How To Get A Girlfriend (Part 3)

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76 thoughts on “How To Get A Girlfriend (Part 3)”

  1. Alex Shalman says:

    Thank you for putting this up John. If anyone has specific and private questions about this subject you can reach through my website using the contact form.

    After this week I’ll be away on vacation.

    1. Alex Shalman says:

      Btw if anyone is interested in Hugh Hefner’s way of getting a girlfriend check out this article.

    2. Thiago Prado says:

      I have a question.
      What is the best way to cheat on someone and don’t let the person find out about it?

  2. Harvey Sega says:

    How to get a girlfriend?
    How about spoiling her with all the money you earn online?
    By Blogging or anything else? A lot of chicks are interested in money and material comfort. We as Internet Moguls, we have that, don’t we?

    1. You don’t want a woman just interested in your money. Those are called gold diggers and they will rob your blind.

  3. wisdom says:

    Hey good series thus far. Could you elaborate on the head butt? How does this actually work? Wouldn’t it just hurt? Also I don’t think a ficticous stories is going to attract girls looking for a long term relationship. Maybe, but at some point they will find out the truth.

  4. Enkay Blog says:

    The point about apologizing and smiling are definitely important! Good stuff Alex!

    1. Alex Shalman says:

      Thanks. I actually invented smiling in 1984, when I was born. I’m not sure what people did to get girls before that, but ever since I the day I was born it was all the rage.

  5. Matthew says:

    I like where your head is at… but really, do you even WANT a girlfriend? In my experience, nothing but heartache. I know there’s a few good one’s left out there so if you do try, good luck to you, I hope you find one that is truly a good person. As for me… I may try again some day! haha

  6. jatt says:

    Smile and be a does work..really. However, if you have money..sure not just you get a girlfriend, but lots of girlfriends!haha

  7. sir jorge says:

    no way, there is no way this is going to work

  8. Shanel Yang says:

    Headbutt? Seriously? That’s a new one! As an attorney I’d like to let everyone know that, even if you don’t intend to actually hurt anyone, if you try to headbutt someone and anyone gets hurts — whether it’s the person you tried to headbutt or, say, anyone who comes to her rescue — you can be found 100% legally responsible for any injuries or damages that result (even if the injured party turns out to be what we call an “eggshell” plaintiff, i.e., she happens to have an unusual preexisting medical condition that your headbutt causes serious injuries, including death, that normally would not result from a healthier person — even though you had no way of knowing it). Happy hunting, gentlemen! 😎

    1. Well, maybe you can represent all those ladies that get headbutted and sustain injuries from guys seeking companionship. I wonder who will set up the first headbutting lawyer Adsense arbitrage site?

    2. Geiger says:

      Do you also recommend sending emails versus giving high fives?

  9. “gently pat certain areas of the women’s body,”
    If you don’t do this with finesse, it could come across as pretty creepy.

  10. Shanel Yang says:

    @ Affiliate Confession

    Nope. I’m done with law. Still licensed, but not practicing. Switched to blogging to get away from that all that. 😛

    1. Good for you Shanel. Isn’t the dot com world great!

  11. Shanel Yang says:

    Totally! I’m absolutely loving it! :mrgreen:

  12. Tom says:

    Alex – I really enjoy your posts, they are a great supplement to John’s blog . Shoemoney had a problem w/ guest posters just coming on to pimp their products and it created a backlash. John was smart to have you come on because your posts are sincere and they are a service many people reading this blog could use. Thanks.

  13. Geiger says:

    This still seems about How to Get a Phone Number or Date. Not about How to Get a Girlfriend. All the pickup books really focus on numbers and “closing” ie. sex but none focus on from passion to long lasting relationship.

  14. Ronald Su says:

    Be warned: getting a girlfriend will surely distract you and keep you away from your computer. However, money isn’t everything in life, so get a girlfriend to balance out your life. 😈

    1. jatt says:

      i bet agreed with that ronald. You have to choose between compters or girlfriend. I wonder what John would choose if he is still single?

    2. Geiger says:

      I totally disagree. I go out and get “Distracted” A LOT MORE when I Don’t have a GF.

    3. We don’t want anything to keep us from our computers do we?

  15. jatt says:

    Geiger, i think you should write about How to Get a Phone Number or Date.

    1. Thiago Prado says:

      Maybe this should be a topic for a blog about dating instead of Make money online. 👿

      1. John Chow says:

        Making money online is all about building relationships. So these articles are very related to the topics of the blog.

        1. I am Sorry – But this is in no way related to make money online. Scratch your head – We aspect something else here.

          1. John Chow says:

            If you don’t think this is related, then that would explain why I make more money online than you. 😈

          2. Okay – Let me learn “HOW TO GET A GIRL FRIEND”
            I wanna make lots of money online. 🙂

  16. Nico says:

    Not only is this post sexist and racist, it’s also fundamentally misguided. The first step towards building credibility is to be accountable for your mistakes.

