How To Do Advanced Ninja Branding

It’s time for another John Chow dot Com screen cast. This time, I’m going to show you how to do some advanced branding using the Ninja Affiliate WordPress plugin. Normally, Ninja Affiliate is used to make money online by turning certain keywords in your WordPress blog into affiliate links. However, the plugin can also be used as a great branding tool.

Make Your Domain Name Stand Out

Branding starts with your domain name. Whenever possible, you want your URL repeated over and over again. This is especially true when using social media services like Facebook and Twitter. The problem with these services is the URL contains their brand and not yours. For example, my Facebook account is located at The URL is way too long to remember (especially with the number at the end) and if I were to give that to someone on the street, he’ll forget it long before he gets home.

This is where the Ninja Affiliate comes in. Instead of giving out a long URL that will be forgotten, I just tell the person my Facebook page is located at If you click the link or type it into a web browser, it will take you to my Facebook page. Using the Ninja Affiliate plugin, I reinforce my brand and give out an easy to remember URL to any of the social media sites I want to be associated with. Watch the video to find out how this is done.

To find out more about the Ninja Affiliate WordPress plugin, read my review here.

58 thoughts on “How To Do Advanced Ninja Branding”

  1. Great tip! So easy and so common sense but I had not thought about it….

    1. Ryan McLean says:

      So straightforward
      I am loving the screen casts
      I actually got some screencasting softwares so I can make some videos to promote my flip mino competition

      1. Seems like it could be fairly useful!! Thanks for the heads up!

    2. Yeah, strange how most of us haven’t thought of that before, plus it makes a lot of sense.

    3. Sebastien says:

      Great advice. I will look into installing it immediately.

  2. BenSpark says:

    I’ve been toying with purchasing this plug in. Is it worth it? I think you just sold me on the branding possibilities alone.

    1. John Chow says:

      Let me ask you this. Isn’t your name and brand worth $97? Your answer to my question will answer your question.

      1. No its not! He charges for a plugin which is free at Try WP-Marketer.

        1. This is John Chow. Why offer a free plugin when he could have an affiliate link?

          1. Reyn Aria says:

            haha…. that’s a nice point :p

        2. I’ve already seen that plugin, but Ninja Affiliate is better, IMO.

  3. An interesting domain name will definately catch my attention especially in the current setting where most of the’s are taken and people are coming up with their own variations. Like the idea of a short domain though I didn’t go with one.

  4. I like this and I think the money is definitely worth every penny.

  5. Pheak Tol says:

    the money is worth it, branding and marketing establishing your name out there will help you in the long run so $97 is just a penny to the sum of what it’s worth, IMO.

    Thanks for the ninja affiliate screening, John

  6. Good tip about branding!

    If you just need a plugin to do this, you can have one for free as well. For example can do the same thing, you create a page or post in your blog and you set this plugin to forward it to any URL you want. Exactly the same as explained in this post! And free!


    1. That plugin doesn’t have even close to all the features that Ninja Affiliate does.

  7. Chris Fox says:

    Can you not just setup a simple redirect in your .htaccess that costs nothing.

    redirect /facebook

    For example will redirect now to your face book address. You wont need to pay $97 to do it

    1. Haha!! Why din’t I think of that ? 😛

    2. John Chow says:

      Yes you can but I hate editing the htaccess file. Always scare I’ll mess something up. Use the the plugin is a lot easier and more convenient.

    3. Also is the convenience of having all of your links together in one single place, easier to manage.
      For instance If you spread a ninja link all over the internet and suddenly that merchant disappear or get broke, instead of trying to remember all the forums or blogs where you left a link that is not longer useful for you, you just look for a similar product from another merchant and go to your ninja dashboard and change the link to where the ninja link its been redirected with your new affiliate link and now you have all of your links instantly redirecting to your new affiliate link and none of your previous effort are wasted.

    4. Brad says:

      When you are using customized cms you are crazy to mess with the .htaccess file. One mistake, and you’ve fuked up your entire site.. or worst yet, only certain pages in which case you’ll not notice untill later on, days, evern weeks later. When you get TONS of traffic those mistakes COST big money and time. One of my sites when down recently only for 10 hours, but it cost me $200 in lost revenue!. This JUST happened to me yesterday.

  8. This is a good tool. I viewed this last night on your YouTube. Definitely seems user friendly and I can benefit from it.

    BTW – Your response to reader Ben Spark. The questions is not what we value name / brand.

    It would be a great idea for a Free Trail period. With so many great plug ins / software out there, it can easily add up.

  9. Chris Fox says:

    Unless you want it for turning words in your blog into affiliate links then you really dont need it.

    Run a redirect through your site and it does the exact same job saving your $97 in the process

    1. Yes, but you may forgot to change some keyword in your posts that can be turned into an affiliate link or even to link deep into one post you want to be read and link it to some keyword, you can do all this in autopilot.

