How to Flip Websites for Profit

As John and I have both said in the past, there are many different strategies that you can take when you want to make money online. Some people excel at professional blogging. Others focus on affiliate marketing. One other technique that you may want to try is buying and selling websites for profit.

Domaining and site flipping are fundamentally similar to the practice of buying and selling traditional businesses, except the process can be a lot simpler and can involve much less monetary investment on your part. Even so, getting started in this field can be quite intimidating.

To help you get started, you may want to check out the rest of this review, as we take a look at Site Flipping Tactics. You get everything that you need to get going with the business of flipping websites.

Flipping Out with Site Flipping Tactics


When you sign up with Site Flipping Tactics (there is a one-time membership fee), you gain access to the member’s area where you can find access to the training resources. The idea is that it can provide you with a “full blueprint for success flipping sites successfully online.”

Navigation is simple enough, since you just see a list of links to the various areas and resources on the site. The main product is the 240-page e-book, which I’ll discuss in just a moment. Other useful materials include WordPress training videos, PHP scripts, and turnkey WordPress themes.

It Starts with Building the Sites

Although most people think of WordPress as one of the most robust free blogging platforms available today, it can also serve very well as the basis for a variety of other types of websites. As such, the people behind Site Flipping Tactics feel that WordPress is a good place to start if you want to build up the sites to flip.

The tutorial videos go through each of the steps you’ll need to familiarize yourself with WordPress, starting with how to create pages, progressing to image management, and finishing off with plugins, themes, and widgets.


Each of the videos streams through your browser, so there are no direct downloads needed. If you are already familiar with watching videos on Viddler or YouTube, then you’ll be able to handle these videos.

Although the information is perfectly useful, I would have preferred if the voiceover work was done by a native English speaker. The Indian (?) accent can be a little thick at times.

Free WordPress Themes and Premade Sites


Getting to know WordPress is one thing, but the sites that you plan on flipping need to look good too, right? As part of the Site Flipping Tactics package, you also get nine “free” turnkey themes. These range from poker products to learning guitar, ringtones to forex.

E-Book Teaches You How to Flip for Profit

When you pay the membership fee to join Site Flipping Tactics, the main product that you are gaining is the 242-page e-book. This book takes you step-by-step through the site flipping process. The authors encourage you to read through the information slowly, trying what you learn from each module before moving on to the next section.


Some of the areas discussed in the e-book include using eBay and FreshDrop, identifying saleable domain names, enhancing the value of domain names, outsourcing your work, writing a killer sales pitch, and closing the sale. For many of these sections, you also get an “activity” to solidify the learning process.

The writing in the e-book is fluid, natural, and easy to follow. Here is a brief excerpt:

The business of site flipping is uncannily similar to that of real estate marketing. In real estate, let’s say that you find a corner plto in a semi-residential area that has a ‘For Sale’ notice on it. You call the number given and the owner speaks to you directly…. he is looking for a quick sale — preferably in cash.

The rest of the passage goes to describe how you dress up the plot and flip it for a $40,000 net profit. You can effectively do the same thing with websites.

Instant Access for $47.00

Just as it will take you some time to learn the ropes in any other industry, you probably shouldn’t expect to make millions from site-flipping right from the get-go. However, using the information contained within the Site Flipping Tactics e-book, combined with some of the free resources that are bundled with it, you’ll have a better foundation on which to build your site-flipping venture.

To gain access to all of the materials, you’ll need to pay a one-time membership fee of $47. Should you prove successful, you should be able to earn that back with your first successful flip.