How To Find Every Single Internet Traffic Source

Yesterday was the last day of Affiliate Summit West and it was a blast. As I was getting ready to fly home, I got an email from Amish Shah (who’s business partner Jay was at ASW) telling me that he just leaked perhaps the most valuable piece of resource for Internet Marketers.

It’s called the $10,000,000 Traffic Rolodex.

This downloadable document contains the private traffic resources that Amish has personally used to grow his company DigiSpace to Inc. 500 status. How much growth does that take? Try $23,471.00 PER DAY of revenue!

While you’re getting your download, be sure and watch Amish’s excellent tutorial video – he’ll show you exactly how to use each category of traffic, with real-world examples and profitable case studies. Amish also talks about a type of traffic that you don’t have to pay for until you get a sale or get an Opt-in. It’s call “Risk-Free Traffic”, and it’s going to Revolutionize online marketing.

Both the rolodex and video are free so head on over and get them. See you back in Vancouver.

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Download The $10,000,000 Traffic Rolodex

52 thoughts on “How To Find Every Single Internet Traffic Source”

  1. Sweet! Thanks for the information, John. Just signed up! Woah, had my speakers turned up all the way and as soon as I submitted my email, a video started, his voice startled me! Lol.

    1. Well, unfortunately, I could not download the PDF, I kept getting an error. Perhaps it’s just me though.

      1. d3so says:

        Sounds really good. I guess I will check it out since it’s free.

        1. “It’s going to revolutionize online marketing” Really…

          1. lets see the response from normal people than only we can say.

            But however best of luck to Amish.

          2. Abhik says:

            Selling Technique 😉

        2. yes this kind of information is really useful and you can expect great response from the people when it is free.

        3. Very interesting !!!!

          I will look at that !

    2. with the details and data which Amish provided is really impressive.

      Would love to give a try to the Amish’s secret.

  2. Dino says:

    Another magic bullet system!? Yes gotta love those :p

    1. Hey Dino,

      There is unfortunately no magic bullet as I’m sure you know. I wonder why we get so in love with the idea and keep looking for it.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Haha! That is quite true, no magc bullet other than hard work and intelligence.

        1. People always want the easy way out, or someone to hold them by the hand, and they will pay for it.

          1. d3so says:

            That’s why people like amish try to exploit those who want the easy way out 😉

          2. well Amish wants to share his experience with us.

            He also laboured hard to reach at this position .

            So if you will also add your labour with it than i am sure we will be able to

          3. Abhik says:

            Right, and there are no alternative to working hard.
            However, luck also pays its little role.

          4. Yes and thats why most of them fail.

            If you use your mind you can make money like him and doing things which hes doing.

          5. d3so says:

            That’s true. Get an outsourcers to make you a product, market it, and wait for the cash to roll in.
            That’s the basic business model. But some people actually put some work into it.

          6. If you don’t even know what you are doing then eventually you are going to fail.

            Research is very important and the you can make the product or get someone to make it for you and if the product is good then you will surely make money from it. No 2 ways about that

          7. Ehh I try to restrict outsources to sections. That way none of them really know the full picture.

          8. No, everyone that succeeds puts work into it.

          9. so d3so when you are going to launch your own product.

          10. Curious when anyone commenting here will launch their own products! Me? Well, I guess my site is targeted only for a certain niche who really don’t want to spend money so it’s harder for me.

          11. Neon SRT4 says:

            Putting Work is the Best instead of getting outsources to make a product.

        2. Abhik says:

          Though, the reports are free, I am sure Amish gonna sell some kind of stuff at the end.

          1. Of course he’s going to sell something, Amish is an internet marketer, that’s what we do. All the free stuff isn’t really free.

      2. The magic bullet is called work, serious work.

        1. Abhik says:

          And, there is no other alternative to that.

    2. Actually it was magic bullets, plural, So I guess there’s more than one. I can hardly wait.

    3. Maybe I just keep looking in the wrong place, “Magic Bullet”? If there were such a thing I suppose there wouldn’t be web sites like this, we would all be busy counting money!

  3. toko online says:

    very interesting, I subscribe now, hopefully can learn a lot from this blog


    1. that was a wise decision you made. Check the previous posts of john and I am sure you will learn a lot.

      1. ZK,

        That’s very true. Going back in time and reading the older posts is very beneficial. The majority of John’s posts are lessons hard to find elsewhere.

  4. ziinga says:


    Since it’s free, why not? Best of luck to Amish,though.

  5. Abhik says:

    Looks nice..
    Also, it’s a free report. Going to signup.

  6. iheater says:

    Hi anyone,

    Who has tried the risk free traffic. I mean make a sale, then you pay? I’m really interested.

    1. Neon SRT4 says:

      I am really interested. And i do not loose anything, since it is a free report.

  7. fas says:

    The video is slow at times and the pdf does not work that well.

  8. Jay Labs says:

    Chow, thank you for this post, and also your ebook. This is useful information indeed. I hope to be able to apply the concepts you have outlined to my blog. I wish you continued success!

  9. I already have the access there and till now I am started to do a try those tips in my day to day blogging and social media acts as well.

  10. ikki says:

    nice post, great informatrion

    1. Ikki,

      When will you stop spamming and start posting decent comments?

      Comments like your asre true and perfect example of spam.

      I think that you just copy and paste them.

      Just for once, show us you are capable of a real and relevant comment to the post or to another comment on it.

      1. Indeed, I have found his comments everywhere on this blog. They are all just one line and says that the post is great etc. However, I understand if Mr. Chow whatns comments saying his blog is great, but they don’t really contribute with anything.


  11. mind says:

    wow…free knowledge…I like it

  12. bagus says:

    everytime i read your posting,for me you are my teacher

  13. Jimmy says:

    Thanks John for sharing such a nice informations……

  14. nintendo 3ds says:

    Worth checking out – not that I am paying – but time spent would be definetely worth it. Thanks for this post John

  15. nintendo 3ds says:

    The title is very compelling. I am sure the traffic source ebook would be worth it. Not that I am spending any money but even the time spent would be worth it!

    Thanks for sharing John

    1. Neon SRT4 says:

      yes, but not only we spend time, but even the money is not spent.

  16. I tried downloading the video. It was unsuccessful. Any alternative for this?

    1. Neon SRT4 says:

      I can download the video, what is the problem for you? So that we can help you to find other sources for it.

  17. Damn it! They are sold out. This is something that I would really like to try out lol… xD


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