How To Make a Girl Fall In Love with You

How to make a girl fall in love with you, all your answers here!

How to make a girl fall in love with you is one of the most important questions you can answer. And which girl am I talking about? Well, Google of course. Some simple tips as to how to make a girl fall in love with your blog, the Google girl πŸ˜‰ Some simple SEO tips.

What Kind of Girl Are You After?

Decide who your audience are, what they will want to read about, what key terms they will search to find that reading material and then optimise your blog for those terms and blog about it.

Chose a Cool Name or Use Your Own Name

Ideally buy a URL with the keyword in it that you want the blog to rank for, or your name. Google looks at the works that link to your blog, and you rank for those works. People inevitably link to your blog by its domain name, and if that is one of the words that you want to rank for, then you will rank for that more easily. Google also places a lot of emphasis on domain names. If you are building a personal brand then buy a domain name with your name in it.

Title Your Blog

In the HTML code of your blog there is what is called a title tag. This is the Title tag on Murray β€œAffiliate Marketing Blog & Social Media Marketing Blog”. This should be the key term that you want your blog to rank for. I want my blog to rank for affiliate marketing blog, affiliate marketing affiliate blog, social media marketing and social media marketing blog. My choice of Title tag helps my site to rank for those terms.

Blog Posts: a love letter to her

  1. Blog about what you want to be found for!
  2. Think of title for your posts and then use Google external tool to see how much traffic is available on the terms you are looking for.
  3. Do a search on Google for title:”key term from Google external” to see what the competition on that term is. If you are optimising a post for a key term you will put the term in the title: therefore the more people with the key term in the title the more competitive it is. and the harder it is to rank for that term.
  4. Use the key term in the first paragraph of the post.
  5. Use the key term several times in the post.
  6. Use the key term at the end of the post.

Link Love for to get the Girls to like you.

  1. Google makes sites rank for the words that people use as terms to link to that site from. Link to my site using the words β€œAffiliate blog” and I will start to rank for that term. Link to me for the term Obama and I will start to rank for the word Obama.
  2. Link to other blogs from your posts and they are more likely to do the same back.
  3. If you are going to link to my blog please write about me as said Affiliate blog and link on the term affiliate blog, or celebrity blogger, or affiliate marketing. Why? Because I am currently trying to rank for those terms. Not sure how I want you to link to me? A – ask me, B- look at the key terms in my title bar.
  4. Know what terms you want to rank for and ask people to link to you from those words.
  5. If you want to rank for a term that is not in your title description do a blog post about that term and then ask people to link to your site using that word to that post.

    I.E., please link to me using the words β€œCelebrity blogger” to the post to this post

    Link to this post on the term β€œhow to make a girl fall in love with you”

Get a Wingman

  1. Teach this to your friends, all of them.
  2. They will rank better.
  3. They will get better links.
  4. They will get more traffic.
  5. When they link to you it will help your site more.

Create a Speed Dating Event and Make It a Love In

The more sites you link with and teach better seo and the more they link to you the better your seo will be and the more your blog will grow.

For this post I chose a fun title β€œhow to make a girl fall in love with you”. It is off topic for my blog but β€œhow to make a girl fall in love with you” is a search phrase with lots of traffic and comparatively few intitle competitors.

This was a guest post from Affiliate Blog (he’s the guy on the right).

125 thoughts on “How To Make a Girl Fall In Love with You”

  1. Glowleaf says:

    Either that, ORRRRR…
    You could go the paid route and make her spread her legs with your cash πŸ™‚

    1. I vote this. Win. πŸ˜›

    2. Sean says:

      Look at it from the internet marketing standpoint and beyond the title of the piece.

    3. Hahahahaha! I think you’re missing the point there sir, but as one of my friends like to say – If I can not get any, I don’t mind paying – enough said!

  2. Watch out GOOGLE! here I come!

    1. LetUpdate says:

      Yes, i agree with you. Especially for writing style that associate it with make girl falling in love. πŸ˜€

  3. LetUpdate says:

    What a good tips and bring it with wonderful approach of story style. I really enjoy read this post. πŸ˜€

    1. Sahil Kotak says:

      Yeah, very nice tips there and really like them.

      Thank you for it.

  4. Good stuff. I sometimes forget to check the ranking of keywords before I post an article.

  5. Interesting post about girls here.

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      Did you read the post untill the end? It’s not fully about the “girls” you think…

      1. He’s obviously spamming Ben. I mean, look at his name, it’s not real… So sad isn’t it?

      2. Sahil Kotak says:

        LOL, at him Ben. He think that this post is about girls. :);)

  6. videostar says:

    Girls and keywords are very important in the life of bloggers.

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      We can’t live without “girls”, and they can’t live without “us”

      1. So is the case with Google as well … Google need us and we need google as well.

        Without us what Google will do … lolzz

        1. Benjamin Cip says:

          It’s true…but the only difference between us and google is that google can choose the person they want, but we choose google because it’s “the best” search engine ever, and we can’t change it!

