How to Build a Successful Blog Business

Developing and running a successful blog business can be a monumental challenge. It’s hard work, just like anything else, and you’ll likely stumble your way through more than a few mistakes along the way. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had something to guide your way?

Well, you do. Collis Ta’eed is the guy behind Envato and he’s sharing everything you need to know in his new book, How to Build a Successful Blog Business. Available now through Rockable Press, this 330-page book serves as the subject of today’s review.

Blogging for Profit

There is a distinct difference between hobby bloggers and those who want to develop their blogs into real businesses. This book is clearly targeted at the latter group.

It has already received considerably positive feedback from such big names in the industry as Yaro Starak and Darren Rowse. For example, Chris Garrett is saying that you “need to get this now” if you’re “serious about blogging as a real business.”

You also have to recognize that Collis Ta’eed comes from a place of significant authority. He has developed several blogs that not only generate considerable traffic, but impressive revenue too.

A Comprehensive Guide to Blogging Business

You may have already had the opportunity to read Make Money Online by me and John Chow, but that book focused mostly on how you would develop a blog where you are the main contributor.

With How to Build a Successful Blog Business, the material covers just about every aspect of running a blog as a business. This 330-page book includes sections on brand creation, staffing, business structure, content planning, monetization, and long term strategies.

Perhaps of even greater interest are the three case studies that close the book. In these chapters, Collis describes exactly how he built and developed FreelanceSwitch, Psdtuts+, and AppStorm.

Writing Style, Comprehension, and Accessibility

It’s going to take you some time to get through the over 300 pages of content, but the information is all presented in a clear, systematic, and easy-to-understand manner. Consider this snippet from the first chapter.

Opportunities in blogging also arise from the many niches and topics that are still wide open. If you walk into any bookstore and look through the myriad magazines that line the racks, you’ll find there are audiences interested in reading about everything from sewing to tattoos, boating to cooking, movies to shopping. Can you name the blog to read on tattoos? How about a great blog about boating? Think you can find one?

The style is not unlike the “blogging voice” that you find on many of Collin’s sites around the net. It’s casual, but informative. You will find, though, that many of the pages are very text-heavy.

As a freelance writer myself, I was particularly interested in the FreelanceSwitch case study. Most of it was text, but Collis did include several screenshots (e.g., Google Analytics) and charts (e.g., revenue over time) to help illustrate his points.

Blogging as a business can be daunting and intimidating for many, but How to Build a Successful Blog Business outlines everything you need to know in a way that is easy not only to digest, but also to implement in your own endeavors.

Buy the E-Book or the Paperback

Anyone who is seriously considering a career not “just” as a blogger, but as the owner and manager of a blog business should buy this book. You’ll learn about hiring freelancers, setting up your accounting, developing traffic, increasing your income and so much more.

If you want instant access to the material, you can buy the e-book version for $39. This comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you prefer the dead tree edition, the $47 paperback is printed and shipped through


150 thoughts on “How to Build a Successful Blog Business”

  1. I think building a blogging business is just like building any other type of business – work through the beginning when the going is tough, and it will improve if you are continuously working intelligently!

    1. Dino Vedo says:

      Most people fail to continue after they see no results…. persevere i say and do it!

      1. Yes they should know that to get get even fruit from a tree … you will have to wait for years.

        Similar is the case with business as well.

        In other business you can get immediate results (irrelevant to amount but yes you will get profit or loss in same day)

        1. Hey Michael,

          Pretty good review. The book certainly has the endorsements of several well known bloggers.

          300 pages is a lot. Perhaps it’s the accounting part of it.

          I’ve already bought John’s book and Darren’s book plus another internet marketing book so I’ll pass on this one.


          1. Vance, you are learning fast! There is actually something like information overload that prevents you from doing anything with the information you have received. Nice review, Michael, but I pass also, I have yours and Johns book and that will do for the time being, SY

          2. Hi SY,

            Information overload can be actually worse than not having enough information. It’s better to squeeze everything out of the information that you do have than to have too much information and not being able to decide what to implement.

