How To Make Money Online with Skype

Well what I have come to realize about making money online or off is regardless of whether it is business to consumer or business-to-business, it is all about establishing relationships and building trust. Obviously attraction marketing has gained considerable speed in the most recent years. So let’s take it one step further and look at, not just making the connection, but building a trust and keeping that trust.

A few months ago, I started using Skype more and more. Yes, I was already using it to talk to my Sister in Spain and My Brother in Chicago and my Grandmother in Michigan, but there was a grander picture that I was slowly piecing together.

One day I had someone approach me (from Facebook) to be a VIP speaker for her “Skype Group”.

Skype Group? This was something new to me. I agreed, and a day later when it was time for the presentation I got on. I spoke to 25 people in this group. They all muted their Skype lines and I spoke. Now I had done Webinars on Go to Meeting before, but never a Skype presentation. It was limited in that it was simply a call. However, then it dawned on me the true power of Skype.

Not only am I able to connect with people that I thought not possible, (Tom Cruise has a Skype account, however I am referring to well established Marketers and Speakers within my Niche- such as Joe Vitale) but I could also find pinpointed groups within my niche via Skype’s search bar and join them. I could also create my own group using my own contact. I invited 50 people to join a group I created and amazingly enough, they all joined.

They were all contacts that I imported from Facebook. I then began adding to that group via Skype’s Group. Eventually I had a group of 350 people. All were on Skype and the entire group was in my control because I was the creator of the group. I could remove spammers or people that I didn’t respond, at will.

I was not able to talk to all of them because you cannot have more than 25 people on a Skype call. I was, on the other hand, able to text and instant messenger all 350 like it was a party line.

This was great because one of the initial benefits was having a group of people willing to syndicate my content and links, which drove my blog ranking and reputation up and up and up. So I could text into my Skype party line “Hey guys here is a new blog post” and all 350 would read it and then put it on their sites and syndicate it. Now, mind you, not all of the 350 would be online and watching what I am texting, but the beauty of Skype is that it works like an Instant Messenger so I would get some pretty good numbers and comments to my blog.

Eventually, and the whole point of the exercise was to get those people that I met on Skype, onto my LIST.

That is what social media is intended for:

Funneling those interested people you find on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SKYPE into your Subscriber List.

That group and many other groups since that I started, allowed me to build up a following on Skype into the thousands, which directly built up my list and eventually made me money.

I continue to make money from Skype because I am also using Skype’s functionality to keep my List and Contacts warm. I do this through actually responding to someone when they have a question or issue. I find the time to answer those calls. I can also let my Skype Contacts know when I am busy or away from my computer, or when I am welcoming incoming calls.

The more accessible you are to them, the more the relationship builds.

Relationship=Business growth.

I also do most of my business partnership connections on Skype…but that is for another discussion.

Guest Blog by Casey Zeman,

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  1. That’s actually a great strategy. Like anything, building the followers is the hardest part (much easier if you are well-known, as you are though!)

    Great post John.

    1. Alex Dumitru says:

      Yeah, his idea is great and BTW it’s not John, but Casey Zeman.

      1. Craziest heck to build a list. If you can build a list that way then you can do anything in this world. LoL

    2. Shaun Carter says:

      I don’t think people read the byline anymore… and for that matter I wonder if they even read the whole post before commenting.

  2. Hi Casey,

    That’s cool stuff. Creating a Skype Group and turning it into your email list subscribers.

    I want to learn how to do that.

    I wonder how much time is involved from start to finish.

    1. Alex Dumitru says:

      It’s not very hard. I’ve checked out Skype now and it’s no brainier. Go try it 🙂

    2. Dan Lew says:

      Yeah the group option is a good idea

    3. d3so says:

      I would like to learn how to do this. I haven’t used skype in years.

      1. I’m surprise that you don’t use it sat least to keep in touch with your friend bloggers. It’s so much better to actually talk to people that you know from their blogs.

        Are you using only phone for that?

  3. d3so says:

    Very interesting. I would’ve never thought about levaraging skype to maintain your buisness and make money.

    1. Jeff Caceres says:

      This is something new to me as well d3so. I didn’t realize that Skype can be a good business portal which is to make money with them through Skype group.

      Heads up for that!

  4. Dino Vedo says:

    Really cool! Building your list from Skype could really be effective. Maybe someone can come up with a product on Clickbank for skype?? (hint, hint)

    Anyways you can make money with skype by literally being an affiliate!

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I agree. That would be a great Clickbank product!

      1. Alex Dumitru says:

        We’ll probably see it pretty soon reviewed by Michael :))

    2. You can always write the ultimate ebook about making money with Skype yourself (hint, hint) SY

      1. d3so says:

        Yeah, I bet it’s something that would definitely sell.

        1. Yes, it would sell like hot cakes. I wonder if Casey will be the one who creates the product.

          1. Why is not anybody else here jumping at the possibility? Don’t leave it to the gurus 😉 SY

  5. A. Tatum says:

    WoW I never heard of this before good info as always John. Skype can also save you money as well. Check out my post.

  6. Simon Bunker says:

    Interesting post and a good concept for using skype. I have only recently gone back to skype for both voice and IM and am finding it very useful. I will have a look at groups for sure.
    Thanks for sharing a useful post

  7. PPC Ian says:

    I enjoyed reading this post because it’s an out of the box idea I had not thought of before.

  8. Samuel says:

    Great post! Its all about strategy! I will start using skype. Tweaking its intestine lol. Thanks for sharing and keep the good work up.

  9. Hi John, this is a great idea. I am fairly new to Skype myself, but can see the power of using it to create a group.

    Thanks for sharing


    1. d3so says:

      I haven’t used skype since it was first released.

