How To Jump Start a Marketing Campaign on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular places to market, share and post updates from blog posts, ad campaigns, and events. Twitter is a great place to share information, but if done correctly, it can bring traffic, engagement and new business. If you have never used Twitter or your tweets have been far and few between, how can you jump start a marketing campaign on Twitter?

Paid Marketing on Twitter

With Twitter, you can market nearly anything. Even online retail like Amazon and eBay have Twitter share buttons, so you can share your own auctions and affiliate links. You can market Pinterest pins, blog posts, events, websites, and other online resources.

Target keywords in Tweets.

A tweet is an up to 140-character message that is sent out by a user. Tweets communicate people’s emotions and thoughts, as well as trends. Using promoted tweets , you can target certain keywords that pop up in the timeline.

Target interests.

If you have a business that sells pet products, you can target users who also love pets. You can even target men, women, or both.

Target Location.

If you have a local pet food store in Chicago, then you can target people who live in Chicago, the Chicago metro area and southern Wisconsin.

Target by similarity to your followers.


This feature can help target more people who are similar to the people who follow you. This can help you not only get more followers, but also keep them around and convert them into customers.

Free Marketing on Twitter

Free marketing on Twitter takes more work, but can be effective as well. First off, 80% of Tweets go ignored. So when you are sending out information, it is important to send that information out more than once.

Here are some tips for Tweeting:

  • Make your Tweets short. You only have 140 characters. Use & or other symbols to shorten.
  • Use hashtags. They “tag” your post for people doing a search for that subject or keyword. A hashtag looks like this: #hashtag. Do not use hashtags for every single word.
  • If you Tweet the same information more than once in a 24-hour period, “spin” your Tweet. Simply change the words around so the message does not get rejected.
  • Shorten your links. Use a service like will count against your 140 characters. Use and not only will it be much shorter, you can track clicks in real time.
  • Use a social media dashboard. These are not free, but they can cost very little. You can spend a couple of hours scheduling Tweets for the week or even the month, and it will save you hours of time.
  • Engage with other users. Reply, retweet and follow as many people as you can. Do not follow people just to follow them – be sure to follow people in your niche or with whom you can have a potential business relationship.

Having a good Twitter marketing campaign can boost traffic, leads and sales. Take it one step at a time. As you get better at using Twitter, tap into the thousands of resources available to you to boost your business with Twitter.

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    It is all possible to do on twitter and could be very effective in some cases. However, how a business that has just registered a new twitter account gets the followers who are going to be looking at the tweets?

    Any tips?

  5. Great post! I have definitely seen lately how beneficial Twitter can be to a marketing plan. Within the last month, I have increased my followers and more and more people are retweeting my tweets. It’s an awesome tool.

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    Hi, John, I agree with you that in fact, Twitter is one of the most popular places to market, share and post updates from blog posts, ad campaigns, and events. We definitely should make use of twitter to make money ’cause as you mentioned above, Twitter is a great marketing tool when we know how to make use of it!

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