How to Increase Sales and Conversions with Video Genesis

Finally, after creating what is being called the best marketing videos ever released in our industry, Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime have opened the doors to Video Genesis in what they call the “Epic Finale” Video. I just saw the video and I agree (If you like “When Harry Met Sally” make sure not to be drinking chocolate milk when you watch the video). It is EPIC and I will be a Video Genesis Customer. In fact, Mike and Andy went on to say recently

“…we think EVERY Online business owner that learns about Video Genesis will become a member of Video Genesis…”

The reason is because of two facts. First, you need better video today. Years ago just having video was good. Now, people judge YOU, your PRODUCT, and your BRAND based on the quality of your video (just like they used to, based on your website). Second, price is not an obstacle for any business owner. They guarantee it.

Turning the industry on it’s head, they are offering what is normally a $2000 product for a price so low you may think there is a catch, but there isn’t one! Their “agenda,” they say, is to “help as many people as possible have better conversions online with Video because we want more customers.”

They say there is no catch, but I do want to warn you about one thing. The Bonus is going way. One of the reasons I jumped on it today was the “Behind the scenes Bonus.” This is only available for a few days during the grand opening of this launch. After that, two things happen

  1. They close the doors.
  2. If they reopen they are not promising that bonus because they will later sell it as a product.

That was enough for me because learning how they made their Launch Videos is truly a priceless product for you and I to own. So that is why you want to get access and get access today. Remember, I am a member and I will also see you on the inside.

Video Genesis

Watch The Video Genesis Grand Finale Video

13 thoughts on “How to Increase Sales and Conversions with Video Genesis”

  1. Shawky Khalil says:

    I have been a long time trying to make money online,some help John Chow?

    1. I. C. Daniel says:

      You should buy the step by step guide “Blogging with John Chow” :D, keep in mind that to achieve success online takes time and a lot of work.

      Best regards from I. C. Daniel

    2. Amazon India says:

      How long have you been reading 😀

  2. Christopher says:

    I haven’t gotten a chance to sit down and watch the last video yet, but the first three already sold me on Video Genesis. It looks awesome. (Their videos were funny as heck too!)

  3. ataur says:

    Thanks for your valuable article post. I have been a long time trying to make money online but in vain. It seems to me that this tips will helpful for me.

  4. Alan Smith says:

    Thanks for this article i got some idea that i can make money through video marketing for my business and provide our services to users. 🙂

  5. ZK says:

    I’ve never used a lot of video marketing, with YouTube being the second largest search this should be fun ….

  6. faisal says:

    Wow Video Genesis looks very promising.

  7. Troy says:

    Some great points- a quality video is a MUST nowadays. As technology continues to improve and become more accessible, people get more and more picky about the content they are viewing, so it’s important to make them happy!

  8. Ferb says:

    Love this video genesis so much.

  9. Videos are the next marketing tool. When internet get faster, video streaming will be the next norm, just like sms.

    Need to plan ahead

  10. Video Genesis looks very cool! I’m not going to buy it now, because I have too many other projects going on, but I will have keep it in mind for later on. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jessie says:

    Video is the perfect sales method every online or offline businessman must use.
    It’s so powerfull

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