How To Forward a Domain To Popular Clickbank Products

When Shoemoney launched Shoemoney System on Clickbank, I decided to created a separate domain name to promote it. Most affiliate marketers just promote the link to the sales page using the affiliate ID/link provided to them. However, there are several advantages to setting up a separate domain name and forwarding it to the sales page, especially if you’re using PPC advertising.

The Ultimate Cloak

Unless I tell you, it’s impossible to tell if a domain is just a normal site or a cloaked affiliate landing page. Whenever possible, you should always cloak your affiliate links to prevent lost commission by people typing in the URL instead of clicking on the link. For example, my affiliate link to Shoemoney System is Instead of clicking the link, some will simply type into their browser and bypass my affiliate link. Yes, there are people who’ll do that and it will cost you money.

Sometimes, people do that thinking they’re doing you a favor. Have you ever typed in the URL of a Google ad instead of clicking on it? Many people do this thinking they’re saving money for the advertiser, when in fact the advertiser was an affiliate and by typing in the URL, they may have saved him 10 cents but cost him a big affiliate commission.

Google AdWords requires the final URL be displayed at the end of the ad. Often time, this is just advertiser’s landing page without your affiliate ID. If someone just types the URL, he’ll end up on the advertiser’s page but you won’t get a commission if he buys something since your affiliate ID got bypassed. Setting up a separate domain name prevents this problem. If fact, you want them to type in the domain name now instead of clicking on the ad. This way you save money on advertising and make an affiliate commission!

How To Forward a Domain

I use GoDaddy to handle all my domain names. One reason for using them is their awesome domain manager, which allows me to forward a domain name to another site and cloak it. To forward a domain, log into the domain manager of your GoDaddy account, check the domain you want to admin and click the forward button.

How To Forward a Domain

Enter the affiliate URL you want the domain to forward to, choose the Forward with Masking option and enter the information for the title, description and keyword tags. Click OK and the domain should forward to the affiliate landing page within an hour.

Once the domain has been forwarded, you can send traffic to it using whatever means available to you (blog, social media, PPC, PPV, etc). The person clicking or typing in the link won’t see any hint that the landing page has your affiliate ID built into it. No more lost commission due to typed in traffic!

Another advantage of this set up is eventually, Google will index the page in its search engine so you could be getting free search engine traffic in the future.

If your domain provider doesn’t offer cloaked forwarding, you can create a new site for the domain name and then pull in the affiliate landing page using a full page iFrame. Here’s the code for that.

<title>Shoemoney System – How To Make Money Online </title>
<META name=”description” content=”Shoemoney System will teach you exactly how to make money online”><META name=”keywords” content=”Shoemoney, Shoemoney System,, make money online, Jeremy Schoemaker, video tutorials, how to videos, make money blogging, facebook marketing, internet marketing, google adwords, shoemoney media, shoe, elite retreat, google check, shoemoney canada, how to make money, money, free, video, videos, marketing, internet, viral  marketing”>
<frameset rows=”100%,*” border=”0″>
<frame src=”” frameborder=”0″ />
<frame frameborder=”0″ noresize />

Change the information to whatever product you’re promoting. The problem with setting up a separate site with a full page iFrame is you will have to pay for hosting the site. GoDaddy doesn’t charge to forward a domain with masking to another site.

Ideal for Clickbank Products

Forwarded domains are ideal for Clickbank products because most of the advertisers won’t have any issue with you using their names. If you try to create a domain name with Dell in it to sell Dell products, you can expect an email from Dell’s lawyers (you can’t even bid on the Dell keyword).

If you do plan to set up a cloaked domain with the advertiser’s name in it, I would still ask before doing it. Like I said, most will not have any issues with it but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

66 thoughts on “How To Forward a Domain To Popular Clickbank Products”

  1. chester says:

    Definitely setting up a separate domain helps than showing the affiliate id. As for Clickbank, the jury is out on this one. I don’t find that its converting that well and am using Google AdSense that seems to be paying more.

    1. Google adsense is paying more than affiliates marketing or you are earning more through adsense instead of affiliate.

      Once your business set up for affiliate marketing than I sure you wont have time to give a look to your adsense.

      1. Yes! The issue is having enough traffic to push through your affiliate offers. If you don’t have much traffic, then adsense is a good bet. Otherwise, use aff marketing or make your own products to sell!

