How To Become The Go To Expert – Home Business Summit

The following video is my presentation from the Home Business Summit on how to become the go-to expert. I wasn’t at the Summit just to win $25,000. I was also there to speak and share my knowledge.

Based on feedback from the attendees, my presentation went off really well. The actually presentation was an hour and a half long. I’ve broken it up in to three different videos. This is the first one. It’s all about positioning yourself as an expert in whatever field you choose, even if you’re not an expert in the field. Look for part two and three in an upcoming blog post. Your feedback is welcome. Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “How To Become The Go To Expert – Home Business Summit”

  1. Rodney says:

    Hi John,

    I love how you share your insights and secrets in the video on how to make income with affiliate marketing. I aspire to get there, and admire your candor in your teaching your audiences. Keep up with your great success!


  2. I. C. Daniel says:

    About page 😀 – Well I read yours when I first visited your website because of Clickbank listing.

    Did not make me buy the product you have those days (Blogging With John Chow), certainly is a good product, may the best on the market of this niche, but if is not something I’m interested certainly I can’t buy it. When I’ll start blogging be sure I’ll buy the ebook if I consider necessary.

    Best regards from I. .C Daniel

  3. Thank you sharing this information… Come back again for more interesting stuffs like one you got earlier!

  4. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    to become an expert we need to earn this and it is not easy. But if we want to be successfull in anything we need to become an expert.

    Thank you for you tips John.

    See you on top.


  5. Pham Phu Thien says:

    Wow, very interesting, I like this video very much.

  6. Soh Ah Soon says:

    Mention some interesting points.Write a book.Deemed an expert.
    Writing a book is a way of building credibility.
    There are 2 things I do.I teach Math Olympiad programme in schools.
    I could , actually should write a book.
    The other thing I could do is start a blog writing about my experience as a stock trader/investor.
    From ther make money albeit slowly.

  7. I really enjoy your stuff John. SO now I am going to spam you! The Vancouver Canucks recently purchased the Falls Golf Course out in Chilliwack (not planning on winning Mr. Stanley’s cup anytime soon, they know thay will be golfing!), and I have a development property adjoining it…overlooking the Fraser Valley Floor. 19 acres. Million dollar homes springing up all around the Course. I am in Alberta. My realtor out there isn’t doing much. Property is currently assessed for taxes at 1.1 million. I want out at a quick $750,000 . Know anybody in your area that might be interested?

  8. ZK says:

    Love the suit …..Expert 🙂

  9. Hi John,

    Great video, thank you because I learned allot of actionable steps I could do right now to gain more credibility in my market 🙂

    ~Coach Mark Edward Brown

  10. Ian says:

    Great speech Jon. Looking dapper!

  11. Edson Hale says:

    Everybody is now accepting the fact that you cannot make money without investing money and for that you have to become expert in your field then people will trust you and follow your suggestion to buy and subscribe premium products. Whoever has admitted this fact is making fortunes while others are just toiling in the dark.

  12. Nice presentation. First time I see you in a suit.

  13. DCKAP says:

    This video is awesome, thanks for sharing this video with us.

  14. Faisal says:

    Very detailed and shows the hardwork you have put into it.

  15. Riza says:

    Admirable man. I love the video. You shared a lot but what impressed on me the most was the resume and testimonials part.

    Agreed, just like a normal resume, you would want to show your best skills so you’ll get hired. Your About Us page should also be like that. Testimonials from other people about how good your product or service, are the best “promotion” you can ever have.

    Thanks for sharing, John! “Kingged” your article on the IM social networking site,

  16. David Tucker says:

    I love not onky what you’re saying in the video, but also how you’re doing it. Those were really simple tips on a complicatred topic.

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