How To Create Affiliate Niche Sites Using WordPress

Back in 2009, my friends at Unique Blog Designs (they’re the ones who designed John Chow dot Com) created Affiliate Theme, the affiliate niche site creation tool for WordPress. The theme made it super easy for anyone to create affiliate niche sites using the WordPess. Instead of using the blogging software to create a blog, Affiliate Theme uses WordPress to create an affiliate site or landing page. It was a genius idea, and UBD sold over 20,000 copies of the themes.

Unique Blog Designs haven’t been resting on their success. For the past several months, they’ve been working hard on an update for Affiliate theme and I’m happy to announce the release of Affiliate Theme 2.0 (AT2).

What Is An Affiliate Niche Site?

An affiliate niche site looks like a normal content site, but it’s really an elaborate landing page designed to get people to sign up for various affiliate offers.

The big advantage the niche site has over the landing page is it doesn’t look like a sale page (at least it doesn’t try to). Rather, it looks like a site that provides information on the chosen topic, and this can result in higher conversions. In the past, creating an affiliate niche site cost a lot of money and took a long time because you needed a professional designer to make them. With Affiliate Theme 2.0, you can create an affiliate niche site in just a few minutes, and with a just a few clicks of the mouse!

If you’ve been wanting to get into affiliate marketing but hesitated because you don’t know the first thing about creating an affiliate landing page, then you should definitely check out AT2. If you’re already an affiliate marketer, then Affiliate Theme 2.0 adds one more tool to your affiliate marketing arsenal.

Everything You Need To Creatie An Affiliate Niche Site

Unique Blog Designs have packed a TON of new features in this new version of Affiliate Theme and I think you will be extremely delighted with the results. Notable new features include:

  • Niche Skins – Also known as WordPress child-themes, Niche Skins will allow you to instantly change the entire appearance and layout of you site to a pre-designed affiliate niche. The standard package Affiliate Theme come five Niche Skins.
  • Setup Wizard – The new 2-step Setup Wizard will ensure that you get your niche site off the ground
  • Affiliate Marketplace – You get access to an exclusive Affiliate Marketplace where you can buy and sell Niche Skins, as well as any affiliate or internet marketing-related product or service. More information below.
  • Redesigned Interface – Affiliate Theme has been redesigned from the ground up, both on the front-end and the back-end. Unique Blog Designs have made it as intuitive as possible for people who little-to-no experience to create a fully customized affiliate website.
  • New Support and Tutorials – UBD have been working with several very knowledgeable WordPress experts who will be assisting users with the process of setting up and using Affiliate Theme. You will get responses to their questions within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Affiliate Marketplace

One of the most notable new features of Affiliate Theme is the affiliate marketplace. Anyone can buy and sell Niche Skins within the marketplace. Users can also post listings for any additional affiliate or internet marketing-related product or service. Examples might include membership programs, coaching, design services, etc.

In order to jump start the marketplace, posting new listing is currently free and UBD does not take any commission from your sales. You are free to set the price of your products of your Niche Skins, products or services.

Making Money with Affiliate Theme 2.0

Affiliate Theme 2.0 is made for affiliate and Internet marketers looking to create professional looking landing pages for their affiliate offers or products. Affiliate Theme 2.0 is a perfect tool to create affiliate niche sites. Niche sites make good money and since many of you already know how to run WordPress already, you can get a new affiliate niche site up and running within minutes after install. Check out the following video to get an idea on the full power of Affiliate Theme 2.0.

Affiliate Theme 2.0 is fully customizable and available for you to take a test drive at Affiliate Theme 2.0 is available at three price levels:

  • Affiliate Theme Standard – $127: This is the basic package of that will come allows users to use Affiliate Theme on unlimited websites. As we mentioned previously, it will ship with five (5) Niche Skins.
  • Affiliate Theme Premium – $197: All of the features listed above, plus fifty (50) additional header graphics.
  • Affiliate Theme Deluxe – $247: All of the features listed above, plus installation by one of our WordPress experts.

Free WordPress and AT2 Installation Service

If you’re ordering a new HostGator web hosting plan to house Affiliate Theme, you can take advantage of my free WordPress installation service and get Affiliate Theme 2.0 installed for free. This will save you the extra $100 cost of ordering the Affiliate Theme Deluxe package. Follow these simple steps to take advantage of the offer:

  1. Order web hosting. Use coupon code JohnChow25 to get 25% off any hosting plan
  2. Buy Affiliate Theme. Use coupon code 4146C5907C to get 20% off any theme package
  3. Forward the welcome email from HostGator and Affiliate Theme to johnchow [@]
  4. I’ll install WordPress and Affiliate Theme 2.0 for you
  5. Find an affiliate offer to promote and make money!

