How To Get traffic WITHOUT Google

The following is a sponsored Advertorial.

Could this possibly be true? I checked out the website and there it is. 867,981 visitors and $540,340 in sales. But let’s be honest with each other…

It’s another one of THOSE sites right? Claim everything, and can never deliver…well NOT THE CASE with this site after I did some further investigation. It delivers is a BIG way…

Here’s the deal…

Have you tried getting traffic with Google, Yahoo or MSN? Have you tried banner ads, social bookmarking, social networking, Facebook, Adwords, SEO, blogging, article writing… ?

They haven’t always worked out to my advantage. So does that mean you need to stop using the ‘conventional’ methods of getting traffic? Stop using rehashed *old school* techniques that don’t work today? Try something brand new and out of the ordinary?

Well, Auto Mass Traffic will reveal how to get a lot of traffic online WITHOUT Google. Don’t sound alarmed as it’s proven and tested. Many of you may realized, getting traffic from Google just means stress, more stress and then some MORE stress.

It has happened to many people even for as long as FOUR years. That’s 48 months, 1,461 days, 35,064 hours or 2,103,840 minutes.

The conventional methods are getting more and more tedious, complicated, challenging, expensive, stressful, time consuming and overcrowded.

Anyway, Auto Mass Traffic was rigorously taken to the test. It got 867,981 visitors using the software. It took nothing more than configuring the system, clicking the mouse button a few times, activating the software and copying and pasting a few links.

Watch The Video Here

61 thoughts on “How To Get traffic WITHOUT Google”

  1. John, you can’t be serious with this blog post! Sounds like another autosurf scam to me plus I really do hate sites that don’t let me leave and force me to stay with the ‘help’ of popups etc. Highly disappointing, if that blog post is for real, you just lost a reader, you are going down the wrong route man, SY

    1. Brian McVay says:

      It was written by a Guest Blogger, Not John.

    2. I think John makes a good contribution …
      Although I am new here, I note that this blog is very entertaining, especially the large number of commentators who comment daily.


      PS: Go on, so … I really understand that it is necessary to use the Light Box genre as a form of feedback.

    3. Dan Lew says:

      I agree, this post looks over promotional and not like Johns style!

      1. Yes.. This is not John style.. He is more to honest review even when telling us a product..

        1. The guest blogger didn’t leave his or her name which I find interesting.

          Whatever this piece of software is it may be working for a short time as described. Kind of a push button get rich easy crap.

          It probably escaped John’s attention or he let it go to see how people will respond to it.

          1. Dan Lew says:

            I think because he left on a flight to go to Miami he may not of paid attention to this one

          2. PPC Ian says:

            I did not enjoy reading this post. I agree that it’s too promotional.

    4. Vik Tantry says:

      I agree that this post looks a bit dodgy and probably is advertising ‘one of THOSE’ sites but I think it’s a bit harsh to stop reading altogether. Since I’ve been reading this blog I’ve been entertained and educated, so I for one will keep reading.

      As for gaining big hits for little work, forget it, if it works everyone will be doing it soon enough anyway. In the mean time, to get large amounts of visitors to your site needs the drive to push though all the ‘boring’ stuff like in any other type of employment.

      You do it because you know its necessary and if one tactic doesn’t work for you, you change to another. I think we all know by now blogging is far from a get rich quick scheme and so far in my experience, anyone who thinks it is, are wrong.

    5. Essays says:

      And even if we get traffic from this kind of activity, the conversion ratio will be poor or zero.

  2. I dont think these work. We could get our site banned

  3. John, have you actually used the software?

    1. Abhik says:

      Probably not.. He’ll never risk his account

      1. Or may be he do not need … at least for this blog.

  4. So you have used this system then?

    I have heard many good things about this and I have been wanting to test it out, but was just not sure if it is worth the money, but since I know you don’t just promote things that you don’t think work I might just test it out.

    Thanks John.

