How To Make Money While Traveling The World

I made this video just after completing my presentation at the Sales Summit in Costa Rica. I haven’t check my blog, email, or stats all day because I needed to prepare for the presentation.

I finally had a chance to sit down and log online to check how my internet business is doing. And BOOM! $100,000 day! This is what it’s all about guys. The Dot Com Lifestyle!

How To Live The Dot Com Lifestyle

One of the most asked questions I get is how do I get started doing this? How do I live the Dot Com Lifestyle? It’s very easy to get overwhelm with the amount of information out there.

The answer is actually quite simple: you remove yourself as the income source by leveraging systems that makes the money so you don’t have to. My blog, YouTube, social media, ClickBank, MOBE, etc. combine to create a multi-million dollar online business that I can run from anywhere in the world, “working” just a couple of hours a day.

If you want to know step by step how I do this, then I recommend applying for my Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle coaching program. This is a 21 step program that teach you how to create a profitable internet business. The program comes with a one-on-one coach to work with you and answer any questions you may have.

You can also check out any of the live workshops we’re doing in cities around the world. If there’s one near you, then make sure you attend. It could change your life. It has certainly changed mine.

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12 thoughts on “How To Make Money While Traveling The World”

  1. Enjoy CR John. I have been there twice – once in 2014 and once last year – and loved the place. Bribri, Quepos, Montverde, Playa Potrero, San Jose, Puerto Viejo, Nueva Arenal.

    Lived in all those spots for weeks, or months. We spent over a month in Rivas. Place was gorgeous. Most drop dead beauty I have seen in the world, save my trip to Savusavu, Fiji, which WAS the most pristine, clean place I have ever laid my eyes on in person.

    Congrats on those numbers too dude. I think you make more scratch when traveling because you are even more detached from making money. 100K shows a pretty dang high level of detachment LOL. I actually experience the same thing, especially when I am on the road. I am usually living in far off tropical locales for months at a time but when I hop a plane or take a bus or lay over or take a train somewhere, those clients increase and the sales jump and I find new sources of income make their way to me, like a freaking beeline. I feel it is because I am not worrying about them, nor trying to micro manage streams, and when I detach during time spent offline those ideas and the money itself hit my mind. It is a pretty cool phenomena. Glad you are tapping into it.

    Fabulous stuff, and shows how you can easily grow something big time and circle the globe when you learn to leverage, to hand off tasks, to hire folks and to humble yourself so other folks can handle stuff that you can not handle, because they are pros in their niche, and you are a pro in a different niche.

    I started making more money and going to more exotic places when I forgot trying to micromanage, and when I focused on getting help from folks, from happy hustling of course, and from being all over the place by loving what I do, by creating and by naturally handing off tasks I could not handle.

    Example; I have no clue in hell how to develop sites. So I work with developers. So many bloggers want big money but try to do everything on their own, getting caught up in the fear of ceding control, or trying to get everybody to go to their web site.

    Me, I write comments like this on your blog. Because it adds value, it’s freaking fun and I know you have a huge audience of people who are on the prowl/hunt for other folks to connect with. It’s about helping, about leveraging, about making friends and receiving the money and ideas and awesome folks who and which move into your experience because you did things from a smart space.

    The not too swift way to comment is to leave a 1 line deal. A drive by. Makes no impact. No leveraging. The smart way to comment is to publish value, to help folks, to share your experience and to add content to the post. Because comments are content. Helps our fellow bloggers, helps ourselves and you betcha smart blog commenting leads to more readers and cash and all that good stuff, all because you mindfully spent 15 minutes to make a serious impact versus fearfully rushing through with a Comment Drive By.

    Persistence and consistence DOES pay off. Big time. You prove this. Making serious scratch happens over years, via day to day due diligence, both through maintaining a positive vibe and through helping folks, courtesy of many online channels. But you gotta keep at it to get it, right? Ya gotta persist when things do not appear to be going well. When things look bleak. This is not easy. But the few who do go through these difficult periods, without turning around or ditching proven strategies, those are the ones we all admire and follow. The bright lights. The most successful, happy, free folks online.

    These are the folks to model. The money flows in to them because they help, they leverage, they face their fears and do the freeing and uncomfortable things to allow in money that makes most bloggers shake their heads, in awe and wonder. Because to folks who have not made a cent in 6 months, the few who rake in thousands a day or more seem like a different species. I recall seeing my first days of a grand and up and felt amazed by what was possible. It’s getting sweeter and sweeter to allow in more money while inspiring more folks to circle the globe as pro blogging, Amazon eBook authoring, high energy dynamos.

    Keep on inspiring John. Whether it is “small” 10K payments through mint 😉 or the rocking 100K, I see million dollar days in your future. And perhaps, in mine too…..but I definitely know I see more days in Costa Rica in my future. Love the place. But first gotta pull myself away from SE Asia. Fave spot in the world.

    Signing off from Thailand.


  2. Andrea says:

    Hey John, hope all is well. Dropping by because I had a dream last night that I was working with some of your dotcom stuff and made a sale(s?) that netted me a $1,000/day residual. My immediate thought next was leveraging nearly all of the excess (outside of bills) to bring in more, because this cash flow made it possible to move on to the next phase in “the process”. I have no idea what “the process” was in the dream, but there you go.

    I mention this because the dream was largely out of the blue. I’m not actively engaged in internet marketing right now or even thinking about it.

    Thought you’d find that amusing. The sub conscious effect of marketing emails….

  3. i dont idia business iam financial problem

  4. John Greiner says:

    Nice job John, I missed out being at this one because of Medical reason. I’m signed to go in May event, “if the good Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise”. That is a nice payment for your new home, right? At lease I’m looking forward to see Matt’s new resort.

  5. Nice to feel reward for your persistence John, as for me i am getting into this business when my investment comes in, i have been waiting for this during the last two years.
    Then i go full steam ahead having the dot com lifestyle , working towards it of course.

  6. Alex Rhalimi says:

    How can I get started? I’m ready to be on the right side of the quadrant.

  7. This is very cool, pretty impressive day I can imagine.

    Hand clapping.

    Keep on inspiring John!

    Thank you.

  8. This is very cool, pretty impressive day I can imagine.

    Hand clapping.

    Keep on inspiring John!
    Great work!

    Thank you.

  9. Hey Jon,

    Inspiring! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Cheers!


  10. olingtons cerda says:

    When you come to Nicaragua, you say me, please.

  11. SEO7R says:

    Amazing and inspiring. Thank you

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