How To Make Money On Twitter By Telling People What You Like


No doubt many of you have signed up to Sponsored Tweets or to try and make some money from Twitter. The main problem I’ve seen with those services is you have to wait for an advertiser to send you an offers and unless you’re a well know Twitter users, those offers are few and far between. A new service call MyLikes aims flips that model around. Instead of advertisers choosing you, you choose the advertisers.

You can start making money with MyLikes within minutes of signing up. Registering for an account is extremely easy because MyLikes uses Twitter OAuth system. Just allow MyLikes access and your account is ready to go. MyLikes allows you to set you own tweet price in case an advertiser wants to buy a tweet directly from you. However, most of the time, you’ll be scanning through the MyLikes market places looking for Sponsored Likes to tweet about.

Tell Your Followers What You Like And Make Money From It

Sponsored Likes are the same as other likes/recommendations on MyLikes except that they happen to be for products or services that their advertisers want to promote. Once you create Sponsored Likes, you can either embed them on your website or tweet them. You get paid per click and your cost-per-click is set and constantly adjusted based on how influential you are and how relevant your Likes are. If you don’t need the money, you can donate your earnings to charity.


Clicking on any of the advertisers brings up more information about them, including how much you’ll make per click by promoting them. If you see an advertiser you like, you can apply to run them. Once you’re approved, you can tweet about it. When your followers click the link, you’ll make money. Any earnings more than $2 will be sent to your PayPal account once a week on Friday. That’s the fastest payment time in the industry.

MyLikes is totally free to join and you have total control over what ads you run. The best part is there’s no waiting for the advertisers to choose you. They’re already there waiting for you to choose them! MyLikes maybe the best way for users with a smaller follower based to make money from Twitter.

Sign Up For MyLikes And Make Money From Tweeting What You Like

48 thoughts on “How To Make Money On Twitter By Telling People What You Like”

  1. Seems pretty interesting! I am not really making any money from sponsored tweets (could be cause I only have 100 followers), but will have to check this out further!

    1. Looks like a great way to make money off of Twitter.

      1. They are one step ahead from others and giving more freedom to the account holder.

        That is the main and big advantage. Now lets see how they are going to market this.

        1. CNA training says:

          It is going to do to twitter what adsense did to blogging. Now it will be possible for people with only 100 followers to be able to make money from twitter.

          1. chester says:

            Yeah I don’t think so. Adsense hit critical mass in a short time. This software is nowhere close to a Google product. I think it’s a good business model but still has a ways to go.

  2. I agree, need to build my followers list first.

    1. You can try John’s own twitter website –

  3. yup i also need to build my followers jack.
    anyways thanks for the post john

    1. Yea, I don’t have enough followers either at this point.

      1. Well for this also John have good solution –

        Just use John’s own website where you can follow others and others will follow as well.

  4. Vincent Woon says:

    Just signed up. It’s pretty cool and I’m already running ads
    Thanks! John 🙂

    1. Wow you have done it preety fast, impressive.

  5. S Ahsan says:

    I didnt know about Mylikes. I will give it a shot. Thanks for the heads up John, appreciate it

  6. chester says:

    That’s a great idea. I haven’t heard back from and Sponsored Tweets. I’d love to give this a shot and would like to hear if anyone can give any feedback on their experience.

  7. Alex says:

    Definitely looks interesting. I need to get more communication going on Twitter first.

  8. Diabetis says:

    I have been buldign my lsit now. I am thinking that maybe this twitter might have a good use after all.

    1. Everyone is talking about this so you can understand there must be something which can be really handy for you.

  9. Simon Bunker says:

    Thanks for sharing this John. It looks an interesting concept. I will check this out and see what happens.
    Thanks again John

  10. Hey John, have you used it much yet? What kind of payment per click are you looking at? Seems like an interesting idea.

  11. Thanks John!
    It looks like the best opportunity in sponsored tweets area.
    I have already experienced problems with other sponsored tweets networks so I will certainly take a look.

  12. Thank you for sharing, this looks interesting. I might check it out.

  13. It seems can bring new meaning of sponsored tweets — of course if it is did right.

  14. make money says:

    nice post .making money through twitter is something special.its a nice platform for communicating

  15. fas says:

    U know we should also think of getting followers then only think of jumping the bandwagon.

  16. Followers take time to build, but if you start following people you’ll fnd that 9/10 will follow you…

  17. Hey John,

    Thanks a lot for bringing MyLikes to my attention. Sounds like a good option to make money on twitter. Will definitely check it out.

    Best regards!!

  18. Chris @ TBE says:

    A big Twitter following will probably help …..

  19. TechOfWeb says:

    will try Mylikes. You mentioned about Sponsored Tweets and Theres also another application called RevTweet which helps you to make money on twitter


  20. I wonder what a good number of followers is to being making it worth trying to make money with this method?

  21. Finally a program that doesn’t suck like Sponsored Tweets and

    Seriously, if your name isn’t Kim Kardashian you have no hope in hell making money from them. I have almost 1200 Twitter followers and have no even been offered a paid tweet by either one of those programs and I have my price set to the lowest you can put it at $1/tweet. Lame.

    But this system looks good. I saw their site the other day at the top of Google in the paid search results but never thought to check it out.

    Thanks John.

  22. I still have far too few followers to bother with this program… which leads me to my next point – want to follow me lol? @ChrisGuthrie

  23. aria utomo says:

    thanks for sharing. I think their system is good and legit to try

  24. Janice Clark says:

    This will really help me in earning money, both in twitter and my blogs. I think my readers and my community in twitter will click them. XD lol.

    Thank you for sharing this info sir

  25. Hi john

    this is a great idea – i earn a lot of money on twitter and this is a great new way to profit from it.

    Though my hubby read your blog post before me and has already jumped on board.

    kind regards


  26. aisblogger says:

    seems like new method to earn money tru twitter. need to learn first.

  27. SEO Tools says:

    This is looking something new to me
    thanks john

  28. Free Beats says:

    definitely gonna test drive this, i hope it stays active and doesnt end up closing down like most of the sites ive seen recently, also i think i better get a few more followers first.
    thanks for the link

  29. Another company is trying to make more money through twitter. Do not know when twitter is going to make money.

    1. aatif says:

      yah this is right . ha ha

  30. wow something new i learn about how to make money from twitter. It’s great can make money only just tell from i like. The info is so great . THanks.

  31. I have got to try this new way to monetize with twitter. I just used the usual recommend my link when I first started out in using twitter as a marketing device.

    Using twitter as a monetizing way to increase money is not that popular before, but I guess it will soon increase. 🙂

  32. aatif says:

    maybe i am on before you . an i like this service i earned some amount from this . and this is great service . i have written about this site but you are the master of writing this article is better then me .

  33. chester says:

    This is looking something new to me, thanks 🙂

  34. Alex says:

    I’m just wondering, is Twitter really a strong form of marketing? Isn’t it always the same few people looking out for the Tweets or is that mainly the purpose to get repeat users?

  35. chester says:

    I signed up for it and it doens’t look like there are many offerings. Also, for 3000 followers I’d only make about $2 per post. I guess it’s better than nothing but I was hoping for more.

  36. I created a good user base as per your advice..but no success so far while i try to sell my product via twitter

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