How To Get Back Links Like a Pro

The most important factors for deciding where your blog will land on the search engines are links. Generally speaking, the more links you have pointing to your blog, the higher you’ll rank. However, what’s even more important than the quantity of links is the quality – a link from CNN is worth far more than a link from a brand-new site.

Link building is something that all blogs need and should be part of your overall marketing strategy. It can be a slow, painful and expensive process. The easiest way to go about it is by hiring professional help. The last SEO firm I worked with got me onto page 1 of Google for the term ‘Free WordPress Installation.’ Right now, I’m testing a new service called Get Links Pro.

What Is Get Links Pro?

Get Links Pro is a new startup service with a small in-house team for all your link building efforts. Unlike other SEO Companies, Get Links Pro does not outsource the link building to some offshore outfits. Everything is done in-house. This ensures timely delivery and better quality control.

What makes Get Links Pro stand out is their pricing. They’re the most affordable link building service I’ve came across. If you compare their prices with others who rank for ‘directory submission’ or ‘directory submission service’ keywords on first page of Google, you’ll find Get Links Pro has the best deals.

Get Links Pro offer a total of nine link building packages ranging from unbelievable to amazing. I personally feel they need better names for the packages. Let’s face it, if I were to ask you which should cost more: unbelievable, extraordinary or amazing, you could make an argument that any of the names could be the top dog.

Get Links Pro offer six link building services:

The Get Links Pricing does become unbelievable and amazing when you find out that all submissions are done manually and without the use of any bots. This ensures that all submissions are accepted by the various directories and article services.

How Does Get Links Pro Offer Such Low Price without Outsourcing?

Anyone looking at Get Links Pro will say it’s impossible to offer their prices without outsourcing the service to India. How can Get Links Pro offer such low prices in-house? Well, the reason is they are in India. In fact, they’re the company that SEO companies in the US outsource to!

If you have a fair understanding of SEO and know what keywords to target, Get Links Pro is a great way to by-pass the middle man and go right to source. I will be using them a lot in the future.

49 thoughts on “How To Get Back Links Like a Pro”

  1. How long have you been testing them out, John? What kind of results are you seeing after x period of time? Thanks!

  2. Like Joshua, I would like to know how well they have work for you, can you provide any data or a case study on their work?

  3. The prices are nice but it comes down to how long will it take them to assist you with ranking for a specific keyword phrase.

    1. jitendraag says:

      @Justicewordlaw Time taken to rank heavily depends on competition for keywords and package you are choosing. 3-4 months is what we usually see for local and moderately competitive keywords.

      1. @jitendraag What do you mean by local? Am I going to rank high for a keyword phrase in my state? That would be a waste of time and investment on my behalf and your company as well. So, the bigger package the better results? So the smaller package bad results?

        1. jitendraag says:

          @Justicewordlaw Local means local business keywords. Like ‘plumber San Jose’ 🙂 These keywords are bread and butter for a LOT of local businesses.

          Smaller packages work for keywords with less competition. If you think your keywords are highly competitive, you should opt for a bigger or custom package.

          Some clients who want to rank for keywords like tshirts, cctv or cloud hosting can’t expect to get ranked with a $36 package. (not even if they give me a year).

        2. @jitendraag okay then sounds good I’m going to look over these packages again and see which would best fit what I’m looking for then. If I wanted to get a lower package at first and then upgrade to a higher package could I? Is this something just month to month?

        3. jitendraag says:

          @Justicewordlaw I hope John doesn’t mind me hijacking his blog like this :))

          You can buy them on one-time basis, change keywords every month, buy smaller package for first couple of months and upgrade later, your choice. There are no contracts or minimum commitments. I do recommend subscribing to a monthly packages when you know the methods work for you.

  4. psychomoney says:

    Worth a shot at these prices. It would be nice to see a case study though first.

    1. John Chow says:

      @psychomoney Yes, I will be posting my results. Feel free to send me your results if you want to share your experience.

      1. psychomoney says:

        @John Chow I’m going to go for it. I will send you my results for sure.

        1. @[email protected] Chow I’m interested in hearing in both your case studies. I am going to be purchasing a month and see how it goes.

  5. Toddjir says:

    John, this is great. I am going to look into using this for my niche blogs. And a great price too! I think using this service and something like build my rank and you have a winner. Of course add in a few edu and .gov links and you are good to go. Thanks for the info on the new service.

    1. jitendraag says:

      @Toddjir: I would definitely love to have you on board. Most of our internet marketer customers use monthly Fantastic package ($36) and some choose bigger ones too.

