How To Create An Affilaite Niche Site

So, you’ve concluded that blogging for money is too hard to do and take too much time. But you still want to make money online. What do you do? Well, you can create an affiliate niche site like Online Casino Bluebook. An affiliate niche site looks like a normal content site but it’s really an elaborate landing page designed to get people to sign up for various affiliate offers.

The big advantage the niche site has over the landing page is it doesn’t look like a sale page (at least it doesn’t try to). Rather, it looks like a site that provides information on the chosen topic and this can result in higher conversions. Niche sites take less time to build than a blog because they don’t have as many pages and they don’t need to be updated as much. Since they’re sponsoring this post, Let’s take a look at Online Casino Bluebook and see what they did right and what they did wrong in building their niche site.

Focus On A High Profit Niche

There are very few affiliate niches that are as profitable as gambling (just ask Tyler Cruz). Many gambling sites offer huge head hunting fees and some will you a percentage of sales for the life of the customer.

In case of Online Casino Bluebook, they market themselves as a guide to popular online casinos. Their highlight is the Top 10 casino ranking. While I would like to think the ranking order is based on things like support, software, reliability, etc., I have a feeling it’s based on highest affiliate commissions to lowest. Why? Because that’s how I would rank it if it was my site.


Cloak The Affiliate Links

Online Casino Bluebook does a good job hiding the affiliate links on their front page. Cloaking the affiliate links prevents people from robbing you of an affiliate commission by copying the affiliate URL and removing the affiliate ID from it (yes, people do that).

There are many way to hide an affiliate link. I’ve listed four of them in this post. My preferred method for link cloaking is the MBP Ninja Affiliate.

Add Some Relevant Content

Content is what separates an affiliate niche site from an affiliate landing page. You want to provide enough content to gets people reading and attract the Googlebot for SEO. But you don’t want too much content. Otherwise, all they’ll do is read and not look at the affiliate offers.

You can write the content yourself, have others write it for you, or use some free/paid article services. In the case of Online Casino Bluebook, they just wrote a few pages explaining the odds of winning at the various casino games like Black Jack, Craps and Roulette. Another way the site creates content is with an online forum.

Capture The Leads


All affiliate niches site should have a system to capture emails. Having a mailing list is a very powerful marketing tool. One that can make you $4,000 in a day. Online Casino Bluebook does an average job of lead capturing. Their sign form is down below the fold and their call to action is weak. This is one area the site needs to improve on.

Overall, Online Casino Bluebook is a pretty good example of an affiliate niche site. The content is nothing to write home about and the site won’t win any design awards, but it will do its job of sending people to the affiliate offer. You can use them as an example when it comes time to build your affiliate niche site.

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  1. SEO Tips says:

    Great post. Why not try Affiliate Marketing and Blogging at the same time? I don’t mean on the same site however you can do this as well, you do it?

    I love affiliate marketing for the simple reason that its generally short term, you have a product launch that you are either an affiliate of or a publisher of and you concentrate on marketing the product for its life cycle, nothing lasts for ever and with a lot of products its only a year or two maximum before revenue and sales start to die down. I am talking about Internet products on affiliate sites when I say this though.

    There are some great ways to market affiliate sites and the best thing is you can generally use these techniques again for your Blog. You can also use what you have learnt on your Blog too. Personally I feel its best to do both, affiliate marketing can be your short term revenue and Blogging is your long term revenue.

    Good article, John

    1. True – I wonder if it would be beneficial to do a combo site

      But thats an interesting writeup – good to know how this kinda thing really works

      1. Oh yes, I know that you can still make money in hard times…but it is a whole lot harder 🙂

        1. Yea, niche sites are way better than LPs.. In Google’s eyes as well… lol

          And again, the money is in the list. First, because tons of great offers on the networks are for email only. Second, because when you form a relationship with your list they will convert much better then search traffic.


  2. 10$ to 100$ says:

    great post . really usefull

    1. Great “how-to” post!

      I’ve seen a huge increase in affiliate-related clients these days. Perhaps it’s the newly jobless flooding to these types of ventures… they do work, but I often find that the niche’s are quite competitive, and require an added “something” to make it sell.

