How To Get Massive Amounts of Twitter Interactions

Over the past month I’ve been pushing hard to get interactions on my @Organize Twitter handle.  One problem though, I’m a brand… and nobody wants to follow a brand on Twitter.  I guess it’s not cool.  In this post I’ll teach you some of the strategies behind one of the strongest and most interacted handles on Twitter @notebook.

Branden Hampton has become a good friend of mine over the past month as he’s one of the leading experts in Twitter marketing.  He puts up a tweet and gets LARGE amounts of interactions.  Literally, he tweets 30+ times a day and each ones get’s 2500+ interactions on.  I had a chance to sit down and interview him.  Not only will I teach you how to get massive amounts of Twitter interactions but I’ll teach you how to make money on Twitter.  Enjoy!

How do I advertise as a Brand?


As a brand on Twitter the most important thing to remember is that in your social presence you, are no longer your company; you’re merely a specialist in your industry. If you educate your potential customers on your industry in general, they’ll look to buy from you when it’s time to spend money your space.  Basically, you are no longer a brand, you should be an expert in your industry and help people out.

An example being, if you’re, say, an engagement ring company, instead of constantly blasting your merchandise 24/7 like most companies do, instead you post useful information for wedding planning, checklists, tips and tricks and such; then when they think “WEDDING RING TIME” … BOOM, you pop into their head because you were helpful for the rest of the process and gave them tons of valuable information and asked for nothing in return.”

How do you make money on Twitter?

We create properties around topics that we can organize people in by interest; lets use sports and movies as an example. If we can create an account that would attract sports lovers as followers, we can then go in an advertise to that audience based on the knowledge we have about sports fans. Same with movies, if we find someone who is an avid movie person, it’s easy to find out what might appeal to them in terms of advertising.

What is one Twitter tip or trick that you’re willing to give away to our readers that most wouldn’t know?

A lot of the large accounts use automated software to tweet; it’s not always a live person tweeting. If you can put 10 pieces of content into your automation software at the beginning of the day, you can tweet 10 times today without ever logging on again. This keeps your followers active and engaged, and helps with growth.

What is something about Twitter that frustrates you?

There’s a lot of people that use Twitter as publishers and they just don’t understand how things work, start to finish. All they care about is the money, and that will eventually catch up to them. They ruin their influence and kill their engagement by misleading followers, defrauding advertisers, and much much worse. The lack of professionalism in social media publishing is horrific.

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  1. Zac Johnson says:

    Nice post. @Notebook is an awesome idea and I can see how they have the massive following. I’ve been looking at other areas doing this on Twitter in the exercise/weight loss niche. Pretty interesting!

  2. I. C. Daniel says:

    Outstanding information, still learning how to be more than useful on Twitter.

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    Thank you, very useful information on this post. A lot of people make money from Twitter Marketing

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    thanks for opening up our minds in how we can use Twitter to generate more business.

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  6. JR John says:

    Twitter is actually one of my “go-tos” in terms of traffic. Approximately 60% of the traffic to my blog comes from Twitter, and it’s targeted to my niche (blogging tips).

    Thanks for the tips!

    JR John

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    It was really nice to know that using twitter even we can educate our followers, most of the time used to tweet about our product our accomplishment and our desires but never ever thought to teach our followers what we learn during this period, so once you will start teaching your followers they will surely see you as a guiding figure in your niche and then you can earn loyalty as well as interaction. Am i right John?

  13. Angelina says:

    Outstanding information, still learning how to be more than useful on Twitter.

  14. Nedu says:

    John, I didn’t actually learn how to make money off twitter after getting the huge interactions.
    Is advertising the only means?

  15. sharma says:

    Twitter is actually one of my “go-tos” in terms of traffic. Approximately 60% of the traffic to my blog comes from Twitter, and it’s targeted to my niche (blogging tips).

  16. Great read. A lot of marketers go on twitter and want conversations right away. Well maybe if they had more conversations they would get more conversations. Just a play on words….

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