How To Get The $497 Blog Mastermind for FREE

Judging by the amount of entries in my Blog Mastermind contest, I can see that a ton of people are interested in the $497 course. Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind is by far the most complete course on blogging that I have ever came across. If you follow the six month course, there should be no reason why you couldn’t make full time income with part time blogging. Yaro has students making up to $30,000 per month from their blogs. I highly recommend anyone who’s thinking about making money by blogging to enroll in this course. Unfortunately, I had only one course to give away and that was won by Jeff Przybylski.

Special Offer For Those Who Didn’t Win

For those who didn’t win the Blog Mastermind program, and there are nearly 900 of you, I have a special offer. Anyone enrolling in Blog Mastermind via my link will receive a free $500 review from John Chow dot Com to help kick start their blog. The Blog Mastermind course cost $497 and you get a free $500 review. You actually come out $3 ahead with this deal. That’s better than free!

This Is a Limited Time Offer That Will Expire On Sunday February 8, 2009

This is a limited time offer that is good for this week and this week only. You have between now to midnight PST, Sunday February 8 to take advantage of it. Readers taking advantage of the offer can request their review 31 days after placing their Blog Mastermind order. Yaro offers a 30 day money back guarantee on his course. It wouldn’t be right for someone to order the course, get the free review and then get his money back. The free review can not be resold. It’s to be used to help launch your blog to the next level.

You really don’t have anything to lose with this offer. If you find the course material isn’t what you’re expecting, then get your money back within 30 days and lose nothing. If you continue with the course, you get a $500 review to help generate a ton of buzz for your blog and come out ahead.

There’s really nothing else I need to say. The smart readers know what to do next.

Enroll in Blog Mastermind and Get a Free $500 Review

59 thoughts on “How To Get The $497 Blog Mastermind for FREE”

  1. So tempting! Too bad I can’t even afford enrolling into the program. =/

    1. I agree lol – all my ad money is being spent on right now – i can’t afford to spend money on this!!

      1. Yeah, this program is a bit expensive for my budget too.

        1. That’s why these contests are for you….

      2. Ben Pei says:

        $497 is alittle too ex for me too..

        1. LOL, who says that its affordable. I say the course will pay you back in due course.

          1. Hmm.. I hope it does.. I might give it a try after I receive my CJ payment. But atm.. I’m outta cash baby!

          2. Yeah, Yaro seems to be pretty good at what he does. People using this should make back even MORE money than what they paid for.

    2. Puspanjali says:

      Yes I agree too.A fabulous program but a bit expensive for me right now.
      May be next time.And John what a fantastic offer………Free review by you which should usually be 500 dollars worth.Really tempting offer.

  2. Akmal says:

    I really like how you incorporate your affiliate links… there is a huge success rate in that…. who doesn’t want a free review from john chow and still get the course, both for $497. YOU ARE MASTER MAN!!

    1. Michael says:

      How else do you expect him to be able to giveaway $500 reviews. The affiliate links help him track who paid and make sure he still gets something for his review.

      1. Reyn Aria says:

        Yeah, but it’s a win-win-win situation for you-Yaro-John. Everyone gets something.

  3. This sounds really good…To bad I can’t afford that just yet…

  4. This is a COOL deal … Will have to ponder this one?

  5. I signed up with the blog mastermind program a bit less than 6 months ago via a link here in John’s blog and have to tell you – it is good 🙂

  6. Reyn Aria says:

    This is a great consoling offer. Will definitely think through it…

  7. Have started way too many blogs, just haven’t been able to update them. My last blog was about my passion – playing hockey ( ) but I’m getting lazy about updating.

    The course may or may not help as I’ve bought so many other good IM stuff that I have yet to start on them. So basically it’s about self-discipline and can I do 2.5 posts a day.

    1. Well, how badly do you want to make money online?

  8. Nice offer John…as soon as I get rolling in the Blog Mastermind program, I’ll post comments on what I think both here and in my own blog.

    Btw, I sent that DM in Twitter with my email earlier today and just wanted to make sure you got it 🙂

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, I got the DM. Thank you. I’ll be forwarding it to Yaro to have your account set up.

  9. Cant afford at this time.As said its a win-win situation for both Yaro and John..

  10. Chef Patrick says:

    that is a pretty sweet deal. i’m doing pretty good with my already existing blog but still very tempted, trying to reach that next level.

    1. Yeah, this would be a great source to get you there.

  11. what a great chance but the package is too expensive for a start up blogger….

    JC, you should give us more discounts though (n_n)

    1. John Chow says:

      More discount? You’re already ahead of the game by $3 and you want more discount? Please don’t tell me you’re one of those people who thinks everything on the Internet should be free. If you can’t see how good of a deal this is, then I can’t help you.

