How To Convert Your Blog Into an ATM Machine with Webinars

Lewis Howes opened the monetization track of BlogWorld Expo New York with a power-packed session on how to make money with webinars. Lewis started in the Internet marketing business with an ebook about LinkedIn. He was writing about LinkedIn on his blog and monetizing his sites using the standard methods. However, things didn’t really got going until he did his first webinar.

Lewis’s first webinar made him $6,300, which is not bad for an hour’s work. It was a webinar about how to leverage LinkedIn. Lewis’s second webinar had only three PowerPoint slides for a ninety minute presentation but still made $12,500.

The Webinar Business Model

The basic webinar model is to offer an hour or more of free information and then sell the audience something at the end. The model works better than most because the conversion on a webinar is much higher. During his session, Lewis gave his ten sure-fired steps to make money online with a webinar.

  1. The webinar needs to be an experience
  2. Optimize the registration page
  3. Leverage social media – create an event for the event
  4. Promote the webinar 4 to 7 days in advance
  5. Start seeding before the webinar starts (give shout outs to attendees)
  6. Make sure you start on time
  7. One slide per minute
  8. Over delivery as much as possible
  9. Make it about your audience
  10. Make the offer irresistible
  11. Follow up

After the presentation, Lewis opened the floor to questions. Syed and I couldn’t help but to go up and ask him a stump the Lewis question. The look on his face was priceless.

BlogWorld Expo New York

BlogWorld Expo New York

BlogWorld Expo New York

37 thoughts on “How To Convert Your Blog Into an ATM Machine with Webinars”

  1. OK, John. I’ll take the bait. What was your “stump the Lewis” question?

    1. John Chow says:

      You had to be there. 🙂

      1. exsuit says:

        Share share share!

        1. What was it John? I am curious about it. 🙂

          1. Yes we all are curious …

          2. Make Money says:

            He is gonna leave us hanging!

    2. Lewis Howes says:

      John can’t stump me 😉

  2. Conde says:

    Thanks for sharing your experienced insights, Really nice job..

  3. fazal mayar says:

    webinars add a personalization and professionalism touch to your blog so this is why there is a gain of popularity.

    1. Graham Lutz says:

      webinars CAN add personalization and professionalism to your blog – It can easily go the other way if not done right.

      1. fazal mayar says:

        exactly, they have to be professional and informative

    2. Jayrweblog says:

      I agree with that, but sadly all my life as a blogger I wasn’t able to attend any webinars.

      1. Keep an eye on John’s blog and soon you will be able to attend one.

        John also do not promote anything on webinar that means you will always get great information.

  4. PsychicJim says:

    Great post. I love ATM machines, especially when the spit out cash!

    John, If ever come downunder to Melbourne Australia please let us know, you have lots of fans in Australia.

    1. Austrlia have some great internet market gurus … Darren, Ed Dale, Yaro and many more.

  5. PPC Ian says:

    This is really cool! I had no idea you could do so well with webinars. Thanks for sharing, John. I’d love to turn my blog into an ATM machine!

    1. Graham Lutz says:

      Ian, I thought yours was already an ATM!

    2. Yea Ian now a days webinar is quite a common thing. Earlier Adsense were keep doing it and now many bloggers …

  6. John,
    Webinars rock and I am waiting for your next one. I would love to know the question that you asked him.

    1. We all interested and waiting for the next John’s webinar … Would love to know what the next webinar will be ….

  7. Graham Lutz says:

    So how exactly did he say he monetized this? Was he selling a product during the webinar? (I know that’s not how you’ve been doing it). Was he charging for admission?

    1. Yes he is selling the products John mentioned this in this posts …

  8. Love the plan of action I’m going to see if it works for myself.

    1. Make Money says:

      I’m going to put it to work as well and see how it goes.

  9. fas says:

    Well the webinars are the new in thing nowadays.

  10. webinar are best place to learn something new about blogging

    1. And also selling products easily …

      If you are going to launch a product just do a webinar, take the help of your fellow bloggers to advertise and you are done.

    2. fazal mayar says:

      yes , webinars are something cool to have to make your blog look more professional

      1. really its an interesting idea

  11. Helen Neely says:

    Webinars are innovative methods for bloggers, but often times you only find out about a particular webinar once it’s past. I would have loved to be on this one myself.

  12. Louie Sison says:

    Share some love john. 🙂

  13. 90 minutes and $12500 that is pretty awesome.

    Nice to see that John is having webinar but nothing to sell … Simply providng awesome information.

    Flippa webinar is still the best webinar we had.

  14. flash game says:

    i’m also very curious about the question.

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  16. Automatic machine will help to reduce our works

  17. Whitney says:

    This seems like a great model to follow! I never really thought of it as an actual business model though, but I guess it is….awesome post.

  18. Forex News says:

    webinar are best place to learn something new about blogging

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