How To Get More Post Level Text Link Sales

Yesterday’s smart move by Cash Quests to buy up the popular articles with post level text link ads brought to light that most advertisers and web publishers are not taking advantage of this advertising source. That’s too bad because Post Level TLA is great for both advertisers and publishers.

What Is Post Level Text Link Ads?

Post Level TLA is a service of Text Link Ads. It allows advertisers to buy text ads that are served at the bottom of the blog post. The ad can have a full 80 character title and 150 letter description. They are labeled as Related link. See the post Trading Hours for Dollars for an example.

Advantages To Advertisers

Post Level TLA offers advertisers better targeting than a site wide link. Instead of a car dealer buying a link on the sidebar, he would buy post level links within the posts in the cars categories. The response would be better than buying a site wide link because this blog’s focus is on make money online and not cars.

Because of the highly targeted nature of post level links, the chances of them being labeled as paid links by Google is substantially less. Those links really are related links! For example, my post on Using Life Insurance to Shelter Income has a Post Level TLA from a site that compares life insurance rate. It doesn’t get more related than that.

Advantages To Bloggers

Post Level TLA offers an additional income source that is practically free. The links don’t take up any current ad spots and there’s a never ending inventory because you’re always adding more posts. My sidebar text link has been sold out for a long time. Whenever a spot becomes available, it’s snatched up within a day. However, I have 426 pages of post level TLA inventory available for sale. If those pages get sold at an average page of $5, it would add over $2,000 a month of additional income. Then there’ll be another batch of inventory available once the next PageRank update happens.

How To Get More Post Level Link Sales

The first thing you need to do is make advertisers aware that you offer links at the post level. Because post level TLA are so inexpensive ($5 to $10), they’re practically an impulse purchase and you should see results just by telling advertisers it’s available. My advertise page (which needs to be updated) has a note stating that under text link sponsorship.

We also offer text link at the post level. Text Link Ads handles our post level sales. You can view our prices and inventory of articles available for post level links here.

Always link to your inventory page and not the Post Level TLA sales page. You can find your inventory page by searching for your blog on the sale page. Be sure to add your TLA affiliate ID to your inventory link so you get credit for signing up any new advertisers.

Now would be a good time to crank up the promotion on post level text ads. Text Link Ads is running a promotion for the remainder of August. Enter the coupon code August at check out and the advertiser gets 15% off his order. The 15% off price is locked for as long as he renews the ad. If the advertise is new to Text Link Ads, he maybe better off using the $100 coupon (unless he plans to do a really big order).

Post Level Text Link Ads are only available for TLA publishers who run WordPress. If you don’t run WordPress, you’re out of luck. I think there are only two types of bloggers on the Internet: Those who run WordPress, and those who wish they run WordPress! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

59 thoughts on “How To Get More Post Level Text Link Sales”

  1. Dad says:

    This is so true! Those links cost a lot less than a site-wide link and if you match the topic correctly you have a much higher chance of people clicking through!

    Thanks for the Great advice John.

    1. Erik Karey says:

      Yeah I think you have it. I think you just need to match the topic to your own field and it can be a great deal.

      1. Agreed, as long as you’re relevant.. it’s good. Luckily John has added those “popular articles” at the top.. this is a pretty good deal.


        1. Debo Hobo says:

          I’m really diggin this new theme layout.

    2. Cash Quests says:

      Cost???? Pay???? You can get links on John Chow for FREE at!!!

      1. Wahlau.NET says:

        now cash quests is taking the chance to get more advertisements out of johnchow

  2. Amanda says:

    The issue with this is I have been waiting months for my page to get spidered and nothing so they either have to kick it up a notch and spider the pages faster or do it manually. Its frustrating.

    1. They who? Your pages or the page where you have the spot?

      I did knew about post level ads by text link ads but did not knew about the cost (actually did not even spent time to look at the cost).
      Thanks for sharing this John, it could be a nice idea to get some link juice to some of my posts.

      1. Amanda says:

        TLA they have it where you can advertise on individual posts. posts pages same thing. Sorry I’m old school so I still refer to things I do as the same terms 10 years ago.

  3. israel says:

    can “pages” be included as well? or only posts?

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      This is an even better hidden secret… yes on some websites the pages are available. I have commonly bought links on about pages and they are very cost effective.

  4. maaan, and I though I would be the first to comment.

    1. Amanda says:

      mine showed up as the first comment then when i checked back i wasnt anymore. How silly.

      1. It’s based on the time the comment was submitted. Some get approved before others so they look like the first post and then when other earlier ones are approved they move down.

        1. Amanda says:

          Plus I think you need to have page rank on them hmm.

          Does anyone know when the google update is suppose to happen, my research said around july 22nd and after and well .. all my friends and I are waiting and watching like hawks

  5. huanling says:

    ๐Ÿ˜€ thank you for writing.

  6. Erik Karey says:

    I would like to offer some Post Level TLA, but they haven’t let me into the program yet….doh!

    1. Simon says:

      Yeah me neither. Its a little annoying. Does anyone know the criteria for getting approved? It would be good to know.


    2. DeboHobo says:

      I’m in but I haven’t been sent any ads. I have this blank Text Link section on my blog, I removed it but they said put if back up. So far I am not impressed

  7. I have a site in swedish and Iยดm trying to sell links trough TLA, but itยดs hard. Havenยดt sold one yet. But did refer two advertixers though. So I donยดt think TLA is any god outside the english speaking world, but I still hope it will turn.
    Guess I have to try it on one of my blogs that is in english.

    1. Well it depends how popular TLA is in Sweden. But you are right, it better performs with English spoken websites since the market is bigger in English language sites/blogs.

  8. SeoVibe says:

    Links on about pages stand out like sore thumbs to Google but they can be effective. It’s best to read the about page in advance and chose the term you’re going to pick carefuly after seeing its location on the page.