      1. about the discount, im not serious though. I was joking btw. (n_n) I do aware that you have give and help us a lot.

        Don’t take it serious k?

        Btw, I do pay for stuff that can help to make me+ blog but the package is over my budget though. I will definitely buy it one day if it is still around (n_n)

  12. JGLOGS says:

    wow. i surly can’t afford this. but it seems tempting 😛

  13. What a great deal. I don’t really need this, but good for anyone that does it!

  14. Agung says:

    I think its not about the $497… what matter to me is the course… if you would have the same course/money online course, i would definitely die for it…

  15. chuan says:

    wow! sounds great! 😉

  16. Jake says:

    Kudos to John! This is much better planned promotion than most other methods I’ve seen. Free stuff combined to Twitter or RSS following doesn’t really give compounding value like this offer does. Expect to see better than normal subscribtion rate.

    You might want to develop this into a product of it’s own. You could then offer it with other campaigns as an incentive, which is separated from your normal reviews.

  17. $500. Worth for trying. But I really don’t believe that I would win. It is not because I am pessimist but I think I don’t have luck for this stuff.

  18. SEO Tips says:

    I would love too but I really cant afford the enrollment fee :'(

  19. Ben Pei says:

    Danh why don’t I have any luck with these contestS?

  20. Hi John,

    Great offer, the value is for having your blog review read by 47,000+ readers on this blog! For a new blogger it would take years to be able to reach so many readers with one review on your site.

    And the publicity from this would be even more valuable!


    Nicholas Chase

  21. make150aday says:

    i do not see any interested people to sign up for given this free offer.
    SO I m also not interested now.

    1. John Chow says:

      Nice! Letting other people think for you. 🙂

    2. Jean says:

      I don’t think the people here are not interested. Who can can refuse that tempting offer. Its just maybe because most cannot afford it or are not willing to part with their hard earned money because they have been burned out with information overload.

  22. It is a tempting offer. But I don’t feel my site is appropriate for review on (readers will turn and burn a payday site). Good luck to all the others though.

  23. This would be a great offer if I had the money to do this.
    Thing is if I had the money, well… you know how that goes.

    Thank you for offering though.


  24. That is awesome, great offer thanks a lot!

  25. nice offer john, it really tempting.

  26. Paul B says:

    Damn I’m tempted (review+course), and yes I can easily afford it. The ONLY thing making me doubt at all is that I’ve been bitten by a few high ticket wastes of money in the last few months. That bloody cow for a start. I do this full time and I’m not looking for any quick fixes, I’m just beginning to doubt if there is really anything new out there in terms of info. Honest opinion John, I know Yaro is a top man but do you thing this course will help my blog (linked)?

    1. John Chow says:

      I’ve gone though Yaro’s course and it’s really good. Any student who has gone though the course will tell you the same thing.

      Yaro offers a 30 day money back on his course. When you buy it, you get access to everything at once. You don’t get a lesson per week for six months. If you’re a fast reader, you can take in everything before the month is up. If the material is not what you were expecting, then ask for a refund. You can’t really lose.

      1. Paul B says:

        Yeah that’s what I figure. If there’s enough info to keep me going for a month I’ll be more than happy. It’s getting late now and I can never sleep when there’s new stuff to be read but I’ll be up early tomorrow and will splash some cash on this.

      2. Charle Lloyd says:

        Sooooo, Tempting, Damn you John for the great deals….Damn you! *shakes fist at monitor*

      3. Paul B says:

        OK I’m in. Looks like I’ve got a lot of reading ahead of me (or listening). No doubt I’ll be adding some genuine opinion over at my place.

  27. j says:

    the $500 review makes the offer a lot more tempting!

  28. Tom says:

    Hey nice post! I really enjoyed reading this

  29. niroshan says:

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  30. Interesting, it is worth to think about enrolling into the program.

  31. Camillon says:

    I like listening to Yaro’s podcasts. I think his program is much better, though I don’t have the funds yet to join.

  32. David says:

    Do i hear you say you made over $4,000 in one month? Oooo
    if only iknow how to do it myself.

  33. Kok Ukcer says:

    What a scam. How much is your affiliate commission to sell this $500 scam? lol

  34. Kok Ukcer says:

    If this asshole is making so much money blogging why is he pimping a program on how to make money blogging? Typical scam like all those late night TV scams. Amazed that suckers fall for this garbage!

  35. Even though my budget is a little tight, I’ll still byte on this offer. B-)

  36. If the price is your only objection…. then you don’t want the product enough.

  37. This is a great offer John, the program is a little to rich for my blood as well at the moment, but this makes it very tempting, I may just buy it after all.

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