How to Get Rich and Famous with Video Interviews

I’ve been getting into the video marketing space a lot recently. They are a great way to connect with you readers / viewers. It is a very personal way to communicate with people.  If you want to make a connection with people, there is no better way. My friend Murray Newlands has managed to make living from doing video interviews with the top people in our industry.

Here is the Murray shot with John Chow at Affiliate Summit:

Since we’ve already talked about getting your videos ranked, I thought I would ask him the secrets to success with video interviews. Here they are!

-Do interviews with people who can share great information, tips or news so that people want to watch them. Make sure there is something of value in each video.

-Interview famous people who have fans and can share the videos with lots of people, so you get lots of views.

-Make lots of them and tag them properly on YouTube, so that people find them. Once they find one, they find the rest.

-Think about the people in your community that sponsors and advertisers want to reach, and make videos that reach those people, so that they want to advertise in your videos. Target those videos to people who spend money, so that advertisers really want to connect with them.

-Spending money on a good camera and lights makes your image quality look a lot better than a flip cam.

Murray Newlands and John Chow-Make the best quality videos you can, so that people are impressed by your work.  They are much more likely to sponsor a nice looking show than something that looks like you shoot it on your phone. Use Fiverr to get someone to make a nice intro for you if you can not afford get a real designer.

-Know what you want the interview to look and sound like in your head before you start. If you know that then it is much easier to get a great end product.

-Talk to your interviewee in advance, so that they understand what is about to happen and have something to say. If you just walk up to people and throw a camera in their face they tend to freeze up and do not say anything.

-Interviewing more than one person at a time can be very difficult to manage and get the sound to work, so try to interview them separately. It also gives you more interviews you can post.

-People have short attention spans, so short interviews work well. If someone rambles on, it may be better to get them to re shoot it and stick to the point.

-If you make someone look great on camera, they will be much more likely to share their video, blog about it, post it on Facebook and Twitter, etc., and you will get many more views.

-Showing people in a good light encourages people to want to do interviews with you, and you are more likely to get great content and more advertisers.

-The best advertisers are fans of your show and want to be associated with it.  They will pay you much more then you will ever get from YouTube revenues.

-Have fun and enjoy yourself and make sure your interviewees do to.  You will enjoy life more and make more money!

Here is a little more about Murray:

Murray is the master behind Influence People. He recently won an AFFY Award at the Affiliate Ball during Affiliates Summit for outstanding achievement. Darren Blatt said “Murray makes great videos and an outstanding contribution to the industry and we are honored to be able to give him a token to recognize all his work.” You can see his videos here.

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23 thoughts on “How to Get Rich and Famous with Video Interviews”

  1. Jeff Hester says:

    Great post, John! I’m really interested in using more video posts in the future, and possibly including some interviews. Have you considered recording “virtual” interviews using Google Hangouts? I’ve seen it done, and it can work pretty well.

  2. Jerry Handy says:


    I actually like video marketing, but kinda got away from it a little while back. I do have plans to get back into soon. Even thinking about creating a video course for newbie marketers. You’re right that creating videos makes it more personal and people can really have a good feel for you. I’m curious though, do you use the mic from the camera, or do you use a wired or wireless system for better audio?

  3. Vkool says:

    Yes, interviewing famous people like Johnchow likely to boost your marketing efforts. I bet scheduling an interview with famous bloggers like Johnchow and Zac Johnson isn’t easy. Something to think about when I become a better and weathier blogger 🙂

  4. Great post John!

    I’m trying to mix up my blog posts in the future with video and podcasts. Still a long way off though.

    I’m pretty sure that scheduling an interview with a top blogger ain’t easy to do 🙂

  5. I. C. Daniel says:

    Video Marketing – That’s Sound Pretty Interesting

    Once again thanks for sharing John – God bless you 😛

    Best Regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania

  6. Glenn says:

    Although not everyone will be at a stage where they can implement this in the way shown, it’s certainly an approach that can be emulated in other ways, such as audio interviews, Skype interviews, telephone interviews, etc.

    Utilising this form of marketing can certainly serve to increase your ‘social proof’ and, as the article says, the interviewee will have a lot of fans to whom they can potentially make you known.

    Thanks for the great article 🙂

  7. faisal says:

    Video editing is the tough part mostly.

  8. Abhishek says:

    Video marketing works best for many people and it actually leaves a very good impression of people who watch this. if video is presented in a very nice way then no one can stop you from become popular. Thanks a lot for this post.

  9. Edson Hale says:

    video marketing is one of the unsung technique to earn money on the world of internet. Right now competition is not as stiff in this field as it is in content marketing so the new entrants will have an age over the late comers.

  10. Michael says:

    Great post. Video is becoming huge now a days.

  11. Easybloger says:

    I’m very happy to uncover this site. I want to to thank you for ones time for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it and I have you book marked to look at new things on your site.

  12. sandi says:

    In the near future I will also use video on my blog.

  13. John Spencer says:

    As usual, great suggestion. Its harder to do in some niches than others though.

  14. Mark says:

    I know just how YouTube is now supporting HD in the past years. It is really crucial to be visually appealing especially if it is your interview. For me choosing the interviewee can also make the big difference considering they can actually give you the right or the wrong treatment

  15. dataguru says:

    Video post a new face in Digital Marketing whether in Earning or popularity !!!!! You can share you videos on you tube and also other people’s video post having relevancy with you like when you talking about global marketing you can share experts video post to !!!!! People will search it and it will great help you out !!!!

  16. Shekhar says:

    is this helpful for new bloggers also? I mean who will take my interview? and If a friend takes it won’t it backfire as every one will know that this is fake interview 😉

  17. Dave Wedge says:

    Thanks. Its a great idea and clearly works. For me the difficulty is getting hold of people who will agree to be interviewed and have something interesting to say. Any tips on approaching famous people?

  18. Mikhail says:

    Thanks for the info. Already doing video marketing with tutorials and I’ve been thinking in doing some interviews with authority figures in my niche.

  19. geekmom says:

    I want to try a two person video with a side-by-side window feature. I guess I could do this with google. I’m not sure of any other tools out there.

    1. Mikhail says:

      You can use camtasia to record this.

  20. Ferb says:

    Hi John, love this post and first it’s important to add value to what we’re doing then interview with many great people would not be a problem. It was a great short interviewed with Murray and congratulation to your product launches, I can learn a lot from that.

    Thanks – Ferb

  21. srikanth says:

    Its a great idea and clearly works. I have enjoyed every little bit of it and I have you book marked to look at new things on your site

  22. JALAL says:

    yeah you right right it’s good both earning “Free commissions” or earning reputation they are equally similar

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