How To Create a Profitable Blog with Income Diary

Internet entrepreneur, Michael Dunlop, is living the Dot Com Lifestyle. At only 20 years old, Michael makes all his income online from wherever he happens to be in the world. It’s a dream that many bloggers and aspiring web entrepreneurs share. Micheal’s newest venture is Income Diary, a blog that provides daily inspiration for bloggers trying to make money online.

Income Diary rocketed onto the scene when Michael secured a bunch of exclusive interviews with a bunch of A-list bloggers (you can read my interview here). While the interviews are great, Income Diary’s flagship feature is their eCourse on how to create a profitable blog.

According the Michael, building your own profitable blog isn’t rocket science. All you need are three things: a domain name, web hosting, and a blog design. Income Diary offers some coupon codes to help you get a nice discount on the three items. Once you got the three items set up, you can download the Income Diary eCourse and learn how to make money from your blog. Alternatively, you can download the eCourse first and get the domain, web hosting and blog design later.

The course is seven days long – you will receive a new lesson each day for a week. After completing the course, you’ll have a good understand on what it takes to create a high traffic blog and how to make money from it. The best part of this deal is it’s completely FREE. You can’t beat that price. Go sign up now!

I'm Ready!

51 thoughts on “How To Create a Profitable Blog with Income Diary”

  1. TechBases says:

    I’ll definitely agree with the statement that blogging is no rocket science…

    You just have to be passionate about something, and don’t make money plans first…

    1. Well you should pick two to three niches according to your choice and interest and after that you will have to see which one is their for long run and also paying you good money.

      If you want to be a professional blogger than you will have to think professionaly.

      1. Teen money says:

        Well I agree. I selected a niche and I set out on developing it. I have just began and already I am making good progress. This is a place for professionals and we must make every effort to present a quality blog that is useful to our visitors. Else you do not require a doomsday prophet to come and inform you.

  2. John says:

    I’ll give this a try.. it is free…

    1. Isn’t it amazing how much buy-in that word gets? The great thing about “free” internet offerings is that it is an awesome vehicle to build up email lists. The moeny is in the list, so it is a double whammy. You get your work, name & brand out there, establishing your authority and you get to build your email list at the same time! It works for me!

  3. David Walker says:

    I love what Michael does at Income Diary.

    The interviews he puts on his blog with some of the biggest names in the internet marketing are essential reading.


    1. Teen money says:

      Good information. I never heard about him before and I am already developing an opinion about him. He seems to be a great learner and a teacher.
      He is so young to add..

  4. Benjamin Cip says:

    Sound interesting, just hope I don’t already know the informations Michael offer…

    1. You can know the information all day long, but if you do not act and begin doing it, then do not expect results… 🙂

  5. Free is always an unbeatable price 😉 SY

  6. Justin says:

    20 yrs old?!?! geez man what a life! how much is this kid making??

    1. Teen money says:

      That is a valid question. Well only god can answer. This kid has rocket in his feet. He is making great strides. When bloggers of the quality of John introduce and recommends some one like him we must understand he is a genius. I am already a fan of him.

  7. LetUpdate says:

    It is wonderful that michael share his earn step.

    1. Yea… its really awesome how the big players in the blogsphere lended him a free hand to jump on the scene by providing their time for interviews. Just by association he’s able to generate a following of readers that help pay him the income we all wish we could start making but cannot because we do not have these same personal connections not to mention a father who is a personal friend and partner with one or more that we know of. As far as I’m concerned, he didn’t have to work “AS” hard for a profitable blog like the rest of us “normal” people will. Call me a renegade but I will not subscribe to this anymore so that I have have a bunch of spam and offerings in my inbox. All of the top bloggers pretty much just keep offering interviews and kickbacks by mentioning each other their traffic increases and their Paypals increase off the dummies that really try and dont succeed because their not in the same circle of friends. Just my 2 cents.

      Think about it folks. Money generating circle of friends dot com is what we’re buying into…but count me out!

  8. Greg Ellison says:

    He has some really nice interviews. Greg Ellison

  9. videostar says:

    No doubt Michael is cute.

  10. “There is nothing more expensive than free…” I think I heard this phrase somewhere. But, I would still sign up for the 7 days course though. ^-^

    1. On internet you will find many things free and some of them are more than million worth … you just have to understand … how to use them properly.

