How To Create a Money Making eBook

In this video I will you my step by step method to create a money making ebook that will help you to increase your affiliate marketing conversion. I also show you how I use ClickFunnels to deliver the eBook instantly.

[youtube id=”aFZr2MtXsTA” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

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11 thoughts on “How To Create a Money Making eBook”

  1. John lovely breakdown here. I like the screen share approach. Like you said, not much of this was around when you started blogging. Heck; even 10 years ago when I started, we didn’t have many of these services. Newbies have so many more tools at their full disposal for making money online.

  2. Thanks John for sharing this so valuable video. It’s awesome all you can do with Clickfunnel. I’m using to create my pages but I couldn’t yet take the most of this platform. I appreciate you so much!

  3. Frankie R Rodriguez I says:

    It won’t download for me.

  4. Excellent John. Love this video. I will try it.

  5. John has always been the best at what he does best : teach the best strategies that really work, hell been a fan of this blog when MFA pages were all the rage.
    I do believe nowadays there are too many methods available to put your hands on and if you happen to get your hands on a few there’s still a chance the methods you choose may not immediately work for you or may never work for you so end up moving from one to the other and if you’re not patient you will never see the results hence…

  6. Julien says:

    Hey John, does ClickFunnels manage also payment functions or only the landing page and the lead management?

  7. afaizee ali says:

    Hey John, you have a typo grammar error in your blog. Its at the opening paragraph…”In this video I will you my step by step…”
    It should read…”In this video I will show you my step by step…”

  8. Solo Ads says:

    Internet Marketing is the talk of the town and when it comes to earning making six-figure monthly on the Internet, this guide is surely very valuable.

  9. Chris Brown says:

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to getting my blog up and running.

  10. Marji says:

    John, Im enjoying your information but I’ve tried numerous times to download your book. It’s not downloading.

  11. Trin Rios says:

    Hey John, really like this quick tip for the distribution of my ebook. Thanks, Trin

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