How To Buy and Sell Sites on Flippa Webinar Replay

Here’s a the replay of the the webinar I held with Zac Johnson, Tyler Cruz and Matt Mickiewicz on how to buy and sell websites on Flippa. We had a lot of fun and it was great to see so many people show up.

During the Webinar I gave out a coupon code for people to receive $20 in Flippa credit. There were 100 credits up for grab and they went on a first come, first served basis. While I am fairly sure all the credits are gone there’s still a chance that a few might still be available.

To redeem a credit, go here and enter JohnChow2011 into the promotion code field. You will get the credit if there are any left.

Your feedback on the Webinar is most welcome. Please leave them in the comments.

61 thoughts on “How To Buy and Sell Sites on Flippa Webinar Replay”

  1. John it was great webinar glad I got to attended & big thanks to Matt for the 20 credit.

    1. Abdul Rehman says:

      Crap, I wasn’t able to catch it live. But still, nice Webinar. Flippa is one of the most awesome tools out there. My friend started a gaming forum 3 years ago and I helped him sell it for a little over $30,000 at Flippa, last year. Flippa is awesome! 😀

    2. I got a friend telling me about Flippa all the time so I’ll watch this one.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        I have been reading a lot about Flippa on Morgan Linton’s blog. This video comes at the perfect time for me.

    3. Have you attended the webinar? Looks cool. What will you do with the flippa credit?

      1. Too late, there aren’t any credits left.

        1. Afif says:

          I thought there were 1000 credits from the post at zac’s blog?

    4. I’ll be listening to it tomorrow. Gonna relax and spend a couple hours on my favorite chair with my laptop.

    5. Free Picks says:

      how can i get free credit?

    6. d3so says:

      Perfect timing for the coupon because I’m thinking about selling my blog.

  2. Thank you for, we were late to enroll live, but we will see it now

  3. Agung Wiseso says:

    thanks for the credit..
    Great webinar..

  4. ECS Dave says:

    Got great value from the webinar, plus was able to grab one of the last remaining flippa credits too!


  5. Zac Johnson says:

    This was a great webinar, glad to be part of it. Thanks.

    1. Hi Zac thank you very much for your webinar also to Tylor and John.

    2. That was awesome, I liked seeing things that you’d actually bought on Flippa. Makes it more real life for me. I’m always scared to buy websites on there for more than a couple $1000 but seeing people like you buy sites for $60K helps me to trust it even more.

      1. The more money you invest, the more you can make with a site from Flippa, as long as you get a legit site.

  6. Great webinar guys! Thanks!

    1. A lot of people use Flippa to get some good ideas for PPV targets.

  7. Now code has expired

    1. The code was only for the first 100 people that used it ;(

  8. Really great webinar guys. I’ve been using Flippa for awhile now, and I still got a lot out of it.

  9. Abhik says:

    Thanks for the replay John..

    1. Some good money making stuff for sure.

  10. I just bought a site on Flippa. My first one. 🙂

    Looks like the webinar worked.


    1. PPC Ian says:

      Nice work! 🙂 hope it makes you a lot of money!

  11. Hi John thank you very much for your great webinar!! I’ll download your video also. And watching again and gain. thanks for guide and the coupon

  12. Thanks John chow. I have redeemed a coupon code, I have bought a website on flippa. Thanks John, once again.

  13. John, thank you for making the replays available and taking your time to educate all of us!

  14. ZPTsotetsi says:

    Thanks John for the replay. I was so worried I missed the webinar. Great information and what I was looking for, since our strategy at this year is to buy great websites and flippa was one of our targeted marketplaces.

  15. Charleston says:

    It should be a great webinar and I just miss a chance to grab one of those free Flippa coupons, its alright and John thanks for the update.

  16. Webinars are awesome, it was good to learn about Flippa, but I most enjoyed the question and answer part about blogging.

  17. Laide says:

    Webinars are great. Selling and buying aint really my thing. Am still a newbie. One step at a time. Lol

  18. Hoan Huynh says:

    Thanks for the replay John, I missed the webbinar.

  19. Anitha says:

    Glad that everyone has participated but i missed it

  20. John, Zac, Tyler and Matt,

    Many thanks for all the nuggets that came out of this webinar on domaining.

    Thanks again,

    Mark “The Marketing Professional” Brown

  21. thanks for this replay, its nice to give an opportunity for people to see it peacefully if we didnt see it live.

  22. David Ewing says:

    John, thanks for the replay. I loved your last webinar and was worried that I missed out big time on selling sites on flippa. Had to work last late last night so huge thumbs up for replaying it!

  23. Thanks for the great presentation and examples. I’ve sold a site for 8K on this website but have always been scared to buy them…. go figure! Thanks for helping me resolve some of my concerns!

    1. 8k is a huge money. Which type of website you sold for 8k?

    2. Techabouts says:

      Which site?
      Was it a premium domain name ar had a large revenues per month?
      Please reply.

  24. I wonder what I could sell some of my sites for?

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Probably a lot more vs. a week ago now that all of KC’s readers are on Flippa! 🙂

      1. PPC Ian says:

        I meant to say JC short for John Chow (not KC)…

  25. Brad says:

    I’ve used flippa with great success, i’ve bought websites from $100 – 5k.
    As long as you have a cool head, and do you your research you should be good.

    remember to always stay away from sites with “sketchy/shadey” traffic sources. A friend of my lost $10k on a website, the traffic was not real it was redirects from proxies.

  26. Claudio says:

    Thanks for the webinar last nite.


  27. PPC Ian says:

    Thanks so much for the replay! I’m very intrigued by Flippa and will definitely watch this weekend!

  28. There’s only one word I can think of for this replay and that’s awesome!!!! Thanks!

  29. It would be nice to know what credit winners did with them.

  30. fas says:

    Awesome stuff, really awesome. Lets try it now.

  31. Allen Walker says:

    Thanks for providing this replay. 🙂

    I haven’t done blog flipping before, but might come in handy some time soon…

  32. Techabouts says:

    Flipped my first site at Flippa.
    Thanks JOHN

  33. Watching your video now and there are some good buying and selling tips that John and his guests are sharing. As an experienced seller on Flippa I believe if your’e at all interested or even curious about buying or selling websites this is a must video you should watch.

    Particularly even the guests who john are letting ask live questions is gold!

  34. singer divya says:

    After the webinar looked around on Flippa and one website in particular caught my attention.

  35. Interesting video updates about webinar

  36. Free Picks says:

    oho 🙁 why i missed all the great stuff man 🙁

  37. Roby says:

    I actualy I just want to know this chappter how to trade in flippa, but thank you for the lesson.

  38. Hoang Lx says:

    Thanks you share

  39. sanny says:

    Its really worth watching 🙂

    Thanks a lot.

  40. Another great webinar. It is much better to buy a website than buying traffic for one website

  41. Wow, I didn’t realized there are so many opportunities on flippa. A lot of great websites under priced.

    Thanks for the webinar guys.

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