          3. And the most important thing is actually to implement all the information and use it! Too many people just collect information and never do anything with it, SY

          4. Just organise all information in such a manner that you can get it whenever you want.

            Use tags while adding bookmarks.

        2. Yeah. But in business if you are more creative than your main competitors and you do what you should do then the chances of getting profitable immediate result would be higher.

        3. Yes, patience is a virtue, as they say. It pays.

          1. Sahil Kotak says:

            Ever tried Digg a link? It says “Patience Is Vitrtue my friend” hehe…:D

          2. Jeff Caceres says:

            I agree. As an affiliate marketer, we must have patience because the results will come slowly but surely. That’s what I’m doing right now in my affiliate marketing career.

          3. The come slowly at first, but if you stay consistent and keep working at it, once it starts coming in, it can really take off.

          4. @ Shanker

            Patience is good … but I set a limit for that.

            If such or anything happen within that time than this is ok and great otherwise I dump it and move to another step.

      2. PPC Ian says:

        I couldn’t agree more with Profit Addiction and Dino. Blogging is all about persistence and hard work.

        1. d3so says:

          Yup persistence is key. Take a look back on old posts here. I wonder what happened to those people who used to comment here.

          1. Maybe they got bored d3so haha

          2. PPC Ian says:

            D3so, that’s a great point. It’s really only you/ZK who have been posting forever.

          3. There are still people on here that were posting back when Jeff Kee, Nate Whitehill, Kumiko, and others were posting…

          4. A couple of things probably happened:

            1) They felt it was too much work and moved on to the next thing

            2) Sold their site and made money off it

            3) Started other projects at the same time and something had to give

            4) They simply changed their anchor text they were using 😉

          5. PPC Ian says:

            Great points, thanks for sharing! Number 4 makes a lot of sense.

          6. d3so says:

            Those are possibilities. I heard about Johns blog 2 years ago and only started being an active reader recently.
            Looking back at posts from the past years the commenters have changed. Though, there are a few readers I recognize.

          7. They found something else to do? Lol, I used to comment more on other blogs and now I comment here and next month, who knows? Life is about moving, not about staying still, SY

        2. Jeff Caceres says:

          You’re absolutely right, PPC lan. I think getting passionate with your blog than thinking of money will give you more benefits to earn money online. There is no easy task here, especially blogging. We work hard first till we reach the top of the table. 🙂

      3. It always helps to have had one success in your internet marketing career (or blog). Because the minute you taste, you want more, you want bigger, and your hunger just grows.

        1. That’s very true. I think I’ll always remember the day I got that first sale.

          1. So true – My success with internet marketing has had its ups and downs, but when it has its downs, I know that I’ve had a taste of success before, so I know I can make it happen again. Only problem is, I’ve been failing to remain consistent. That’s the only thing keeping me away from doing this full time.

      4. And for most people unfortunately, they think two weeks to a month and they should be seeing thousands rolling in.

    2. You are absolutely right. But people who are impatient and want money quick are the ones who will buy this book, excluding the beginners.

      You should buy this book to gain more knowledge and not to get a blue print because you already have it.

  2. Harshad says:

    I think every one needs to treat their blog like a business. Your blog will always be with you as a good source of income no matter what happens to the Internet world.

    1. Well … I think your blog and internet world is directly related and effect each other.

      If there will be change in affiliate world than you will see impact on your earning as well.

      1. Pretty well everything is interconnected.

        A blog is on the internet so whatever happens there will affect the blog.

      2. Harshad says:

        Nothing can affect the whole Internet. It can affect a niche or product…and if it does, you can promote something else. I am talking about personal blogs here which are not attached to specific niche.

        1. Well If it is about personal blogs which is not attached to specific niche it would be more to monetize your blog. Just add some google ads or yahoo ads and leave it for the whole years. And you don’t really need to concentrate on a specific product. Having a blog without specific niche is not so good since it will be hard for them to survive.