    2. But do not forget this way cost you a domain name.

    3. I tend to like using masking plugins like Ninja Aff, or using a .html with javascript that redirects (like /goto/clickbank/)

  2. CNA training says:

    Great advice. But do you think shoemoney’s reaction would have been different if it were someone other than you asking for the permission.

    1. John Chow says:

      If all you wanted to do was forward a cloak domain to his landing page, he wouldn’t have any problem with anyone asking. Shoe still has control over the landing page. It’s when someone sets up a domain with his name in it and then writes content to promote some other stuff that he has a problem with.

  3. Simon Bunker says:

    Useful post with some interesting hints and tips. Will give this some consideration for future campaigns.
    Appreciate you sharing this

  4. Nice post. bur seems like alot of work to cloak a link

    1. John Chow says:

      I made over $60K promoting Shoemoney System. Does it seem like a lot of work now?

      1. CNA training says:

        That sounds too little work now 🙂

        1. lol! It’s called investment.. you make an investment into your online business and you get profits.. $10 for $60k is a wise trade-off 🙂

      2. Wow John!

        May I ask how long that took you to make? (Prying question, I know..)

      3. But how much did you spend in PPC advertising?

  5. Great tip John – You can also ask them for permission to use their domain name as the display url on your Adwords campaign.

  6. Pogul says:

    GREAT article John! I’ve been trying to figure out what is the best way to get *my* affiliate links clicked on. I’ve been using URL shortening (,, and tinyurl) and it seems to work well in certain environments, but has the disadvantage that people can be hesitant to click because they don’t know for sure where they will be going. Your method will provide more confidence for clicking.

    Of course, I’ll have to start picking offers and building lists that will assure me at least the $10 ROI for the domain! lol

    1. Sort of like that tinyurl phase where everyone would just rickroll each other with it… But that’s mainly internet marketing circles.. Mr. Joe Blow internet surfer is usually ok with shorteners. Why not make your domain name into a shortener?

  7. crespo says:

    thanks for the tips about forward a domain and cloak the affiliate link just with godaddy or other domain provider. this time i can save more money! ^^

  8. I have had this problem and was wondering how to solve it, Thanks for the post

  9. Chris @ TBE says:

    Is there a concern that some people won’t know they’re clicking on an affiliate link, but if/when they found out, they would feel deceived?

    1. John Chow says:

      I wouldn’t worry about it. The price is the same whether they buy direct or through you so what’s the big deal?

      1. CNA training says:

        It is not about the price John. It is about the objectivity of the review based on which someone just decided to buy the product in the first place.

        1. Diabetis says:

          Waht review are you talking?

          He is just redirecting it to the actual site.

  10. S Ahsan says:

    good post John but i think ninja affiliate is sweet and works easier for me 🙂 Btw, did godaddy have the masking option before? didnt notice it

    1. John Chow says:

      I use Ninja affiliate mostly as a branding tool. However, it is good for cloaking aff links as well.

  11. Yeah, that is a good feature in Godaddy. I must admit I did not think about the copyright issues you mentioned, good point.

  12. Garen says:

    Good Tip John,

    Another good reason to have a redirect to affiliate link on a main domain is because if you are taking advantage of article marketing you can direct link it to your affiliate link. I know for a fact that Ezinearticles allows this as long as you do it to the main domain. You can not link to a subdomain that redirects to an affiliate link. That is against their TOS.

    1. CNA training says:

      That sounds like a great tip to warrant a blog post of its own. I think I should explore that option since I am quite active in the article marketing domain.

  13. Nick says:

    Great post John – Today I’ve learned a new strategy for my future campaigns.

  14. DotCom Note says:

    When you froward a domain to an affiliate link, there is no content in the frame. Your AdWords quality score will suffer because Google bot will think your page is an empty page and not relevant to the keywords you’re bidding.

    Forwarding a domain is an old techniques. Most PPC advertisers have done it one time or another.

    Google can also ban your campaign if they discover forwarding in a frame because It is strictly prohibited.

    There is a better way.

    1. Jeanza says:

      You absolutely right big G ban you for this. What is the better way, dotcom note?
      I use adwooz to promote my affiliate, no forwarding necessary they allow to do so, no restrictions.

    2. Tim Paulino says:

      Right Google prohibts using frames to load the parent site in the destination url.