    John, google dropped you like a hot potato after the “link batches” you handed out recently. shows that google just dropped the last of pages (you had 4 top 20 posts left last week, they’re gone now). Do you think google will stop the pagerank flow from passing from one page to another on your own site too and not just outbound links? Have you asked about removing this penalty or whatever it is ?

    1. Geedos says:

      Yeah how long does Google ban you for? Is it a lifetime thing or is it something that they’re open to review at some point and maybe let you back in?

      Either way – it doesn’t seem to be hurting your earnings too much! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  9. Great and thanks for the tips

  10. Mr Beach Bum says:

    I’ve seen a recent surge of post level ads being sold on one of my sites this week. I suppose I can attribute this to the 15% sale. Either way, who can argue with selling off “ad space” from old posts?

  11. Softsled says:

    There are two kinds of bloggers on the internet. Those who run wordpress, and those who wished wordpress were more like drupal.

    My .02 cents

    1. Lindens man says:


      what’s your point?

    2. DeboHobo says:

      I am so glad I switched over to Worpress. It is so much more professional.

  12. Steve says:

    I have a dumb question: Where in TLA do you set this? Do you have to be invited to do this?

    1. John Chow says:

      You just need to run the latest TLA WordPress plugin and it detect your posts.

      1. I believe you also have to select it as an option when editing your settings.

        1. John Chow says:

          I believe you are correct.

    2. Amanda says:

      its in your editing your individual sites it’ll say site wide or post level. whatever terms they use but its in the editing, the same spot you goto update your ALEXA

  13. KingJacob says:

    Interesting, I had just thought post level was links inside the post similiar to kontera but I like this way alot better. If the links relevant it could actually add to the quality of the post.

    1. They do appear inline on one of my blogs but are at the bottom on John’s. The person who bought on mine specifically selected what text they wanted as a link. There must be 2 versions of the plugin.

    1. Oh for the love of everything holy, we get it people ๐Ÿ˜ก kindly remove your nose from Mr. Chow’s ass and provide some value in your comments how bout it?

      1. Simon says:

        blogging experiment you crack me up every time ๐Ÿ˜†


      2. Debo Hobo says:

        Ain’t that the truth

      3. Hey come on now…sesms like the phrase “you are so evil” is becoming trendy on the net lately ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. GA says:


    Having read a lot of the comments left on this site most people do not like your new theme. Are you going to respond to that or just ignore it?

    1. John Chow says:

      There’s a few things Nate is doing to the theme. He will send me an updated one later. We’ll see how that one goes.

      1. GA says:

        Sounds interesting. Personally I think you were right to update the theme but it is a little busy at the top.

        Have you seen an increase in traffic? I would have thought that lots of people would have blogged about the change.


  15. Not a Square says:

    Last few posts have been very insightful. Thanks for the advertising tips. I’ll probably be using them in the future.

  16. What do you think, which system is better for blogs: TLA or AdSense?

    1. Geedos says:

      Well, considering Adsense has just been removed from this blog in preference of privately sold ads I’d have to say TLA currently.

      It also seems from this post that John is getting some good success with TLA at the moment. I love the concept of such specifically targeted ads – which seemingly can be taken even further to individual pieces of text within a post (see the above comment from Making The Money).

      If so, what a great piece of functionality.

    2. The answer is hard to answer. Which one make you earing more money would be the best one. Don’t put all egg in one basket.

  17. Alan says:

    I hope the PR update happens soon; none of my pages are available for TLA yet, despite a PR of 2 and an alexa of around 100k. It’s unclear what the exact requirements are for TLA, right?

  18. Click Input says:

    Another nice little tip on how to squeeze that extra bit of cash out of our blogs!

  19. YourMacGames says:

    As a potential advertiser, I am not sure Post Level Ads are that good. I know they are quite cheap, but usually, after a few days, a post is not read very often, so your ad is not read/clicked either. And that’s in the case your ad appears as soon as the post is made.
    With a site-wide link, you know you’ll be on the front page for 1 month.

    1. Geedos says:

      Good point. It’s very targeted but potentially quite a short lived traffic provider. However, at the cost per ad it still could be quite an attractive trade off.

      One other point – John does a good job of linking to lots of older posts on this blog which could also give the Post Level Ads on here a longer shelf life than they’d get on a lot of other sites.

  20. Tay says:

    This is something I’m considering for the future (selling AND buying), but not at the moment. It does sound like a very good way to advertise though, especially on the big sites like yours and on the popular articles. Great job, Kumiko, for catching it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  22. John
    I just got email from TLA. It said Text Link Ads begun using to shorten and secure our affiliate referral links. Old affiliate urls will no longer work in one week so please update today.

    In new referral link, we cannot add your TLA affiliate ID to our inventory link so we might loss signing up any new advertisers ๐Ÿ™

  23. Max says:

    great post, you ought to be just working at TLA. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Well I do not run WordPress and I feel so independent. But on the other end life would be easier probablywith WordPress.
    So this is not for me. I was thinking of using TLS on inner pages but It would be hard to setup for me.

    1. Why don’t you use WordPress? It’s the best blogging platform there is imo. If I were to use forums as an example, vBulletin = WordPress whereas any other blogging platform = phpbb.

      WordPress is the best just like vBulletin is the best forum software.

  25. Do the popular posts rotate frequently though? Because it seems like because the popular posts are displayed in a prominent location they will continue to be the most popular posts because people will keep clicking them. Or do you have some sort of built in system to prevent the posts from staying in the popular posts section for a certain number of days?

  26. Good idea – the ads seem to fit in well. They won’t bother the visitors, and it’s a few more quid in your pocket! ๐Ÿ˜€

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