How To Get Rich and Famous with Your Blog Webinar Replay

The webinar I did with Charles Bohannan last week went off very well. We had nearly 1,000 people registered and I had a total blast. I will be doing more webinars in the future.

Many people have asked for it and I’ve finally been able to put up a replay. You can watch it below. If you’re wondering how I’m able to upload an hour long video onto YouTube, it’s because I’m a YouTube partner and don’t have the 15 minute restriction.

During the webinar, Charles made a special offer for his new book, The Blogger’s Guide to Creating Great Content. The eBook takes everything we talked about during the webinar and breaks it down and expands on it. If you want to improve the content creation of your blog, this book is an invaluable asset. As bonus, Charles will include his Great Content Cheat Sheet when you purchase The Blogger’s Guide to Creating Great Content.

I’ve Decided To Include a Bonus of My Own

I am writing an eBook on advanced email marketing. No doubt you’ve read some of my blog posts on the topic. Those posts are just scratching the surface. The really good stuff is going to be in the book. So, here’s the deal.

Buy The Blogger’s Guide to Creating Great Content and when my eBook is ready, you’ll get it for FREE. Just forward me your receipt and I’ll add you to my VIP list of people to send the eBook to. This offer expires on Sunday, March 27 at 5PM PDT so act fast. Enjoy the replay and then go get the book.

Click Here To Get The Blogger’s Guide to Creating Great Content

57 thoughts on “How To Get Rich and Famous with Your Blog Webinar Replay”

  1. Fazal Mayar says:

    thats tremendous, i definitely wanted a replay and some here also requested it.

    1. This is quite obvious that people want to see these kind of quality stuff again and again.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Totally agreed! After watching half the video tonight, I’ll watch the other half tomorrow. Then, I’ll probably watch the whole thing again later at some later date. Definitely a video worth bookmarking for the future!

        1. Hey John,

          Thanks for offering the replay. Like Ian I’ll watch it at my convenience more than once.

          I’m looking forward to reading your new ebook as well.

    2. I’ve seen most of it before.

  2. My food for coming weekend.

    1. Abhik says:

      I’m gonna watch it right now on my way home. Just need to download the video and transfer it to my mobile.

      1. I plan accordingly.

        By the way … which handset you are using ?

        1. PPC Ian says:

          Watched some of it tonight, the rest tomorrow! This webinar is excellent! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing John!

    2. ipad skins says:

      That’s Great Jk. I will now download the video and show to my friends.

    3. Hey ZK,

      I thought you were addicted to real food and gadgets based on one of your previous comments. It’s great that you consider watching webinars a kind of food too.

    4. My food will be take out Chinese for the weekend and an old Alfred Hitchcock movie.

  3. Ah this is what I’m looking for. Thanks John

    1. Abhik says:

      Me too.. Since I missed the webiner.
      I knew this was coming though.

    2. Profit Blog says:

      Same here. Now I’m gonna be busy for the next hour! 😀

      1. Yes because of that I am planning for weekends …

        This is the best way to spend weekend by learning how to make more and more money 🙂

        1. PPC Ian says:

          Couldn’t agree more ZK! The tips in these webinars are so incredibly useful. 🙂 It’s really amazing that John provides this for free right in the post without an email capture or anything. John, you rock!

          1. John rocks and he knows how to do his marketing. No forcing of anything but subtly persuading and leading you to do what he wants and what will be of benefit to you.

  4. Abhik says:

    Going to download the video and watch it on my way home.

      1. Hey ZK,
        Abhik is or was on his way home. He’ll be home when he gets there. I guess you meant to ask him where he was right then but by the time you’d read his reply, if he indeed wanted to tell you where he was at that time he would have been somewhere else again.

        I fail to see the point of your question here. Get his twitter and ask him questions like that there.

  5. Thanks for the video John. Very useful information and glad it’s on YouTube so I can watch it on my iPhone.

    1. Ya I am going to watch it on my iPhone on the way back from Fort Lauderdale.

      1. Fazal Mayar says:

        Does vids load well on iphone? It depends on the speed of your connection i guess.

        1. Yes John moved from Vimeo to youtube quite long back.

          Infact he organised a poll for that as well and youtube was the winner.

          1. PPC Ian says:

            It’s really cool to see an hour long video on YouTube. You don’t see too many of those… That said, this is John Chow we’re talking about – Of course he has the premium YouTube account with lifted video limits!

        2. Hey Ian,

          John is a YT partner but YouTube on occasion lets even some people who aren’t to upload longer videos. I’m one of them.

  6. Lakhyajyoti says:

    It is a great deal John.

  7. christina says:

    Thanks for the download would like to download it

  8. Justin says:

    The Webinar is the best way to introduce your readers to new products and ideas. It’s more animated then reading a blog post. It was a cool experience and look forward to more Webinar’s in the future.

    1. Yes now a days webinar is quite common and all people like to get more traffic and more attention through this medium.

      Visitors also able to see their favourite bloggers in action.

      1. Just reading this blog we get to see bloggers in action.

  9. John now you have strongly forced me to think about buying this ebook with your smart offer. A great deal man.

  10. John Kenny says:

    Thank John, I was watching and there are many ideas ^^

  11. ipad skins says:

    The Video is Excellent John. I have just watched it. I have got a lot of ideas with the video.

    Thanks once again for sharing the video.

    1. Yes these kind of webinars provide you many ideas and if you want to know more than simply buy their products.

      1. If you watch enough webinars you don’t need to buy any get rich quick products.

        1. Get rich quick products are usually useless anyway.

  12. treb says:

    Thanks for sharing the video… Very informative, It gives me a lot of idea. Thanks for sharing the video.

  13. Health Blog says:

    I was waiting for such a post and video from you John, coz I can not attend your webinars. Thanks for sharing video.

  14. anitha says:

    Thanks for the video will get some idea from it

  15. fas says:

    Well nowadays if you have unique content then youtube makes you a partner very quickly

  16. Jon says:

    Thanks for a great webinar guys. I think that if more bloggers would focus on their content rather than marketing their garbage content, they would be better off. I also never heard that +4 rule from Jonathan Volk, but I like it. Also, can’t wait for your email marketing book to come out, John. That is much needed in internet marketing.

    1. I totally agree it is about the content – so many webinars are short little snippets of information that then lead on a huge long sales spiel on some grossly overpriced product – far better, I think, to have plenty of content and a few little asides of products that might help with the process

  17. Is anyone rich and famous yet after watching?

    1. christina says:

      soon everyone will get rich

      1. I’m surprised that everybody on the internet isn’t rich by now.

    2. I guess this is not one of those push button jobs – it takes a while to become rich and famous lol

  18. jasmine says:

    can you check my blog and give me suggestions.

    1. Hi there

      I had a look at it – it is a nice site but I notice it is on blogspot – you would be better to have your own domain for anything you want to make money from. I also didn’t see basically any text content on the home page – the videos are a great idea but you want to offer a bit of text content as well

      Hope this helps

      1. jasmine says:

        thanks for your suggestions, regarding text content and own domain, i will keep it in mind,

  19. Vlad says:

    Thanks for the information, looks like webinar is really a good thing.

  20. I loved the webinar and did get some good content from it – just wanted to say thanks John 🙂

  21. Thanks its an good idea would like to try it

  22. singer divya says:

    i like it is the special one, i also want to famous with my blog.

  23. anitha says:

    i am great interest in using blog want to get famous through it

  24. Good thing I browse the archives of this blog and I saw this replay. I hope I can follow all tips! 🙂

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