      @ dotcom note, I’m curious too as to your comment “There is a better way”. Only way I know is to build out a landing page that pre-sells on the offer.

    3. Okay, so is forwarding with a PHP header fine, then? I cloak one of my URLs that I link to from a page I want to start on PPC.

  15. Diabetis says:

    That is a good trick!

    I already tried it before but found out that my url is not working. How long before I coudl see the affiliate code changing to my url?

    1. You should be able to see your domain forwarded immediately.

  16. Chris says:

    Interesting post John, i’ve never heard of GoDaddy but they sound pretty good.

    1. How many Super Bowls do you watch?

      How do you miss one of the biggest registrars in the business? (I’m a Namecheap fan, for the record)

  17. You can do the same thing with most hosting plans.

  18. Genius tip, John. Almost evil in a way!

  19. I didn’t subscribe to the Shoe Money System, but I did click on your masked domain link via Twitter or something like that. I actually had to wonder for a minute whether Shoemoney was Canadian or not! Then I just assumed he used that domain for whatever reason. I am reasonably tech savvy and didn’t even think it was domain masking. Great tip! Thank you!

  20. Diabetis says:

    I’m going to try this. Wish me luck!

  21. jagdish says:

    Good thing to try. Such technical information always has more potential to make money online.

  22. Nice idea…If we make use of iframe will be still having Google PageRank in future. SEO tip says that we should avoid iframe in all possible instances?

  23. Kem says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this useful post. It would be very helpful in my ongoing money-making life.

  24. TechOfWeb says:

    nice trick. I was not aware of it. However, for promoting affiliate products I just encode its url using tinyurl service and promote it on mine twitter account or facebook . Getting a seperate domain name for each product can be a tedious task and involves maintenace too but it gives good results in long run.


  25. Divena says:

    Very nice trick, I´ll gonna try it out!

    Greetings from Perú, Divena

  26. Agent Deepak says:

    Thats a good idea. ShoeMoney is Trademark. Right? Are you allowed to use it?

    1. I’m actually interested in the answer as well.

      As far as I know, if John is promoting something of his and he’s making a lot of money, then Shoemoney shouldn’t mind at all.

      Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

    2. Check his comment here:

      He mentions that Shoemoney wouldn’t mind: “If all you wanted to do was forward a cloak domain to his landing page, he wouldn’t have any problem with anyone asking.”

  27. Does clickbank legally allow domain masking……I happened to read TOS which said we shouldn’t distract users

  28. Tino says:

    I just did this. It’s working only if you type in the “www” but not without it. Anybody know how to fix this?

    1. What’s the error you get otherwise?

      You can use .htaccess to redirect all non-www traffic to the same URL with the “www”

  29. cooliojones says:

    Good stuff. Actually read about it this past weekend on another site. Costs money, but if you are serious about making money this is a great way to do it.

  30. SEO Tools says:

    Thanks for the great tip 🙂

  31. fas says:

    That is something which is very informative, so basically its something like you do with short url.

    1. Well, actually not at all, since Short URL would be hard to remember for the visitor.

      The reason you get the domain name is so that the visitor can easily type in the URL if that’s the kind of thing they are into.

      1. good point. but usually they’ll just see the sales page once from your link and then make a decision on the spot.

  32. john why dont you provide us more detail on affiliate marketing?

  33. john…why don’t you publish an ebook on clickbank…there is no good book in market that can give us great information on clickbank affiliate marketing

  34. Interesting that we can cloak affiliate link by use domain name. And the domain name may be become worthy to sell in future. 😀

  35. Incredibly interesting, John, do you have statistics on about how many affiliates you lost because they type in the URL?

    (BTW- I noticed that about 3 people this month have typed in the URL from Adwords rather than click it, since the URL in the ad was wrong and they were redirected)

  36. An other idea would be to use the a keyphrase most people would search on for your affiliate product.
    Havig keyword/phrase in the add and the display url would probably enhance your QS as well.

  37. Zulekha Alam says:

    Hi John,

    Please reply to these questions.

    Does masking and forwarding of domain violate any of adwords policy. Can it lower one’s quality score? Or more seriously, can it invoke the risk of banning one’s adword account?


  38. Online Games says:

    That’s a good iead and it is what I’m looking for. Thanks John.

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