      2. Sahil Kotak says:

        LOL, That was good one, they really can’t live without us and we do the same here. πŸ˜€

  7. This looks like a rewrite of an old article with a different title.

    1. Ya. When I read till the middle of the post, I feel I had read it somewhere, just doesn’t really know where it was that I had read it.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        I had the same feeling as you, but I just can’t remenber from where….

      2. Hey you are the only girl in comment section here ( Up to now). What ya say? will that formula work?

    2. I remember some time back Alex Shalman wrote the same kinda article , How to get a girl Friend . Am i right John.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        Were You Talking about “The Bad Blogger” when you said “you are the only girl…”? As a matter of fact, he is a man, the gravatar he uses is his girlfriend photo…

        1. His Gravataar really miolead … lolzzz

          This kind of things happen … πŸ™‚

          1. Benjamin Cip says:

            LoL, totally agree with you! The girl he was looking for is absolutely not here… at least not “thebadblogger”

          2. Sahil Kotak says:

            LOL, his gravatar is really awesome. πŸ˜€

  8. Hey John,

    Love your approach in relaying this info. It’s nice to know how good a friend google can be. Will definitely pass this on.

  9. Hey Thanks for the kind words, I am glad you liked the post.

    Ridiculous blogger – nope all my own idea.

    1. Earningstep says:

      you really know how to post a nice article to read… probable this is why john use your article on his blog

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        The articles was well-written and quite interesting, I understand why John Chow posted your article on his blog!

    2. Sahil Kotak says:

      I would thank you for such a nice article.

  10. 1800 SaiGon says:

    A SEO for blog similar like to counselor a girl – haha – Thank for funny posts but meaningful

  11. Udi says:

    I think by comparing Google to a girl, let alone one you could easily swoon, you risk incurring a wrath on yourself similar to those described in mythological stories.

    Hopefully I’m wrong. Just a gut feeling that Google won’t like that analogy. It probably prefers seeing itself as a calculating, intelligent, einstein-like looking *male* geek. Again, just a feeling.

    Other than that, good article – I agree with what you say.

  12. Alex Lim says:

    Glad to read your post. Accidentally, you answered a question that linger my mind these past few days. It is rooted from an mp3 download using Google. Whenever I enter my keywords (song+artist+mp3) I always bump in this site which I find not useful, amazingly, this lame site always ranks first. Now, I realize the rationale through the help of your article- it is because the “mp3” keyword is on its domain name as well as in its title tag. Makes sense to me now, thanks. ss

    1. Would you like to share that domain name with us … we would love to analyse as well.

    2. Blogging says:

      Domain age might be another factor to explain that happening. Google prefers domains that have been registered for a while, SY

      1. Make Money says:

        ya domain age, but also the age of your links.

  13. Earningstep says:

    a girl and a google… what a nice…. i really know how to get a girl but not google…lol

    1. Simple … give google good and original contents and also relevant and quality backlinks …

      Just try these and you will be able to get Google as well …

      1. EarningStep says:

        but i don’t think google is an easy going girl…

        1. Benjamin Cip says:

          Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained…. just ask “google” to date her, and see what’s happen next… who knows? Maybe you’ll be surprised with the results!

          1. Sahil Kotak says:

            Google will agree for date, LOL πŸ˜€

  14. Good introduction into SEO for beginners and with a nice twist also, funny I always think of Google as male, but that is perhaps because I am a woman. So lets if the analogy works also that way round πŸ˜‰ SY

  15. Nathan says:

    Nice post. Funny title. I really thought this post was something off the theme “blogging” but it isn’t.

    1. Yes every body thought in that manner but after reading second paragraph everything was crystal clear and we were on right track … lollzz


  16. Asif says:

    Nice Post. Blogs are same like Girls, But Both Follow no laws or rules to get success. and it’s very tough to understand both of them.

    1. One rule for them … keep giving them gifts and they will be with you … in blog gifts means quality backlinks …

  17. Great post!
    Loved the Analogy!


  18. That is one of the most creative blog tile I have read in a long time. A SEO tutorial that hide behind it more SEXY title. Good one.

    1. I actually think the title is the worst part of the whole blog for 2 major reasons:
      1) It is not SEO optimized for the content. Does he want to be found for dating tips or for SEO tips? He needs to take his own advice.
      2) The title is completely misleading with no hint of a spin. If someone actually looking for dating advice saw this post they would likely never come back to the site again. If I came to this post off twitter, I would never trust the author again.