        2. “Nothing can affect the whole Internet.” ??? Ever heard of a guy called Google? 😉 SY

          1. Harshad you want to say that your flat is safe … no matter what happens to your building.

            Is it possible ?

          2. No, it isn’t, if the building gets destroyed all the flats in it are also destroyed, SY

          3. I hope Harshad got the point now.

            Like the way Social Bookmarking told.

          4. Sahil Kotak says:

            Hehe…correct. 😉

          5. Harshad says:

            There are multiple ways which can help you survice. Take John’s example… Google had created problems for him…but did hat affect John?

          6. Harshad says:

            There are multiple ways which can help you survive no matter what happens outside. Take John’s example… Google had created problems for him…but did hat affect John?

          7. If you rely on Google to support your business, you could wake up to a nightmare one day. They have been doing a lot of changing lately.

    2. Jeff Caceres says:

      I treated my blog as my own business portal. Time is always money to me and it needs me to do something in order to make it a good conversion. I truly love my own blog and I have passion with it. Passion first before money, and that’s what makes your blog very successful in business.

    3. Especially if you tie your actual name and brand behind it, it’s you that you are putting on display, not just some blog

      1. That’s a good way to force yourself to keep going to is by using your own name and posting what you are going to do on the blog. This way you hold yourself accountable to everyone that reads it and it’s your name attached to it.

  3. Dino Vedo says:

    Never thought blogging could be this technical! hehe

    1. Well it does in different point of view.

      1. Everything have some technical aspect my friend.

        Even in our social bookmarking service there are many technical issues.

        1. d3so says:

          I hate the technical aspects of things because it requires a great deal of learning and comprehension.

          1. It was quite time consuming and if time is not yours, then it would be hard to research and implement the technical aspect.

          2. Yeah, but at the same time it needs to be embraced to be successful.

          3. That’s exactly why I like outsourcing stuff. If it is going to take to long for me to do it and there’s a good chance I could screw it up anyway, outsource it:)

    2. Blogging is simple it’s just getting the organic traffic is what makes things complicated.

      1. Building up a group of followers is harder. Organic traffic is nice but you can lose that over night depending on what side of the bed google wakes up on. Build a group of followers and it won’t matter.

  4. I am just following what I have lean from Darren Rowse and that is to build to keep n building your blog for a year. After a year ta I could expect some income coming my way. This is what I have leaned from him.

    1. We all know that your blog is more than one year … so how much you are earning now ?

      1. Or I should tell that you are more than one year old.

        Saw your linked blog and noticed archives starts from April 2010.

        1. The age of a blog can be a plus but it doesn’t mean that it has to take a year for a blog to start making money.

          At the same time just because a blog is a year old it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will start making money.

          There are many factors way more important than age.

          1. Well, even for a 5 -6 year old blog that did not really concentrate on monetize their blog would have a hard time to monetize it now.

            It’s just that they don’t concentrate on monetizing it or there is too much competition on their niche.

          2. Sahil Kotak says:

            Exactly, there are certainly more and more factors. You can start earning from a one day old blog BUT you need to work IN correct position to make it and start working. If you think that by waiting for 1 year your blog would start earning then you are absolutely wrong.

          3. I think he was going more the route of keeping at it for a year and you will see rewards at the end of that period…

        2. Actually, my blog is more than a year old but it got hack so I have to start all over again.

          All the post that I have done before are now gone.

          1. Sahil Kotak says:

            That’s bad don’t you take backup?

          2. d3so says:

            I don’t back up my blog often either. I need to set up automatic backups with it soon.

          3. Backup was important and PC where you use to visit the site is important too. They have the keylogger hacking tools to spy on your password. That’s why the place you use for blogging is really important.

            The problem that most of use have was mysql injection tho. John also have this problem few weeks ago. Really want to kick the injection sender.

