How to Get Traffic and Leads from LinkedIn

If you have been thinking that LinkedIn was only for posting resumes and looking for jobs, you need to think again. If you are able to broaden your thinking a little, you will find out that LinkedIn offers several opportunities for driving traffic to your offers, blogs or websites.

There are several ways you can leverage LinkedIn to your benefit, that you might not have thought of, but if done correctly, can bring streams of traffic in your direction.

LinkedIn Groups and Answers hold the key to this traffic source, although there are even more opportunities within LinkedIn to use to your advantage.

LinkedIn Groups

You will find out that LinkedIn Groups are a great source of traffic but you need to do it correctly so that you’re not marked as a spammer.

The first thing you need to do, is to make a research within LinkedIn groups, for relevant to your niche groups. Narrow your search down to approximately between 5 to 10 groups which really zero in on your subject area.

Then you will need to post relevant comments, to these groups. You can’t just post any old comment. You need to become responsive and be involved in the discussion thread.

When people comment on what you have posted, make sure you reply every time with something pertinent and relevant. Lively discussions can result in many more threads being started and every time this happens, it will show up on the profile of everybody in that group.

There is huge potential with this, for you to end up with a lot of eyes looking at your comments and if they find them interesting people will certainly want to learn more from you.

Blogs And RSS Feeds

Another thing you can post when participating in group discussions, is your blog articles, or any other relevant articles you may have written on the topic.

You’ll need to do this for each group you have joined. Experiment with this first and you’ll soon see which articles and posts are working the best, so you can refine this method until you are achieving the result you want in terms of traffic to your blog.

It’s also a good idea to install the LinkedIn blog widget. This will ensure that your articles and blog posts are automatically posted to your profile through your RSS feed.

Start Your Own LinkedIn Group

Another thing you might want to consider, is to start your own LinkedIn Group. This will boost your credibility and help you get loyal followers to your blog or website.

A great advantage of having your own group is that you can send a welcome email to your new members and even up to one message per week to your members whenever you want to announce or share something.

Try to not overuse this because if you just send messages promoting your business you will lose your members, instead try to give value by sharing information that will actually help them.

Your LinkedIn Profile

One important thing you will need to take care before you start engaging in LinkedIn groups, is to set up your profile in a way that it stands out from the rest.

If people visit your profile and it is not grabbing their attention, they will probably go away without clicking on your website links or connect with you.

Your profile needs to be concise and contain value that a visitor will want to see. It needs to be interesting and have an excellent photo of yourself. You have to give your visitors a reason to search for you.

Another tip is to make your website links as compelling as possible, so instead of ‘my blog’ for example, you could say ‘find out about “widgets” on my blog’. This is a call to action customization which will bring you traffic.

Make sure you complete all the sections of your profile and when combined with the RSS feed postings of your blog articles, you will have harnessed a powerful tool to drive targeted traffic to your websites or blog.

LinkedIn Answers

Another excellent way to take advantage of LinkedIn and get targeted traffic in your direction is to answer questions on LinkedIn Answers.

You need to answer as many questions as possible. This will ensure you increase your chances of having that visitor check out your blog or website, because they will want either more information, or they’ll want to find out a bit more about you. It is also likely that other people who answer the same questions, will also want to learn more about you.

If your answer is rated as the best, there’s a good chance that you might end up being perceived as an expert on your field. This could lead to more connections on LinkedIn and actually it will be easier to sell your services or even gain loyal visitors to your blog. Don’t forget to include a relevant link to your content in the website area as well in the text area.

You are still not using LinkedIn as a Traffic Generation Tool?

All these ways can help you get targeted traffic to your site that actually converts easier than any other source of traffic, and best of all, it’s free. So if you haven’t been using LinkedIn as a traffic generation tool, then you might want to try these methods and be very pleasantly surprised at the boost in traffic and conversions.

Kostas Chiotis is an economist and entrepreneur both in the online and offline world. You can find his blog at,where you will discover everything you need to know about SEO Opportunities, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more…

30 thoughts on “How to Get Traffic and Leads from LinkedIn”

  1. LosSilva says:

    Good article. I just shot an interview with Andre Warner of mixergy on Linkedin. We made a cheat sheet , you can see it here. 

