How to Get a Top Ten Ranking in Google

How to Get a Top Ten Ranking in Google

Content may very well be king, but the king will be without a kingdom if no one can find him in the first place. You can have the best online business or the most interesting blog on the Internet, but you need people to find you in the first place.

New site visitors can come from a variety of sources, but search engines typically represent a fairly large proportion. If you’re struggling with search engine optimization and you need a utility to guide your ventures, this review just might be up your alley. Internet Business Promoter promises a top-ten ranking in Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Yes, it’s a promise.

Comprehensive SEO Tools in a Box

Known as IBP or iBusinessPromoter for short, Internet Business Promoter is meant to be a comprehensive website promotion software tool that tackles search engine optimization a number of different ways. It is only by looking at all of these different aspects that you can achieve high search engine rankings for your website.

How to Get a Top Ten Ranking in Google

As with any other goal in life, you need to approach this search engine optimization tool with a specific goal in mind. You can’t just say that you want to “rank in Google.” You need to choose your target keyword or keyword phrase. That’s the first step with IBP.

For example, it would valuable for me to rank for the term “freelance writer” for my website. John targets “make money online” as his primary keyword phrase. After choosing your target keyword phrase, you can then dive into the various tools that IBP has to offer.

Approaching from All Directions

How to Get a Top Ten Ranking in Google

Internet Business Promoter takes a multi-faceted approach to search engine optimization. In the screenshot above, you see a series of six images across the top. These are used to access the different sections and the different items on your to-do list.

These include keywords, optimization, links, submission, rankings and tools. In order to use the keywords tool, you’ll need a Google AdWords account. For the links, the tool will analyze all of your inbound links and the submission tool will submit your site to a number of international search engines.

Generating a Report, Using the Tools

One of the first things that you’ll want to do with this SEO tool is to generate a report. This breaks down the current performance of your website in terms of search engine optimization.

How to Get a Top Ten Ranking in Google

In the extensive report, you get information about the sites that are currently ranked in the top ten for your target keyword, as well as how you are doing in the same areas. These describe keyword density, links from social networks, server speed, keyword use in IMG ALT attributes, number of trailing slashes in URL, readability of web page, and more.

Reading through this report, you can see how you stack up against the competition and you will also be provided with suggestions on how you can improve on all of these areas. Add them to your task list.

In addition to all the manual things that you can use to improve the SEO of your website, as well as the search engine submission utility and more at the top of the page, you can also access a myriad of other useful tools through IBP. These let you check for valid HTML markup, any broken links, and more.

How to Get a Top Ten Ranking in Google

How Much Does It Cost?

If you’re looking for something that will magically propel your site into the top ten rankings in your favorite search engine, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Internet Business Promoter won’t do all of the grunt work for you, but it can point in the different directions you can take to improve your search engine optimization, showing the opportunities you have for improvement.

The sheer robustness of this tool can be very daunting for SEO novices, so be prepared to put in some time to understand what it’s saying and what you can do about it. That said, the user manual offers good guidance and you’ll be moving up the rankings in no time.

In terms of pricing, there are two versions for sale. The Standard Edition is $249.95 and the Business Edition is $499.95. If you still don’t rank in the top ten after following the suggestions offered by the tool, IBP will offer you a 100% refund. That’s their guarantee.


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  1. Wow John with all your experiences with Google and blogging I was quick on my way to read you throw down some awesome tips 🙁 Come on blogger Bring it
    as far as the product no commento 🙂

    1. Well, it’s at least a good title to get people to his blog, right?

    2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      Haha, it was not surprise to see such post in John’s blog.

      Between, it was Michael Kwan who wrote the post. 😀

      Just enjoy it.


  2. First to comment! I shall be King for the day! Hahahah! Seriously though, this is a comprehensive & informative post. I’ve got first hand experience of IBP, and it is seriously good value for money, especially for generating reports for client sites/pages.

    1. Almost the King of the day!

      Still can be the Queen if you want, though ^^

    2. Haahahaha… yeah, just a queen.

  3. Completely overpriced imho, if you don’t understand SEO, this tool will not help you, if you do understand SEO you can get better tools like Market Samurai for a fraction of the price or even for free with a range of widely available, free, SEO tools, SY

    1. Agree, this tool is WAY over priced. The top 3 things you need for SEO is links, links and more links. Get those incoming links and almost nothing else matters.

        1. Kalvster says:

          +2 Yep, I’d have to agree.

    2. Jacob Yap says:

      I agree with you, this is really over priced.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        It’s not a tool for newbie I think. Only dot com mogul can afford it.