    Not having the confidence and capability to recognoze mistaes, admit to them and take responsibility for them and then work to improve the situation would lead to being written off as a showy jackass of no substance.

    Nice one.

    1. Geiger says:

      I would actually say the biggest part of credibility is to be expected NOT to make mistakes. If you’re a apologize all the time, you are seen as weak. Don’t be wrong in the first place!

  17. Richard


    Nice post Alex, I’ve been studying and applying pickup, personal change and development for a couple years now and even though nothing you wrote is new to me, it’s great for a lot of people here. Some people take what you said too seriously, especially about the “head butt her”, which I know exactly what you mean and how to do it.

    It’s all about having a fun vibe and great personality. Not taking yourself too seriously, even if your a billion dollar businessman. I can approve of what Alex is writing because a lot of the advice he has given is true and I’ve done about 90% of it.

    It’s not about being someone your not but about bettering yourself in terms of relationships, communications and fun. I remember when I used to be so uptight about everything and finally loosened up, opened my mind, and had fun with just about everything I did. The attraction this creates is deadly and I’m not even exaggerating. By applying what he advises, you’re already separating yourself from 90% of regular men (not including naturals).

    This is good stuff, take it, learn from it, and use it. Even if you have a girlfriend/wife because like I said, this isn’t just about woman. It’s about having a better life in general.

  18. Eric D says:

    When I was going to art school back in the 70’s my room mate was an excellent portrait artist. When we would go out to a bar or club he would take his small sketch book. When he saw a women that caught his eye he would sketch them…… they were very very good and then he would sign it and put his phone number on it and walk over and give the sketch to the women then leave. Nine times out of ten they would call……… very clever.

  19. COOLINGSTAR9 says:

    This arlicle highlight most elements on how to act to get the girl’s love.
    Have a wonderful life.
    Your bloglog friend coolingstar9

  20. JZ Richard says:

    Great tips but theory is theory because I think when it really comes to a real situation, it’s totally a complete scenario. 😀

  21. Ok I dont know where to start. So this is the first article that i have come across in this series on this blog.

    N all i can say is that i love it!!!! I actually write a lot of articles on building attraction and what not, but what i really love about this article right here, is that there is NO MANIPULATION whatsoever!

    You know even a lot of the programs out there that teach you how to build attraction with the opposite, focus the first part of their program if not the entire program on personal development.

    At the end of the day, it comes back down to self confidence. Once you have self confidence in the “dating” arena then its all about developing the “how to techniques”.

    All the things that you talk about here are spot on. N i have no doubt that a guy was acting how you describe would be appealing to me or any other female.


    Hot Alpha Female

    1. Geiger says:

      Hot Alpha Female, you just got yourself a new RSS subscriber. Any woman that is honest with herself will admit that they need a confident man. Confident people are more interesting and always come up with something to say that elicits a positive response from all people around him, not just women. Confidence is the first step to being the Alpha Person of the group.

      1. Hi Geiger,
        I could not agree any more on what you just said about confidence. N im sure that people are confident in different areas in their lives. N its about transposing those areas into other parts where there could be cause for improvemnet.

        Thanks for stopping by =)

        Hot Alpha Female

  22. Ken says:

    I have a theory its easier for pretty hot alpha females to build traffic then the rest of us
    The bottomline is, no one knows what the hell women are thinking, And no one ever will.

    1. You dont have to know what we are thinking, to be successful in relationships with us though.

      Its like a light bulb. Do any of you guys truly understand how electricity works? Well i know i dont and frankly all i care about, is knowing how to flick a lightswitch. Because its the knowledge of the being able to flick the switch rather than understanding how the light comes out that will get me the results and benefits i want.

      Hope that makes sense

      Hot Alpha Female

  23. Jeffrey says:

    This is helpful to the person who don’t have Girlfriend yet. 😀 I love it!

  24. head butt a woman you’re interested inL??? You’ve got to be kidding. Do that to me and you’ll be looking up from the floor in a second and my foot will be pressing on your non-negotiables..


    1. John Chow says:

      I’ve head butted a few girls before. It works really well. The key is to just give a light tap and not a full head butt.

  25. Millie


    “These aren’t articles on pick up artistry, in fact, they aren’t about manipulation at all. ”

    No need to put down the pick up arts as it looks like you have done a bit of reading on that subject yourself.

  26. I take exception with this comment:
    “However, do not fall into the typical female trap/test where she complains and you grovel like a puppy.”
    This is a generalization and a bad one at that, my friend.

    And this comment just plain borders on misogynistic talk:
    “…that you’re quite surprised that she overreacts so much.”