  2. Justin Mazza says:

    I have been using Linked In more lately and yes it is definitely another traffic tool. The one thing I don’t like is getting spammed by connects that I made on Linked in. If they send me an email asking me to connect with someone I don’t know or if they ask me to sign up for something I immediately remove them from my connection. FB and Twitter have the same problems too,

    1.  @Justin Mazza Hi Justin, unfortunately spammers are everywhere but in my experience you will find much less spam on LinkedIn than Facebook and other social networks, thanks for your comment…

  3. I haven’t really been using LinkedIn lately, since I’ve been so busy with FB and Twitter, but I’m planning on getting more involved when I outsource some of my other work.

    1.  @Jamie Northrup  Hi Jamie, gettin

    2.  @Jamie Northrup Hi Jamie, LinkedIn is a great social network, not only for traffic but you can find a lot of business opportunities and make connections with some great people… 

      1.  @Kostas Chiotis I hear ya, I have a few contacts I made through the blogging world on there, would love to expand it more.

  4. erwinensing says:

    I will definately try linked in aswell I also hear more often people have more success on linked in then facebook!

  5. erwinensing says:

    I will definately try linked in aswell I also hear more often people have more success on linked in then facebook!

  6. erwinensing says:

    I will definately try linked in aswell I also hear more often people have more success on linked in then facebook!

  7. erwinensing says:

    I will definately try linked in aswell I also hear more often people have more success on linked in then facebook!

  8. huasang says:

    Hi Kostas,
    I didn’t use LinkedIn that much except creating a profile and joined a few groups. I don’t even know there is such thing as LinkedIn Answer. Social Media is definitely a great channel to attract traffics but with other “hotter” social media like facebook and twitter around, I guess the challenge is how to effectively use them with the limited time we have on hand!
    Thanks for sharing the post!

    1.  @huasang Thanks for stopping by and commenting Huasang, it’s certainly challenging to keep up with all the new social networks but we should choose wisely which one is best for us depending of what is our niche and actually what we want from all those visitors coming from social media… 

  9. fas says:

    LinkedIn has huge potential.

    1. onlinepoker says:

       @fas I agree, LinkedIn is expanding and I bet that in a few years it will become one of the biggest social media, and a must for a must for backtracking

    2.  @fas It sure has potentials to grow even more, thanks for commenting!

  10. Thad P says:

    Interesting angle.  LinkedIn is gaining more traction as a social media network … more than for business connections.

    1.  @Thad P  Hi Thad, LinkedIn is a great place both for connections and traffic, actually it’s the largest source of traffic for my blog after Google and Facebook, thanks for commenting… 

  11. lilach says:

    Kostas great post:)  I’m a huge fan of LinkedIN – it has so much potential and if used well (like anything) you can get some really great results.

    1.  @lilach Hi Lilach, well said, results depend on how you use it, thanks for commenting…

  12. DorothyKlein says:

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  13. Nice post. I really never thought of Linkedin being a tool to drive traffic to a site. Great idea and some good tips to help achieve it. Thanks.

  14. Great post! Never even thought of using Linkedin as a tool to drive traffic to a site!

  15. I  knew that , the bloggers can earn traffic from Linkedin but oi did not know the process of earning traffic from Linkedin.  Your article have helped me to learn about that process and keep safe from marked as a spammer. Thanks for these tips.

    1.  @AnthonyFreedom12 Hi Anthony I am glad you found it helpful, thanks for stopping by… 

  16. wow, what a good article  on likedin ‘s importance in online marketing. such a nice one article.

  17. thanks for the info on linked in.. i rarely involved in linked in answer.. because frankly i never heard if it 🙂 would love to try your tips on that..

  18. If you are looking for a place to start your online profile, LinkedIn is the best place.

  19. George Haritos says:

    Too pretentious there. I think it’s the most annoying site.

  20. red says:

    I’ll try those techniques to get more traffic thanks.

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