      1. Toddjir says:

        @jitendraag Yes, I will be looking into your service tomorrow. It is defiantly cheaper then hiring someone from elance or somewhere. And as I said I really think your service would be great for niche blogs with low to moderate competition keywords. Well I also think it would work for high comp keywords too, just take a little longer. Can I ask do you build back links to the links you give?

        1. jitendraag says:

          @Toddjir Sounds good. The reason people on elance might sometimes be costlier is because they have to spend a lot of time on bidding and elance takes their fee too. Someone has to pay for it 🙂

          Sure, my methods work on high competition keywords too (I can send you some samples once I get your email) .

          We can do custom link building. But most people building links to links are using xrumer etc. We don’t believe in those methods.

        2. Toddjir says:

          @jitendraag Agreed, I get so much Xrumer spam on my blogs it’s not funny.

  6. jitendraag says:

    @John: Thanks a lot for mentioning us on your blog. You have a point about names, but frankly none of the packages are better than others. They are just ‘suitable’ for websites with certain amount of competition. Our support / service quality doesn’t change with each package. They are essentially at par with each other 🙂

  7. Their services are worth looking for I guess. Maybe I can try checking them out.

  8. Saif345 says:

    nice. links are the backbone of search engine ranking.


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  9. Robert says:

    This looks promising. If you want to have quality links you just have to do it yourself or in your case, in your own office. With this, you can control the quality of your links. Good job.

  10. I am against buying links and blog comments, I think that Google will find them sooner or later and when I am punished. I’d be a little cautious about buying links.

    1. jitendraag says:

      @Property Marbella You are making a good choice when you avoid buying links. I don’t promote the practice either. On the other hand, blog comments that are really written by human beings after reading the post have nothing wrong with them; specially when they are made on moderated blogs.

    2. @Property Marbella I don’t think Google will ever catch up. Why? Because if it was the case, I would simply buy shitty links to my competitors’ websites and have them penalized. That would be too easy. I simply think that poor quality links will only have no SEO value at all.

  11. fas says:

    Being in India does not make it cheap, its just that this is value for money while others most find overpriced.

  12. shahriar44 says:

    my livefyre is not work correctly

  13. griffin63 says:

    I think I will stay with Market Samuri and posting on blogs plus distributing articles on Ezine plus others

    Helpful post though John!


    1. jitendraag says:

      @griffin63 Greg: You can use our article submission service for distributing articles to Ezine and others. We haven’t introduced any ‘new’ methods, we are only doing what you have been doing yourself, we can do it cheaper, you save both time and money. 🙂

  14. BobRoberto says:

    Is this method okay when your blog hosts adsense?

    1. jitendraag says:

      @BobRoberto Yes. Many customers make their money from adsense and affiliate networks and these are not spammy methods. Most of them are ‘moderated’ by site / directory / blog owners before content or links are published.

  15. I’d be interested to see the results.

  16. I dunno about buying links. I’d say it’s risky… but then again, what do I know. 🙂

  17. I just feel like they woulnd’t do a good job buidling these links..i guess I would have to take a shot

  18. cnandrew says:

    i think much links is good for our site,but the base we need to know that our sites have good material themselves,until now i can not afford buying links

  19. post free ads says:

    i want lot of back links

    thanks john

  20. Ben Thomas says:

    Thanks for the post, I was looking to build back links for my website

  21. dburkinc says:

    Great post I’m definitely going to look into this company

  22. That explains some of the comments I’ve been getting recently. Thanks for explaining.

  23. Fazer Blogs says:

    Nice, I’m looking for something like this.


  24. 7kweekly says:

    Great post. It worth’s reading indeed

  25. rwbovee says:

    This is a great way to create some quality backlinks.

  26. One great way to get a big slap from Google is to buy backlinks. The best advice is this – Don’t Make Google Look Stupid.

    1. jitendraag says:

      @My Awesome Blog I agree with you. Buying links can be dangerous as John already pointed out. Our services don’t involve buying or exchanging links.

  27. Awesome post. looks informative thank you for sharing

  28. Thanks for this post, I think I should dropby more often to learn more, keep on posting specially articles on blogtraffic.

  29. Backlinks says:

    This is a nice service from what you have described it to us. Had different experience with Indian companies. Will try this and hope it will be on a positive side.

    Thank you for the information.

    1. jitendraag says:

      @Backlinks Thanks for the good words. I do hope you will consider using our services.

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