How To Earn Easy Money With Clickbank Affiliate Network

Clickbank is the #1 affiliate network for digital products.

Many people have made millions as affiliates and product owners, while a few others are still hoping to unlock the vault. Are you one of them?

I have not made millions from clickbank yet, but at this stage, I know how it all works. If you’ve been doing internet marketing for quite a while now, then affiliate marketing isn’t a new topic.

There is nothing fancy about it again. In fact, when I see blog post titles on it, I usually cringe for no good reasons. Please don’t ask me…

But can I shock you for a moment?

The basic steps of affiliate marketing online still work well with clickbank.

Don’t try to go overboard with new strategies because it can overwhelm you at some point. Instead, do it the old school way and you’ll definitely succeed.

When I say ‘easy money,’ I’m not saying it’s going to be easy by itself. It suggests that you can literally make extra cash following some simple steps.

The way I make money as an affiliate with clickbank is straight forward. Here are the 3 steps:


1.      Identify and select your niche

Selecting a good niche is not the first step – but the second.

The first is actually market research, which enables you to know who your ideal customer is, what they truly want to buy and their motivation.

In copywriting, one of the rules is to hang out with your target audience and listen to the words they use consistently.

Oftentimes, you’ll discover that a market might be hot, but the people are not willing to buy the products.

Yes, the majority of them would rather prefer free information to paying $12 or even less to get it. In this case, the market is good, but not profitable – don’t select it.

For instance, people can manage acne scars, but who can stay healthy and happy with arthritis joint pains?

When your target audience can MANAGE the symptoms of their problems until they finally get the right information FOC, such niches are not good for an affiliate marketer. Remember, your goal is to make commissions per sale, not per click like AdSense.

Quick note: If your target audience is desperate to buy solutions, you’re good to go. E.g. People searching for “how to eliminate hot flashes and high blood pressure,” can buy e-books or subscribe to a membership site.

2.      Select high-converting offers

The product you want to promote as an affiliate is vital if you MUST succeed with clickbank. Visit the salespage and read the copy word by word.

Imagine you as the potential buyer and see whether the words on the page can persuade you or not.

If you don’t feel motivated to whip your credit card and place an order, then stay away from such offers. The good thing about clickbank is that you can find hundreds of products on the same niche.

So take your time. Don’t be in a hurry to start making quick money, because nothing like that exists as yet.

Back in February, I discovered a hot and high-converting e-book on clickbank and virtually every day, I’d make 2 – 3 sales from less than 15 visitors a day.

Once you’ve selected a good product which pays out decent commission, gird up your loins and get a landing page to capture email leads.

Use or Getresponse or Aweber to follow up with your subscribers and get them acquainted with the product. Teach them how and what to do to get results. Build up the rapport before you ask them to buy.

3.      Take 2-action steps

Honestly, this is not a step on its own but a wake-up call to you to act right now.

I’ve shared 2-step processes on how to profit with clickbank affiliate marketing. But if you don’t act on them, you’ll earn $0.000 by the end of next month.

What about getting traffic to my landing page?

Well, I’ve nothing else to write about traffic generation because right now, you’ve leant so much about guest blogging, search engine optimization and getting organic traffic.

You also know how to buy pay per click targeted traffic. What about twitter and Facebook marketing?

You know so much already. It’s time to act. With a converting landing page, good niche and hot product, you can make good money with less than 500 monthly visitors. It’s no longer about driving thousands of visitors, but converting them is KEY.

Have you had success with clickbank affiliate marketing? Drop me a comment below and if you’ve questions, I’ll be glad to throw my own lights on them. See you ahead!

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37 thoughts on “How To Earn Easy Money With Clickbank Affiliate Network”

  1. I like that market research is the first step over just choosing a niche. I haven’t worked much with Clickbank but it’s worth a look with these tips.

  2. sandi says:

    Great post as always.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Ben Troy says:

    I can have an absoluately free of cost just using blogspot and a free autorespond service.

  4. Michael says:

    i will try to follow the steps mentioned in this post and see if I can get a tiny slice of the hue ClickBank pie !

  5. Articles says:

    Great tips. I works if you take action today!

  6. Thank you for explaining about clickbank affiliate network. I’m just started the use of CB Affiliate, even before i used hosting affiliates.

  7. Thank you very much, great tips as always!

  8. Mi Muba says:

    Not yet buddy; my problem is that I am a green blogger while most of the green affiliates don’t have much appeal and people still take them as freebie and expect someone give them for free. That is why I just have to rely on Google Adsense and see less towards other monetization options

  9. I. C. Daniel says:

    Generating a sale is not so hard, from what I see is hard to keep generate sales on a daily basis with ClickBank.