          4. I think there’s a plugin that will auto back up your blog…

          5. If you have it hosted with Hostgator, they automatically do a back up for you every Sunday night. Costs $15.00 for them to upload the files for you, but well worth it if you were to lose everything.

          6. Jeff Caceres says:

            Oh man, that’s very sad indeed. Those hackers are merciless and they’re going to pay on their mistakes. My worst experience is that my Paypal was hacked twice a couple of years ago, but good thing my amounts were not transferred but someone gained access to it. Good thing my Paypal is now secured for over a year, so I would do the same to my blog.

          7. hmmm, but being hacked doesn’t effect domain age. Domain age is one of many key factors google takes into account in their algo…So really, you’re not starting from complete scratch, domain age is on your side.

          8. But if he lost all the posts that were on there before, then that will really hurt. Not to mention if he had some type of “phishing” report against his site depending on what was done when it got hacked.

  5. Jeff Caceres says:

    This is exactly what I need. For just a $39 eBook, it is worth for us only if we read it seriously. But of course, action speaks louder than words. This eBook is useless to us if we don’t take serious action of it.

    Heads up!

    1. After you buy it, just be sure to use it. Hay, even create a highlight sheet and post it as a guest post for John…

  6. Samuel says:

    Nice one Chow! Great review! This book is a must read! Thanks for sharing man! 😀

    1. It’s written by Micheal Kwan. I think John was busy since he is moving to the 4th city in USA. So most of his writing this week is mostly by guest blogger.

      1. Sahil Kotak says:

        Probably not because of that, this post is because it is a paid review and they are always written by Micheal Kwan –

        1. Or it may not be paid, but a review of those who got in John’s course…for those that signed up, the review was going to be free.

      2. Jeff Caceres says:

        Sometimes I’m mistaken if the one who posted is John Chow or a guest blogger. Anyway, it’s still useful for me anyway.

        Way to go!

  7. PPC Ian says:

    Wow! 330 pages, it’s like th “SEO Book” of blogging. Seems like a great read.

    1. I am sure he will tell you many other secrets related with the business.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Agreed, I am referring to Aaron Wall’s SEO Book. It’s another really long book (several hundred pages). I’m personally a big fan of long books about online marketing.

        1. wow, 330 pages? Lol, by the time you finish writing something that long about SEO, Google’s already changed it’s policy. haha

    2. Jeff Caceres says:

      It is considered to be a real “textbook” to me because its over 300+ pages. OMG! How long did the author of this eBook finished the 330 pages anyway? A month or two?

    3. That was my first reaction as well!

  8. The FreelanceSwitch case study would be an interesting case study to learn. 330 pages and it covers lots of interesting topic. Well I see some of it has topic like what I’ve learn in engineering and this ebook is more technical oriented. Worth buying it.

    1. d3so says:

      330 pages seems intimidating but I bet the info it contains is priceless. I probably wouldn’t finish it if I bought it but if I were paid to review it, it’d be a huge motivator.

      1. Your blog soon will be a review spot … 🙂

        And every one will come to you to get your valuable review.

        1. Sahil Kotak says:

          FYI, John always provides honest reviews.

          1. so does Michael Kwan 🙂

        2. d3so says:

          Yeah, I never intended my blog to be a review spot but it seems to be headed in that direction. I enjoy doing them.

      2. Dan Lew says:

        330 Pages is not that much, when you read it in your hand, (not an ebook on screen) it is normal, probably finish reading it in a few days!

        1. d3so says:

          Reading an ebook on screen takes longer for me as well.

          1. Reading 330 eBook seems like buying a novel for you to read. Well, if me I would prefer the paperback copy.

          2. Jeff Caceres says:

            Same with me d3so. When I read an eBook seriously, it takes longer than crossing the shortcut. Every page is a valuable information that should not miss, so I need to read slowly but surely. For 330-page eBook, it might take me a month or two to finish reading, depends on my busy schedule.

