced may be wanting to get rich, but the more experienced are getting there. The difference is diligence, patience, and hard work. Everyone’s got to have a dream, right?

  2. ClickBait says:

    Thanks, John for sharing this idea.
    The best saying I’ve ever know: Rich people have big libraries and small TV set. Poor people have big TV set and small library.
    Having one book more makes me not only rich, but happy

  3. Billie says:

    I 100% agree John. I care about my people but I answer their queries on MY time, and MY schedule! And I don’t do TV!

  4. NM says:

    Thanks for the post, Mr. Chow. I agree that it’s imperative that, to succeed in any business, you must, in fact, be snobbish when it comes to your time. Because when the time’s gone, there’s no regaining it.

  5. Lee cole says:

    Yep! At the end of last year, I realized how much time I spent on Facebook, checking my email, etc. I “thought” I was working! I wasn’t. I was being distracted. Now Facebook is a few minutes per day. Ditto email. The rest is income producing activities.

  6. Heather Ruhe says:


    You always have a great way of putting things into perspective. We all have demands, but I love the advice of putting stuff into congruent chunks. With that being said, you owe me $1.25 of my hourly rate. (LOL!) Make it a great day.

  7. Christine Reed says:

    Taking your chunk of time one step further you can have chunk days. Devote one day to research, one day to marketing, one day to social media, one day to phone calls, one day to email.everyday to blogging? Divide those days into what you want to spend your time on. For instance, social media – facebook, twitter, tumblr, pintrest, youtube say devote 30 minutes each. or God forbid you might have a 10 hour “work” day. Divide those 10 hours into how you want to devote your time to income producing activities. Ask yourself, “What is a power income producing activity I could be doing next?” Will definitely have to read your book. Thank you for trying to help us poe folks out.

  8. ClickBait says:

    Couple of hours ago I’ve downloaded your book, John and came back to thank you for the wonderful time I spent of reading it. Thank you for your wisdom, talent, and generosity.

  9. Dalia says:

    Hi John, This ebook seems very interesting and effective to get rich online fast. I have downloaded this ebook and now I will read it. Thank you too much.

  10. I really agree

    i really hates it when I am trying to focus doing my work, suddenly the phone ringing and there is someone asking me dumb question that can be answered easily if they google

  11. Dwayne says:


    Good advice as usual. I am aware of how I spend my time but I’m not quite a snob with my time yet. That’s probably the reason why I feel I never have enough time now. I will hone this skill as I continue my journey to make sure I’m using my time wisely.

  12. Hello John,

    This sounds real harsh and like Machiavelli’s The Prince, the world would definitely hate you for it…but then, the rich operate with a set of rules, so do the poor. Fortunately, this falls under one if the rules of the rich.


  13. Faisal says:

    Well said John, focus focus.. focus..

  14. Marion Black says:

    I learned a long time ago that money is replaceable but time isn’t. We should all use our precious time for the greater good.

  15. Cass Mirza says:

    Well once again John I am impressed from your post. A great saying goes like this ” Time is Money” and I agree with it.

  16. Great article and have learned

  17. Nayetta says:

    John, late last year I realized I needed to be a snob with my time. At Thanksgiving after hanging out with friends when I should have been building my business, I felt “out of sorts” the next day. I felt like I cheated myself. “I’m a business owner”, I thought to myself. It takes practice to be a snob though, especially when I was the perfect hostess, throwing a party at the drop of a hat. So at Christmas I planned a party and remembered how I felt after Thanksgiving when I should have been building my business. So after two days of planning, I cancelled the party. I told my friends my focus in 2014 is establishing and building my businesses. So I’m a snob. My friends know it. And it feels good!

  18. Ronaldo says:

    That’s so true, about friends trying to drag you to their distractions. It seems that “entertainment” is the keyword that defines the masses.

    It almost as if entertainment is the name of the enemy. Not that we couldn’t use some from time to time, but the way people devour it daily… well, as John said, they’ve given up trying to become better versions of themselves.

    Let’s not fall into this trap.

  19. Sunday says:

    Coincidentally, I have just read a chapter of a book this morning that speaks of Time management. It seems like nature is connecting all things “managing time” for me today :D.

    Well, from the import of this post, there is no gain saying the fact that taking control of time means to be in charge of our lives.

    We just cannot allow to ‘waste time for us’. Its a precious gift that cannot be replenished.

    Big money makers are obviously those that make the most of their time. The Ultimate Online Profit Model is an ebook I would gladly recommend to others!

  20. John,

    Rich people – snobs or not – treat their time with care. Get serious. Release tire kickers, and folks who seek diversions, and get down to doing the income generating stuff.

    Power post. In your face, and true.


  21. Kolyn Radbourne says:

    John, great content and to the point. Funny thing is I am now giving you some of my precious time. I am working to build a little freedom in my families life. Yes the distractions eat into the time but my JOB is the biggest drain on my time. Well enough said back to income creating opportunities.

  22. Louie Sison says:

    Super awesome example John. Simple but it’s true.

  23. GIRI Patel says:

    Ya.. Earning handsome money through online is every bloggers aim now in days.. nice example of number john..

  24. Everybody can earn money online it is easy way to make rich …..

  25. Pat says:

    I am impressed with this post. Time management is my bane and my major distraction is my computer devices, SOS!!!

  26. Ty says:

    That was an interesting title because I got called a snob for similar reasons. Great info btw.

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