      I completely understand the value of a sexy or interest catching title, and there is no question this title qualifies. even something stupid like Googirl or goo girl or anything to tip off there might be more to the post would have made it better imo. Then I would think both clever and sexy…


      1. But I think author really defined two things on one single platform beautifully …

        If you are into internet marketing business than I am sure you should also aware by the name of Jeremy or John or Neil or Zac … so here they just create an interesting surroundings to define SEO in new manner …

        Just have a look all other bloggers and reader of this blog really enjoyed this and this was the main purpose of this post.

      2. It’s a bit misleading. But your comment about its optimization, it really dependent on what type of traffic he wants to get through this article. For social media and social bookmarking marketing, it would work wonder, I believe.

  19. That is one of the most creative blog tile I have read in a long time. A SEO tutorial that hides behind its more SEXY title. Good one.

    1. Yes this one will really works if you will do this as Social Bookmarking or tweet it …

      You will get immediate response … plus John Chow dot com is added with this … lollzz πŸ™‚

  20. Its all sounding like we have dating teacher.

    You were really smart in your college life and now applying those rules in blog world as well, which seems to me is perfectly working according to that as well.


  21. fas says:

    I really thought this post was about dating tips till I read it.

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      So Was I. I really thought this post was all about dating, and was wondering why this posts was shown on John Chow which is a making money online blog… Well, at least it made us read the post untill the end to understand its true subject.

      1. I think in second paragraph … he made it very clear by inserting some SEO hard words like URLs and keywords …

  22. Make Money says:

    Lol, when I read the first paragraph I thought it was the start of a really, really bad paid post for some ebook.

    1. And after reading second paragraph … you want to keep reading it … and at last you wanted more to read …

      Am I right ?

      1. Make Money says:

        πŸ™‚ yeah you got me

  23. aansa says:

    How long is this girl (google) going to be in love with your blog if you don’t do the linking right?

    1. Yes this is like keep giving gifts to your girl friend … and gifts should be such which she likes … similar is in the link building … your links should have quality and relevancy …

  24. blues says:

    Should I let my GF read it πŸ™‚

    1. Highly risky matter … try it at your own risk …

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        I’m wondering how your girlfriend will react if she read this post…

        1. But question is why she will read this post … when this is not at all related to her interest and choice of reading …

          1. Benjamin Cip says:

            Who knows? Maybe the reason why “blues” was worried is because his beloved one is a big Fan of John Chow, and read this blog everydays!

  25. ZXT says:

    I didn’t know Google is a girl.

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      Seeing google as a girl(friend) could change a lot of things…

      1. Yes provided Google also fall in love with you … only one sided love will take you no where … Google also loves your blogs …

        What do you say πŸ™‚

        1. Benjamin Cip says:

          Google especially loves your content….we should write more poetry for google..

          1. Try it and let us know your experience … lollzz

          2. Benjamin Cip says:

            too much flattery is not good either… if we sent too much poetry to google, will google have time to read them all?

  26. So is your blog about dating girls or SEO? Wouldn’t having a title about a subject completely unrelated to SEO hurt your ranking for your actual topic?

    What good is it to get someone looking for dating tips on your SEO site? If I’m looking for dating tips I’m just going to be annoyed that you used such a misleading title to draw me in since there wasn’t even a hint that the post has nothing to do with actual dating.

    The idea of relating SEO to dating is amusing and done relatively well in the body of your post. The content for SEO is actually pretty good too, especially for readers who knows nothing about SEO. I understand titles are also about hooking people in; I think misleading people will lose readers faster than it will build traffic.


    1. This is simply for the readers of JohnChow dot com not for the search engines … remember what big G says … create websites for visitors not for search engines …

      So here thumb rule applied … πŸ™‚

      1. Got me there πŸ˜‰

        1. Benjamin Cip says:

          Despite the fact John Chow’s blog was banned from search engine before, the traffic was still comming. John Chow write posts for his visitors, not search engines…

    2. Teen money says:

      Well as bloggers we cannot create blogs solely for search engines. John has a loyal traffic and they would love to read this post. You are confusing the SEO here. If the post is wonderful and great to read that is it.

  27. How to make girl fall in love with and make money online. πŸ™‚

    1. You will be rewarded with two prizes at a time … in one hand money and in other hand girl or girls … lollzz πŸ™‚

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        That’s the way Dot com mogul make their life happier…

  28. Sean says:

    I love the example that this post creates. It’s such a well-written example of how to make a girl fall in love with you online, but at the same time makes a great point about internet marketing.

    1. Yes this one is really catchy and all male blogger will understand this quite smoothly … lollzz πŸ™‚

  29. Nick Aviles says:


    How would you go about ranking for a certain keyword without actually having that keyword in your domain name? For example, you’re building a brand name “Nick Aviles”, but you also want to rank for some “make money online” keywords, even though none of those words are actually included in the domain. Thanks.


    1. Quality and relevant link building will help. Plus your contents should also giving such information on regular basis.