      1. Tushar says:

        What do you do Terra? I mean, what business are you seeing an increase in?

  3. Finally. I mean wow, it’s been months since I’ve been by here, but I logged into mybloglog and saw a post that spoke to what I discovered midway through last year, i.e. nothing short of being a “name brand” blogger at this stage in the game is gonna result in anything other than a fist full of dimminishing returns. For traditional “personal blogs” anyway.

    Creating tightly focused blogs with some complementary monetization is probably people’s best bet. In my case it was Adsense; and getting my technique refined to make a 100 bucks a day is what made me see the light. But pretty much any APPROPRIATE affiliate product is going make you any money. My opinion is that coming to grips with the reality that blogging should be lower priority than focusing on “affiliate marketing” should be done sooner rather than later.

    For ex. my affiliate clicks from yesterday were worth about 30 dollars a “click” and my blog Adsense clicks were worth about 3 dollars a “click.” So blog money is still ok money, but I think people should be focusing on becoming very skilled at combining their blogs with affiliate offers or have dedicated affiliate sites. (And yeah, I know most people don’t deal with Adsense anymore as their blog revenue strategy I’m just using it as an example of traditional blogging money).

    LEARN KEYWORDS inside and out!

  4. Fauna Pryca says:

    Great post full of ideas. I’m learning a lot following your blog. Thank you John.

    Now it’s the time to start working (not hard but smart).

  5. says:

    Great Review and a reminder how to approach the niche site strategy.
    A keyword rich domain name is very helpful as well, if you can find one.

  6. Joel Woodard says:

    Decent strategy, but I’d add a blog to this affiliate site. Search engines love blogs, so why not to use this to your advantage and collect additional traffic?

    1. Flyssy says:

      I agree, it’s also very easy to get a niche site built using wordpress or similar, giving you the option to use blog posts or content pages. I find any site I build with wordpress always gets listed quicker than an html site I build from scratch.

  7. I do not understand. is this a paid review or what? I do not see anything important to write about that site.

    1. Tushar says:

      He’s not writing about the site in specific. He’s using it as an example.

  8. Melissa says:

    Thanks, John!

    I got one idea from this post that I can actually use on my blog–it has nothing to do with setting up an affiliate niche site or anything like that. This post just sparked an idea as I was reading it regarding mailing lists, so thanks!

  9. Good Post. Very useful.. I’m trying to do something like this wordpress. Are there any scripts to build such a website? Thanks John! 🙂

  10. Trader says:

    Great post. But unfortunately not every site is well suited to become an affiliate. For example, my site revenue is based completely on ads and it still generates substantial revenue for me.

  11. Dean Saliba says:

    Great reivew.

    I can see that I will have a lot to think about when I start trying affiliate marketing this year.

  12. Timon Weller says:

    Looks like another good way to make money online, John.. 🙂

  13. Very interesting. I can see why this site would be doing well. It’s simple, provides the minimal information necessary, and never forgets that it’s main purpose is to make money for its owner. I’d be curious to know what kind of spike in traffic they get for a paid review from John Chow. Thanks for the post!

    – Dave

  14. Mike B. says:

    Looks good. Def something worth looking into for people that do not feel like waiting for the blog to grow. I might take a closer look at this, thanks.


  15. Great post John. I’ve seen a few friends who are successful bloggers start new niche sites so this is a good option for successful bloggers too. I’ve leaned quite a bit from this post of yours. Thanks!

    Peter Lee

  16. Indrek says:

    I wonder what kind of marketing strategy would be the best for similar niche affiliate site?

    1. Tushar says:

      Affiliate marketing and SEO would probably be the best.

  17. I have just started dabbling in affiliate marketing and that is a great idea. People don’t like to be marketed to or at least know that they are being marketed to. I have seen other successful sites do this for hosting.

  18. Andika says:

    geez….thank GOD i read this article

  19. Martin says:

    Hi, John..

    I am enjoy reading your blog, keep on the Good Work.. 🙂

  20. Hi John,

    This is a viable business model.

    Check out the ugliest landing page ever, but it makes Ling a cool $77,000.00 per month!

    My challenge is in learning how to build / design great looking landing pages, as I do not have these skills, and cannot afford to pay for several at this time, so I’m just direct linking to the merchants landing pages.

