How To Build Your Mailing List And Make Money On It At The Same Time

In my last post, I showed you how to make money online using prepop offers and Aweber. I got some great responses from the post so I figured I’ll show you another prepop trick you can do with Aweber. The nice thing about this trick is it will work for a brand new blogger who has just started his mailing list.

Pre-popping The Thank You Page

When someone subscribes to your blog they are sent to a thank you page asking to them check their email and confirm their subscription. Aweber offers some nice pre-made thank you pages, including a really cool Smart Video Thank You page.

The trick here is to use a custom thank you page and send the reader to a new page with your thank you note and a prepop affiliate offer. To do this in Aweber, log into your account and click the Web Forms tab. Select one of the sign up forms and go to basic settings. You’ll see a Thank You page drop down menu. Choose custom page and enter the URL to the new thank you page.

Custom Thank You Page

In the above example, I’ve send the thank you note to a custom page on Shoemoney System but you can send it to any pre-poppable offer. The sequence will go like this:

  1. Reader enters his information into the subscribe box on your blog.
  2. Instead of getting a generic thank you page asking him to confirm, he is sent to a new page with a prepop offer.
  3. If the reader clicks submit on the prepop page, you make money.
  4. Reader checks his email for the confirmations.
  5. You’ve got a new subscriber and you’ve made money on it.

In my case, a reader would subscribe to my blog by entering his name and email address either at the email sign up box at the top of this blog or from the Lightbox Hover sign box that fade in on first time visitors. Once he enter his information and click submit, he would be sent to this custom confirmation page.

Shoemoney System

Aweber will automatically take the information entered from my original sign up box and append them to the custom landing page. Everything will be filled in. The only thing the reader has to do is hit “GO!” and he’s done.

Depending on how targeted the prepop offer is, you can expect up to 50% of new subscribers opting into the prepop offer. With prepop offers paying up to $2 per lead, you could be making up to $1 for every new subscriber you get to your blog. Not only are you building a mailing list for your blog but you’re making money while doing it!

Start Your Email Marketing List For Only $1.00

Aweber offers a $1 trial account for all new customers. The account is just like a normal Aweber account and includes unlimited email campaigns, newsletter, broadcasts and follow ups. Using the above method of sending new subscribers to a prepop offer as the thank you page, there is no possible way for you to not make the $1 back. You’ll be building your list and you’ll be making money on it as well. You can’t get a much better deal than that!

If for some amazing reason, you can’t make $1 doing this, then email marketing (and making money on the Internet) is clearly not for you. Send Aweber an email and they’ll give the $1 back.

$1 Aweber Offer

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  1. TBH I knew you could do that on the thank you page.

    Also within the email.

    Just use the link like this:{!name_fix}

    Then you can use to get his name shown on the page.

    Hope that also helped you guys out 😉

  2. Seems like you can’t write PHP..

    So what should be written in my comment is:

    There should be no spaces in the 😉

  3. This is really a great idea to create a traffic and this is also a great idea to earn astounding money, but we need to take care about the email in which category we need to submit. And the most important is the keyword, use always the unique keyword.

  4. You seems really have many tips to utilize the aweber, John.

  5. Peter says:

    Really cool marketing idea. I believe email marketing strategy is the way forward with online business. Every affiliate marketer should invest in this system if they truly want to make an impact online. Many thanks for this article John. (BTW I see all the emails I get from you are compiled from Aweber) -Peter

  6. George says:

    Great idea! I noticed it when I signed up for your blog. Thanks for the awesome strategy!

  7. S Ahsan says:

    The last similar post was popular indeed. The main point is that we need a certain amount of traffic in order to integrate the opt in. It wont make sense if the blog is new since you do have to pay some good stuff to aweber :). But this is a good trick and thanks for the share. I will be having opt in set up on all my blogs starting next year; sweeet!

  8. Rodney says:

    A killing strategy for having a good result on two ways.

  9. they have a money back guarantee on the dollar that’s funny.

    Aweber has definitely been worth every penny for me i don’t know how people run online businesses without something like aweber

  10. fas says:

    Aweber knows how to market, they have somer eal awesome services.

  11. I like Aweber, it has worked well for me. I like this idea. I will link it to the main moneymaker on my page. I am still learning a lot of the things that AWeber offers to help my site, but it sure does simplify so much.

  12. chester says:

    Yeah the more I read about Aweber, the more I like it. We just relaunched our blog and Aweber will be implemented in the next phase.

  13. Best of both world when you can do both

  14. These tools are really marvellous … you just have to learn how you can operate them and how you can get maximum benefit from this kind of technology.

  15. Jack says:

    Will definitely implement this strategy on my blog. Thanks John for the great follow up tip.

  16. TheZ says:

    Wow thanks, I’ll be back for sure to read some more of your entries!

  17. Allan says:

    Hitting two birds in one stone John. Will soon apply this.

  18. WaveM says:

    I have tried many ways of marketing, but this is the new one I know. It seems I just find the good one for mine.

  19. Simon Bunker says:

    Nice post John, very useful information and a cunning little trick if I may say!!
    Thanks for sharing the advice.
    Have a great festive period

  20. ppc tips says:

    More great info to get those lazy folks to opt in. Thanks.

  21. I could literally spend HOURS playing around with all the cool things on Aweber. Thanks John!

  22. Nice info John. Your post are very informative and useful especially for novice blogger just like me. Thanks a lot!

  23. Yeah the more I read about

    , the more I like it. We just relaunched our blog and

    kora flash
    will be implemented in the next phase.

  24. What I do is I leave the thank-you page intact as it’s highly effective, particularly the video page, and I just include an affiliate link in the “confirmation” page field

    So when someone clicks the confirmation link, they’re sent to the page of my choice 🙂

    That’s how I’m monetizing all my subscribers, one-by-one, quickly and easily…

  25. webguy says:

    Great information. I am just making mind

  26. Harry says:

    Every time I read something here…I always bang my head and think ‘Why din’t I ever thought of this’!!!!

  27. I’ve never really been a fan of this pop-up newsletter boxes. The blog loads and just as your about to read the whole thing goes black and a pop-up box appears.

  28. A strong mailing list is key to the longevity and long-term success of any blog.

  29. Aweber definitely seems to be king of the email software. Their offering is affordable, and their perks definitely make them worth taking a look at as your email list service provider.

    1. big jason says:

      they’re actually at the bottom of the barrel with icontact, getresponse, etc. the top of the food chain belongs to lyris, hq, exact target, respons sys, silverpop, bronto, etc.

  30. Custom Essay says:

    Let me add one thing, It’s is better that we must have mailing list of our customers with their contact number. Most of the time promotional campaign triggered through e-mail and telemarketing hits most of the sales.

  31. Hey John, awesome article. I’m trying to implement this myself but I can’t get it to work for the life of me.

    All we need to use is {!email} in the aff link to pre pop the email correct?

    My affiliate link works fine if I enter an actual email address and open it. However, when I try using {!email} and going through my form, it just fills in the email address field with the {!email} text. I can’t seem to get it to pass the information.

    Anyone help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Spent some time working with Aweber tech support but they told me I would have to edit the html of the landing page in order to make this work.


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