      1. Bayseec says:

        Then better do it right now! Good strategy.

  10. Great post Casey! It gave me a lot to think about, I am an avid Skype user and using it that way might actually streamline the process! Thanks, SY

  11. Peter J says:

    What an awesome idea, thanks for this – i like the idea 😀

  12. Nomar says:

    Great idea. Love it, going to check into this right away

  13. Wow. Never thought you can make money with skype.

    This post rocks., man. I going for it eventhough I seldom use it. Now I see the power of it, I can’t wait to give it a try.

    1. You always can use it to attract women fast 😉 (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!) SY

  14. Dan Lew says:

    That’s great, I just imported and pulled in 519 facebook friends into my skype 🙂

    1. That was a quick action. Please let us know how it will work out with getting them on your email list.

      1. Yup, that would be the ultimate test, converting facebook friends into double-opted-in email list subscribers! SY

  15. Thanks John very informative I am currently trying to find a way to profit off Skype.

  16. kwpang says:

    i never thought skype can be a marketing tools, this is fantastic idea.

  17. Mick M says:

    Now that’s a pretty interesting approach Casey.

    The more I think about it, the more it makes perfect sense. Impressive really and original.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  18. That’s interesting. I’ve never really done much with Skype, except used it a few times to communicate with my family when I was out of the country on a business trip. I need to start using it more though. As far as monetizing it, this is definitely a unique approach.

  19. I stopped using Skype because I received so many spam calls but it looks like I need to try again. Has anyone else had problems with spam on Skype?

    1. You can set your preferences to only receiving calls / messages from people on your contact list. That solved the spammer problem for me! If somebody tries to spam me now I just remove them from my contacts and problem solved 😉 SY

      1. Oh, right. Thanks for the good advice. 🙂

        1. You are welcome 😉 SY

  20. Kate Kutny says:

    John this is amazing! I never thought of this before! When I become more popular, I will have to do this too. Thanks for the great post on using Skype to make money!

    1. Why do you want to wait until you are popular? Start now and grow from there. Just set up a group with a few like minded people in your niche and agree to weekly info exchange and networking calls, SY

  21. I agree. Reading John’s experience is just something else 🙂

    1. It really is except that this post was written by Casey.

  22. John Kenny says:

    Your great ideas, Skype is a tool to effectively make money
    Thank you John

  23. Aaron Torng says:

    Interesting post John! After reading your site for over a month, I finally mustered up the courage to leave a comment! Thanks for all of your detailed posts.

  24. *IM* Cheryl says:

    Thank you for a lot of good detail about how to go about using Skype and Skype groups. I am in a few Skype groups and it is a convenient way to communicate and set up adswaps with people.

  25. Farouk says:

    its the first time i know i can use skype for that purpose!!
    thanks John!!

  26. I use skype a lot. If I am at my laptop and don’t want to get up and get my mobile, I skype people I want to call. If I want to chat to my girlfriend (who lives 5000 miles away), I skype her. And if gtalk is being funky and not working, I can use Skype for that too.

    1. Yes, Skype is very useful tool and after reading this post I find it even more useful.

      You can even record interviews with it.

  27. I really wonder how many people here comment without bothering to notice who wrote the post in question. Ignorance is bliss for some it seems! Thanks for a great post Casey, SY

  28. I belong to several “Skype” groups and would never be able to keep up to date without them.

    It’s like having immediate access to people you trust and work with and rely on in so many ways.

    I tell people not to email me but to Skype me if they really want my attention…

  29. casey Zeman says:

    No Prob, thanks all and thanks to John, He is one of the rare few who really platforms great content and workable strategies!

  30. Now this is what i call improvisation i never thought you could make money with skype. The secret is that once you have a strong community you can promote them anything and they will buy it anyway because they take your word

  31. anick says:

    Great idea for promoting my blog and make money online.

  32. Paul Hinds says:

    Great post John,

    Very interesting. I think this is a brilliant way of levaraging skype to grow your brand and interact with your community.

    Thanks for sharing, Paul H.

  33. Another great make money online idea from the BIG J. I’m still new to using skype but this blog post has given me a good idea on how to capitalize on it and make money eventually from using skpe. More power!

    1. If you have started your affiliate career than I would advice you to go for easy ones first … than try big fish.

  34. Hasan Ilyas says:

    Wow..great post jhon
    Im a new reader and new at href=>makingmoneyonline
    and i must say im very impressed by you blog =]

  35. Hasan Ilyas says:

    Wow..great post jhon
    Im a new reader and new at href=>makingmoneyonline
    and i must say im very impressed by you blog =]

  36. Thomas says:

    That sounds like a really good trick that can come in handy.
    I’ve been on skype for a while and never thought of using it quite like, I have had people tell me that I need to be using it to my advantage, but I guess I really need to do something with it NOW!!!!

    Thanks for the heads up!!!

    To Your Success;

  37. Yes I agree with you. Skype is really good of communications and to make good relationship with the people. I have heard of it before but never focus on it. After reading your post, I really want to go with it. Good post my friend.

  38. Balt34 says:

    I have used Skype for quite some time and have mainly used it to keep in touch with business partners, employees and even just friends. But this is a totally new spin. And even with 25 people at a time in a Skype call, that’s 25 people who you could have signed up for your talk. They showed that much interest, now all you have to do is sell it to them.

    Granted, with a list of 350 plus it would take some time to talk to all of them, but once again you would be able to schedule talks with these people whenever you wanted.

  39. Because of its clarity and awesome options skype is the first choice of many webmasters.

    Ed Dale also recommend skype.

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