  5. Jaleesa says:

    Hi John, I have downloaded your ebook on blogging, great tips in there by the way, and even though this post is by a Guest Blogger I would assume you have at least read it over. What do you think of this post? Do you think it’s for real or do you think this is just another autosurf scam?

    1. Yes a reply from John about this will be highly appreciable.

  6. moneybrown says:

    man this is alllll bull crap….there is no way to prove this guy makes any money…..i can easily edit my bank account online with a online site…even edit my paypal and google adsense. every post this dude post is about a software program and when you get to the site its one of those click bank affiliate thingys…..think about…with so many websites out there telling ppl how to make money…you really believe this guy makes 44 stacks a month???? PROB WITH 100 websites…
    not believable….i did enough research to understand how the blogging world works

  7. moneybrown says:

    I make money with out spending not a lot of money every month.. but i make over 300 a month with 4 sites….( working on others ) with out using adwords, banners and all that spend money to make money crap…so check out what I do to make money with no money at…this guy shows you things that you have to spend money…with no guarantee it will work

  8. rob says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if John’s account has been hacked. This ain’t his style.

    1. Abhik says:

      Well.. read carefully. It clearly says..
      written by Guest Blogger on September 27th, 2010

    2. Dan Lew says:

      Well unless John didn’t review this post before it went out?

  9. Mike says:

    This whole thing sounds very fishy. That email seemed kind of phony.

  10. Aaron Torng says:

    It’s a guest blog… but it sounds too much like an advertisement 🙁

  11. Abhik says:

    A guest post with no link!!??
    Sounds strange..

    Oh!! I see that Video Link.

    1. Yeah that one at the last …

  12. John really should be more careful whom he lets post on his blog, this guest blogger not even signed the post with his name. I wonder how much he paid JC to have this posted here … SY

    1. Paul B says:

      That’s the problem with pimping all the latest BULLSHIT with a “Guest Post worth $500” bonus. You end up with this nonsense.

      No harm if your blog isn’t branded, on the other hand if it is….

      1. Where have you read or heard about $500 guest post bonus? John does paid reviews but charging someone for guest posting is sheer nonsense.

        Everybody seems so quick to judge. John’s blog was hacked this morning. He’s now at a live event.

        Let him clear things up without jumping to weird conclusions.

        1. Paul B says:

          Guest post/review – who cares? If it’s a product with an affiliate program a review here is no different to a guest post.

          The “clever” way to use your $500 review is to ask for a MMO product to be reviewed with your affiliate link included. Why do you think so many people jumped to a similar conclusion when this post turned up.

          John is at a live event? He carries more tech with him than can possibly be healthy, I’m sure deleting a post wouldn’t be beyond possible.

  13. John Kenny says:

    I feel unhappy bad post . I will wait for next post
    Thanks John

  14. Nelly says:

    well i hope john went through this…though this is a guest blogging but its on john’s blog

  15. Anton Hassan says:

    I’ve got the feeling it’s one of those hyped-up schemes that delivers nothing. I wonder if John is going to make any comment.

    1. Dan Lew says:

      It looks like a CJ product

  16. Dan Lew says:

    Who are you trying to convince here, getting traffic without google, lol

      1. It’s possible to get paid traffic without Google. There is money involved somewhere in this scheme and I wouldn’t touch it with a 30 foot long pole.

  17. The Light Box is a feedback strategy!
    You should not bother you so …

  18. fas says:

    Cant believe John lets such content even go live

  19. C K says:

    Am trying to look for a real review of this product online to no avail – all so called reviews ended up as yet another promotional gimmick with their affiliate link for the product. Oh well, seems like it’s the same case here as well…

    1. Paul B says:

      If all you see is gushing affiliate reviews then that’s all you need to know. Open your eyes and step away from the Matrix, the world is a wonderful place.

  20. Michael says:

    I wonder what John really thinks about this system and site…

    I hope he could comment so I could get a real review.

  21. When I Google it, all the reviews are done by its Affiliates. That tells you something. Besides the reviews have been done recently, mostly in September. How can anyone have more than 800,000 visitors in such a short time? I bet even John Chow dot Com does not get that money after more than 3 years online.

