How To Create Your Own Million Dollar Ebook

Jacob Hiller is a certified trainer and the author of The Jump Manual, a guide to vertical jump training. If you’re into volleyball or basketball, this is the resource for you.

If The Jump Manual was an actual book instead of an ebook, it would have made the New York Times bestseller list. So far, Jacob has sold over $1 million worth of his book and has garnered attention from ESPN, Men’s Health and Sports Illustrated. How did he do all this?

“I was the young kid who wanted to dunk just like most young boys and I never really grew out of it. I went from one thing to another that worked or didn’t work and developed my own theories on how to get high in the air, and I started training other people to do it.”

Starting with a really bad YouTube video, in which he propped up a mattress covered in a green sheet as a backdrop, Jacob gave out his tips on how to jump higher. The videos got such a good response, Jacob leveraged it into a website and The Jump Manual ebook.

Initially, Jacob gave The Jump Manual away for free until the testimonials began rolling in. Then he sold the eBook for $15 using PayPal. Then he put the book on Clickbank and raised the price to $67 with the option of adding jump coaching services at $9 per month. Jacob now sells 500 and 1,000 books per month, earning up to $75,000 monthly.

Watch the video below to find out how Jacob took a single idea and turned it into a million-dollar business.