      1. Exactly. I think some people have missed the one of the big points of this plugin.

  10. This is a nice little infomercial. It’s nice to see how this plugin works and how easy it is to use. I have been thinking about getting it.

  11. Andrew says:

    This is a neat little tool but the same thing can easily be accomplished for free.

  12. Paul U says:

    I don’t have the money so I will just use a free plugin but I am certainly looking to buy this on the future because it will help my affiliate links more professional and part of the site.

  13. game-girl says:

    THank you for the nice recommendation how to use Ninja AFfiliate WordPress Plugin in the work and make it easy and more convenient and save more efforts and time.

  14. Very cool way to utilize the ninja affiliate plugin. Of course you could set up simple redirects, BUT this is even faster/easier, so great work with this little tip.

  15. make150aday says:

    why spend so much on this when you can do this with simple line of code.
    I know how to do it in cold fusion.
    You can email me if you want me to show you .

    1. Paul U says:

      Then you will be charging us!

  16. Chef Patrick says:

    Great tool John, heading to bed now but will be blogging about this over the weekend and grabbing a copy for myself. Thanks for pointing it out, really saves a lot of time compared to htaccess and redirects.

  17. sure you are Right ,i like these casting software’s….thanks for kind info……

  18. This is quite a great concept, I heard that WordPress has a similar plugin though that’s absolutely free, so why pay for something you can get for free? Is it the affiliate link you’re after?

    1. Pretty much all of the free plugin versions I’ve seen do not have the exact same features overall as Ninja Affiliate.

  19. Linda says:

    If only I had the courage to transfer from Blogger. WordPress seems to be the place to be!

  20. SEO Tips says:

    Nice article but its really not worth $97 to myself well not at this stage of my blogging career anyways.

  21. Oh no wonder i noticed the Twitter had a link to your Twitter profile. Sweet.

  22. Melody says:

    I was just recently talking to someone about something like this. He wants to start a blog and a couple of other online accounts but keeps wanting to change his brand.

    This was also a consistent problem I had as a marketing associate at my last job. Everyone wanted to do so many things that made no sense for their industry and never had a consistent idea about what they wanted to do for their own company.

    A brand is like a very quick and generalized summary of what you do.
    The worst time to finally figure out what that is is when you’ve already been in business….but people do sad.

  23. chris kamens says:

    this is a awesome tool, thanks for the heads up john.

  24. Nice video, John. I have to say that I’m loving Ninja Affiliate so far. It has made linking so much easier.

  25. I guess I can see the benefits to this. I think I will try the freeone 1st and then once i get good money switch to the better one.

  26. This is a great branding tip! I would admit that a branding tip along with the plugin is worth probably 3 times what your paying for it. Also, as some pointed out you could do this by editing your htaccess file, but man one wrong edit on that thing and your site can be really jacked up. Why not just add this simple plugin and start branding your name today!

  27. Silvia says:

    I like the way John shows how to use Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin,very easy to do to brand one’s name with great efficiency.

  28. Great tool, thanks. Short and memorable name definitely helps

  29. Nice plugin but as always the cost gets in the way. I’ll keep it at the back of my mind though. Thanks for sharing.

    Peter Lee

  30. Dex Anthony says:

    i don’t know john. While you offer alot of good advice I dont see how that can do anymore than if I just made a directory on my site and put an index file in there with a 301 redirect to facebook… so it would be dexanthony dot com/facebook which would be default to the index page and just throw a php or .htaccess call redirecting to my facebook or twitter page..

    1. Birman says:

      OK I just tested what you said and the difference is John has done as he says but your Site simply returns an error page because you haven’t taken your own advice LOL

      1. Dex Anthony says:

        Mainly because I dont link to my facebook nor my twitter account yet. but you know what I am gonna set it up tonight.. 🙂

      2. Dex Anthony says:

        okay I just did it so if you go to my domain name /twitter it will go to my twitter page and if you go to my page /facebook it will go to my facebook page which i just set up 🙂 yes I am a bit lazy on the technical side of things these days but I am to busy blogging 🙂

  31. Joe says:

    What can I say? You can either do it on the cheap, and take years to make money, or can follow the example of those making 100s of times what you make, and do it quickly.

    Ninja affiliate seems like a great tool.


    1. Dex Anthony says:

      but joe why not do it on the cheap if it only takes 10 seconds to do? I have a lot of respect for John but to be quite honest I just feel that it is easier to do it with a 301 redirect. It’s faster and yes it is cheaper. It is also not taking me years to make money. I started my blog 15 days ago and I am already getting on average of 1500 hits a day with a high day las friday topping out at 3216 and yes I did it free… I dont know, but in my opinion thats damn good for 15 days..

  32. [Re]encoded says:

    What is with the spammers, I hate people who do that. Great article though.

  33. Gagan says:

    thanks 🙂

  34. Great article. Thank John

  35. says:

    Great JohnChow. I’ve been looking forward for this plugin. Ninja rawks!

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