        2. I don’t know about you, but i hate reading books…even in college I hated reading, i did it cuz i had to, now I just look for the blogs and forums that will give me the info needed.

          1. Reading a real physical book is much better than reading an ebook on the computer.

            It’s definitely easier on your eyes and you can take it anywhere.

          2. 330 pages of “instructional” material is going to take a while no matter what it is. You’d probably have to read that a few times to actually soak in all the information that was in it.

  9. Great review of the book. I think it would be a great buy.

    1. Sahil Kotak says:

      Of course it would be great, 330 pages would surely have some good content. 😉

      1. Jeff Caceres says:

        330 pages of a single eBook is totally awesome and outrageous. Every page should not be missed because all of the content are very useful to read and take action. It might take a month or two if I’m going to read the whole eBook, it’s just like a full eCourse.

  10. Dan Lew says:

    There seems to be an interesting of contents listed there.

    1. Now this gravataar is good … your last avataar was like highly official people.

    2. Jeff Caceres says:

      I agree with you Dan. If I would be given an opportunity to read the 330-page eBook completely, I would take the challenge. I appreciated the efforts made by the author and it would be another piece of puzzle that needs to be attached. 🙂

  11. Abhik says:

    !!?? John, Is this a paid review?
    JA, I really liked the review. But, 330 pages? I am not that patient 🙁

      1. Abhik says:

        Yeah!! I surely missed that light gray line under Post Title. 🙂

    1. Sahil Kotak says:

      Yes, it is. Paid reviews are written by Michael not John.

      1. Abhik says:

        Now I know this!! :p

      2. Jeff Caceres says:

        We’ll, I don’t realize it at the first place. I thought that John would write about this, but eventually there’s a guest blogger named Michael who is writing useful topics on this blog. At least it’s very useful and worth it. Heads up!

  12. Dan Lew says:

    No matter how much we think we know, we need to keep on learning and applying, this is the key to success, being open and read, read, read, learn learn learn, apply, apply apply!

    1. Jeff Caceres says:

      Absolutely Dan! You’re right about that. In my affiliate marketing career, this is where I’m lacking at (read, learn and apply). I always want to take a shortcut but it’s no use. So I have no choice but to read, learn and apply at the same time.

      1. unfortunately the lure of “shortcuts” is what gets people buying the hyped up products that claim to make you a bunch of money overnight. Hard work is what makes it happen

  13. This is a very in depth blog post that will set anyone on the path to building an online blogging business…

    Learning new skills is always time consuming however the more you learn the more you’ll earn so just remember that when you’re starting out…

  14. A lot of people I know seem to suffer from analysis paralysis. Just take action and dont worry about presentation etc. Make a start and refine as you go!! Bless

    1. 300 pages can definitely give some people analysis paralysis. For others though it might be worth it’s weight in gold.

  15. Juan says:

    I don’t get the difference between this book and the “Make Money Online” by John Chow.


    1. The difference is obviously the number of pages and also the emphasis on making it a big business and it likely has a large accounting section.

    2. There isn’t any difference. Multiple people make write different eBooks with the same ideas just with different words. It’s all about gaining a share of the market.

  16. Ebookminer says:

    Blogging is great but can be messy if one jumps into it without proper guide. I think this material is what most guys need to startoff.

    1. Yes it’s messy but with trail and error a person can learn by his or her self. You’re not going to be successful with out failure. With failure you learn what not to do so you will avoid it the next time around and be successful.

  17. Jason says:

    I’m glad you guys did this review! I did not know about his site and all the useful information that he has there.

    Some of that information should be very useful for me as I am learning XHTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT.

    1. CSS and PHP will be helpful in manipulating your WP theme to tweak what you need and make it unique to your niche.

      1. Jason says:

        I’ve been focusing on learning PHP too and I agree with you that CSS and PHP are very helpful with customizing WordPress themes.