    1. If it even works now as they say, which I doubt very much, it can stop working tomorrow or in a month.

  22. Scott Ford says:

    If you watch the first video on that page the traffic when he talks average 250 is the same TIME frame when it jumps up to 7000ish….. And when it jumps up to that the real stats on the bottom are blurred out. Why do people fall for that crap?

  23. Jeff says:

    I bought this product because I thought I’d review it and let others know how it was. It is unbelievably bad. There’s nothing to it. The authors don’t even know what they are doing with the software, it makes no sense. Some of the webpages in the members area do not even have any content! It’s a SCAM. I’m disappointed in John Chow for promoting this product. I enjoyed John’s ebook and many of his posts, but when he promotes scams that’s not good.

    1. Did you buy it based on this post on before you read it?

      This post was obviously a mistake if the product is a joke which it appeared to be just by reading the pitching of it.

      Let’s see what John will have to say when he gets to it.

      1. Jeff says:

        I bought it because I wanted to verify for myself that it was a fraud. I received an email from John Chow promoting the product. I also received emails from others who were promoting it. Mostly I want to know who is promoting scams.

      2. Sean says:

        The post I can understand as a mistake, but John sending out a canned e-mail promoting this product I cannot. I’m on John’s e-mail list and received a promo for this product and went to check it out. I dug a little deeper on some other forums and here for more information and discovered what a heap of dung this thing is. John, I’ve really enjoyed your stuff in the past, I’m disappointed you pushed this to your e-mail list. Please leave the dregs of IM scammers and continue to provide and promote worthwhile information. I’ll give you another chance! I think you owe your community (at least e-mail list) an apology.

  24. Gary Law says:

    I believe there are something wrong with this post,sheer promotion. May be John’s blog is hacked or accidentally approved this guest posts. But If John can explain it, is much better than we guess.

  25. Om says:

    John, I think you owe it to your readers to respond and explain your position here, as already requested by many others. Otherwise I am afraid I cannot trust you any more, and will unsubscribe from your email list and blog.

  26. Manuel says:

    John, you should remove this post. Their so called software they are offering is a total rip off. Actually its only a simple search engine scraper script and some pds that suggest to buy PPV traffic.

  27. Dylanne says:

    I was actually very surprised that I received a “promotional” email which was just another one of those rip off internet marketing hypes which is really expected from a lot of low morale marketers…so I figured I’d check your website out, John, to see for myself.

    Being a long time avid reader (although I must admit, I don’t comment much) I have always admired your honesty about products and your “no nonsense” approach.

    This being said, truly I was quite flabberghasted to see something like this in my email, under your name.

    I’m not going to jump the gun here cause I see it’s actually a guest post but I am interested in reading your feedback on the matter 🙂

  28. Is there really life without Google traffic? 🙂

    Just kidding!

  29. Om says:

    No reply? OK, that’s it. I’m leaving.

    P.S. I suggest you change the title of your blog to “I make money online off people who want to make money online”.

  30. Vee Sweeney says:

    Geez, not every person can be sitting in front of a computer 24/7, 52 weeks a year to make sure that everything is running smoothly. John is typically quite active on his posts and comments and I believe as others have said that he is out of town. Could be a hack, could be a guest blogger had permission to submit content but then changed things knowing that John would be gone. There is typically a lot of valuable information here, so I am not going to stop visiting over one lousy post or potential hack. If it never gets explained, then maybe have issues but a little patience would be warranted.

  31. We rare see such kind of announcement from John –

    ” The following is a sponsored Advertorial. “

  32. Farouk says:

    yes i find that very weird too

  33. Traffic without Google! Blasphemy!

    Seriously though, I’d be interested in finding out what it’s all about. There is no sense in relying on just one method for traffic and learning a different method would just open up opportunities.

  34. Paul Clark says:

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  35. Ellis says:

    The email from John Chow about this “wow, omg, greatest thing ever” offer, was the first of his that GMail decided to dump in the Spam folder… guess that says it all……

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