  4. Olaf Lederer says:

    I don’t get it I buy the software and get into the top10 of google? I’m sure these tools will help you to create reports and analyze your site, but at the end you need top work to have attractive content where people link to. Don’t forget that content need to be written SEO friendly.

    PS. your FB connect function doesn’t work for me

  5. Jr180180 says:

    Ha! That’s pretty funny. John Sullivan must have just submitted his comment when you began to read the article.

  6. says:

    i just got pagerank 2 from google, haha, thats make me happy so much 😀
    thanks for the tips

    1. PR doesn’t really matter that much.

    2. EarningStep says:

      congrats friend.. look like google love you too

    3. web hosting says:

      How did you get pagerank 2 on Google? Did you buy this tool?

  7. I agree completely with “Market Samurai Review”. Market Samurai is cheaper and if you know how to use it (if you understand SEO) then it could be an extremely powerful tool for keyword analysis and SEO.

    1. Thanks, people always forget that the tools are only one side of the coin, the other site is called “work” 😉 SY

  8. Dan says:

    I’m not to keen on overpriced tools like this one, I think they have their uses but top ten rankings can be accomplished in Google with no tools at all

  9. Dan says:

    I’m not to keen on overpriced tools like this one, I think they have their uses but top ten rankings can be accomplished in Google with no tools at all
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  10. To be honest, I’ve used quite a lot of premium seo tools. The company I am working for used to have IBP, but it really does not help too much, despite the report is good looking and seems to be very comprehensive. If you have money, I suggest you to subscribe seomoz tool; if dont have money, it will be better to read top seo blogs every day.

  11. Greg Ellison says:

    Thumb down on this. I thought it was going to be some tips on getting the top 10 ranking but not an over priced tool. Greg Ellison

  12. Well, to get a top ten on Google, just apply H and strong tags properly, and get backlinks with a good anchor text.

    This tip is free 🙂

  13. i dont understand about anchor text. please advice me…

    1. Anchor text is the text you see when there’s a particular link.

      as an example

      Make money with John Chow!

      The anchor text is Make money with John Chow!, the text displayed between the tags.

      It’s important, include keywords on the anchor text when possible

  14. Jim Rudnick says:

    Yup, gotta agree….IBP is over-rated and you can so do so much more on your own….SEO is fun, eh! hard work it’s true…but fun!

  15. Hem… it seems useful SEO tools.

    1. If you have $250 or $500 to waste.

  16. Surfer Sam says:

    Yesterday my page Famous Photographers and Their Work ranked first in Google for the keyword phrase “famous photographers and their work.” Today it’s ranked number 3. SEO is the ultimate competitive sport.

    1. That’s great, but how much traffic does the term “famous photographers and their work” bring. Probably nothing I’m guessing.

      1. And does it bring “buying” or just “looking” traffic 😉 SY

  17. Karl Foxley says:

    I think I’ll stick to Market Samurai for my needs.

  18. EarningStep says:

    what a price . it’s make people think that this must be a great tool to have . seo has become everything for lot of blogger that want to make money online and this stuff , i hope can help people to boost their rank.

  19. Megyn says:

    u reeled us in pretty good but ibp is way overpriced especially compared to a couple of programs i can get for FREE!

  20. fas says:

    Thats alot but the gurantee comes as a nice touch!

  21. Came here hoping to see some great tips only to find another overpriced piece of …. well, you get the picture …. being promoted. I wonder how much John got for this review?

    1. I think his current price tag is $750 and if he is in a good mood he might throw in a twitter tweet 😉 SY

      1. I think his reviews are $500.

  22. Search Engine Optimization is only one of the many tools we can use on the internet. Besides writing good quality content, bloggers must diligently write comments in other similar blogs, develop their existence in social media networks and promote their blogs both online and offline.

  23. How do you do it for free that would be real value you could add to us John not just affiliate sales.

    1. You won’t find any of the big named bloggers giving away anything for free – there’s always an angle and this one is no different.

  24. videostar says:

    Everyone would like to have this tool for free!

  25. 100% money back guarantee? They must be pretty confident on this. But rank top ten really depends on what the keywords are though. To rank my domain name on top ten should not be hard.

    1. That is exactly the point, but they don’t promise you to rank you for anything, they promise you to show you how to rank for —- something? SY

  26. D.P. says:

    This is an interesting tool. It seems to have a trial version or demo, too. But I have to ask – is it really something that I need? I mean, most internet marketers are capable of doing all the things that this tool does without having to rely on any tools… so can’t i do the same?

    Although it seems like a tool that will clearly make my life easier, in terms of Search Engine Optimization, I can be pretty cheap, since I’m just starting out… so I still need a lot of convincing on whether or not I need this tool. 🙂

  27. John, I really like your intro at the beginning. I am quoting it on my new website,


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