  18. Hey John,

    Sounds like a promising blogging blueprint. I was curious how this actually compares to your own blogging guide offered on Amazon? It maybe definitely worth a read so i may check it out.

    On another note, I noticed you no longer use the UFA footer ad in your blog. Was that slowing it down or causing conflicts with another plug-in?

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog

    1. For him to respond would mean he would have had to have read the 300+ page manifesto…highly doubt he has the time to go through it with all of his projects…

  19. AvjThemes says:

    One needs so much patience and courage to have successful blog, if you are sure wht you are doing then keep doing as that will give fruits someday and those won’t be rotten.

    1. Patience is the key for a successful blog but most people don;t have it so the rate of failing blog is over 90%. However, I could be wrong with the numbers but it’s still high.

  20. Ryan Eagle says:

    300 pages plus!!? What happened to short and sweet?

    1. That’s what I’m talking about!

    2. I know right, a 300 pages eBook will loose the reader’s attention after 10 minutes.

  21. fengjuo says:

    its nice iwill try it thanks jhon

  22. Geeez…330 pages of content…I doubt many people will ready all 330 pages. Is there a cliff notes version of the book 🙂

  23. It’s amazing how some ideas and blogs take off and others don’t. My #1 challenge has been commitment. I hopped from one niche to another to another until I had 12 blogs and no one to write for them. Now I’m focused in on two niches that I love and I’m really enjoying the process.

    I’m working on building traffic before I concern myself with monetizing. I figure that all the monetization ideas in the world can’t cover for a lack of readable, engaging content.

    1. You’re not alone! Most people get really discouraged when they don’t see profit or prospect.

    2. The biggest problem with blogging is most bloggers, who start out, always want to make money. When you write the quality of the content comes out when you write about something you have passionate about.

  24. Hi John Chow, thanks for the useful information that you post. You just inspired me to start my very own blog. I will keep coming back to read your blog. Once again, thank you very much!

    1. Remember blog about a topic you have interest about and don’t blog for money. I made that mistake when I started 4 years ago, eventually with trail and error you will get it.

  25. It seems as if everyone will slowly get into blogging which is great. However, not everyone can money because not everyone is patient. Most people got into blogging from thinking hat it’ll make them quick cash.

    The blogging market is getting saturated because of blogging for business topics. People should blog on topics that they are passionate about without even thinking about money.

  26. Kainsmoney says:

    The more pages, the better, most people prefer to read than hearing , after all, the best way to learn is for yourself, with the help of some text.

    1. I thought it was the other way around, but then again it could be just for videos. Why read a 3 page blog spot when you can hear it?

      1. I much prefer audio or video to reading. Many people say just the opposite though.

  27. John – not sure if this is the right place for this comment but you have discussed the issue of buying a dedicated blog domain name vs. a wordpress or blogspot sub-domain. In addition to the branding value there is the issue of access in foreign countries. I am based in Shanghai and the GFW gives blogs some trouble. WordPress sub-domains seem to open sporadically and slowly while blogspot sub-domains are completely blocked. So if bloggers want access to the large and growing community of English speakers who live behind government firewalls a dedicated domain name is key.

    1. A dedicated domain name is not the only thing that affects government firewalls, hosting location is also very important. Plus, if you really get a nuisance for them, they can block your domain name completely. SY

  28. Does anyone know if this will be available at, and if it will be, when?

    1. I do not think that this one is available on Amazon.

      1. There is a clue at the end of the article where it says available from 😉

  29. Edward says:

    I just download your free e-Book and just reading right now. Thank you it is very direct and informative. I had tried many other writer but most of their promise are empty.

  30. ron says:

    This looks promising. But the question is, will it deliver? sometimes, you just have to rely on the usual hard work when it comes to blogging.

  31. ibnujusup says:

    something to look for, for today… thanx for sharing john… 🙂 would like to buy the ebook version… easy to read and carry…

  32. Just keep giving your best and more important consistency in everything which you do.

  33. jery says:

    thanks your information…..really help me…

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