How to Get Past Ad Blockers and Still Make Money Online

You can make money blogging a number of different ways, but the most obvious revenue source for the overwhelming majority of blogs on the Internet is advertising. Google AdSense is probably the best known of the ad networks out there, but it’s certainly not the only one. Some networks pay based on page impressions, others based on clicks or conversion.

At the end of the day, you’re able to generate income from your blog because visitors to your site are able to see, click and otherwise interact with these ads. That sounds obvious enough. And this is why it becomes particularly disheartening for all the Internet marketers in the audience that a growing number of web users are utilizing ad blockers. By blocking the ads, the site visitors are quite literally taking potential money out of your pocket. This includes both desktop and mobile.

In fact, a recent report indicates that ad blocking software will cost publishers nearly $22 billion in lost revenue in 2015. That’s a lot of money being left on the table. The loss comes by way of the 200 million people around the world who block ads regularly and this number continues to grow. Ad blockers have increased in usage by some 41% compared to 2014 and the pace doesn’t appear to be slowing at all. Does this mean that the revenue potential of your blog is going to continue dwindling?


No, it doesn’t have to. You don’t have to allow ad blockers to be the death of your online career. The truth of the matter is that you can overcome the obstacles put forth by ad blockers, just as you can overcome all the other obstacles that have come along with making money on the Internet.

When ads first started moving from a CPM to a CPC model, many site owners feared their income would plummet. When affiliate marketing became preferable to per-click advertising, many more site owners feared they wouldn’t be able to earn as much as they once did. The savvy site owners, however, stayed on top of the trends and emerged more profitable than ever. You need to adapt or die. The struggle with ad blockers is no exception.

So, how can you get past this new road block? It starts with exploring the alternatives and a willingness to think about advertising in a different way. Take a look at the screenshot above. As a hypothetical example, I “eliminated” the “normal” in-line banner ad that appeared in the post. That’s what an ad blocker would remove. You’ll notice in the sidebar, however, that the image of my book remains. That’s because it’s my own image with a hard link. It also happens to be an affiliate link, so I make money two ways.

Having your own product to sell and promote is the first way you can get past the ad blockers.

But it doesn’t stop there. Ad blockers really only work against advertisements that are served up by a network. When you start selling private advertising on your site, even in banner form, those ads should still appear and you should still get paid. Furthermore, you can continue to make money through native advertising and sponsored content. And let’s not forget about the value of the list either. You can continue to sell and promote through your mailing list, since it’s a direct channel into the email inboxes of your subscribers.

Is ad blocking software hurting the potential earnings of many site owners and Internet marketers? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean you should forfeit the fight even before it’s begun. You can continue to make money in other ways: YouTube, social media campaigns, in-line affiliate links, and so on. Don’t be afraid to experiment. What you find might surprise you.

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6 thoughts on “How to Get Past Ad Blockers and Still Make Money Online”

  1. Ares says:

    Really helpful article.

    You have given really great solutions to the problem of ad blocking.

    According to one survey, almost 40% browsers have now ad blocking software on it which is hurting the revenue of advertisers and publishers both.

    One more solution is – There are some WordPress plugins available that you can install on your blog. So when the user visits your site and if it has ad blocking installed on its browser than rather than showing up the ads, this plugin will show the message that – Our utility bills are paid by advertising that we show here. So please turn off your ad blocking program.

    And this really works.

    Not only you can show the message you want but you can also show your any content when this plugin finds the ad blocker on user’s site.

  2. DNN says:

    Ad blockers do hurt affiliate revenue.

  3. Bharat says:

    Ad blockers hurt in affiliate earning.

  4. MotorBeam says:

    Always be ready for change

  5. Cody says:

    I don’t understand the model your market operates on. Ad block users like me are frustrated with poorly targeted, intrusive and repetitive advertising. If i block something that i never would have clicked, and never would have bought, where is the harm? That multi billion dollars lost income must presume that someone, sometime, buys the products. Improve your SEO, make it easier to find facts rather than spin, and target your audience about a thousand times better and ad blocking wouldn’t be a thing.

    1. John Chow says:

      The harms is many websites sell their ads on a CPM (Cost Per 1000) basis. You don’t have to click the ad for the site owner to get paid. You just have to let it load. When you block it, you are denying the site owner money and reducing his ability to produce more content.

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