  10. Darek says:

    Great article Micheal. Market and keyword research is the key point at creating niche sites and I still don’t know why so many people don’t bother with it and think they can succeed, maybe 1 in 100 will get lucky.

  11. Nino says:

    John, great tips, however I tried with clcikbank, but I get better results with licensing a product. This license makes me eligible for more commission rates compared to others. The License Rights gives me much more commission than the regular percentage on the front-end sales and a commission on the back-end sales as well. And the most important advantage for licensing a product – customer is forever your’s…!

  12. Tiffany says:

    Clickbank is one of the best source to make money, but most people fail to make money by trying to sell the products to regular visits, its possible to sell it on hungers market and all we need to do is as said we should choose high converting product and get buyers traffic in to it.

    Thanks Michael.

  13. Rajesh Jhamb says:

    this is wonderful post indeed.
    Keep sharing such kind of making money online posts.

  14. Sana K says:

    Hi John,

    Nice post. I wish to have daily sale stats like yours. 🙂



  15. faisal says:

    Clickbank is a big big opportunity.

  16. Sunday says:

    I have never really had good success with Clickbank Affiliate Network but I guess I have not being doing the right things. Its helpful knowing that one can easily take simple steps to make easy money with Clickbank. The 2-step approach is revealing and practical, and I would really like to take immediate action. Thanks for sharing this power-packed money making tips!

    I admire the message and value of this post and for this reason I have left the above comment in the IM social site after this post was shared.

  17. This is superb advice, I especially like the part where you point out that sometimes a market might be hot but they might not be willing to buy any products. This is very true and and I reckon a lot of people don’t think to look at it this way when selecting a niche.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. Keenan Handy says:

    This is pure gold if you read between the lines. Thanks a bunch

  19. moemoneymoe says:

    the key to making money online is learning what to do and doing it. It really is that simple and easy to make money online.

  20. Imran Ali says:

    Hey John,

    A great post as always. I have a question about Affiliate Marketing. In your opinion which is the best affiliate marketing site to use that will bring you in the most money?


  21. Lesley Ann says:

    My attempts in my niche with click bank or any affiliate market have not worked. There is great advice here fro John and others. I think the most important advice is about choosing your niche.

  22. FERNANDO BIZ says:

    Top tips and very precise answer. It’s great to see how even form a little amount of traffic you have been able to covert sales every day. I get 400-500+ unique visitors to my personal blog only (FERNANDO BIZ) and only makes money from AdSense at the moment. So any ideas on what product would work best when I get about 15,000 monthly visitors?

    Really helpful links on your article and thanks for the great posts Michael.

  23. Clickbank looks good to work with, most people are selling ‘products’ which promises fast income, make money online etc. The truth is most of them are either scam or not going to give you a dime back. So, you have to play smart and not to fall for that trap

  24. Edson Hale says:

    I think the best option of affiliate marketing is that if you don’t earn higher from it even then you learn it with practice and a day come in your blogging life when selling a few hundred pieces of product becomes quite easier for you because of your expertise

  25. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Another great post. I never tried ClickBank to make money online. Will try my luck very soon. Thanks for the share.

  26. Johnny Depp says:

    Just affiliate network to earn money.The click bank seems a great idea very effective and genuine.

  27. Manuel says:

    Making money with Clickbank gets harder and harder due to big competence and market saturation. Only people playing big is able to make a reasonable amount of money.

  28. Great distinction between market research and finding your niche.

  29. It was so true. I started my affiliate marketing with Clickbank, and never look back. Thinking about it, it was about 7 years ago. They were on time for check delivery, and everything was great. Earnings were high as well.

  30. I was wondering HOW can you do market research on your list since I have just a list over a 1000 subscribers? Also, do you post your clickbank affiliate on your site or do you email the link to your list?

  31. Emily says:

    Thank you I am just starting out with clickbank and it is great to get some good tips and advice when starting out.

  32. Metz says:

    Sounds interesting! One of the easiest ways to get affiliates to endorse your product. Glad that you discussed this to us.

    Identifying and selecting your niche is very significant! First thing first. In addition, Working with an affiliate network is one of the best ways to offer a product and grow

  33. Emmanuel Mba says:

    Great read with real information of making money with Clickbank. Thanks

  34. Hello John

    How are you. I have fashion blog with extension .info what to know is .info domain still good for google. Also please tell me is any any good Clickbank wordpress plugin for blog.


  35. Nathan says:

    Great tips. I works if you take action today!
    I start make money with clickbank but it is very difficult to me.

    1. There may be some steps you’re not doing correctly. But if you’re sure every step is right all the way, then don’t give up. Sometimes, results don’t come in a hurry. Good luck to you.

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