    If you fail to maintain the landing page, it can quickly deteriorate, as returning visitors will not see any new content to read.Saw a great presentation at Affiliate Summit West 2009 by author Tim Ash, who wrote THE book on landing page design.


    Nicholas Chase

    1. Tushar says:


      That honestly a very, very ugly landing page.

      You weren’t exaggerating at all.

  21. Oh, you also mispelled the word ‘affiliate” my bad for bring it up

    1. Tushar says:

      Good thing I wasn’t the only person to notice that.

  22. I learned this awhile ago. But the trick is to create true additional value, and not just regular thin content. Thin sites like this are on the out.

    The best way to do that is to implement some user interaction and content creation.

  23. Good article. You may want to correct the word “affiliate” in the title…

  24. king says:

    Great idea, I love it, and maybe want to make the landing page reviewed-based. Even it is so hard to do 🙂

  25. Tushar says:

    It’s an old way now, but cool to see your take on it, John.

  26. Dot Com Dud says:

    I’m about to start a site like this so the link to the affiliate cloaking post was very handy. Interesting case study too!

  27. thank you so much. A nice article!

  28. mlchelsea says:

    Hey John,

    I think that this is good information for a variety of affiliates looking for additional ways to expand their presence away from the norm of catchy sales LP’s. However, the focus on content is key here. Don’t expect to woo them without engaging content!

  29. Like the many ideas out there, this is another to have in your money-making utility belt. Diversify your earnings potential using this and several other marketing ideas and you’ll be in a much better position for the future.

  30. game-girl says:

    Diversification of earnings is a brilliant idea I am always thinking of.The times show that money currents must be from everywhere you can get it.

  31. Very interesting and useful post, though I do not plan to create an affiliate site now but who knows what the future will bring 🙂

  32. Good post on the website, but how to you guide people to the site. Is it all adwords or other types of adverting? Half of the battle is getting people to the site.

  33. dollars says:

    Thanks for that example. I suspect that even though it’s not the sexiest site out there, it’s still effective in making bucks. So much opportunity out there…..

  34. Good point about the email capture. I never really thought about that in relation to simple niche sites like this one – it seems more just like a “grab and git” type site where the owner doesn’t really care if you come back. But now that I think about it, an email list would be useful for highlighting casino promotions, big winnings (assuming you can get that kind of info), etc.

  35. Lee Ka Hoong says:


    I see that your title tag has typo error? Is it “Affiliate” instead of “Affilaite” or you purposely type it? 🙂
    Between, I’m new in Affiliate program where I just think it’s difficult to sell products in my blog (I tried it before). =.=”

    Good post indeed John! 🙂


  36. Just wondering about the legal ramifications of a site like this? Since it is illegal to participate in online gambling here in the United States, are you subject to prosecution if you are recommending – or making affiliate money from – these sites?

    The owner of this site does reside in the United States, and I am wondering if you are not asking for problems down the road promoting online gambling – even though it is vaguely disguised as a “review” site..

    Just wondering…

    Robert C – The Wholesale Products Guy

  37. HPG Inc says:

    Hey, it may be an ugly affiliate site, but if it works dont complain. You are right John, Gambling websites make a lot of money, why not take a piece of the pie?

  38. Capturing emails it is the best way to have recurring customers. Not every people will like to buy at the first time, so capturing their email will allow you to give them a reminding message of your offer.

  39. I agree with John. Thanks for share.

  40. Linn says:

    Over 4k a day, that sounds very promising..

    interesting read indeed..thanks for sharing

  41. $4,000 in one day!! that sounds very interesting 😉
    I think I should start testing this

  42. Luca says:

    Niche sites are great but picking the right affiliate program or product is wjere the research needs to be before starting the site. Promote what you would buy not everything and anything

  43. Abi says:

    John you misspelled for affiliate

  44. Great article. I’m trying to focus more on niche sites as I think it will work for me better than blogging, as at the moment I work full time (two jobs) and cannot afford the time to blog continually… and I so many interests I now have 3 -4 well defined niches.

    I’m looking for info on how to use the Thesis theme as more of a “content management system” aka… a niche site.

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