How To Make a Mercedes SLR McLaren Look Slow

The Mercedes SLR McLaren is a supercar by every measure of the word. With a 626 HP supercharged V8, the SLR can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds, and do the quarter-mile in 11.6 seconds at 125 mph. So how do you make a car like this look slow? Very simple, really. You put it up against the 1001 HP Bugatti Veyron! 😈

63 thoughts on “How To Make a Mercedes SLR McLaren Look Slow”

  1. Shawn Knight says:

    I say disable a couple of the Bugatti’s turbos and call a rematch 😈

    1. Hear, hear! I appreciate the Bugatti and all, but I just have much respect for the S-Class.

      1. Debo Hobo says:

        You boys and your toys. Mercedes CLK please.

        1. Kevin says:

          Put it against a Zonda(cars in your header) and lets see what happens then 😈

          1. The Idea says:

            Hmmm.. Another Way To Make a Mercedes SLR Mclaren Look Slow and Foolish.. Would be to race it against Custom Hot Rod Builder Rad Rides by Troy’s QuadraDuece II zero to 60 time = 3.2 seconds. Making it the quickest machine Car & Driver Magazine has ever tested. 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈

        2. Lady in the house! 😉

  2. cooliojones says:

    Wow, all that money spent and it just couldn’t handle the competition! I still want one though!!

    1. webd360 says:

      Well, the Veyron is even more costly

      1. Etienne says:

        the price is worth the speed i guess..though biking is my preferred transport

    2. Same here. I want an S-Class SO bad…

      1. Debo Hobo says:

        A few more posts and a couple more clicks we can all get one. One day.

        1. The Idea says:

          Don’t you mean “Some Day” 😆

  3. Peter says:

    haha, the Mercedes got OWNED! I wonder how the Bugatti would do against the latest Zonda. Probably owned too! 😎

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  4. Peter says:

    As an after thought, I’d like to see it go against an F1 car. Now that would be something

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    1. webd360 says:

      The Veyron is more faster because the engineers actually went to an F1 team and asked if they could use their windtunnel for the aerodynamics and the reply was “sorry we don’t go up to those speeds.” I got that from this video (which any of you car fans should definitely watch) which is when they maxed out the Veyron:

      1. webd360 says:

        lol, I didn’t mean to say more faster, thats what I get for not proofing

  5. Holly shit 😯

    I feel sorry for the SLR owner 😛

    1. If I was the owner of the Benz, I wouldn’t really be feeling sorry for myself. 😆

    2. I felt sorry for him too, nothing like getting your ass handed to you. This just wasn’t fair.

  6. Egonitron says:

    The Veyron is barely a car. you can’t feel sorry for the SLR owner, they went into this “race” knowing the Veyron would own them. The Bugatti costs over twice as much, have 4 turbos, and a W-16 engine. I mean, come on.

    1. Definitely, the race was unfair to begin with. They knew the SLR was going to eat the Veyron’s dirt.

  7. Ryse says:

    That race was over before it even started.

  8. That’s awesome!

  9. bob cobb says:

    Both of them are amazing cars, but the veyron is probably the best car ever. Odd looking, but amazing engineering.

    1. The Veyron is a spaceship incognito, not a car (sorry, I’m just so for Benz right now). 😎

      1. Debo Hobo says:

        Me too. I had to settle for a jeep today though.

        1. I am settling for a non-Mercedez everyday… 😥

  10. shaun says:

    Haha the Mercedes didn’t stand a chance. That’s not even a fair race lol but I love the Bugatti one of my favorite cars 😀

  11. Sadly the Veyron would run out of juice way before the McLaren

  12. Freebies says:

    I wish I could get into cars, but every time I see one, I think of other things I’d rather spend a boat load of money on 🙂

  13. You waste your money if traffic jam is part of your city…

  14. To fast cars and faster women… 😆

    1. Debo Hobo says:

      Oh my 😳

    2. Err You mean get women Faster or change women Faster ? 😈

  15. John says:

    actually if you watch the video, you can see that the driver of the mercedes doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing in that powerful car.

    He totally fumbled the gears when he was supposed to hit it.

    You can even see the drivers frustration of his crappy shifting skills.

    Watch it again, folks, I wouldn’t bet on this video…

    1. John Chow says:

      Umm, the SLR is an automatic. There is no manual option.

      1. John says:

        you’re right it is, so there’s no paddle shifting either right?

        tell me something from that video doesn’t look right though

        At the point he was supposed to hit the gas, it sounded like it accidently shifted into a gear that was higher than where it was supposed to be.

        May be a tranny problem

        1. John Chow says:

          There are paddle shifters, but if you forget to flip it, it does it for you. What most likely happen was when he gave it the gas, the SLR downshifted. What do you expect from an auto?

      2. unfortunately. Even though the automatic box in Mercedes is probably the best out there, a good driver with a manual stick can do wonders

  16. I admit, I don’t know a lot about cars, but I do know how much they cost and that’s more than enough info for me.

    1. Debo Hobo says:

      An I think the price is definitely based on emotion not quality or value.

      1. That’s how I do it when shopping for shoes anyway. 😆

  17. Etienne says:

    I heard lambo had a faster car than BV, izzt true?

    1. webd360 says:

      No, currently the Veyron is the fastest production car in the world

  18. Carl says:

    This could also be called “How to make a Bugatti Veyron look ugly”… just put it next to just about any car in the world!

    Also, I’d love to see how the thing does when they take some corners.

  19. I’d like to see a batmobile go up against a Veyron (i.e. the batmobile in Batman Begins).

  20. Mybloggo says:

    Bugatti Veyron! 😈

  21. sandossu says:

    Great video to watch

  22. @Kevin: The Veyron is still faster than the Zonda, by quite a bit, actually.

  23. martin says:

    why not spend 50k and get a car that is faster than a veyron? I present to you the ultima GTR. check times out here:

  24. A chap in England crashed his Veyron after only owning it for a few weeks. It even made the evening news.

    1. This only proves that spaceships are meant to be driven in SPACE, not on Earth. 😉

  25. CS says:

    The race is unfair really. obviously the Bugatti Veyron faster than the SLR. On the other hand, I prefer SLR since it good looking as compare to the space age Bugatti. 😀

  26. The Bugatti just looks like a car right out of Total Recall or some other sci-fi flick. Kind of like the 2 cars at the top of this page…

  27. You understand that I’m only bitter about the Veyron because I can never afford it. 😆 It’s a fast “car,” but it’s just not my style I guess.

  28. raj says:

    I think the Mercedes was holding back there…

  29. For those that like the SLR, this is a really interesting clip comparising the SLR and the SL55 (which is several hundred thousand dollars less). And for those that don’t know about Top Gear, it’s a very well known car show in Britain.

  30. Sorry, that should have said ‘comparing’ not ‘comparising’!

  31. Andy says:

    Awesome. However at $4 Million Euros or $1,172,000 US it better be fast. Costing about the same what would you rather have a Bugatti or an Enzo?

  32. Nathan Roe says:

    very cool, but has anyone seen things on the barabus tkr. Supposedly it does 0-60 in 1.67 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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