How To Find Paying Topics for Your Membership Site

Have you ever wondered why some people release a product and it sells like hot cakes and other products don’t sell at all? Well, my buddy Yaro Starak has just released a short video that reveals a very simple technique to find out what people want, so your next product will be a best seller. It’s called the Blue-Sky video and you can watch it below.

The technique is extremely easy to do and I’m sure you will receive some incredible insights from it. Yaro uses this simple idea each time he launches one of his membership sites. It’s useful because you can find out what people are actually willing to pay money for, rather than waste all that time creating a product and then finding out no one wants it. Simple ideas are often the best, and this is definitely the case here. Enjoy the video.

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43 thoughts on “How To Find Paying Topics for Your Membership Site”

  1. Yep, priceless info there. Thank you John.

  2. Yaro has always been really big on using multimedia to communicate his message. I’m always torn about how I feel about video blogs.

    The videos you have here are always short and to the point or they are done in a way that they couldn’t be any shorter (conversational or a seminar).

    Sometimes stuff like this video by Yaro I would rather just read it than listen to it. I figure I can read the same information from than 10 minute video in about 3 minutes.

    I guess the main advantage of video is that it is easier to connect with video.

    1. Have you read any of Yaro’s blog posts? They are comprehensive, and that is putting it mildly. Watching a video in this instance does make life a bit easier, believe you me!

    2. Same here, I only read vblogs that provide also a transcript of the text, reason being I am “aucustically challenged” read I am half-deaf, combine that with not being a native English speaker and you understand why I prefer text to voice ;-( SY

  3. Dynasty says:

    Membership sites are great ways to bring in residual income each month for online business. Thanks so much for this video and the free download. I will be incorporating a membership site very soon and this helps me with getting ideas from my audience.

    Dynasty – Drive More Traffic To Your Site

  4. hi..i’ a blogpreneur from indonesia, i think this is a cool stuff to find out how blogging can give a solution for those who try to make money on the internet.

    thanks for this valuable give…..

    succes for you

  5. Liz says:

    Perhaps I still live in the dark ages, not being a member of “Gen X, ” but rather an aging baby-boomer.
    I’m comfortable enough with using the internet, and I have a couple of blogs as well as a couple of selling venues on pre-hosted sites (ArtFire; Etsy;Bonanzle), but I have never seen the point of “membership sites.”
    I personally tend to shun them.
    Why do I want to pay for information I can probably find on my own with a little research…the internet being the perfect venue for doing such research?
    I guess I’m old-fashioned…if I don’t want to pay for information, then my conscience won’t allow me to charge others for giving out information, either. I only charge for tangible goods.

    1. Hiya Liz

      Your point on membership sites is well taken, but it basically works on the principle of giving away enough free information to really entice your audience to buy in.

      Akin to baiting a fish hook or a trap, in the greater scheme of things. If you engage your audience and make them aware of the value you have to offer, it is much easier to get buy-in from them.

      You should go check out Yaro’s blog as a good example of how to go about things.

      Have a great day!


      1. Another thing to think about is marketing. How exactly do you market a membership site?

        That my friends, is a little bit more difficult!

        Marketing a membership site relies heavily on joint venture partnerships, affiliate marketing, pay per click marketing and is only helped when you have a strong Internet presence.

        For instance, if you have a blog with good readership and a few strong social media profiles, it’s going to be easier than if you are just starting out online. If that’s the case though, don’t fret. Not all hope is lost. There are still techniques Yaro shares that will help you out.

      2. PPC Tips says:

        You are right on target. You need to leave them wanting more. Then they will be willing to pay for the information.Yaro has a lot of great information.

        1. And the earn will flow. 😆

    2. I learned ppc marketing at PPC Coach and it costs me $50 a month and it has been the best money I have ever spent on the net, bar none. It has gone on to help me earn thousands in PPC. I’d say it was well worth it.

      1. There we go. Sometimes you really need to spend just a little, and the rewards can be so incredibly huge that you end up sitting back and wondering why it took you so long to take the plunge in the first instance!

  6. Topic finding is really important for membership site. The site will be never big if the topic do not right.

  7. kumo says:

    Interesting. This information is very useful indeed. Products always sell when there is a demand on it. The question is finding the right products.

