How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines

Brian Clark over at Copyblogger has create a new 28-page white paper called How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines. Personally, I think SEO is for the birds but the report is still worth a read because Brian Clark really knows his stuff.

The cool thing about the report is it’s completely free to download without any kind of email opt in required. As a matter of fact, here’s the direct download link. Some of the highlights of the white paper include:

  • Why SEO Copywriting Still Matters
  • How Search Engines Work
  • Why You Have to Spoon Feed Search Engines
  • The 5 Essential Elements of Keyword Research
  • How to Create Cornerstone Content That Google Loves
  • Five Link Building Strategies That Work
  • Five Areas to Focus On for Effective SEO Copywriting
  • Why Writing for People Works for Search Engines
  • How to Make SEO Copywriting Simple

Download How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines

46 thoughts on “How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines”

  1. d3so says:

    That’s the way to do it! Nice content outline and offering the ebook through direct download is convenient.
    And possibly more effective if people liked the ebook and then opted-in into a list 😉
    downloading now!
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Thanks for the direct link. Much appreciated.
    Good to see some SEO stuff again – I love free traffic.

    1. SEO Results says:

      Free is a relative term. Organic traffic still needs lots of effort in link building etc to become meaningful by improved search engine rankings for your keywords. Time and effort, even if it is your own is never free, and don’t ever forget that!

  3. Thanks John. Going to take a look at it for sure.

  4. Steyr C. says:

    Very informative PDF files, Thanks you so much John.

    1. And easy download as well.

  5. The picture for you thumbnail post is enough to get almost anyone to click. How do I go to that party? 🙂

    1. I was thinking the same thing, lol

  6. Free Picks says:

    this is really simple guide, thanks for this john

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Thanks for the book, It’s always impressive how complicated things that are incredibly easy at first look can be and how much certain details matter.

  8. What I find interesting is the fact that he calls it a white paper, and not an ebook. If you want an SEO Book, then you must subscribe to Aaron Wall’s SEOBook. Really good information to be found there, but loads of pages.

    1. So you are also fond of Aaron …

      Do you also do SEO or only web design.

      1. I should probably pick up a copy of that. I’ve heard great things.

  9. This is a much needed free book that I would definitely recommend reading because this is the area that most Internet marketers lack

    1. Actually I think integrity is the area that most internet marketers lack… but that’s a separate white paper…

      1. I would agree entirely, and it’s sad

  10. Eunus Hosen says:

    Thank you very much John for sharing the direct download link.

  11. You can learn so much from Brian Clark’s article about writing for SEO Search Engine Optimization and ranking high with Google. But also read between the lines of his article to learn how to write better. This is literate, clear, engaging copy from a master copywriter.

  12. Javalate says:

    Great ebook, direct download ! Wow, thanks for sharing

    1. Yes direct link is making this more attractive and exciting one.

  13. fas says:

    Thanks John. Just downloaded it.

  14. I agree with you John on SEO. Too many people get obsessed with getting high search engine rankings, but their web sites are not worth a second visit. Good content is what drives traffic continuously, not cleverly worded keywords.

  15. I do not think SEO is much of a mystery. Adding content and links naturally is the only way to rank higher in the search engines. OH, yes, lets not forget about TIME as well.

  16. John Paul says:

    Writing SEO ranking content isn’t that hard.. but is it something you want to do ALL the time?\

    Will readers like to always read your keyword filled posts?

    1. You don’t need to have a keyword filled post for it to be SEO friendly. On the other hand, if readers come to a blog about Internet marketing, there’s a great possibility they want to read about a lot of the hot (keyword related) topics.

      1. If you want to establish yourself as brand than you should and must maintain a right combination of SEO and visitors friendly contents.

        Loss on any criteria will cost you loss.

  17. Sweepstakes says:

    Thanks for the link to the download, I am interested in reading more on your opinion of the irrelevance of SEO too.


    1. d3so says:

      I don’t think SEO can be rendered irrelevant because it can definitely be beneficial towards a site’s growth.
      I think it’s better to say that most people need to put less emphasis in SEO and concentrate more on quality content. Am I right?

      1. jtGraphic says:

        You are. SEO only really matters when you’re ranking for terms that get volume. Theoretically there is a limit on what Google sends you depending on the terms. Sometimes that limit is pretty high and brings a lot of value. Doing SEO for obscure terms can be useless though.

        1. d3so says:

          True, ranking for obscure terms is a lost cause but I actually rank for some unintentionally.

          1. Sweepstakes says:

            Some of the first terms that brought traffic to my site from google were unintentional words and phrases, usually misspellings of what I meant to post.

          2. d3so says:

            Did you fix these mispelt words or keep them as is?
            For me, I would rank for a phrase because a word in my post associated with that phrase.

          3. sweepstakes says:

            If they brought me search results that were relevant to my site, I left them. I needed all the help I could get

          4. d3so says:

            So you changed the irrelevant terms? I kept mine as is, now I’m starting to wonder if it does any harm…

  18. looks awesome, john, will head on over and check it out

  19. “Personally, I think SEO is for the birds” One question, John, how much of your traffic is send by the search engines? SEO is just one part of the game, great content is another one, but great content without basic SEO is worthless, because nobody will find it, SY

  20. Jay Brock says:

    Thanks for the link, kind sir! Question: Why do you think “SEO is for the birds” John? Your thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated, especially because it’s obvious that you’ve got SEO in play. Gracias amigo!

    1. That’s a good question. I hear a lot of people saying that actually, and it’s confusing!

  21. Thank you for the post and the download link. I’ve just downloaded the report and will have a good read of it.

    I enjoy the ideas you share on your website and thank you for providing it to us. I most especially like the facebook marketing side of things.

    Thanks again.

  22. Boy this one is really simply click and pdf file in your computer.

    Really comfortable download and I think every blogger should use such pattern only.

    1. That would ruin the list building business, wouldn’t it? 😉 SY

  23. Thanks for letting us know. will take a look.

    1. I need my wisdom teeth out still… Do you make house calls?

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