How To Get A Ton of Targeted Traffic with DirectCPV

How do I get more traffic to my website? I see people asking this question all the time.

Most people spend their time trying to please Google. Some even go as far as paying them $2.00 per click! But there is an easier way to flood your website with targeted traffic, and it definitely doesn’t cost $2.00 per click.

When I really need lots of low cost traffic I use a network called DirectCPV.

There are three ways to use DirectCPV to drive traffic to your website:

  1. Keywords – This works just like Google AdWords but it doesn’t cost nearly as much. You just type in relevant keywords and DirectCPV will find people who are searching the web for those terms. Keyword traffic starts at just 1.5 cents per visitor (And there are tons of great monetized keywords you can get for that price!)
  2. URLs – This is where DirectCPV can really be useful. You simply type in your competitor’s websites, and DirectCPV will show your ad to people who visit those websites. The people visiting your competitors are the absolute most likely to need what you are selling right now. Like keyword traffic, URL traffic starts at just 1.5 cents per visitor.
  3. Run of Network – DirectCPV’s Run of Network traffic is perfect if you need a ton of traffic fast. It’s perfect for general interest products like dating and weight loss. With Run of Network traffic you can drive 1,000 people to your website right now for JUST $4.

DirectCPV recently rolled out a completely new interface. It’s way better than the old system. If you used DirectCPV in the past, you’ll be blown away by how much has changed.

Managing your campaigns and seeing how much money you are making is easier than ever. The new layout also has better targeting options, which leads to higher quality traffic, better conversion rates, and ultimately more money.

DirectCPV also has tons of international traffic. So if you want traffic from France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, or wherever, you can get some great deals!

For a limited time DirectCPV is offering $10 of free traffic when you deposit $100. That will get you up to 2,500 visitors to your website completely free.

If you want lots of low cost traffic right now I highly recommend you check out DirectCPV today while that offer is still on.