  8. Kris Malena says:

    Really enjoyed the video. Yaro is a very good teacher and I enjoy the way he presents stuff

  9. Hey John,

    I have seen this vid before too. Yaro is surely a master at the work he do.

    I have also enrolled for the MSM.

  10. Such kind of video proved why Yaro is so popular.

    He have certainly in depth knowledge.

  11. Great Information I really Love to read & watch Things from Masters. But Download link for Membership Site Masterplan is not working. Please check it out

  12. videostar says:

    Yaro is so charming.And he is my favourite teacher in blogosphere.

  13. Kalvster says:

    These are some pretty good resources. Just downloaded and saved it for a later read.

  14. Yaro is a really great guy. Always interesting to learn more from him.

    1. nada says:

      agree with you
      john keep give us new horizon

  15. Sarah says:

    Well its great information, but I just have way to many other things going on, so membership sites will have to wait until one of my current projects become unproffatble.

    I also like his time frame, 2-3 years, now that reality, no overnight money to be made. anywhere.

  16. fas says:

    This is the same thing which was shown 6 months back if I am not mistaken.

  17. work at home says:

    Another nice article John. Yes finding topic is really very important on membership site. I am preparing for building one membership site.

  18. In fact, I personally feel that the Membership Masterplan is on of the best free training resources out there for people looking to make money online!

    The beauty of a membership site is that it allows you to build recurring income by offering information that people WANT to read!

  19. I make money selling books,
    blogging and
    drawing and painting. Writing high paying topics have been my concern. I will try to apply your recommendation above for my blogs that are free for internet users around the world.

    1. Wow, how did you get 3 links in your comments and get past the spam filter?

  20. Nothing words that launcing a product you think will sell and have it tank.

    1. Nothing “worse” that should have said.

  21. Sarge says:

    Yaro did something that not many people do, he LISTENED to his target audience. You have to listen to the people that are currently reading and following you to be able to convert them into a sale. If you release a product without listening to your readers needs then you’re not going to be very successful. You can’t guess you have to know.

    I keep my own personal wiki for my blog (I use tiddlywiki) to keep a note of all things to do with my blog – noting down what people say related to my blog/niche is one of those things I note down.

    It’s so simple – build a following then when you get the numbers survey them, understand who your potential ‘customers’ are. (I hate saying the word ‘customer’, they’re more people you have the knowledge to be able to help them achieve your goals)

    Also I live in Brisbane Australia (yet to meet Yaro, but hopefully one day!) It seriously is such a great place to live. I haven’t been to many other places in the world I must admit but I always say to my mates that we are so luckily to have been brought up in such a fantastic place int he world. The people, the weather, everything, it’s such a great place to live, it’s not as busy as Sydney and Melbourne are here in Australia but still has all the great things to do any great city should provide. Love it!

  22. akuchey says:

    Thank for the video.Now i got some idea how to get my ebook sold.

  23. I just wish I could make $200 a month off of a blog. It is tuff work, no doubt about that one bit.

    Two Voices Blog Crazy

    1. Get some backlinks to your site, at least that will get you some traffic and then maybe the money will find you. Making $200 isn’t really that hard.

  24. What Yaro says about listening to customers first is so critical to success. So many people make that mistake, including many of the top companies in the world.

    1. Yeah, listen to costumer is first step to gain success. Without know it, the business is in doom.

  25. EarningStep says:

    yako starak is rock. i heard a lot about him , a nice guy with great earning everymonth… just great

  26. Shreedhara says:

    Well John never stops amusing with upto the point info, but it would have been better with the info as text too so that we can read it on our PDA’s.
    Sorry for being greedy John, that’s what humans are made of.

  27. To certain level you have all the stock of good ideas and all but after that level you started to feel empty.

    To overcome this problem I always carry my notebook and pen with me. Whenever I saw some good ideas I note it down and whenever I want to write a post I just open this notebook and hundreds of idea come out.

  28. my business says:

    thank you for good video, I get some great idea after watching…….

  29. I am the only one who heard a distracting background noise in the video? Does Yaro has cats? SY

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