      Just try it with medium competition keywords and I am sure you will be able to see higher ranking every time you post relevant to that.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        I am using my own name for the domain name, but I’m branding a making money online site… it doesn’t stop me from being featured on google search engine using some keyword for SEO.

    2. Make Money says:

      Yep, targeted anchor text links, and lots of em will do the trick.

    3. While having your desired keywords in your URL is a great help, you can get away with quality links (from relevant authority sites / pages) with keyword rich anchor text.

  30. I didn’t think about looking for how well ranked the title for a blog post would be. Very interesting idea. But that is the thing about being a blogger, you’re always learning and always adapting tactics and techniques. Thanks for a great and informative post!

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      If you already knew everything, it wouldn’t be interesting, right? It’s great when you are able to learn new things everydays.

      1. Nick Aviles says:

        That’s true. I have only recently learned the importance of the text of a hyperlink linking to your site. It’s true, you do learn new things every day!

  31. And I came here thinking that I’ll get some tips about girls! I’m disappointed πŸ˜€

    But nice catchy title heh heh

  32. DAILYMACHO! says:

    totally was not what i was expecting…but useful nonetheless.

    1. WHAT?! Really?! I already expect it to be a SEO tips since the beginning.

      Hehe, I’m joking ^-^.

  33. Evan Gould says:

    I also like to focus on her tail, well that is writing post focused on her long tail (keywords) especially when your blog is new!!! πŸ˜‰

  34. EarningStep says:

    wow… really nice article … two days got more than 70 comments

  35. zolar says:

    Oh I’ve been cheat with the title. I though it is really tips to get a girl..

  36. Katie says:

    I love this article. Your such a great writer John Chow. I thought it was cute. And very informative and helpful. Thank you!!

  37. Awesome title to experiment with. I can see that this internet marketing experiment is going to cause some headlines. Good one, Mr Chow!

  38. Clarky says:

    nice, I hope girls wo’t see this :). Or your strategies won’t work.

    1. What do you mean by that … ??

  39. V.C says:

    Well, overall I like the idea content is the king.
    You have good content like you have a attraction πŸ™‚

  40. Teen money says:

    Google is a girl and we must do everything to appeal her. She is a pretty girl and world is going gaga behind her. We all webmasters simply love google. There are some simple tricks explained in this post and I am really happy to have read this post

  41. Carl Ocab says:

    Love the analogy dude! The first question “What Kind of Girl Are You After?” was not congruent a bit though, because as I understood, Google is the “girl”.

    Anyhow, love it! πŸ™‚

  42. Finch Sells says:

    Meh, Google doesn’t really bother me. It only drives around 5% of my traffic. I get most of my hits from word of mouth, which is a safer long term game to be playing.

    1. Teen money says:

      Well Google as we consider is the safest bet. I just cannot understand someone completely disregarding and ignoring Google. Wah Macho.. Never had the guts to kick the google like U just did. Great….

    2. You are very fortunate to be in that position, Finch! Here in South Africa Google absolutely dominates the search engines, and ignoring them will be hugely detrimental to one’s search marketing efforts.

      1. @ Finch … when you will get the traffic from Google than you will realise how it is important to have traffic from search engines.

        Because traffic from search engine have high conversion rates and thats come in bunch … like bees.

        So far you are not getting hence I think you did not realise this.

    3. Make Money says:

      I’d be interested to hear how you pull that off.

  43. Dana says:

    Thanks for the tips. You don’t want to get it ALMOST right for google. It’s got to be EXACTLY right or it won’t work. I think mine was ALMOST right before. Now that I know better, I can make a few tweaks and (hopefully) rank better. It’s not that hard, is it, once you know. Sure is a lot to learn though.

  44. Red Maple says:

    You should not try to make a girl fall in love with you. You are just trying to seduce the girl. If you and the girl fall in love it should be a mutual feeling both of you have after spending time together. I do not object to seduction, just call it what it is. Now if I could just seduce google to make my site number one I could die happy, and rich…

  45. I’m already dreaming about the leggy blonde … But Google is also nice girl, thanks for this post. πŸ™‚

  46. catrosinfo says:

    Cool stuff, very interesting.

  47. hackcorp says:

    The only thing I dont get is why do you want the traffic of people looking for girlfriends? πŸ˜€ Are you targeting highschool kids now who are single and male? Where is follow me on myspace button? πŸ™‚

  48. Blogging says:

    Just reading through all this comments, seems your blog audience is 95% male πŸ˜‰ Any tips how a girl makes the Google boy fall in love with her? Would flattery help? SY

  49. Like rest o them, I found the analogy cool, interesting & really tempting. It would have got a lot more readers. But were they relevant & useful?

  50. Money-Era says:

    Good short summary of link building and SEO techniques. Thank you

  51. Alex Shalman says:

    Nice! I think I was sitting next to John and Murray when they were taping this πŸ™‚

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