    2. Teen money says:

      Well nothing comes free. WIth this ebook michel will manage to sell a lot of things like a good hosting account, premium blog templates, domain names etc. But I feel the information he may give us will be worth. I am going for it just because john recommends him. Also for the fact that there are free resources online that is worth million

  11. Again one article linking to several others. Oh, I don’t like this.

    1. nathan says:

      oh well, you know john’s attitude “readers first, google second” ^-^

    2. What is not to like? Don’t tell me you are a Page Rank sculptor…

  12. Amit Mehta says:

    Very inspiring young man. Goes to show that we can all have what we want in life if we create or reach out and take it for ourselves–making sure to help others along the way.

    I received great value from Nicholas interview, for example, and I think Michael’s blog can help newbies and “oldies” alike.

  13. Amit Mehta says:

    Very inspiring young man. Goes to show that we can all have what we want in life if we create or reach out and take it for ourselves–making sure to help others along the way.

    I received great value from Nicholas interview, for example, and I think Michael’s blog can help newbies and “oldies” alike.

  14. Amey says:

    His site income diary is great with amazing interviews, but the course is really just for those that have completely no idea how to setup a site.

  15. nathan says:

    Nice post! It sounds like a sales pitch! but it’s free therefore it’s not. If it this is a referral, I’ll make sure you get paid ^-^

  16. Keep up the good work Michael…

  17. Looks interesting, will give it a try

  18. Thanks for this post, perhaps I will take this suggestion….

  19. Blogging is time consuming. One has to work hard for one or two years to start earning. But when it is done, you will earn from home. It will become fun.

  20. Make Money says:

    Any chance you can tell us approx how many clicks your tweets or reviews get?

  21. Make Money says:

    oops, sry wrong post 🙁

  22. The KISS principle definitely applies to Michael Dunlop’s perspective on blogging. It is filling in those gaps inbetween the majoe principles that makes most people lose their way.

  23. I think having a plan for a blog is great. So often a blog’s focus and content is so scattered that this plan or method may offer some much needed focus and strategy for new bloggers to get their blog/site up to speed faster.

  24. EarningStep says:

    when you say ” Free ” thousand of your reader will follow the post….lol… but that’s really a nice offer

  25. Free does seem to be the price to beat these days. There is so much awesome information available on this the make money blogging/make money online topic that I can’t imagine how people are able to charge for that information. I guess personal interaction or coaching/tutoring might be easier to charge for. This review was solid. Can’t wait to get reading!

  26. Erika Marie says:

    I went through so many different links that I lost the page, but the sign up box linked from his “About” section isn’t working. I had to come back here & go through a few more hoops, but… it’s free. 🙂

  27. fas says:

    I have done the course, he has lots of value in it, worth doing.

  28. Ronblogger says:

    At his young age, he has really done great on blogging.I’ve been watching his blog and i really like the interviews that he’s done

  29. Yes I saw his few assignments and all were doing great. This guy certainly knows how to give his time to all assignments perfectly.

  30. videostar says:

    No doubt time is money.

  31. when you say ” Free ” thousand of your reader will follow the post….lol… but that’s really a nice offer…

  32. You can know the information all day long, but if you do not act and begin doing it, then do not expect result.

  33. I completed the 7 day course yesterday, it was really good!, building your twitter and also building proper relationships with affiliates is the key not just bashing adverts on your site. Good work Michael and his interviews and lists will blast his website up to the top of google!… :]

  34. Edwin says:

    Nice post, Thanks for your information.

  35. I’ve signed up for my free eCourse. Note: his introduction copy has a few typos in it. though.

  36. Its nice to see how successful people helps each other to get the maximum benefit …

  37. Who would have thought…his interviews on bloggers and entrepreneurs made him HUGE 😀 I never thought it would become like this.


  38. Teen money says:

    Well blogging is not rocket science, We all know that for sure. What we all do is we make simple mistakes. We dont give importance to blog designs. We fail to monetize our blogs to its potential. We must understand one thing. It is possible to build a blog and make morethan 100 dollars a day. Every help in this direction is welcome. I have joined the Ecourse of Michel and I am waiting to learn more.

  39. i subscribed to his eCourse and I must say it is less then useless! SY

  40. Blogging says:

    Let me correct myself, it isn’t useless, it is very useful for himself, but it is completely useless for his readers as it only circles around possibilities he can make money off, i.e. affiliate sales, but doesn’t provide any value to the reader. The whole eCourse doesn’t contain one bit of information that helps a newbie to make money on the internet, SY

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