    I thought you young dudes were a little more aware than this.

  27. What do people expect from MMO blogs? Online articles about making money online and reviews to several products? Life is constructed to gain relationships and socialize , either you are online or in the society, so an article about dating a girl is always welcome. Well thanks for sharing , everyone needs love anyway. But who wants 6000 Entrecard Credits join my contest at


    1. Thiago Prado says:

      Nice contest. I’m offering one two however it pays 10,000 EC credits and there is only one winner.
      It’s like a very old say about winners “you didn’t win the second place you lost the first one! “

  28. Rohit says:


    Thanks for the tips!!. 😛

  29. Alex Shalman says:

    I really enjoyed reading your comments guys. For your information the head butting thing was a joke and I’m actually surprised so many people took it seriously – funny! 😈

  30. Is anyone else confused as to why an article about how to get a girlfriend is being posted on this blog?

    I mean I guess you can try and take the principlese learned in these articles and apply them towards developing relationships with other bloggers… but it’s just an odd way to discuss the topic imo.

  31. Forumistan says:

    Thanks for the tips, I wish I could do 😉

  32. Elbe


    Interesting little article. Kind of reminds me of that film school for scoundrels. You are clearly a master at this, and i wish i could learn from you first hand, oh wise one!


  33. bonoriau says:

    John, thanks for advertising on my blog … it really suprise for me as new comer. Thanks again, hope to be like U soon.

  34. Denny


    Generally they’re good tips but the “head butt” and “take up space” are bad tips. Are you trying to look like a tuff guy? You need to look high class and successful; not gangster or rugby player like it’s 1995. If you want to look confident, just stand straight.

    Leave the head butts for people you really know.. it’s too buddy-buddy. Never stand with your legs and arms spread out unless you’re so muscular that it’s just natural. Otherwise, it’ll look like you’re pretending to have muscles or you’re trying to air out your armpits.

  35. yanjiaren says:

    This is hilarious lol. My Fiance, who is Chinese always says to me why I did not look for a rich man. He is educated but poor lol. I say to him, hoe better than to tap into all our resources to build the Yan Empire with our own bare hands together. Hehe I would find just spenign another man’s ready money pretty boring lol. I did my first pice of html coding yesterday and I loved it and now I am in the middle of writing a song I want to put on yourube about a PTC site I love . So guy sjust be natural and yourselves..THAT IS WHEN YOU will get the right can buy a lot, but not true love..
    Now I can say wo ai ni in Chinese too..very romantic..and cans ing Chinese songs.

  36. So, you’re going to ask a girl on the first date how many kids she might like to have. I’m sure that would go over well.

  37. Dena says:

    I was a little confused by why this was posted on this blog, but to each his own I guess. Fair is fair though, if you’re going to post How To Get A Girlfriend, I would hope that you will post How To Get A Boyfriend. 😉

  38. katan


    This article is for the birds****

    If you guys are following the tips in this article, no wonder you are single and I expect you will remain that way. No woman of substance will put up with such bull****!

    What’s more, my brothers, while I am biased, are terrific men who would never stoop to such tatics. Women tend to drool as they walk by. It is that confidence and security in themselves that makes them stand out in the crowd.

    Furthermore, I know a lot of women who would not take a headbutt kindly. You’re more likely to end up the butt of a bad joke gone wrong!

    1. So do you have a better theory that helps you with women then?

      Hot Alpha Female

      1. Lance says:

        HAF, you’re everywhere!

  39. Ed Lau says:

    …head butt?

    It’s a bold move, I’ll give you that.

  40. gadis says:

    How To Get A Boyfriend ? can you write article for me :mrgreen:

  41. Matt says:

    I guess you guys don’t get out much, huh.

  42. Brian says:

    better you post about that girlfriend thing john it makes your blog more interesting to me!

  43. Austin says:

    Living with a Mom and Sister I can tell you one thing thats a turn off.
    Telling them they are doing something wrong and that you know how to do it right. They seem to get mad at this.

  44. Shams says:

    what a rubbish post

  45. Blah blah blah 🙂 Sorry i am just in angry because football 🙂 but some good tips there 😉

  46. Binky says:

    Like Shanel Yang, the attorney, said above, “give her a nice solid head butt” is advice only a tard would follow. I’m one of those “eggshell” people who’d be out cold with a mild concussion (unless I have a seizure first), so even if you were making a joke, you’ve now gotta bunch of dummies thinking they’re gonna be head-butting girls all over the place. Way to go, asshat!

    Looks as if you’ve been following that other asshat, Mystery, so please stay away from me if you see me anywhere. You try your “kino” on me and I’m slapping you so hard your head will do a 360, and if you sprawl on a sofa as if you own it, I’m gonna point and laugh to draw attention to you.

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