Exiting Customer Upgrades

All users who purchased Affiliate Theme in the past 60 days will receive a free upgrade to Affiliate 2.0. Existing customers who purchased Affiliate Theme outside of that period will be able to upgrade to Affiliate Theme 2.0 for only $49. Shoot an email to [email protected] and UBD will hook you up.

Download Affiliate Theme 2.0 | Order Web Hosting for AT2

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  1. Makeup says:

    An associate market website looks like a normal content website, but it’s really an fancy web page designed to get people to join for various internet marketer offers.

      1. Karl says:

        UBD is a good theme but for the affiliate product review niche, it is compable with WPreviewengine, lower price a bit. What do you think? @Makeup

  2. OptimizdePress is way better!

  3. mamasmanual says:

    I have a word press site already which Iam working on .How easy is this going to be to install for a newbie?. Not much technical stuff?

  4. fas says:

    This is a very food theme, but will people who bought Version 1 get it?

  5. Great idea @johnchow I just finished creating my opt in page for my new ebook that I will be offering with the autoresponder sequences setup. I’m using Optimize Press with that one since I enjoy the themes a lot better but I did find this method a lot better than just setting up multiple niche sites because then you have to work on content and building an email list at the same time. The only part I have been trying to figure out is building traffic to the sales page besides just pay per click methods. Any ideas on this when your offering a free ebook? I could offer an affiliate program but how could you compensate your affiliates? I was thinking amex gift cards for the top 5 affiliates!

  6. Enzo Testa says:

    I used several of those pre-built niche sites in the past. I never found them to be useful. If you are a newbie with little or no experience, these sites are usually prebuilt to benefit the owner who sold or gave them to you. Usually loaded with redirects and scripts for someone elses benefit.

    Like john chow would say, the best way is to get your own domain, install wordpress and create your own site.

  7. cowboybilly says:

    John, if Affiliate Landing Pages are designed to be super effective at conversions, why not make your *real* landing page look just like your Affiliate page and visa versa?

    1. John Chow says:

      Affiliate landing pages are designed for new visitors or visitors from search and PPC. This “landing page” is deigned for repeat readers and readers who already know me.

  8. 2.0 is looking much better, I may just get it, not sure if I’ll buy it straight up, or use your hosting offer since I’m looking to start some websites with a partner and this could be a good opportunity.

  9. Saif345 says:

    very nice article. i am the regular visitor of this blog and i helping me in all sort of matters.



  10. Adam1 says:

    I like the twentyten and also the affiliate theme, but for creating a niche that is deep and optimized with the best tools I use the thesis theme… I found a great little site which steps you through and in depth way to create a niche website in a few simple steps, it’s not just creating a blog but a whole niche web presence which is a complimentary to this blog… the site was called and I’ve used a few of their suggestions effectively for my band websites and blogs… Great post John thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. HI, I used CLiper themes by Appthemes on my site and I see it’s a good themes .

  12. Adam1 says:

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  13. ajptaurus says:

    Great post John, there is a great deal to creating niche affiliate sites and these templates really help, I’ve studied this for the past 20 years or so and what you’re saying is pretty much the most powerful info for anyone new looking to create a niche site.I have however used thesis theme in the past along with seo optimizer and found that to rank my sites very fast with a handful of other plugins which is really all I’ve need, but doing the above steps is certainly a great first step.

  14. Techstic says:

    Nice article, I think it will definitely help newbies tothe tip. start Affiliate Niche Sites Using WordPress and will help to earn some money. Thanks john for

  15. morganonyx1971 says:

    Superb blog post once again John. Great tips for anybody looking to move into affiliate niche marketing for the first time.

  16. morganonyx1971 says:

    Superb blog post once again John. Great tips for anybody looking to move into affiliate niche marketing for the first time.

  17. Thanks for giving us !Due to your products i discovered excellent pr to my website.I have however used these design in the last along with SEO optimizer and discovered that to list my websites very quick with a few other plug-ins which is really all I’ve need, but doing the above actions is certainly an excellent first move.

  18. rosacea says:

    Affiliate professional getting online sites are designed for new viewers or viewers from look for and PPC. This “landing page” is deigned for persistent visitors and visitors who already know me.

  19. Kent Chow says:

    I have been using Affiliate theme (super easy to customize such as having 2×2 layout on the front page) on some of my money-making niche sites. It’s very easy to customize. I may upgrade to the new version in the near future.

  20. Thanks for Steps To Create Affiliate Niche Site and I love Affiliate Theme 2.0 also. Thx!

  21. Awesome stuff, I think it will definitely help beginners to the tip. Begin Internet marketer Market Websites Using WordPress and will help to make some income.

  22. rosacea diet says:

    The twentyten is best for me as a internet marketer word press design. But this one I also want a try later.I am using it feeling so good.

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