How To Get Rich Trading Penny Stocks

Self-made millionaire trader and Lamborghini driving bad boy, Timothy Sykes, is proud to announce today that one of his Millionaire Challenge students, Tim Grittani, has crossed the one-million-dollar profit mark, becoming his second millionaire student in the last six weeks, preceded by Michael K. Goode.

Grittani, a 24-year-old recent graduate of Marquette University, turned his life’s savings of $1,500 into $1,002,000 in two and a half years by trading penny stocks and following the strategy of Sykes. Starting with a larger investment of $100,000, Goode passed the $1 million profit mark on October 31, just a few weeks ahead of Grittani, following the same strategy that Sykes teaches.


“I am so proud of Michael and Tim for being my first millionaire students,” said Sykes, founder of Millionaire Media and “I have the formula to make anyone a millionaire and the success of my students proves that my strategy works as they’ve become millionaires in just a few short years like I did. My students come from all walks of life around the world, which shows that no matter who you are or where you come from, I can lead anyone to wealth and success if they just follow my rules.”

By the age of 22, Sykes was a self-made millionaire after turning his Bar Mitzvah gift money of $12,415 into $1.65 million by trading penny stocks. After briefly managing the #1 ranked-short-bias hedge fund by Barclay for three years, Sykes decided to dedicate himself to teaching his strategy to others. In 2010, Sykes co-founded, which was designed to serve as an online platform where traders could share their performance and trades openly to help each other learn and improve.

In February 2011, Sykes created the Millionaire Challenge in order to put his trading theories to the test with the objective of creating a millionaire out of an average person, a goal he’s now achieved two times over.

Sykes is one of five “gurus” on the website who educate their students by providing daily commentary, watch lists, trade alerts, video lessons and webinars. With Sykes as Goode and Grittani’s chosen “guru,” they mastered his strategy, starting with his how-to DVD “PennyStocking” study guides and video lessons, reading his best-selling book, “An American Hedge Fund,” and learning from his weekly Millionaire Challenge webinars.

Previously a skeptic of Sykes’ strategy, Goode wrote a negative article about him on his blog,, before trying his system. It wasn’t until he took a deeper look at Sykes’ trades and stock predictions that Goode realized his trading system really worked. Grittani on the other hand, found Sykes through an online ad and applied to the Millionaire Challenge after watching one of his videos and being convinced by his strategy.

During their first six months of trading, Goode and Grittani both lost in the stock market before turning to Sykes for help. Goode made and lost $100,000 before he became a student in 2008. However, Grittani made history when he made $215,000 in one day by implementing Sykes’ trading strategy.

Yesterday, when Grittani crossed the $1 million profit milestone he said “the whole thing feels absolutely surreal, especially when I stop and think about where I was only two years ago – just a college student from a middle class suburban family. I don’t feel like I did anything extraordinary to get here, I just did my best to trade well every day. It’s amazing how fast the gains added up once I developed consistency. I can’t thank Tim enough. He’s changed my life.”

“Tim is one of the guru’s out there that is real, he’s honest and I trust him,” said Goode. “I’m very happy that I met him and started day trading. I’ve learned a lot from him.”

To keep up with Sykes, Goode, Grittani and other Millionaire Challenge students, follow their journey and track their trades on

Now, if Tim can convince his mom to start washing his laundry again, he’ll become the ultimate success story. 🙂

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  1. Eileen says:


  2. Edgar says:

    Starting with a larger investment of $100,000 is far from pennies.

    1. Tim Grittani started with just $1,500 of his own money 2.5 years ago…that is impressive

    2. John Chow says:

      That was the other student. He started with $1,500.

    3. Capital stars says:

      Nice post. I like your way to describe every points and i get a better knowledge to your post. Thanks for giving me a beautiful information..

  3. Ben Troy says:

    Penny stocks are not for the weak hearted. Learn from your mistakes and move on forward. Happy thursday trading.

  4. Pramod says:

    Converting 1500$ to a million dollars is unbelievable and not many people are capable of doing this . These guys are genius for sure !

  5. roland rice says:

    its great inspirational post, Its not matter how much penny u have when you learn from mistakes you can do wonder’s with penny.

  6. John Gibb says:

    Man, this is amazing. I need to get in stocks so I can invest all my affiliate earnings to explode the income and get HUGE ROI.

    Thanks for posting this article, very inspiring.
    You just motivated me to start learning about this type of investing properly. Thank you!

  7. You can become a millionare in stock trading only if you follow discipline.

  8. faisal says:

    Trading penny stocks is like gambling.

    1. Then why are the patterns I got rich off of the same EXACT patterns my students are getting rich off of?

  9. I. C. Daniel says:

    Trading penny stocks is not my interest even earning potential is high.

  10. Hang Pham says:

    I really love this post. Love the way you write your posts. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. I hope that I can become a millionare in stock trading penny stocks. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Great job!

  11. Serg says:

    Hey Tim.
    I’m a newb in trading and got 1K to invest.
    Do I have a chance and what should I do to start trading successfully with you?

  12. Hey Tim,

    Wow! First of all congratulations in having such a successful student reaching their millions. This post its just what I needed a bit of encouragement and inspiration. I really need to do some more research on penny stocks. Thanks for the great info.

  13. Jay says:

    That sounds pretty impressive and interesting at the same time.

    I agree with a lot of the comments above he has to be borderline genius like doogie bowser M.D. 🙂

    How much is his course? People interested in learning penny stock trading advice might want to know a dollar sign for his course.

  14. Ron says:


    You should do the same open challenge with your Mobe licensees. Now that would be cool!

    1. John Chow says:

      That’s already being done. But unless you’re in MOBE, you wouldn’t know about it.

  15. Edson Hale says:

    How much traffic on my blog I must have to earn from MOBE. John I asked you earlier but you have yet to reply this question. please let me know

  16. Craig says:

    How to get rich teaching people how to trade penny stocks, expensive guru bullshit

  17. Chuck says:

    I admit that trading penny stocks has high risks, but at the same time they can be quite profitable if the luck is on your side. Check out the medical stocks for example: A medical stock’s unit price might increase 10 times in 1 business day, when FDA approves their drug. Good job Tim, by the way..

  18. andrew says:

    They are my idol! I’m trying my best to MMO 😀

    1. JJ says:

      Yeah, I hope to afford that challenge some day. Was going to try it, but it’s expensive. Got to see some of Tim’s DVDS from a friend. Really interesting material. Pretty much hands on. I would say this guy is for real. And he’s Jewish. There is a Jewish in my town, and he’s already climbing the ladder of success while most residents are struggling. I talking to him. Got some real good advice from his religion. Control your emotions is key to success in any business. Makes too much sense.

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